Ending the Treacherous Chapter 50: .Tao Ting recalls those years


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“Tap tap… tap tap… tap tap… tap tap…”

A carriage drove out from the palace gate and drove slowly to the Prince Consort’s Mansion. Before the carriage arrived at the Prince Consort’s Mansion, the quick-footed Gong E went to the Prince Consort’s Mansion to report.

The eldest princess Yin Ying was ordered by the emperor to go to the Prince Consort’s Mansion to rest and have a baby. After Yin Changan issued this decree, he assigned a few more maids from the palace to accompany him. He was afraid that if he did not serve Yin Ying well, he would be dissatisfied with Taiwei Nian. .

When the carriage stopped in front of the Prince Consort’s Mansion, Yin Ning, who had received the order, had already packed up an upper room for the imperial sister in the backyard. At this moment, she was standing at the door with a group of maids, preparing to personally welcome the imperial sister to come in and rest. .

The curtain of the carriage was opened by Gu Qingtang. She jumped out of the carriage with a smile. She narrowed her eyes at Yin Ning and smiled. She turned around and stretched out her hand to Yin Ying. She said softly: “Your Highness, you can get out of the carriage now.” ”

“Yes.” Yin Ying responded softly, then put her hand on Gu Qingtang’s arm. The back of the snow-white hand was covered with bruises, which showed that Nian Huai’an had acted seriously last night.

Fortunately, the baby in her belly was not hurt, and she escaped because of the baby.

“Be careful.”

Yin Ying’s toes touched the ground, and her body suddenly shook. Gu Qingtang exclaimed, and quickly opened his arms to stabilize her momentum. Then he breathed a long sigh of relief, ” Your Highness, please stand firm.”

“Sister Huang, you are pregnant now, so you have to be careful in everything.” Yin Ning came over and took Yin Ying’s arm, only to find that her cheeks were stained with red. It’s awesome.

Yin Ying nodded, “Yes.” She glanced at Gu Qingtang secretly, feeling her cheeks burning uncomfortably, and said in a panic, “Sister Huang, let’s go in.”

“Yes!” Yin Ning nodded heavily and smiled knowingly at Gu Qingtang, “Qingtang, thank you.”

Gu Qingtang smiled lightly, “You can’t just send me away with a thank you.”

Yin Ning rolled her eyes at her, “Oh, you’re trying to push the envelope again!”

“How dare I?” Gu Qingtang shook his head weakly and said with a smile, “Then when you give me the medicine tonight, please be gentle?”

“Okay.” Yin Ning smiled with satisfaction, happily holding Yin Ying and walking into the Prince Consort’s Mansion.

Gu Qingtang smiled quietly, with a narrow brilliance in her smile. She glanced at Xiao Xi and said, “Xiao Xi, please arrange these palace ladies.”

“Yes, Prince Consort.” Xiao Xi nodded and waved to the palace ladies, “Follow me.”


Seeing them following Xiao Xi into the house, Gu Qingtang sighed softly. She frowned and couldn’t help but murmured: “An Ning, no matter how difficult it is, this will always be your warmest home. ”

Who killed Nian Huaian?

This cold question comes to mind again, three days, only three days, whether it is to find a substitute or really find the murderer, in order to survive, this case must be closed!

Thinking of this, Gu Qingtang didn’t bother to go in and talk to Yin Ning, so he turned and walked towards Tingwei Yamen.

The sun is warm, and cicadas occasionally make noises in the trees.

In the small pond pavilion, the two sisters were chatting happily. Unknowingly, the sun was gradually turning to the west.

Yin Ning has not seen Sister Huang smiling so happily for a long time, “Sister Huang, from now on, you can live here with peace of mind. With me and Qingtang here, no one will bully you.” She said. Then, she stroked the back of her sister’s bruised hand distressedly, “If you ask me, Nian Huai’an really deserved the sudden misfortune!”

Yin Ying’s smile faded by three points, and she shook her head and said: “He deserves it…but it also implicates Mr. Gu after all… His Majesty ordered him and Li Tingwei to solve the case in three days, otherwise he will be dead.”

“Ah!” Yin Ning stood up in shock, “Why didn’t she say it just now?!”

Yin Ying looked at Yin Ning enviously, “This is why Mr. Gu loves you so much. My dear sister, if you can find such a beloved person, you must cherish it.”

Yin Ning nodded thoughtfully and smiled softly, “She… is indeed a good consort…”

Yin Ying sighed deeply, “Marriage has been destined for a long time. If I had accompanied you out of the palace eight years ago, maybe…” She realized that she had said the wrong thing and quickly turned to the other side, “Maybe, I can see it with my own eyes The first time I met you.”

“Eight years ago?” Yin Ning thought about it carefully and couldn’t help but smile, “Yes, I saw a group of beggars beating up a little beggar, so I ordered the little **** in disguise to go up and save him.”

Yin Ying smiled slightly, “This is called planting good causes and reaping good results. You see, back then you gave him a piece of lotus heart cake and saved his life. Now he has used his whole life to repay you with kindness. I am really envious of him. Very.”

