Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 1492: Exchange treasures



“Ming Sacred Soldiers are ordinary Ming Sacred Soldiers, worth 1 million contribution points, five pieces of Emperor Spirit Soldiers, worth 50,000 Contribution Points, a total of 1.05 million Contribution Points, little guy, put your Give me the ID token!”


The old man said.


Lu Ming handed the identity token to the old man. The next moment, Lu Ming’s identity token had an extra 1.05 million contribution points, plus his remaining 50,000 contribution points, adding up to a total of 100. One hundred thousand contribution points.


“Little guy, what treasure do you need to exchange?”


The old man asked.


“Senior, are there any glove-type holy soldiers here?”


Lu Ming asked.


He has always wanted to buy a glove-type holy soldier, which is a great bonus for his melee combat.


“My Dragon God Valley, due to the relationship of blood, there are many people who practice boxing, palming, and fingering, and need a lot of glove-type weapons, so there are currently no glove-type holy soldiers in Baolong Palace!”


“Furthermore, glove-type holy soldiers are two to three times more expensive than ordinary holy soldiers because the refining process is more complicated and difficult!”


The old man shook his head and explained.


“So expensive?”


Lu Ming smiled bitterly.


It is two to three times more expensive than ordinary holy soldiers. Don’t say that there is no Baolong Temple now. Even if there is one, it can’t be bought.


Lu Ming shook his head. Gloves are holy soldiers. We can only think of a way later. Let’s exchange for something else first.


Lu Ming’s heart moved and said: “Senior, I want to exchange some spiritual materials, purple flame crystal, dragon carp, fire spirit root…”


Lu Ming will refine the seven main ingredients of Nirvana Pill, and said it.


This is Yuanlu. Maybe I can collect those materials. I will have the opportunity to return to the Godly Desolate Continent and refine the Nirvana Pill, which will be of great use.


“Little guy, are you trying to refine Nirvana Pill?”


The old man said.


Lu Ming was shocked. This old man also knew Nirvana Pill, and when Lu Ming mentioned several kinds of spiritual materials, the other party knew Nirvana Pill. Does the other party also have Nirvana Pill’s recipe?


“Little guy, to exchange these materials, it’s better to exchange Nirvana Pill directly!”


The old man continued.


“Direct exchange for Nirvana Pill? Is there a Nirvana Pill exchange here?”


Lu Ming asked involuntarily.


“Haha, of course there is, Nirvana Pill, it’s not a precious medicine pill, Yuanlu Sect, almost every sect has it, even many small families and small forces have it, it is used to improve the bloodline level of some younger generations , enhance the talent!”


The old man laughed.


Lu Ming was speechless. The Nirvana Pill, which he regarded as a treasure, was originally in Yuanlu and was a common commodity.


Think about it too, there are too many arrogances in Yuanlu. For major sects like Dragon God Valley, the minimum standard for recruiting disciples is to awaken the ninth-level bloodline of God, and even many awakened ninth-level bloodline of God cannot join. Dragon God Valley and other big sects.


So, Nirvana Pill, in Yuanlu, is not a rare pill at all.


Lu Ming speculates that the Nirvana pill he got in the Godly Desolate Continent was probably brought back from Yuanlu by a certain emperor.


It is very common in Yuan Lu, but it is invaluable in the Godly Desolate Continent.


“Senior, then let me exchange Nirvana Pill directly. I don’t know how many contribution points are there?”


Lu Ming asked.


“One 10,000 Central Plains stone is one hundred contribution points!”


The old man said.


“So cheap!”


Lu Ming’s heart moved, and he smiled bitterly.


In the Godly Desolate Continent, the Nirvana Pills that can make all the forces go crazy are really cheap here, and you can exchange for a hundred pieces of the emperor’s spirit soldiers.


“Senior, I’ll exchange for 1,000, do you know if I have any?”


Lu Ming said.


One thousand pieces, if you bring them back to the Desolate Continent, how many geniuses will the Dragon Alliance give birth to?


“Yes, Nirvana Pill, a lot!”


