Ending the Treacherous Chapter 55: .Reminiscing about past years


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That night, Gu Qingtang did not fall asleep, but went through everything that had happened in the past few years in his mind.

Three years ago, Taiwei Nian asked the late emperor to marry his beloved son, so the eldest princess married Nian Huaian, the son of the Taiwei. On the eve of the princess’s wedding, Gu Qingtang received a secret order from the second prince, ordering her to rescue the princess on her wedding day and look for an opportunity to gain Taiwei Nian’s trust.

On the day of the princess’s wedding, there was a sudden panic in the streets, and the princess’s wedding car rushed out of Beijing. Gu Qingtang followed the instructions and pretended to be watching the ceremony on the street. When he saw this scene, he immediately jumped on the carriage and prepared to stop the carriage.

The carriage galloped for a long time. When the horse was tired and stopped, Gu Qingtang quickly opened the curtain to see what was going on inside the carriage.

The dowry palace ladies had already lost their beauty and huddled together in a panic. The eldest princess Yin Ying huddled in the corner, tightly holding the ribbon on her head for fear that it would fall and fall. auspicious.

When do you care about this? I don’t know if it hit the face?

Gu Qingtang stepped into the carriage and reached out to lift Yin Ying’s hijab. He smiled warmly and gently, “Don’t be afraid, princess. I just want to see where the princess is injured.”

Yin Ying looked at her blankly, her frightened pale face suddenly turned red, “I am…no…no problem…”

“Princess, please take a rest here for a while. Get off the carriage and see how to drive it back to the city.” Gu Qingtang nodded with a smile, turned around and got out of the carriage.

Yin Ying’s frantically beating heart gradually calmed down, and she felt that the young man in front of her was so handsome. He was so handsome that with just one glance, his cheeks burned like fire.

Gu Qingtang walked around the carriage and saw that the carriage was not damaged. He immediately grabbed the horse’s bridle and prepared to turn the horse’s head around and send the princess back to the city.

But he didn’t expect that an assassin would appear at this time. Gu Qingtang was unable to defeat everyone with his fists. He really couldn’t protect the princess and could only watch the princess being seriously injured by the assassin.

Reinforcements always appeared last, and then the sound of horse hooves and soldiers’ armor was heard in the forest, and the assassins ran away obediently.

Gu Qingtang had no choice but to carry the injured princess and run towards the rescue.

So, Gu Qingtang was successful in rescuing the princess. The first emperor was overjoyed and wanted to promote Gu Qingtang to work in Tingwei Mansion. At this time, the second prince caught the escaped assassin and interrogated him in court, all pointing the finger at Liu Shaofu. .

Lieutenant Nian suddenly understood that today’s assassin was actually set up by the second prince to eliminate his confidant Liu Shaofu in Shaofu Prison. Now that the late emperor was angry and said good things for Liu Shaofu, he would naturally get no benefits. Therefore, Taiwei Nian had no choice but to swallow his breath and watch the second prince pull out Liu Shaofu.

In the court, the second prince took a second look at Gu Qingtang. He was so excited that he asked the late emperor for Gu Qingtang to join the palace as a staff member. Naturally, Taiwei Nian could not be slower than others. He thought that Gu Qingtang was very popular in the young palace. , such a clever person might be able to use it.

So from that day on, Gu Qingtang became Taiwei Nian’s adopted son. In just three months, Taiwei Nian pushed Gu Qingtang to the position of the young master of the Shaofu, and continued to secretly provide advice to Taiwei Nian. Wei makes money.

Then, the story develops all the way to today three years later.

Ye Na, as Dache’s national advisor and this time’s Dache’s national envoy, defeated the noble eldest prince in Daling, and the remaining third prince, Anba, was secretly attracted by Nian Taiwei. It seems that Lieutenant Nian has the upper hand. Why would she help Yin Changan?

Remembering that Gu Qingtang followed Ye Na all the way to the small courtyard last night, Ye Na smiled and led the people back away, leaving Gu Qingtang alone.

When Yin Changan walked out of the room, Gu Qingtang was more than a little surprised.

“Master Gu, have a drink with me, please.”

Gu Qingtang could only nod his head and enter the room, taking his seat calmly.

