Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5866: Leave, assassinate



【Wandao Dragon Emperor】【】


Lu Ming looked at those who stood up and said, “Okay, since you want to come with me, then go with me. I will keep you safe.”


Many people in the Jade Palace sneered. Once discovered by the masters of the Ancient Cunning Palace, the Eternal Night Palace, and the Colorless Palace, Lu Ming would not be able to protect himself, and would he want to keep others safe?


Of course, they only dared to sneer in their hearts and dared not show it on their faces.


Liu Qing and others took action, bringing their cronies and relatives, and finally about 30,000 people wanted to leave with Lu Ming.




Lu Ming took the crowd and quickly left the Imperial Capital of Dayue, then flew north.


“Go, pass the news to the major halls, saying that Lu Shi has left the Imperial Capital of Dayue and headed north.”


As soon as Lu Ming left, Yu Shura gave the order.


“That’s not enough. Lu Shi is now heading north, which is likely to be a blind eye. Maybe he will change lanes halfway. We should send experts who are good at tracking to keep an eye on them and let us know their positions at any time.”


Jade Jinling Road.


Then, Yu Jinling personally selected two masters who were good at tracking, and chased in the direction where Lu Ming and the others left.


It is best to use Lu Ming to hold the masters of the major halls. Then, it will be much easier for them to guard the Imperial Capital of Dayue.


“Sure enough, I sent someone to follow me to find death.”


After leaving the Dayue Imperial Capital for hundreds of thousands of miles, Lu Ming’s eyes flickered with cold light.


Although the two masters of the Jade Palace are good at concealment and tracking, how could they hide from Lu Ming’s perception? Not long after the other party followed, Lu Ming found out.


Lu Ming didn’t know how to dress in sheep, but when he was far enough away from the Dayue Emperor, he suddenly shot.


With the power of immortality, two spears were condensed, and Lu Ming threw them out.


The spear pierced through the void and dragged out its long tail like a comet. Before the two chasing people could even react, they were pierced through the body by the spear, and the flesh and spirit were blown to pieces, annihilating everything. net.


Afterwards, Lu Ming immediately led someone to turn around and head east.


There are tens of thousands of people, both weak and strong, and the strong lead the weak, so their speed is not slow, and they can easily cross millions of miles a day.


The reason why Lu Ming agreed to take tens of thousands of people to act together. First, the Shen clan must follow him. There are thousands of people in the Shen clan.


Bringing thousands of people is a belt, but tens of thousands are also belts.


Like Liu Qing, who did not hesitate to betray the Imperial Capital of Dayue, cut her own way, and it would be difficult to stay in the Imperial Capital of Dayue, how could he refuse.


Second, he has enough confidence.


With his current strength, as long as he doesn’t encounter the first masters of the major temples, he can crush them with great strength.


When he breaks through to the 90,000 kinds of chaotic mysteries, at the True Spring Conference, he will not be afraid of anyone, and he will be confident enough to keep everyone alive until the end of the True Spring Conference.


At present, if he finally finds a hidden place to stay, he does not want to participate in the battle of the major temples.


On the way, he led the crowd, changed directions several times, and finally headed south.


However, tens of thousands of people acted together, the goal was too large, and it was still discovered in the middle.


I don’t know if it was the superior clan under the real temple. When they came up, they wanted to hunt down Lu Ming and others, but Lu Ming countered and killed them all.


In this way, they traveled for more than 20 days and finally stopped in front of a lake.


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【Wandao Dragon Emperor】【】


“It’s a good place!”


Lu Ming looked over.


The lake is like a mirror, the fish can be seen swimming, and the birds and beasts on the shore are full of vitality.


And surrounded by mountains on three sides, the scenery is beautiful, it is an excellent place to hide.


&nbs>Lu Ming decided to live in seclusion here, waiting for the battle of the major halls to come to an end and the end of the Zhenquan Conference.


Liu Qing, and the army master, named Wu Teng, led the crowd to start building the house.


As for Lu Ming, he flew high into the sky, and when he waved his hand, dense runes flew out, submerging into the ground and the void. Suddenly, an area around the lake disappeared.


If outsiders look outside, they can only see a desolate mountain, but not the lake or the creatures inside.


Of course, this is only a preliminary concealment formation. If a strong person checks it, it will be easy to see the clues.


Lu Ming sat cross-legged on a bluestone mountain beside the lake. Materials kept flying out of the storage ring and blending together.


Three days later, these materials turned into thirty-six array flags, flew to all sides, and disappeared.


This is a powerful formation that combines concealment and defense.


With this formation, the existences below Mako could not find them.


But that’s not enough.


Next, Lu Ming continued to strengthen the formation. It took a full month to cover this place in layers of formations, which combined attack, defense, and concealment. It was truly impregnable.


Even if there is no Lu Ming to guard, the existence of the true child will not be able to break through this formation for a while.


After the arrangement, Lu Ming really entered into a deep retreat.


He needs to polish his foundation, hone his cultivation, strive for early entry into the 90,000 kinds of chaotic profound meanings, and he also needs to comprehend various celestial arts, increase the celestial arts rules on the Wan Dao map, and at the same time break the limits of celestial arts and increase the infinite The power of the gun.


Time flies, year after year.


In the blink of an eye, they’ve been here for thirty years.


In the past 30 years, Lu Ming has not left one step, but occasionally pays attention to the external situation.


In the past 30 years, the battles between the major temples have become more and more fierce. While looking for a wonderful place, they have been hunting each other and competing for points.


All of this has nothing to do with Lu Ming. He avoided disputes and cultivated with peace of mind.


With the improvement of the realm, the chaotic profound meanings that are integrated into the increase~IndoMTL.com~ When he comprehends various immortal techniques, he also becomes faster. The immortal techniques on the Wan Dao map are constantly increasing. The number of immortal rules of the Spear Sutra is also steadily increasing.


Lu Ming began to focus on the Wanyu Void Sutra. He wanted to break the limit of the Wan Yu Void Sutra and add more immortal rules. In that case, the speed of the Wan Yu Void Sutra would be even more amazing.


Not to mention, it has really achieved certain results, and with certain inspiration, I feel that it can really be done after a hundred years of comprehension.


Unfortunately, the cultivation base still hasn’t improved, and the chaotic meanings in the body are still stuck in 89999 kinds.


After all, the time is too short. It is only 30 years. It is not easy to break through this level. Many talented people are based on stellar years.


“The True Spring Conference, it should be not far from the end.”


Lu Ming whispered.


The time of the Zhenquan Conference is not fixed, and it varies from time to time, but it is generally between 30 and 50 years.


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【Wandao Dragon Emperor】【】


More than 30 years have passed since this Maizumi Conference.


On this day, Lu Ming was practicing when he suddenly felt a tingling pain in his skin and his immortal soul trembled.






A silent figure appeared in front of Lu Ming like a ghost. The man was holding a long spear, and the spear pierced Lu Ming’s eyebrows.


There was no sound, the spear light was reaching the extreme, but no sound was heard, killing people invisibly.


Lu Ming didn’t expect that someone would be able to break through the formation he set up silently, and he didn’t even notice it, so he didn’t take precautions in advance, and it was too late to avoid it.


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