Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 4761: The emperors fight the trolls


Chapter 4761 Emperors fight trolls

This is indeed unpredictable!

Tiger God is completely risking his life!

In an instant!

Tiger God was crushed to pieces under this monstrous energy.

As for the Extreme Demon King, it’s not much better.

Dense cracks appeared in the Demon King’s Arm, and even some areas were damaged, exposing the flesh.

His body flew upside down like a kite with a broken string.

At the same time!

The ghost-faced **** of death and the dragon **** from the other direction appeared at the first time, and rushed towards the extremely demon king.

The sickle in the hands of the ghost-faced **** of death shone with a strange brilliance, which was extremely penetrating.

On the left and right sides of the dragon god, there is a bright dragon on each side, all of which are full of killer moves, and they want to completely injure the extremely demon king!

Just when the ghost-faced death god’s sickle and the dragon god’s dragon fist were about to hit the ultra-demon king, a force of the law of the great way immediately enveloped the ultra-demon king’s body.


In a flash!

Whether it is the sickle of the ghost-faced death god, or the dragon fist of the dragon god, they all penetrate the body of the extremely demon king.

This is something that Lin Yun and others did not expect.

It was only after a period of time that the Ultra Demon King was able to use “Virtualization” again.

“It doesn’t matter. This time he suffered from the backlash of the void, and it took longer than before.” Dragon God reminded aloud.

Now it is not difficult for Lin Yun and the other three to decipher the “virtualization” of the extremely demon king.

Ghost-faced Reaper was always in front of the Extreme Demon King, and the sickle kept slashing down.

At the same time!

Lin Yun also unleashed the Space Excalibur one after another.

Space divine swords pierced through the void, piercing through the body of the Ultra Demon King like thousands of thunderbolts.

The current extremely demon king is at the end of his rope.

Many supernatural powers were unable to suppress Lin Yun and the others.

Dragon God and Tiger God also took this opportunity to immediately absorb the immortal energy in the boundless void to replenish the energy in their bodies.

Since the war, these two have consumed a huge amount of energy.

The Tiger God panted heavily, stared at the Extreme Demon King jokingly, and said with a sneer, “I want to see what tricks you have after you have broken your illusion this time.”

“Extreme Demon King, today is your death day!”

Extreme Demon King was silent for a rare time, facing Tiger God’s ridicule, he did not respond.


Now he seems to have no way to deal with Lin Yun and the others’ offensive like a torrential rain.

This war has been going on for a long time.

The number of people in all parts of the Demon Realm is also rapidly decreasing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It has to be said that the “mind control” of the Extreme Demon King still had a considerable impact on everyone in God’s Domain.

A large number of Martial Saints, Martial Venerables, and even half-step Martial Emperors were all injured.

And these injuries were not left on them by demons from the Demon Realm.

It is the previous companions who suffered from “mind control”, hurting them.

Although there are many monsters in the Demon Realm, the Martial Venerables and Half-Step Martial Emperors in the Divine Realm are fighting with their backs and going all out.

Under the circumstances of being outnumbered, Rao forced a **** path, and even vaguely gained the upper hand.

Above the nine heavens.

Accompanied by the fall of the Primordial Heavenly Emperor, Purgatory Devil Emperor and others, all the Martial Emperors of the past were also killed on the spot.

Fairy Zixia and the other three have fled this battlefield, and they don’t know where they are going.


Above the nine heavens, a roar of a beast shook the world.

That is the abyss troll!

Above the nine heavens, the eleven Martial Emperors teamed up to fight against half-step Martial Gods, and finally broke out completely.

In a flash!

The Shura energy on the abyss troll exploded completely, and the eleven Martial Emperors of the ancient underworld gods all fired at full force, besieging and killing the abyss troll.

The Nine Heavens exploded!

Full boil!

The loud rumbling sound, as if it was about to destroy the world, shocked everyone’s hearts and souls.

The space is broken!

Even above the Nine Heavens, huge cracks appeared one after another on the ground, spreading tens of thousands of meters away!

Flying sand and rolling stones, the demon realm trembles.

“A group of ants also want to challenge me!”

The abyss troll roared, and was trapped by the Martial Emperors of the God Realm earlier, which already made it furious, and now it wants to vent all of it.

I saw the abyss troll clenched its claws into a fist, and blasted directly towards the void in front of it.

At this time, it is still several thousand meters away from the Ancient Underworld God and others.


The punch of the abyss troll directly pierced through the void, appearing in front of the ancient Hades and others like a mountain.

Furthermore, this fist also contained the ultimate power of space, possessing the power of space confinement, which made the eleven ancient gods unable to move.

Facing this punch, the eleven ancient gods of the underworld did not shrink back, their auras were all raised to the extreme, and they rushed up one after another, using their supernatural powers.

The terrifying energy immediately exploded from the void.

This is a confrontation between eleven Martial Emperors and a half-step Martial God, no less than a fight between two half-step Martial Gods.

In an instant!

The space within a radius of nearly a thousand miles was completely shattered.

Various visions appeared one after another, tearing the sky apart.


Eleven ancient underworld gods, after all, they are only in the Martial Emperor realm.

Under the punch of the abyss troll, all of them flew upside down.

The mountain peaks completely collapsed under the impact of the eleven of them.

Everyone was bleeding from the corners of their mouths, but they didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

On the other hand, the abyss troll was not injured.


The abyss troll suddenly opened its **** mouth, and the majestic Shura energy gathered into a blood-red Shura energy ball in a short time.

“Magic pupils and divine light!”

In an instant, a beam of Shura energy blasted towards the Eleven Ancient Underworld Gods with a destructive force.

Faced with this move, everyone seemed to have little to do.

The reason why the Void Sword Emperor and the Space Lord were able to use space movement to cover the eleven Martial Emperors was because of the existence of the “Transforming Immortal Formation”.

Available now!

The number of times the “Transformation Immortal Formation” has been used has reached the limit.

Just relying on the abilities of the Void Sword Emperor and the Space Lord is not enough to transfer all the eleven Martial Emperors.

“Space Shield!”

The space lord took the lead and summoned five space caves in succession, blocking them in front.

However, this Shura energy is too powerful, and its range is extremely wide. It is only a five-sided space shield, and it is impossible to stop all of it.

Seeing this scene, the other ten Martial Emperors all shot one after another.

“Hellfire Eudemons!”

“Nirvana Divine Fire!”

“The ice crystal explodes!”

One time!

The eleven Martial Emperors all used various powerful supernatural powers.

All kinds of lights exploded above the nine heavens, dazzling like fireworks.


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