Ending the Treacherous Chapter 54: .Deep Nightmare of Shura


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The so-called Shura Field is actually a secret room under the second prince’s house. There is a strong smell of blood in it all year round, because those who go in can only come out and survive by killing everyone else.

The second prince back then was not a paralytic. He was in his prime. By training these chess pieces, he could fight against Lieutenant Nian in the court, and he could have more people to protect him. Even if he showed too much talent, he would not be in vain. Disaster.

That year, the little beggar was twelve years old. When she woke up, most of the beggars in the Shura field were already fighting. In the dim sight, everything was covered in blood.

“Please, let my sister go! Let her go!” A weak female voice sounded amidst the bursts of screams, looking so powerless.

“Little…be careful!” The little beggar didn’t have time to figure out where he was. He stood up and pulled the dirty girl behind him, avoiding the big beggar’s stone from hitting his head.

“Sister…it hurts…ahem…it hurts…”


The girl let out a scream and could only watch helplessly as several beggars beat the girl to death with stones.

“I’m going to kill you! Kill you!”

The girl yelled crazily, and the little beggar was pushed to the ground by her. A big beggar picked up the iron sword on the side and slashed at the little beggar.

The little beggar subconsciously kicked the big beggar’s calf, but found that this body was too weak. Apart from being able to shake the big beggar and chop him with a sword, he could not knock him down as usual.

The little beggar rubbed his body and jumped up. He saw that the girl was being held down by two big beggars and was about to die at any time.

“Let her go!” The little beggar slammed into a big beggar and bit the other big beggar’s arm, forcing him to let go.

“What the **** is this place?!”

“Sister…sister is dead…I will kill you…”

The little beggar’s actions successfully attracted the attention of the big beggars. If you want to survive, you must kill her first!

“What the **** is this…ahem!” Before the little beggar could finish his words, he was hit hard by a sneak attack on his vest, which caused pain in his heart and lungs.

“Let me go!” The girl behind her was dragged away again.

The little beggar subconsciously held the girl’s hand tightly, “Let go…ah!”

A sword shadow flashed past, leaving a **** mark on her arm. The little beggar had to let go of the girl’s hand in pain.

“When you enter the Shura field, either the dead will be carried out, or the living will be carried out!”

A cold female voice sounded coldly outside the secret room. Only then did the little beggar realize what kind of **** he had fallen into.

“Ah!” I heard a scream from the girl beside me. Her arms were twisted behind her back, like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, and she was pushed to her knees on the ground.

Live…must live…

At least… we must repay the kindness… to that benefactor…

“Let her go!” This was the little beggar’s attempt to save the girl again.

When the girl got out of trouble again, like a little beggar, she had a desire to live – only by living can she have a chance to really stay away from this hell.

The little beggar never thought that not long after he came to this world, he would fall into this **** inexplicably. In order to survive, his hands would be stained with blood.

The **** nightmare of this night has been haunting the little beggar, and it also left too many scars on her body, including the almost fatal sword wound on her chest.

When there was only a cry ringing in his ears, and the dim sight in front of him was stained red with blood, the little beggar finally fell down and vaguely saw a delicate maid walking in quickly.


“Your Highness, this little girl is still alive!”

“The appearance is quite good, it may be of some use in the future, help.”

The girl suddenly stretched out her hand and grabbed the maid’s clothes tightly. She glanced weakly at the direction where the little beggar fell and said, “Please…please…save him too…he…he is me.” The benefactor…”

“This…” The maid looked at the elegantly dressed second prince at the door of the secret room in embarrassment, “Your Highness…”

“This boy is quite capable. Even at such a young age, he is worthy of the word ‘ruthless’ even if he uses his hands to do something!” The second prince’s eagle eyes glanced at the little beggar coldly, “Make an exception to save him.” You owe me a life.” As he said this, the second prince looked at the girl, “But you must understand that your life was given by me, and you still owe me one more life. All have to be paid back.”

The girl nodded feebly and finally fell down.

The maid quickly carried the girl out. After a while, she came back, picked up the little beggar, and walked out.

Later, the little beggar finally found out that this maid was a poor person who had walked out of the Shura field a few years ago. The second prince gave her a name, Mingyue. Because she was obedient in everything, the second prince also liked to tell her to do some things.

While applying medicine to the little beggar, Mingyue discovered the fact that the little beggar was born as a girl. She hesitated for a long time and finally hid the matter.

If you don’t use your daughter as a chess piece, maybe you will suffer less in the future, right?

When the injuries of the little beggar and the girl were almost healed, the guards brought them to the second prince.

“I have a box here. There is the most venomous snake in the box. One of my beloved jade pendants fell into it. Please take it out for me.”

This is a test of whether or not to take the Seven-Day Soul Locking Powder.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but Mingyue really can’t bear the little beggar and the girl to become drug-controlled people without knowing it, so in daily conversations, she always mentions a sentence intentionally or unintentionally-“In the house. , Only by being obedient can you live longer.”

The little beggar is not stupid, and neither is the girl.

So, in this day’s trial, although both of them were bitten by a snake and suffered some damage due to the snake’s venom, fortunately the second prince was satisfied with their performance and immediately gave them the antidote and gave them names. .

The little beggar was called Qingtang from then on, and the girl was called Yun’er from then on.

This is the first time these three people met.

In order to make their lives better later, no matter how difficult or dangerous the tasks given by the second prince were, Qingtang and Yun’er always rushed to do them, and gradually they gained some value in the second prince’s heart.

