Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5867: The terrifying woman of the Shiling tribe



【Wandao Dragon Emperor】【】


In the face of the crisis, Lu Ming did not hesitate, Wan Dao Xian Ji was running, a spear burst out from Lu Ming’s eyebrows, and collided with the long spear that the opponent stabbed quickly.


With a bang, the opponent’s attack was blocked, the spear trembled, and he took two steps back.


But after taking two steps back, the opponent’s offensive resumed. The spear, like a phantom, stabbed Lu Ming again, and the speed was extremely fast.


But at this time, Lu Ming had already slowed down, and a long spear also appeared in his hand, stabbing forward.


Two long spears, constantly colliding in the air, hit hundreds of hits in a blink of an eye.


“Xia clan? What a powerful strength.”


Lu Ming was shocked.


At this time, he could clearly see that this was a young man with loose hair, not very handsome, but full of wildness. Judging from the original breath of life, it was clearly the Xia clan.


The Xia clan, with guns, are powerful…


That pot!


Lu Ming immediately thought of assassinating Hua Yang, as well as the masters of the Ancient Cunning Palace, the Eternal Night Palace, and the Colorless Palace.


Most of the people who let him take the blame are the people in front of him.


This person, the chaotic profound meaning that he has integrated, has reached more than 96,000 kinds, but it should be less than 99,000 kinds. It is no wonder that he can kill Hua Yang.


The power of the two men was condensed in the spears, and there was no power overflowing between them.


Naturally, Lu Ming was afraid of hurting other people, and the other party seemed to have some scruples. Did he not want to hurt other Xia people?


After fighting hundreds of moves, the opponent turned around and left, rushing out of the formation.


This is exactly what Lu Ming intended. Within the formation, Lu Ming always had scruples and could not use it.


Lu Ming chased after him quickly, and when he got out of the formation, Lu Ming’s speed increased sharply, and he caught up with the opponent in a blink of an eye.


The other party seemed to be surprised by Lu Ming’s speed.




The two attacked and collided again.


But this time, Lu Ming’s power exploded to 100%, and he used the Promise Spear.


There was a violent roar, full of energy, the opponent’s spear bent into an arc, his body flew backwards like a meteor, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.


“Say, why did you kill me?”


Lu Ming spoke indifferently, stepped on his feet, and quickly approached, the spear smashed towards the opponent like a pillar of optimism.


As the Xia clan, the master who assassinated the major halls had said it in the past, but he actually wanted to kill him before, and Lu Ming had carried a big blame for the other party, so Lu Ming couldn’t let the other party escape.


The other party was silent and waved his gun upward to resist Lu Ming’s attack.


But when the spear was pressed, the opponent fell like a meteorite, smashed to the ground, and coughed up blood.


The opponent’s strength is not weak, it can be said to be extremely strong. There are more than 96,000 kinds of chaotic profound meanings, and they are placed in the major halls, and they are also among the top ones.


But compared with Lu Ming, there is still a big gap.


Just as Lu Ming was about to continue the attack and inflict heavy damage on the opponent, his spiritual sense jumped, and the gun force changed immediately, sweeping out.


On his right side, at an unknown time, stood a figure.


This is a woman, beautiful in appearance, adult type, but not of the Xia family, with khaki skin and metallic luster.


Seeing Lu Ming’s spear swept in, the woman stood still, waved a palm with a metallic luster, and slapped the spear.


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【Wandao Dragon Emperor】【】


Immediately, Lu Ming felt an unparalleled force coming from the spear, and he involuntarily retreated backwards, feeling his blood surging. It could be seen that a shallow palm print appeared on the spear.


Lu Ming took a deep breath.


The opponent’s terrifying combat power, judging from the remaining immortal power of the spear, the chaotic mystery that the opponent has integrated exceeds 99,000 kinds.


“Shi Ling Clan, how is that possible?”


Lu Ming was shocked.


He wouldn’t be so surprised if the other party came from the Twelve True Halls and the Supreme Clan.


But the other party is obviously the Stone Spirit Race.


The Shiling Clan, one of the Twelve Dust Clan in the Jingzhen Universe, has the same fate as the Xia Clan.


Shi Ling Clan, how could such a terrifying master be born? This level, in the major halls, belongs to the number one master.


How did you get to this point in the real universe and lack of resources and expert guidance?


“Yes, Lu Shi, your strength is not bad, beyond my expectations.”


The Shiling woman spoke up, but did not continue to shoot.


The Xia clan man stood behind the Stone Spirit clan woman, like a guard.


“Who are you? Why did you kill me?”


Lu Ming asked in a cold voice. Immortal power spread all over his body, ready to attack at any time.


“We didn’t want to kill you, we just tested you to see how strong you are. First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Shi Ling, his name is Lin Chen, and we come from ‘Teaching’.”


A woman from the Shiling tribe said.


“Aloof tissue?”


Lu Ming was very surprised.


He had heard of this name. In the Imperial Capital of Dayue, he had heard Liu Qing and Haoshou National Teacher mention it by chance, and had also seen similar records.


This is a legendary organization in the Jingzhen universe.


It is said that this organization is extremely mysterious. It does not participate in the battles of various ethnic groups, but specializes in absorbing geniuses from various ethnic groups.


In all dynasties, there are always talented and powerful people, and even world-famous masters suddenly disappeared. Legend has it that they joined this organization.


Legend has it that the strength of this organization is unfathomable, surpassing the major races and dynasties of the Jingzhen universe.


But it has always been a legend, no one has proved it, because those who knew it have disappeared.


Lu Ming has always regarded it as a legend. He didn’t think it was true. He didn’t expect to see members of the organization today.


In addition, the name of this woman is also very interesting, and she named herself directly after the Stone Spirit Clan.


“You should have heard of the ‘Transcendence’ organization. We specialize in recruiting talented people from the twelve races. Among us, there is no racial distinction~IndoMTL.com~ All are like-minded brothers and sisters, yours The strength is very strong, how about joining us?”


Shi Lingdao.


Naturally, Lu Ming would not agree to join an inexplicable organization, and instead asked: “Why do you want to kill the masters of the major temples?”


“Sword Comes”


Since he was caught, Lu Ming must figure out the reason.


“The reason for our existence beyond the organization is to wait until the True Spring Conference to hunt down the masters of the Twelve True Temples and make them pay a heavy price.”


Speaking of this, Shi Ling’s eyes showed hatred, and he continued: “Every thousand star years, the Twelve True Temple will select twelve dust clans to put into the Jingzhen universe, and they will be kept as livestock in captivity and become them. The tools of competition, but we are not livestock, we are not tools, we are intelligent creatures, we are not inferior to anyone, why should we end up like this? I also want them to taste the taste of being hunted.”


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【Wandao Dragon Emperor】【】


The more he said, the more hatred Shi Ling had, and the more obvious the killing intent on his body.


“You guys, have known about the True Spring Conference?”


Lu Ming asked, even more surprised.


As far as he knows, after each True Spring Conference, the creators of the Twelve True Halls will take action to send the remaining creatures out, and then erase all traces in the Jingzhen universe. The purpose is to let the next A batch of twelve dust tribes reproduced normally.


For example, the people in the Imperial Capital of Dayue have no idea that their destiny is only a tool for others to experience competition, and they have been multiplying normally.


But the detachment organization obviously knew it a long time ago, otherwise it would have been established to hunt down the masters of the Twelve True Temples.


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