Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 4746: Race against time


Chapter 4746 Race against time

With the movement of the Purgatory Devil Emperor’s divine mind, the space within a radius of one kilometer around him broke apart without warning, forming space cracks one after another.

Dense space cracks spread all over the body of the Purgatory Devil Emperor, almost impenetrable.

As for the attacks of the four Ancient Underworld Gods, at the moment they hit the space crack, all of them poured into the empty space.

The seemingly incomparably dangerous blow was deflected by the Purgatory Devil Emperor in this way.

“Then let’s see if you have enough space cracks!”

The Ice God leaped forward, and a radiant divine light burst out from his body.

I saw a light curtain rising from behind him.


Countless tiny light beams shot out from the light curtain.

Like the thousands of troops and horses, it is extremely dense!


The Devil Emperor of Purgatory and the Primordial Heavenly Emperor were shocked.

I don’t know when, the Ice God has passed the “Mirror Mirror Realm”, re-engraved the martial soul of the original emperor of heaven, and obtained his martial soul ability.

Now that this trick “Brilliant Rays of Light” is used, it really surprised the original emperor.

Among the rays of light, the Devil Emperor of Purgatory disappeared like a ghost, he used space movement, and appeared thousands of miles away.


The Ice God’s “rays of light” threatened the Devil Emperor of Purgatory.

Or to be more precise, the Devil Emperor of Purgatory is afraid of the photon decomposition technique of the Primordial Heavenly Emperor.

After the Ice God reproduced the martial souls of the original Heavenly Emperor and Purgatory Devil Emperor, the moves they performed were not as good as these two.

However, with the cooperation of other Emperor Wu, it can also produce miraculous effects.

At this moment, a terrifying aura emanated from the Devil Emperor of Purgatory.

Swallowing mountains and rivers with arrogance, shaking the world with domineering aura!


With a loud bang, the void behind the Devil Emperor of Purgatory suddenly burst open.

Tens of thousands of space cracks were floating behind him.

“Hundred times erasing space!”

The Devil Emperor of Purgatory took the initiative to strike directly at the eight Ancient Underworld Gods.

Every crack in space is splitting the void, and with a force of destruction, it comes to suppress the eight ancient gods of the underworld.

There are tens of thousands of space cracks!

This is an incomparable power, as if no one can stop it, no one can defend it, and the Purgatory Devil Emperor wants to break through everything!


Facing this blow, the eight ancient underworld gods all shot with all their strength, the earth sank, and smoke and dust billowed into the sky.

Countless energy fluctuations, like stars all over the sky, shone with brilliance, illuminating the entire Demon Realm.

The eight ancient underworld gods all sacrificed their supernatural powers!

That moment!

It seems like the end of the world is coming.

Lin Yun and the others are far away from the Demon Realm, so no matter how powerful the aura is, it is difficult for everyone to feel it clearly.

However, the fight between the ten Martial Emperors took place in the Demon Realm where they were, and it was more intuitive than the damage caused by the battle between Lin Yun and the four of them.


Accompanied by the sound of a loud bang that destroys the sky and destroys the earth.

The attacks released by the eight gods of the ancient gods all hit the space crack.

In an instant, the sky fell apart, like ghosts crying and wolves howling, all kinds of visions appeared one after another.

The entire sky seemed to be pierced through!

After the explosion, the energy generated turned into a gigantic wave that was extremely destructive and swept in all directions.

The result can be imagined!

Countless monsters and soldiers were all killed on the spot.

The moment it was swept by the huge wave of energy, it was completely turned into powder.

“Stay farther away…it’s too uneven!”

The Rakshasa Ghost King was terrified, and he couldn’t help shivering.

He was thousands of miles away from that area, but he was still affected by a little residual power.

Fortunately, the distance was already too far, so no serious injuries were caused.

Looking at the divine light that bloomed above the nine heavens, everyone couldn’t help but gasped.

This is horrible!

This is true in the boundless void, and it is also true in the nine heavens!

Terrifying energy erupts like a volcano erupting.

The eight ancient underworld gods all used defensive moves to form a huge enchantment of immortal energy, and they were able to resist the huge aftermath.

In contrast to the Devil Emperor of Purgatory, he is also very close.

But relying on his own strength, he couldn’t resist the terrifying aftermath, and was overturned immediately.


At the same time!

An angry roar suddenly sounded from a distance.

This moment!

Everyone couldn’t help but shuddered, the Ancient Underworld God frowned, and the expressions of the other Martial Emperors also changed drastically.

“Get out of trouble?”

Jiuquan Mingdi repelled the Demon Extinguisher, and looked into the distance in surprise.

That roar was from the abyss troll!

Could it be that what they are most worried about is about to happen?

“No! It’s not that fast, but it’s not far away. Hurry up and kill these two, or it will be too late!”

The Ancient Underworld God felt it carefully.

The “Bone Prison Array” has already shown cracks, and now that the voice of the abyss troll can be heard, it means that the “Bone Prison Array” can’t last long.

They must kill the Purgatory Devil Emperor and the Primordial Heavenly Emperor as soon as possible to avoid future troubles, so that they can concentrate on dealing with the abyss troll.

The power of the abyss troll has been appreciated by the three ancient underworld gods thousands of years ago.

Similarly, Emperor Wu of God’s Domain had also seen the power of abyssal trolls before.

Their eleven Martial Emperors teamed up, and I am afraid that at most they can only have an equal share with the abyss troll.

“Then kill!”

The Void Sword Emperor’s eyes turned cold, and he was the first to strike.

“Void Excalibur!”

With the movement of the Void Sword Emperor’s divine mind, thousands of void sword qi spread all over his head.

“Thunder Dragon Wanjun!”

“A Thousand Feathers of Light!”

Leiyun Heavenly Emperor and Cangqiong Heavenly Emperor, who are also the three Union Martial Emperors, also shot immediately.

In an instant!

The ultimate moves of the three Martial Emperors were all sacrificed, and they rushed towards the Purgatory Devil Emperor one after another.

The Devil Emperor of Purgatory was injured in the aftermath just now, bleeding from the corner of his mouth, and his body was also in a state of distress, dripping with blood.

Facing the supernatural powers of the three Void Sword Emperors, just as he was about to make a move, a ray of light flashed from the void and appeared in front of him.

“Photon decomposition!”

The person who came was the original emperor. He raised his right hand and pointed his palm forward.

Dense beams of light shot out directly, as dense as a galaxy.

The attacks of both sides move at the speed of light.

In just an instant, they collided together.

Without any sound or light bursting out, the attacks of the three Void Sword Emperors were completely disintegrated.

The power of the photon decomposition technique has not diminished!

Continue to crush the three Void Sword Emperors.

It’s too late to say it, then it’s fast!

Just when the photon decomposition technique was about to hit the three Void Sword Emperors, the aura of the Ancient Hades and the others suddenly dropped.

Almost at the same moment!

They all disappeared in place.

Then, he appeared next to the Devil Emperor of Purgatory!

This time!

There are no longer eight Martial Emperors, but nine!

The space lord is here too!


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