Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5777: The past of the three tribes



Chapter 5777 The past of the three tribes


“Dazhen Luoyu Plate, can it help the Creator return to the real world?


No, if you can return to the real world, wouldn’t the Creator kill each other and return together, wouldn’t it be better. “


Lu Ming guessed.


The ancestor of Qingtian showed admiration and said: “Your thinking is very sharp, but it is difficult to say the specifics. In my memory, there is no part about Dazhen Luoyu Plate, so I know about Dazhen Luoyu Plate. There are not many, but Dazhen Luoyu Die can communicate with the real world and borrow the real strength in the real world. You must know that in the chaotic void, there is no real power. If you want to improve your cultivation, you must absorb the real power. When the cultivation base is raised to a certain level, it is said that it cannot break the barriers between reality and illusion and return to the real world.”


“Is it true that the power of truth that Dazhen Luo Yudie borrowed from the real world is limited and not enough for the three creators to cultivate, so all three want to monopolize, so there will be conflicts and killing each other?”


Lu Ming speculated.


“It’s not impossible.”


Ancestor Qingtian nodded, apparently he had a similar guess.


“By the way, senior, what is the relationship between the three creators?”


Since they were banished to the Chaos Void together, they must be related to each other.


“The three creators, named ‘Tiangqing’, ‘Xuancang’ and ‘Nihuang’ respectively, are brothers and sisters. The real powers they cultivated have different attributes, but they have the same origin.”


The way of the ancestors of the blue sky.


Afterwards, the ancestor of Qingtian chatted a lot with Lu Ming, and told Lu Ming almost everything he knew.


The ancestor of Qingtian evolved from the flesh and blood of the creator, Tibetan Qing. With the improvement of his cultivation, he awakened part of the creator’s memory.


The three creators, after being exiled to the chaotic void, faced the eternal loneliness of the chaotic void. Perhaps it was too boring, or for other reasons, they joined forces to create the continent of creation, created thousands of races, and watched the creation. The life of the mainland multiplied, the race rose and fell, the rise and fall changed…


At the same time, they sent people out to explore the boundless chaos, and they were also doing various researches, such as research on reincarnation…


Until, the appearance of Dazhen Luoyu Plate made them ecstatic.


In the beginning, there was no conflict between the three of them, but they worked together on Dazhen Luoyu Plate.


When they were studying the Dazhen Luoyu Plate, they created eleven pieces of the Immortal Creation Armament respectively. Thirty-three pieces of the Immortal Creation Armament were combined to form a complete Immortal Creation Armament, which was specially used to control the Great Creation Immortal Armament. Really Luoyu plate.


However, the components of the Immortal Armament of Creation have not been successfully refined, and the three creators have a war.


In that battle, the sky and the earth were destroyed, the depths of the creation continent were disintegrated, and it turned into an endless ocean, full of boundless killing intent. Even if the infinite years passed, no creature could survive. Only the Immortal King could protect himself.


They fought from the creation continent to the chaotic void. In the end, Xuan Cang and Nihuang fell into the chaotic void and turned into the yin and yang universe sea.


The creator of the Tibetan Qing Dynasty was seriously injured and dying. He returned to the devastated Continent of Creation with the Dazhen Luoyu Plate.


“The creator of the azure blue wanted to rely on the Dazhen Luoyu Plate to continue his life, but unfortunately he failed in the end. He fell into the boundless ocean and turned into a giant mountain, but because he was in the Dazhen Luoyu Plate during his lifetime, he injected too much power , the giant mountain transformed by the fall is smaller than the yin and yang universe sea, but because of this, I can barely control the Dazhen Luoyu Plate.”


The way of the ancestors of the blue sky.


Lu Ming nodded, suddenly realizing the mainland, many doubts in his heart were answered.


When he entered the boundless ocean, he felt that there were three terrifying killing intents, which were obviously left behind by the Great War of the Creator.