So, four years ago, the second prince sent Yun’er and Mingyue to Chunfeng Tower, while Qingtang was assigned to the Shaofu to supervise and spy on all the movements of Liu Shaofu, the confidant of Taiwei Nian at that time.

Everyone understands that as a chess piece, the higher the value, the less likely it is to be abandoned.

So Yun’er changed her name to Liu Yun’er and gradually became the top name in Chunfeng Tower. Qingtang adopted the surname of his hometown, Gu, and designed to please Liu Shaofu. A clever kid that the Taiwei often mentioned.

When Gu Qingtang told these past events in front of Yin Ning today, he felt a little sad. If he had made a wrong step in the past four years, what he would see in front of Yin Ning today would be just a ghost of the dead.

“The second emperor brother actually… actually…” Yin Ning suddenly understood why the second emperor brother suddenly collapsed after the prince’s brother died suddenly. It was probably because Taiwei Nian learned something about the second emperor brother. In terms of layout, it’s better to strike first.

“I am actually a person with **** hands.” Gu Qingtang lowered his head and said in a deep voice, “A Ning, if you are afraid of me…”

A warm hand covered Gu Qingtang’s hand, and Yin Ning shook his head, “If it weren’t for the power of Lieutenant Nian, the Second Emperor Brother would not have done such cruel things, and you would not have suffered so much. It’s so painful.” Yin Ning frowned again, “When something happened to the second emperor brother, he entrusted you to the emperor brother, right?”

Gu Qingtang looked at Yin Ning quietly, pondered for a long time, and then said: “So, maybe not.”

“What do you mean?”

Gu Qingtang paused for a moment and smiled faintly, “If I continue talking, I’m afraid the bathing water will get cold.” After saying that, she held Yin Ning’s hand tightly, “Don’t worry, I won’t go anywhere. I just want to stay by your side, as long as you don’t dislike it…”

“Gu Qingtang, I say it again, I only want you as my consort!”


“What are you laughing at?”

“Aning, it’s great to have you.” Gu Qingtang held Yin Ning tightly in his arms and couldn’t help but repeat it again, “It’s great to have you.”

“I will accompany you to investigate the case tomorrow. Even if nothing is found, I will beg the emperor to keep your head.” Yin Ning gently hugged her waist in distress, and her fingertips were extremely gentle. Rubbing her vest, “I don’t think the emperor is really willing to kill you…” When she said this, Yin Ning felt a surge of sourness in her heart, “I won’t allow anyone else to Hurt you.”

“An Ning, don’t worry, I already know who the murderer is, and my head can be saved.” Gu Qingtang stood up slowly, held Yin Ning’s shoulders, and said with a smile: “You and I just need to be good tonight Just rest for a night and everything will be fine tomorrow.”

Yin Ning resisted the urge to ask who it was, and nodded, “Okay.”

Gu Qingtang was a little surprised that Yin Ning didn’t ask who the murderer was.

As if aware of Gu Qingtang’s surprise, Yin Ning took her hand and walked to the bedside, “I just want you to have a good sleep now. I will ask you about other things tomorrow.”

Gu Qingtang asked: “Aren’t you going to take a bath?”

Yin Ning sat next to Gu Qingtang and shook his head.

“Then…” Gu Qingtang smiled and looked at each other affectionately.

“Qingtang…” Yin Ning stretched out his hand, held her hand firmly, and said seriously, “No matter how difficult it is in the future, don’t let go of my hand.”

Gu Qingtang looked at her flattered and nodded heavily, “Okay.”

“We will pay back what we owe Wanniang together.” Yin Ning continued to speak seriously, “Actually, I owe her a lot too.”

“Okay.” Gu Qingtang nodded.

“From now on, stay with me in the house more and be a pretty little prince consort. If anyone dares to say something bad about you, just wait for me to deal with him!”

“Oh, okay.” Gu Qingtang couldn’t help but laugh and continued to nod.


“The night is short, Princess, it’s time for us to have a rest.” Gu Qingtang suddenly interrupted Yin Ning’s words, stood up and squatted down, ready to take off Yin Ning’s shoes.

“You are still injured, don’t mess around!” Yin Ning did not forget to tell her, and let Gu Qingtang help him take off his shoes with a blushing face.

“Okay…” Gu Qingtang nodded and smiled, but there was a hint of evil in his smile.

The two fell on the bed. Yin Ning got into Gu Qingtang’s arms, and hooked her little finger with her little finger uneasily, whispering, “When you get up tomorrow, I will make a knot to tie you up. ”

“Everything is fine…”

Gu Qingtang responded with a smile, but quietly sighed, things in the world are unpredictable, how long can we hold on to the happiness we have finally waited for?

“It is your good fortune that I have fallen in love with you. After Taiwei Nian was executed, I will designate you as Mrs. Haitang!” Tonight in the small courtyard, Yin Changan’s words came to mind again, piercing his neck. The hickeys on her face were aching.

Without Nian Wanniang, she would have starved to death on the street. Without the appreciation of Captain Nian, she would have become the abandoned son of the second prince. How could she be as happy as she is now?

Nian Taiwei cannot die. Whether it is to owe Wanniang’s life or to break this situation, Gu Qingtang cannot let Nian Taiwei die.

Gu Qingtang stared at Yin Ning with nostalgia, gently rubbed her face with his cheek, and said secretly in his heart: “A Ning, if I weren’t a sycophant, I would only die in this game, so I agree. If you don’t keep your promise, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it.”


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