Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 4745: Stand Double Emperor!


Chapter 4745 Fighting the Double Emperors!

In those days, the twelve warriors in the Eternal Temple were all Lin Yun’s subordinates.


The reputation in God’s Domain, even the “Five Supremes” and “Fallen Legion”, can only stand aside.

This battle!

The Yasuo guys have proven themselves.

They are definitely worthy of the title of “Twelve Warriors”.


At the same time!

There was a loud bang from the nine heavens.

First, there was an ear-piercing sound of Jin Ge clashing, and then there was a bang and a burst.

The sky seemed to be torn apart.

Only about ten figures were seen, constantly shuttling back and forth above the nine heavens.


It’s fighting!

This is completely, it is the confrontation of flesh and blood and swords.

The emperor’s blood spilled all over the place.

That was the original Heavenly Emperor and the Purgatory Devil Emperor, facing the siege of the eight gods of the ancient underworld.

Now the siege has completely entered a white-hot stage.

The eight gods of the ancient underworld, their attacks became more and more fierce.

Because they discovered that the “Bone Prison Formation” was no longer strong.

The abyssal troll may escape at any time.

“It’s not easy!”

The ancient **** of the underworld sighed in his heart.

The Devil Emperor of Purgatory and the Primordial Heavenly Emperor, both of them are extraordinary and holy, even if they were placed a hundred thousand years ago, they would definitely be powerful figures standing shoulder to shoulder with their five great legion commanders.

For half of the time just now, the Primordial Heavenly Emperor relied on the “Sun God Light Armor” to get close to him.

These people were unable to break through the “Sun God Light Armor” of the Primordial Heavenly Emperor for a while.

This is indeed surprising and shocking.

A certain moment!

Everyone separated one after another, and the Primordial Emperor, who had just stabilized his body, immediately raised his right hand above his head, aiming at the sky.

“The light is shining!”

The “Thousands of Rays of Light” displayed by the original emperor this time is no longer released by the light curtain, but shot out by the solar storm.

In an instant!

I saw that solar storm like a wave of flames, densely packed with light beams, descending from the sky.

It was like a torrential rain, sweeping across the sky and the earth, bombarding the eight ancient gods of the underworld.

These light beams are either ordinary light beams or light beams with photon decomposition, which are terrifying.

Even if he is an ancient **** of the underworld, he cannot easily resist it.

Such a large area of ​​damage, coupled with the characteristics of the photon decomposition technique, is definitely one of the deadly killing moves!

Just when everyone was at a loss, the Ancient Underworld God and Phoenix God made their moves at the same time.

Although the photon decomposition technique is powerful, it also has weaknesses.

That is, the energy is so large that even if it is hit by the photon decomposition technique, it will never be destroyed.

“Nirvana Divine Fire!”

The Phoenix God has turned into a fiery phoenix, flapping its wings and raising its head high.

Under the flapping of the wings, countless Nirvana fires blasted out, sweeping towards the sky like a wave of flames.

“Hell fire sea!”

The ancient **** of the underworld had already displayed the “Doomsday Hell” from before, and all the lands with a radius of nearly a thousand miles were shrouded in hellfire.

Now it is very simple to cast “Hell Flames”.

The doomsday **** is boiling, and the rich hellfire soars into the sky.

Just a moment!

Nirvana Divine Fire and Hellfire seemed to form a huge shield, directly covering the sky above the crowd, forcibly resisting all the rays of light from the Primordial Heavenly Emperor.


The remaining Martial Emperors all shot without reservation and went all out.

They have never been as solemn as they are today.

We must do our best to kill the Purgatory Demon Emperor and the Primordial Heavenly Emperor first.

The abyss troll is about to escape.

If the Primordial Heavenly Emperor and Purgatory Demon Emperor are still alive, it will bring them great trouble.

Dark Soul Martial Emperor and Fallen Heaven Rongdi made their move immediately.

“Hydrogen and helium are hot!”

“Lava Fist!”


The flames burned, and the flames surged, sweeping the sky and the earth.

Dark Soul Martial Emperor and Fallen Heaven Rong Emperor are like the God of War on fire.

The Primordial Heavenly Emperor is fearless.

The defensive power of the Sun God Light Armor is also unparalleled.

It is far from being able to destroy such attacks as Dark Soul Martial Emperor and Fallen Heaven Rongdi.


The Dark Soul Martial Emperor and Fallen Heaven Rongdi were not the only ones who shot.

The Ice God descended from the sky, and the ice city of Mixue shrouded the sky above the Primordial Heavenly Emperor.

Tens of thousands of ice crystal soldiers flew out from the Michelle Ice City, besieging the Primordial Heavenly Emperor, shining dazzling light.

These tens of thousands of ice crystal soldiers are about to explode!

Moreover, if you take a closer look, you can find that many of these ice crystal soldiers look like monsters.

After all, the Ice God can transform creatures into ice crystal soldiers through the Michelle Ice City.

Now such a large battlefield, there are corpses everywhere, and the ice god’s ice crystal soldiers can be said to be endless.

It’s not over yet!

The ice god’s eyes turned cold, and he shouted: “Space confinement!”

In a flash!

A strange space force directly acted on the body of the original emperor.

The original emperor could not use elementalization to escape this time, or move directly.

“Time Warp!”

The Yuan Emperor can ignore the attacks of Dark Soul Martial Emperor and Fallen Heaven Rong Emperor.

The self-destruct power of tens of thousands of Ice God’s ice crystal soldiers cannot be underestimated, even the Sun God’s Light Armor may not be able to resist it.

In an instant!

The Primordial Emperor cast “Time Distortion” to avoid this blow.


The sky cracked and the ground fell, the sound was deafening, and the whole world seemed to be collapsing.

The dazzling light exploded directly.

The terrifying shock wave swept away in all directions one after another.

“It’s done! Besiege and kill that guy!”

Ice God shouted!

The original emperor of heaven is now a mud bodhisattva crossing the river, and he cannot protect himself.

Moreover, “Time Distortion” has just been used, so it cannot be used again in a short time.

This opportunity is the best chance to besiege and kill the Devil Emperor of Purgatory!

Next second!

The ancient **** of the underworld and the **** of the phoenix hugged each other directly.

The whole body of the phoenix **** is entwined with countless red Nirvana divine fires, and with a towering flame, it directly crushes towards the Purgatory Demon Emperor.

“Phoenix dances for nine days!”

Following the phoenix god’s claws, the rich divine fire of Nirvana came overwhelmingly.

Immediately in midair, one after another fire phoenix gathered.

In an instant, all the phoenixes blew together, and the sound shook the world, causing the mountains and rivers to resonate and tremble.

It’s not over yet!

The **** chains of the ancient Hades, the hellfire phantom beast.

The sword energy of the Void Sword Emperor.

The thunder of the Thunder Cloud Heavenly Emperor.

In just a short period of time, the attacks of the four Martial Emperors came from all directions to encircle and suppress the Purgatory Demon Emperor.

“It’s a good plan!”

When the Devil Emperor of Purgatory opened his mouth, there was no trace of fear in his eyes, and there was even a hint of excitement in his eyes.

This is a hearty battle, and he is enjoying it.

“The space is broken!”

Just relying on the “anti-shock force field”, the Purgatory Devil Emperor couldn’t withstand the attacks of these four Martial Emperors, so he directly cast Space Fracture.


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