Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5782: Seeds of True Power



After more than two million years of experimentation, Lu Ming finally made a major breakthrough in “The Promise Spear”.


The Promise Spear Scripture, one of the three major spear scriptures in the universe, is as famous as the Finger Spear Immortal Scripture.


Perhaps, it is because Lu Ming has used guns since he started to practice. He has a better feeling for the immortal scriptures of the gun, and after comprehension, he can burst out all kinds of inspirations, and finally broke the original “Wuji gun scriptures”. Balance, and incorporates more attacking magic rules.


The Promise Spear Sutra, originally cultivated to perfection, is made up of 34,000 immortal arts rules, which is 1,000 more than the 33,000 Dao of Xuanyuan Sword Sutra, and its power is also stronger.


As of now, Lu Ming has incorporated more than 2,000 immortal arts rules into the original state of 34,000, making the Immortal Technique rules of the Wuji Spear Sutra exceed 36,000.


When the two thousand immortal arts rules were first incorporated, although the power of the Promise Spear Sutra was improved, the increase was small, but after the thirty-six thousandth and one immortal art rules were incorporated, the power of the Promise Spear Sutra became stronger. Soaring, the power of a full blow has at least doubled.


The ancestor of Qingtian explained that it was because of all the top immortal scriptures and immortal techniques, the peak is 36,000 kinds, and there is no attacking immortal technique that can break this limit when cultivated to perfection.


So, once there are more than 36,000 kinds of immortal art rules incorporated into the immortal scriptures, the power will skyrocket.


Later, as more and more immortal arts rules are incorporated, the power will become stronger and stronger.


“If one attacking immortal art can integrate 108,000 attacking immortal art rules into a perfect balance, how powerful would it be?”


Lu Ming sighed and couldn’t help but look forward to it.


“Xianjing Xianshu, as more and more immortal art rules are incorporated, it will become more and more difficult to maintain balance, and the difficulty of integration will also increase sharply. Later, the difficulty of incorporating an immortal art rule may be It is even more difficult to integrate 10,000 ways than before, and if you want to perfectly integrate the rules of 108,000 attacking immortal arts, I am afraid that the Creation Realm will not be able to do it.”


The way of the ancestors of the blue sky.




“This is my speculation. After all, I only inherited a small part of the memory of the Tibetan Azure Creator, and I don’t know much about it. Is there a Creation Realm that can perfectly balance the rules of 108,000 attack-like immortal arts? , I don’t know either.”


Then, the ancestor of Qingtian changed his voice and said: “Lu Ming, over the past three million years, your profound meaning and immortal arts have greatly improved, and your strength has also improved a lot. It is time to start refining Dazhen Luoyu. disc.”


Lu Ming had a bad feeling in his heart and said, “Senior, your strength is about to run out.”


“Yes, once my power is exhausted, I can’t cover up the secrets for you. To hide in the Dazhen Luoyu Plate to cultivate, you must control the Dazhen Luoyu Plate, not to mention how many functions it can exert, at least It can be collected into the body and hidden, otherwise, not to mention being discovered by the people of the Celestial Clan, even if it is discovered by other creatures in the chaos, it will be taken away.”


“Three million years have passed. Could it be that the people of the Celestial Clan are still chasing after them? Haven’t given up?”


Lu Ming said.


Ancestor Qingtian shook his head and said: “You underestimate the will to exist in the universe, especially the universes of the Celestial Clan, who have cultivated for tens of thousands of star years. It is said that three million years is three Ten billion years, they will not give up.”


“After my strength is exhausted, they are likely to deduce your specific position. The road behind is up to you to walk. Therefore, refining Dazhen Luoyu Plate is imperative.”


Lu Ming didn’t know what to do, and said: “However, the cultivation of the predecessors at their peak was only barely able to grasp the Dazhen Luoyu Plate, and my mere Nine Transformation Immortal King, how could I refine the Dazhen Luoyu Plate? “


“This, I’ve been playing with for years, and finally found a way.”


The way of the ancestors of the blue sky.


Lu Ming did not speak, waiting for the next sentence of the ancestor of Qingtian.


“Your three bodies have cultivated three real powers, right?”


The way of the ancestors of the blue sky.


Lu Ming nodded. His three bodies had mastered the original power of the three sources of power, that is, the power of truth.


But as he broke through to the realm of immortality, the three forces had already been dormant in his body and were of little use.


It’s not that the power of truth is useless, but that he has so little that he can’t even count the seeds of the power of truth.


“That’s right!”


The ancestor of Qingtian said: “At the beginning, after the three creators got the Dazhen Luoyu Plate, they jointly studied for a long time. Of course, the research needs to input the power of reality, and use the real power of the three creators to promote Dazhen Luo Yu plate.”


“So, so far, there are still a lot of the creator’s true power left in the Dazhen Luoyu Plate. Later, before the Tibetan Blue Creator died, in order to control the Dazhen Luoyu Plate, he input a lot of real power. , The reason why I was able to control the Dazhen Luoyu Plate is to control the real power left by the Tibetan Blue Creator. Now, the real power of the Tibetan Blue Creator ~IndoMTL.com~ has been consumed a lot, and the rest, with the other two The true power left by the Creator is almost there, forming a delicate balance.”


“You have just mastered the three real powers. If you can find a suitable fulcrum, with these three real powers, you can leverage the real powers of the three creators, so as to barely control the Dazhen Luoyu Plate. .”


“However, the power of truth in your body is still too weak. Next, I will use my remaining power to help you absorb the power of truth from the Creator and condense the seeds of the power of truth. Greater confidence.”


After the Qingtian ancestor explained the method in detail, the two started immediately.


The Dazhen Luoyu Plate was suspended above Lu Ming’s head, scattered with hazy brilliance. Lu Ming’s spiritual consciousness seemed to enter the Dazhen Luoyu Plate and saw three vast oceans.


Those are three oceans of true power, with different attributes, from three different creators.


Lu Ming’s three bodies are separated, running the magic formula taught by the ancestor of Qingtian, trying to absorb the true power of the creator.


The process was unexpectedly smooth. Three strands of real power flew out, blending with the real power in Lu Ming’s body and gradually growing.


Lu Ming understands that this has something to do with the puppet battle body he previously controlled Soul Yihe.


Controlling Soul Yihe’s puppet battle body, he hides the real source in the puppet battle body, his body is integrated with the power of reality, and his adaptability to the power of reality has been greatly improved.


A hundred years later, Lu Ming’s three bodies condensed a seed of true power.


With the realm of Lu Ming’s nine transformations into an immortal king, at this stage, it is already the limit. It is impossible for his body to incorporate more real power.


After all, the power of truth is a power that can only be mastered by the cosmos. With his realm of the Nine Transformations Immortal King, it is already a miracle that he can condense the seeds of the power of truth.


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