“Your Majesty…why are you here?”

Yin Changan diligently poured a glass of wine for Gu Qingtang and said with a smile: “Looking at Qingtang, you are running around investigating cases with injuries. It hurts my heart, so…” His burning eyes fell on Gu Qingtang’s face. It stung Gu Qingtang and coughed twice uncomfortably, “I’m here to show you a clear path.”

Gu Qingtang was stunned for a moment, “Minglu?”

“When Nian Huai’an dies, Lieutenant Nian will naturally lose his sense of proportion. This is a great opportunity for me to weaken his power. How could I miss it?” Yin Chang’an smiled faintly, “He deserves it. That kid Nian Huai’an is so lustful. The imperial master only used a little charm and then he obeyed, haha.”

No wonder I couldn’t find the crime scene, let alone the two generals who were following me. I see!

“If my foster father knew the truth, how could he let it go? Your Majesty’s move was a bit reckless.” Gu Qingtang looked at Yin Chang’an coldly, “Since the murderer is related to your Majesty, it seems that Wei Chen’s head has been lost. ”

Yin Changan shook his head sadly and said with a smile: “How could I let your head fall off? I have made arrangements. Li Kun will definitely find some evidence tomorrow. If Li Kun is asked to close the case alone, the old fox will not believe it. , if you are also involved, it will be difficult for the old fox to believe it.”

“It seems that His Majesty is sincerely kind to his subordinates.” Gu Qingtang smiled mockingly, feeling secretly cold in his heart. Perhaps this plan had been planned since Yin Changan slapped her with a few whips.

First let Gu Qingtang leave the court, then look for an opportunity to kill Nian Huai’an, and then force Gu Qingtang to assist in the investigation, just to use the mouth of Gu Qingtang, the most trustworthy person, to kill the set “murderer” Pushed in front of Taiwei Nian.

“Gu Shaofu, it’s enough for you to think of me.” Yin Changan suddenly stood up and approached Gu Qingtang, “Aren’t you curious, who is this ‘murderer’?”

Gu Qingtang stood up warily and took a step back, “No matter who it is, he is already considered dead, isn’t he? As a minister, you only need to obey orders and act.”

“Oh, I like to hear this.” Yin Changan forced Gu Qingtang behind the door, “As a minister, you are still loyal, but as a woman, should you give me something?”

Gu Qingtang felt a chill in his heart and sneered: “Your Majesty, your game has not yet succeeded, but you are forcing me tonight, but you are too hasty? If I am confused and seek death today, do you think your majesty can succeed in this game?”

“I’m just trying to get the lottery head…” Yin Chang’an pinched Gu Qingtang’s chin tightly in displeasure, his eyes full of admiration, “Gu Shaofu, do you know that it’s not just my little one who is fascinated by you? Sister, and I…” With a slightly hoarse voice, Yin Changan kissed Gu Qingtang’s lips fiercely.

“Your Majesty, respect yourself!” Gu Qingtang turned his head angrily. Yin Changan’s lips fell on her neck. Gu Qingtang felt a pain on her neck as he sucked her hard.

“It is your good fortune that I have fallen in love with you. After Lieutenant Nian was executed, I will designate you as Mrs. Haitang!” Yin Changan let go and pinched Gu Qingtang’s chin again, “You can only be mine. ”


A sudden knock on the door forced Yin Changan to let go of Gu Qingtang, rush to the candlestick, and blow out the candle.

“Break the door!”

The familiar voice sounded outside the hospital. Yin Changan only felt disappointed, but for Gu Qingtang, it was full of warmth.

Her little princess is here!

Gu Qingtang escaped temporarily and followed the little princess back home.

Now that the little princess is in his arms, and the red candles are swaying in the bedroom, such a peaceful night, Gu Qingtang just hopes that it can last forever, and suddenly a thought comes to his mind – don’t let the situation down, but be drunk tonight.

“Why are you still not asleep?” Yin Ning in his arms squinted at her, blinked to make himself less sleepy, and raised his hand to cover her face, “But the wound hurts? Alas. “Why did I forget to change your dressing?” Suddenly thinking of this, Yin Ning turned and sat up, going to get the medicine for Gu Qingtang.

