Ending the Treacherous Chapter 64: .Let’s talk about love together


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The cool breeze blew slowly, and the light was as clear as water. Walking on the Jingshi Street back to the Prince Consort’s Mansion, Gu Qingtang’s shadow was stretched by the moonlight, adding a hint of loneliness.

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The closer she got to the back door of the Prince Consort’s Mansion, the more Gu Qingtang became wary. She carefully hid in the corner and carefully looked at the corners where people could easily hide. She found that there was nothing unusual, and then she walked cautiously. Before going to the back, he gently pushed open the back door.


The back door was gently pushed open, and Gu Qingtang poked his head in, and noticed the suddenly approaching light on the left. He couldn’t help but straighten up in panic. When he saw clearly who was coming, he let out a long sigh of relief. He said with a smile, “Aning, why don’t you rest? Are you waiting for me to come back?”

Yin Ning shook the lantern in her hand, raised her eyebrows and said, “I don’t have time to wait for you. I just think the moonlight is just right tonight, so I want to come out and see the moon.”

“Look at the moon…” Gu Qingtang glanced at the bright moon in the sky with a smile, smiled knowingly, took a step forward, and closed the back door, “Then let me watch with you for a while?”

Yin Ning held up the lantern and turned around, “I suddenly got tired and don’t want to read anymore.”

“Then…” Gu Qingtang quickly chased after her, reached out to hold her hand, and said with a smile, “Then I will rest with you?”

“Who wants to rest with you?” Yin Ning gave Gu Qingtang a sideways glance, “If I don’t call you to sleep with me, you can’t enter my bedroom.”

“But…I haven’t changed the medicine for my injury today.” Gu Qingtang blinked in aggrieved manner, “Aning, at least you have to give me some medicine.”

“Let’s make an agreement first and only apply the medicine.”


When the two returned to the dormitory, Yin Ning turned around and closed the door. Gu Qingtang couldn’t help but stretch his waist and said with emotion, “It’s still comfortable at home!”

“Qingtang.” The little princess suddenly called out from behind.

“Huh?” Gu Qingtang turned around. Yin Ning had thrown herself into her arms and hugged her waist tightly. Gu Qingtang couldn’t help being surprised, “What’s wrong?”

With a smile on her face, Yin Ning rested her head in Gu Qingtang’s arms, feeling that her heart that had been panicked all night finally calmed down, “Is everything going well?”

Gu Qingtang gently hugged her body, nodded and said: “It went well. With my consort, how could it not go well?”

Yin Ning’s smile deepened a little, and there was a hint of pride in her smile, “It seems that this princess has made a profit and found such a capable and good consort.”

“Oh, capable?” Gu Qingtang deliberately pronounced the word in an ambiguous tone. Yin Ning, realizing that he had said the wrong thing, quickly glared at Gu Qingtang in shame.

“Gu Qingtang, you are really worthy of praise!”

“Tsk tsk, my Aning praises me, I will definitely go to heaven.”


Suddenly the little princess’s smile froze, she sniffed Gu Qingtang’s neck carefully, frowned and said to herself: “It’s strange, there is a strange fragrance.” As she spoke, her eyes slowly fell on Gu Qingtang. On her face, her voice deepened, “This… body fragrance is so strong… it must not be from me, right?”

“Uh…” Gu Qingtang felt a chill in his vest and couldn’t think of words to explain.

“Huh? It seems that there are more than one things that went well, right?” The little princess raised her eyebrows slightly. Although she spoke calmly, why did she always feel a touch of sourness?

Gu Qingtang chuckled, “This…let me tell you slowly.” After saying that, she took the lantern from the little princess’s hand, first blew out the candles in the lantern, and then put the lantern aside. On the short table, “Come on, let’s go over there together, sit down and talk slowly.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you slowly.” Yin Ning sat on the bed next to Gu Qingtang, the smile on his face had long since disappeared.

Gu Qingtang felt the chill in her vest became even worse. She sat next to Yin Ning and cleared her throat, “Ahem, let me start talking.”


“Tonight, I went to see His Majesty first, well, mainly to talk about…”

“What I want to hear is, why do you have other fragrances on your body?”

Gu Qingtang’s explanation was interrupted. The attentive little princess discovered that Gu Qingtang’s bun seemed to be a little crooked and even a little messy. “Why is the hair on the back of your head so messy?” , caressing the back of Gu Qingtang’s head, “You’ve been in the palace for so long, shouldn’t you have had a nap?”

“Oh, An Ning, your mind is as clear as a mirror!” Gu Qingtang suddenly praised him, took Yin Ning’s hand and warmed it tightly, “I went to see the Imperial Master of Dache. ”


“The situation in the capital is changing, and some people are the key. Therefore, I have to go see the Imperial Master tonight. I just want to understand one thing.” Gu Qingtang paused for a moment and looked at Yin Ning seriously, “An Ning , Do you still remember that it was the Imperial Master who took me away that day in the alley, and then you went to the courtyard to look for me, but I came out alone?”


Gu Qingtang moved her body and leaned against Yin Ning. “Actually, there was another person in the courtyard that day who you knew.” As she spoke, she rubbed the tip of her nose against Yin Ning’s tentatively. With the tip of his nose, he could clearly see the glow on Yin Ning’s cheeks, and he secretly smiled, “That person is your royal brother, and I will be the emperor of the day.”