He also got three crystal knives somewhere, which are powerful enough to deter the Nine Transformation Immortal King.


“Senior, did you really climb out of the giant mountain transformed by the Creator?”


Lu Ming asked. He was also very curious about this question.


“That’s right!”


Blue Sky Ancestor nodded.


Lu Ming is suspicious, how did a Qingtian ancestor reproduce and grow the Qingtian clan?


But this question, he is really embarrassed to speak.


But what kind of person is the ancestor of Qingtian, through Lu Ming’s expression, he knows what Lu Ming wants to ask.


“We call the giant mountain transformed by the Creator, the Creation Immortal Mountain. At the earliest, there were thirty-six of us who climbed out of the Creation Immortal Mountain.”


The way of the ancestors of the blue sky.


Lu Ming nodded. It turned out that thirty-six people were born at the beginning, so the reproduction of offspring would not be a problem.


“As soon as the thirty-six of us were born, we had the cultivation base of the Five Transformations Immortal King Realm. After a long period of cultivation, we all reached the half-step universe, but at this time, there was a problem. The strongest one, He started to attack the cosmos realm, but failed, his body died, his blood and soul energy was absorbed by the remaining thirty-five people.”


“After that, the second person, the third person… fell one by one when they impacted the cosmos. Every person who fell, blood essence, soul energy, was absorbed by the remaining people.”


“Seeing that, more than a dozen people in a row have not succeeded in attacking the cosmos, and the remaining people are timid and dare not try to attack the cosmos easily, but because they have absorbed too many other people’s blood and soul energy, they have caused soul riots. , the power is impure, and over time, various problems have arisen, some people have gone into trouble, blew themselves up and died, some people lost their minds, slaughtered their own people, and were killed by others.”


“As for the dead, the blood essence and soul can be absorbed by the remaining people. At that time, we didn’t want to absorb it, but we couldn’t stop it. This may be destined when the creation of the fairy mountain gave birth to us.”


“Up to the back, thirty-six people, thirty-five people died, and in the end I was the only one left. I absorbed the blood, blood, and soul energy of the other thirty-five people, but instead merged and penetrated, breaking through to the universe in one fell swoop. environment, hey!”


Going to the back, the ancestor of Qingtian sighed deeply, with a look of nostalgia in his eyes.


Lu Ming is silent, this is not a sad thing for the ancestor of Qingtian.


“Actually, the Yin-Yang Cosmos Sea is similar to the Creation Immortal Mountain. At the earliest time, the Cangtian Clan and the Yellow Heavenly Clan also gave birth to thirty-six people, but in the end they all perished one by one. Let one of them break through to the universe, and that decibel is the ancestor of the two ancestors of Cang Tian and Huang Tian.”


The ancestor of the blue sky continues to explain.


“Then why did the Cangtian Clan join forces with the Huangtian Clan to kill the Qingtian Clan?


Is it also because of Dazhen Luoyu plate. “


Lu Ming asked again ~IndoMTL.com~ Dazhen Luoyu Plate finally fell into the hands of the Tibetan Blue Creator, and was inherited by the Qingtian Clan, which is normal.


“There are several reasons.”


Ancestor Qingtian nodded, was silent for a while, seemed to be sorting out his thoughts, and then said: “The Yin-Yang Cosmic Sea gave birth to the Cang and Yellow Clan earlier than the Creation Immortal Mountain, but at the beginning they developed in the Cosmic Sea, I don’t know there are The Continent of Creation.”


“Later, the Qingtian Clan was born. Although the Creation Immortal Mountain is not as huge as the Yin-Yang Universe Sea, the Qingtian Clan is based on the Creation Continent, and has obtained a large number of immortal weapons, immortal scriptures, and heaven and earth treasures on the Creation Continent, and has developed extremely fast. , came from behind, the overall strength, vaguely surpassed the clan of Cang Tian and Huang Tian.”


“With the development of the three major races, there are more and more strong people, and it is inevitable that they will meet.”


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