Gu Qingtang smiled and watched Yin Ning walking over with wound medicine and clean gauze, and said with emotion, “A few months ago, I really didn’t dare to think of such a scene.”

“You’re full of bad blood. Is there anything else you don’t dare to think about?” Yin Ning rolled her eyes at her and put the things in her hands beside the bed. “Hurry up and take off your clothes. I’ll help you change your dressing.”

Gu Qingtang smiled evilly and shook his head: “I don’t know why today, but my arms just don’t have the strength. An Ning, can you just do it for me?”

“You…” Yin Ning glared at Gu Qingtang and quickly warned, “Gu Qingtang, don’t do anything bad, or we won’t change your dressing for you in the future!”

“I am afraid that you will do harm to me, so how can you do harm to you?”


Looking at Yin Ning’s eyes, Gu Qingtang had no choice but to shut up and watch with a smile as Yin Ning unzipped his clothes and found that his cheeks and Yin Ning’s cheeks were instantly burning red.

When Yin Ning took off his clothes, Gu Qingtang’s heart beat violently. A sense of shame gripped his heart like never before, but he could not restrain the frenzy of his heart.

“Turn…turn around…” Yin Ning opened his mouth and realized that he was stuttering.

“What if I… don’t?” Gu Qingtang’s hands suddenly fell on Yin Ning’s cheeks, and he said seriously, “The good night is really too short, I think… you and I should not let you down…” The voice is sweet and charming, and the sound is heart-stirring.

Yin Ning felt hot all over her body, staring closely into Gu Qingtang’s eyes, “You promised me… not to… do anything random…”

“I won’t do anything to you… I didn’t say that you can’t do anything to me…” Gu Qingtang exerted his arms slightly, and Yin Ning ran into Gu Qingtang’s arms.

The wound belt was quietly pulled open by Gu Qingtang. The moment Yin Ning looked at Gu Qingtang shyly, he was shocked to realize that the wound belt on her chest had slipped down to her waist, and the place where the skin met was warm and soft.

Yin Ning felt her mouth was dry and she didn’t dare to look down more. She was even more nervous and couldn’t say a word.

She had to admit that Gu Qingtang was so beautiful tonight that she wanted to bite her.

The clothes suddenly loosened, and Yin Ning found that his belt was quietly pulled open by Gu Qingtang, “You… are so presumptuous…”

“Aning, aren’t you hot?” Gu Qingtang asked in a charming voice with a bright smile.

Yin Ning responded guiltily, “It’s not hot!”

“Then…it will get hot soon…” Gu Qingtang suddenly hugged her into his arms, twisted around and pressed her down, but saw Yin Ning nervously closing her eyes and her body trembling slightly. , “Aning… open your eyes and look at me… okay?”

“I won’t! I’m going to sleep. I won’t change your dressing!” Yin Ning was ashamed and panicked. This feeling was too heart-burning and heart-breaking. She was so afraid of opening her eyes and seeing Gu Qingtang. In an instant, he abandoned his armor and couldn’t help but hugged Gu Qingtang and kissed her deeply.

That… is such a shame! Don’t want to become as bad as this annoying guy!

“Are you really going to sleep?” Gu Qingtang asked with a smirk.

“Sleep… Huh…” Yin Ning twisted her body, twisted out from under Gu Qingtang, turned her back to Gu Qingtang, and soon let out a small snoring sound.

The little princess’s trick of pretending to sleep has never worked over time!

Gu Qingtang fell beside Yin Ning, pulling the brocade quilt over each other, and suddenly thought of a way.

She was startled to realize that Gu Qingtang’s claws slipped irregularly under her bellyband and covered her peaches.

“You!” Yin Ning wanted to turn around and scold her, but found that the rotation of her body caused her fingertips to graze the tip of her peach just right, stimulating the heat in her body to suddenly become even more intense.

Gu Qingtang pretended to be surprised and said: “So you weren’t asleep?”

Aware that Gu Qingtang bent his fingers as if to do something bad, Yin Ning quickly curled up and held Gu Qingtang’s hand, only to find that his whole body was so numb that there was no strength at all.


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