Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5877: Heavenly Cave Falls


In the end, even Shi Ling himself died at the hands of the true sons of other true temples.

However, in the previous thousand star years, Shi Ling was well prepared, and with his powerful talent, he secretly learned various powerful and mysterious fairy arts.

And awakened a certain talent of the Stone Spirit Clan. Although she was killed, her true spirit was combined with the mountains and the earth, falling into a deep sleep, thus avoiding the powerhouse of the Twelve True Hall Creation Realm search.

When she wakes up, a new cycle begins again. Twelve dust clans reproduce and compete in the Jingzhen universe again, unaware of their identity as a dog.

This time, there are still stone spirits.

Shi Ling, chose a girl from the Stone Spirit clan who was very compatible with her to win the house. According to the previous accumulation and information, she found a wonderful opportunity, her strength increased rapidly, and she founded a detachment organization, vowing to protect her relatives Take revenge, hunt down the masters of the Twelve True Temples…

After reading it, Lu Ming sighed.

From Shi Ling’s life experience, I thought of this, how similar they are in some aspects.

I also watched helplessly as my relatives fell in front of my eyes and my clansmen were killed, but there was nothing I could do.

He suddenly understood Shi Ling.

“You want to take revenge, why worry, what’s the use of killing the younger generation of the major temples? Why not wait for the strength in the future to directly destroy the twelve temples and rebuild order, that is the real revenge. “

Lu Ming said.

Although he understands Shi Ling, Lu Ming does not agree with Shi Ling’s actions.

For example, in order to take revenge, half of the living beings in the universe are actually sacrificed. This kind of behavior cannot be done by Lu Ming.

Also, the master who hunted down the Twelve Temples at the True Spring Conference is doomed to perish. Her own life is not worth fighting for the younger generation of the Twelve Temples.

If you want to fight, you have to fight the top of the Twelve True Halls.

There is a saying in the mortal world, it is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge.

“It seems that you are not only a creature from the real universe, but also a creature from the real universe. Did you come from the endless chaos?”

Shi Ling’s eyes were bright and he looked at Lu Ming curiously.

Lu Ming was shocked, his face remained calm, and asked, “Why did you say this?”

“It’s very simple. First, if it is a creature in the real world, it will be clear how terrifying the twelve real temples are. Every real temple, not to mention the Immortal Emperor, is not a minority, even if it is a high-level creation realm. With the invincible True Ancestor in charge, it is impossible to destroy the Twelve True Temples.”

“The Twelve Temples will last forever, but when you say that you destroy the Twelve Temples, you can only say that you are ignorant and fearless. From this point of view, you don’t look like a living being of the Twelve Temples at all.”

“Second, I have been in the Jingzhen universe for thousands of years, and the soul-binding spell infiltrates the blood of every living being, but on you, I can’t feel the soul-binding spell at all, so you are not a creature in the Jingzhen universe. , and it didn’t come in for a long time, neither is it a native creature of the real universe, nor is it from the real universe, it can only come from the endless chaos.”

“It’s just that I’m curious, there is actually an Immortal Emperor guarding the universe. How did you get in?”

Shi Ling explained in great detail.

Lu Ming couldn’t help but admire that Shi Ling was really smart. With just a little bit of information, he could make a guess.

No wonder he was able to create a detached organization by himself, causing huge damage to the Twelve True Temples.

This time, if it wasn’t for the presence of two Primordial Ruins in the Twelve True Palace, the Tianjiao of the Twelve True Palace this time would really be wiped out.

It can only be said that the crime of non-war is fate!

“The Twelve True Halls are too strong to be matched at all. If you want to take revenge, it is unrealistic in the Zhenyu world. Just a master can kill me. Only the Zhenquan Conference, I still have a chance… “

Shi Ling continued, full of helplessness.

Lu Ming sighed, not knowing how to speak.

“You said last time that if you want to break the order of the real world, you have to have the power to dominate the world and change the world. I don’t know if it comes from your sincerity?”

Shi Ling asked.


Lu Ming nodded seriously.

Shi Ling smiled slightly, looked at the mountains and rivers in the distance, and said, “Lu Shi, I have a request. If you really have the strength in the future, can you help me take care of the Shi Ling family?”


Lu Ming nodded, also very serious.

“I’m suddenly looking forward to it, but unfortunately… Lu Shi, I hope you can succeed…”

Before the words fell, Shi Ling’s body collapsed, turning into a little rain, and finally dissipated in the air.

Lu Ming clenched the ‘True Seed’ for a long time before sighing slightly.

Shi Ling is just a hard worker.

“This area is no longer safe. Hua Qianxu has not obtained the real seeds and will not let it go. There are other people in the Twelve True Halls, once the killing formation is broken, they will come out. Young and young, they must be Move away.”

Lu Ming hurried towards the hiding place, and soon returned.

Fortunately, in the surrounding area, no one was looking for them, and they were not found.

Lu Ming first got in touch with Youyou and others, then flew out of the formation and reached out to grab it.

Suddenly, the area covered by the formation was pulled up together with the ground, then quickly shrank, and Lu Ming grabbed it in the palm of his hand.

Cannot be retracted into the inner space, but it is still possible to shrink the array and take it away.

He then touched the ground with Lu Ming’s palm, smoothing out the pits on the ground, and then sowed some plant seeds and watered them with immortal power. The seeds immediately took root and sprouted and grew into a big tree.

If you don’t look closely, you can’t see any traces.

After the arrangement, Lu Ming quickly left here.

A few hours after Lu Ming left, a figure appeared here, it was Hua Qianxu.

Hua Qianxu was counterattacked by Shi Ling on the verge of death before, and was severely injured. Now he has stabilized his injuries and is looking for ‘true seeds’ everywhere.

“The stone spirit has already been killed by me, and only the remnant soul escaped with the seeds. It stands to reason that it shouldn’t be able to escape far. It’s in the nearby area, why can’t I find it? Who is it? Law the world?”

Hua Qianxu pondered ~IndoMTL.com~ with a gloomy face.

“That seed should have fallen from the real world. It is a supreme treasure… It will definitely be of great use to my future cultivation.”

Hua Qianxu had heard the legend of the seed.

According to legend, that seed, which came from the real world, fell from the ‘Heavenly Cave’, and was competed by the creators of the Twelve True Halls.

For this reason, the existence of the Creation almost fell.

In the end, no one was able to capture it. The masters of the Twelve True Halls discussed that since no one could capture it, they would put it into the True Spring Conference and let those younger generations compete.

Of course, there is another important reason why it was put into the True Spring Conference, that is, those Creation Realms have been studied in turn, and no one can make the seeds germinate.

It can only give birth to the Immortal Medicine Emperor Medicine, but it takes a long time. Although it is precious, it is of no great use to the Creation Realm.

If they were really useful to the Creation, they would never have been put into the real universe.


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