“Brother Imperial?” This time it was Yin Ning who was surprised, “Why is he there?”

“Master Imperial Master, taking me away is just a pretense, and the person who really wants to see me is Your Majesty.” Gu Qingtang said seriously, but with his other hand, he secretly opened Yin Ning’s belt. , hooked his little finger, and secretly hooked the belt on his fingertips, “I have never understood why the Imperial Preceptor in Dache would help His Majesty, so I went to visit the Imperial Preceptor today to find out the answer. ”

Yin Ning listened carefully and was completely unaware of Gu Qingtang’s secret behavior, “What is the answer?”

The smile in Gu Qingtang’s eyes became more intense, and his gaze became more and more intense, “Oh, it’s a pity that I returned without success, and the Imperial Master didn’t say anything at all…”

“Wait a minute, why do you have such a strong fragrance?” Yin Ning’s question returned to the beginning, but the frost on her face was no longer the same as before, and there was a faint smile that she was trying to hide.

Gu Qingtang blinked helplessly, “Since it’s a visit, there will inevitably be a dancer performing the dance. I don’t know if the dancer accidentally fell into my arms…” As he said that, Gu Qingtang innocently He said seriously, “I pushed her away the first time. I…well…”

Yin Ning’s warm lips suddenly touched her lips. Gu Qingtang’s heartbeat started to beat wildly, and he stared at her in disbelief.

“But like this?” Yin Ning raised his face slightly and asked with a smile.

Gu Qingtang smiled lightly, “I feel… I seem to have done something wrong…”

“Oh?” Yin Ning couldn’t help laughing, “What did you do wrong?”

Gu Qingtang’s face twitched and he smiled: “My Aning seems to be a quick learner. There are some things I shouldn’t teach you.”

“Gu Qingtang, I miss you!” These warm words rang out from Yin Ning’s mouth, and Gu Qingtang felt his heart beat even harder.

“I miss you too.” Gu Qingtang looked at her affectionately, feeling that the little princess was exuding an aura of temptation. The longer he looked at her, the more intense the fire in his heart became.

Yin Ning smiled and buried her head in Gu Qingtang’s arms, sticking close to her heart, listening to the heart beating crazily for her, and smiled proudly, “Qingtang, I can’t see you these past few hours. , I always feel like something is missing.”

Gu Qingtang smiled and said: “I will come back every day.”

“Then let’s pull the hook. If you can’t do it…” Yin Ning suddenly sat up straight and stretched out his finger towards Gu Qingtang.

“Okay! Pull the hook!”

Gu Qingtang forgot that the finger was still wrapped around her belt. With this movement, Yin Ning’s outer clothes were suddenly lifted open, revealing her snow-white inner clothes.

“You…you…” Yin Ning was ashamed and frightened, but before she could react, she was pressed down on the bed by Gu Qingtang, sealing all the words she wanted to say in her throat with a suffocating kiss.

Good nights are short and life is fleeting.

How can we waste their beautiful night again?

The gauze curtain fell, half-covering the two entwined people. The bedroom was warm in spring, and the red candlelight burned the heart this night, burning every inch of each other deeply into each other’s hearts.

At the same time, in the wing of the Prince Consort’s Mansion, the two people who had been left by the little princess to continue performing were lying on the window rails, looking at the bright moon in the sky, thoughtfully.

“Tell me, where will Qingtang go during the wine escape today?” Liu Yun’er’s eyes were full of worry, and she turned to look at the bright moon beside her.

Ming Yue shook her head, “It’s not easy to break the situation. I also want to know what she is planning? At least, we can help her.”

“Let’s look for an opportunity to ask her tomorrow?”


“It’s getting late tonight, let’s go to bed early.”



Ming Yue stretched out her hand, gently stroked her slightly messy hair on her temples, and said with a smile, “Do you have a feeling?”

“What?” Liu Yun’er’s face showed a hint of shame.

Ming Yue smiled and said: “This Prince Consort’s Mansion feels like home, warm and quiet, and makes people feel inexplicably at ease.”

Liu Yun’er nodded, held Mingyue’s hand, and smiled: “I still have one more feeling.”

Ming Yue smiled slightly and asked: “How does it feel?”

“The feeling of staying together until we grow old.” After Liu Yun’er finished speaking, she hugged Mingyue tightly, “I really hope that days like this can last forever. I don’t have to go back to Chunfeng Pavilion to sing, and you don’t have to go back to Chunfeng Pavilion to sing every day. Working hard to serve tea and wine…”

“There will be a day…” Mingyue hugged Liu Yun’er’s waist and said affectionately, “From today on, the two of us will never be separated in our lives…”

“What kind of people are not separated?” Liu Yuner pushed Mingyue slightly, opened the distance between them, looked at her with a smile, and asked.

“It’s true…it’s true…” A shy smile appeared on Mingyue’s face for the first time. She leaned close to her face and whispered a poem in Liu Yun’er’s ear, “On the top of the willow tree on the moon…”

“Qingtang really taught you bad things!”

“Haha, maybe it was her bad teaching, or maybe it was me… I originally thought…”

The bright light is hundreds of miles away, and the lights of thousands of families in the capital are like stars, complementing the sky and the stars.

This night was very…warm, even with some residual heat from the hot summer.


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