The old man smiled, took out a storage ring, and gave it to Lu Ming.


Lu Ming’s thoughts moved, and a jade bottle appeared in his hand, which contained Nirvana Pill, and the quality was much better than what he had refined before.


“This Nirvana Pill can increase the bloodline of a person by three or four levels, or even more!”


The old man explained a sentence.


Lu Ming’s heart was extremely hot.


I really hope to fly back to the Godly Desolate Continent immediately and use these nirvana pills for his relatives and friends.


Lu Ming couldn’t help but sigh that the cultivation level of the Divine Desolate Continent was too far from Yuanlu’s.


It is a supreme treasure in the Godly Desolate Continent, but when it arrives in the Yuanlu Continent, it is likely to be a commodity.


Lu Ming put away the Nirvana Pill, and the contribution points on his identity token were less than 100,000 contribution points, leaving 1 million contribution points.


“Senior, I want to exchange 100,000 catties of spiritual liquid!”


Lu Ming thought about it for a while and decided to exchange all the remaining contribution points for Wanling Liquid.


He originally wanted to exchange for a flying shuttle, but when he asked, the price of the flying shuttle was even more astonishing. He couldn’t afford it at all. It would be better to buy all the spirit liquid, water the ancient tree of enlightenment, and let the The ancient tree of enlightenment grows.


In the wasteland of death, he saw the Titan beetle sitting cross-legged under the ancient tree of enlightenment. That ancient tree of enlightenment left a deep impression on Lu Ming.


It is as high as the sky, covering the sky and blocking the sun. On the branches, the avenues are entwined. Sitting cross-legged below to cultivate and comprehend the avenues of heaven and earth will definitely be amazing.


That is the real Taoist enlightenment tree. Lu Ming’s current Taoist enlightenment tree is really incomparable.


Lu Ming is looking forward to it, looking forward to one day, he can also cultivate the ancient tree of enlightenment to that scale.


“Exchange so many elixir?”


The old man was a little surprised.


“What? No?”


Lu Ming said.


“Yes, I’m just a little surprised, please wait for me for a while!”


The old man left the counter, returned shortly after, and gave Lu Ming a storage ring. There were ten bottles of ten thousand spirit liquid in it, which added up to exactly one hundred kilograms.


Lu Ming took it with great joy, and the contribution points on the identity token became zero.


Lu Ming smiled bitterly, he was really poor.


Since he had exchanged the treasures he needed, Lu Ming returned to Yunlong Valley.


After returning to the cave, Lu Ming entered the map of mountains and rivers.


On the top of a peak, the ancient tree of enlightenment swayed the breath of heaven, and the bubble lay under the ancient tree of enlightenment, exuding a milky white brilliance, and the space around the body swayed like water waves.


After Bubble obtained the time-space spar of the Titan beetle, during this period of time, it can be said that his cultivation has improved by leaps and bounds.


A few days ago ~IndoMTL.com~ has broken into the third level of Emperor Wu, and now, it is attacking the fourth level of Emperor Wu.


Lu Ming smiled and his eyes fell on the ancient tree of enlightenment.


After this period of time, the ancient tree of enlightenment has grown a lot and has grown two lateral branches. There are more than a dozen green leaves on it, although it is the same as the ancient tree of enlightenment of the Titan beetle. I can’t compare, but I don’t know how many times it has grown compared to when I first came to Yuanlu.


Lu Ming took out a jade bottle and poured ten catties of ten thousand spiritual liquid on the roots of the ancient tree of enlightenment.


Afterwards, Lu Ming withdrew from Shanhe Tu.


After exiting the Mountain and River Map, Lu Ming left the cave and walked towards the depths of Yunlong Valley.


Lu Ming’s goal is the storage room of the Cloud Dragon Valley Master, where there is the cultivation experience of the Cloud Dragon Valley Master.


Soon, Lu Ming came to the storage room of the Cloud Dragon Valley Master.


There are many Tibetan records, Lu Ming picked out some important ones and watched them.




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