Yin Ning was stunned for a moment, “Sister Huang, that’s not right. When I gave instructions to the young eunuch, she was obviously in the carriage and she couldn’t see me. That night, the food I gave her was Lian Xin Su… ”

“Aning, what are you talking about?” Nian Wanniang’s voice suddenly sounded, and both Yin Ning and Yin Ying were startled.

Nian Taiwei was afraid that the palace maid sent by Yin Chang’an would be harmful to Yin Ying’s unborn child, so he specially sent Nian Wanniang and several confidants to the Prince Consort’s Mansion, and told them to take good care of Yin Ying until The child was born peacefully.

Yin Ning looked at Nian Wanniang blankly and asked seriously: “Wanniang, do you still remember eight years ago, when we disguised ourselves as common people and went to watch the lanterns outside the palace?”

Nian Wanniang nodded and said, “Remember.”

“We rescued a little beggar who was bullied, do you remember?” Yin Ning continued to ask.

“There is such a thing.”

“Did you give her a piece of lotus cake in the end?” Yin Ning couldn’t help but ask.

Nian Wanniang thought about it carefully and said, “I gave the little beggar a piece of snack. I don’t remember whether it was lotus cake or not.”

Yin Ning stared into her eyes closely, “Then what did you say to her?”

“He seemed to ask me…what’s my name…”

“How did you answer?”

“I think you are the little princess of Daling. It will be difficult for a little beggar to find you, so I said, my name is – Aning.”

Yin Ning trembled, and Yin Ying was confused and looked at Nian Wanniang in disbelief, “No, it won’t happen. When Mr. Gu came to ask me, he was talking about his benefactor Zuo There is a birthmark like a crescent moon on the inside of her arm. I remember that only the imperial sister has that birthmark.”

“Birthmark…” Nian Wanniang lowered her head and rolled up her sleeves. There was a crescent moon that was exactly the same as Yin Ning’s. “This…sister-in-law, you just said that Gu Qingtang asked you about this birthmark?”

Yin Ying was even more shocked. She walked over and took a closer look at the birthmark on her arm, “How could you have this too?!”

“Gu Qingtang is the little beggar eight years ago?!” Nian Wanniang did not directly answer Yin Ying’s words, she asked in a trembling voice.

Yin Ying didn’t know how to answer her. She glanced at Yin Ning and said, “I’m just afraid… I’m just afraid that the benefactor he really wants to find is Wanniang.”

Yin Ning immediately realized that she was not the benefactor of that annoying ghost. The real benefactor was Wanniang.

Gu Qingtang said that she owed her a life, but now that life belonged to Wan Niang.

If Gu Qingtang knew the truth, would her sincerity for repaying kindness still belong to her and Yin Ning?

“Favour, this is how he repays his kindness!” Nian Wanniang muttered with a livid face, then suddenly turned around and ran towards the outside of the Prince Consort’s house.

“Wan Niang! Where are you going?!”

Nian Wanniang did not respond to Yin Ning, but instead quickened her pace, and finally disappeared from the sight of Yin Ning and Yin Ying.

Yin Ning felt that things suddenly became complicated. She looked back at Yin Ying in confusion, “Sister Huang, I suddenly feel a little scared…”

Yin Ying lowered her head and picked up her left sleeve, looking at the mark on her arm, “What… is going on?”

Yin Ning sighed again and again, “I always feel that this birthmark is ugly, and I have never liked it.” As she said that, she took a breath, “At that time, Wan Niang and I were like sisters, and she knew that I She was always unhappy about this birthmark, so one day, she brought a small box with indigo and silver needles inside…”

“She said that after adding a few strokes to the birthmark, it looked like a beautiful crescent moon… I was afraid of the pain, so she tattooed a crescent moon on herself first…” Yin Ning stopped suddenly at this point. down.

She thought that the crescent moon on Nian Wanniang’s arm she had just seen was no different from hers, and she suddenly realized how many times Nian Wanniang had painted this crescent moon before she could guarantee two crescents. The children are exactly the same.

It turns out that Nian Wanniang had already taken her into her heart at that time…

However, she couldn’t give Wan Niang what she wanted, and now she had taken away the kindness that Gu Qingtang should have repaid to Wan Niang. In this life, she may never be able to repay what she owed Wan Niang.

“Oh…you two are fooling around…” Yin Ying shook her head in annoyance, “It’s my fault…it’s my fault…”

Twilight is getting darker, and lights are gradually lighting up in the alleys of the capital.

Gu Qingtang and Tingwei Li Kun carefully searched the crime scene several times, but still could not find any clues.

“Gu Shaofu, this time you and I are finished.” Li Kun shook his head dejectedly, with a dead look on his face.

Gu Qingtang walked around the alley again with a lantern, shook his head and said: “It’s better to be alive after all. I won’t give up until the last moment.”

As she spoke, she closed her eyes and carefully thought about every detail of the day.

Nian Huaian spent the night at Chunfeng Tower several times on weekdays, and even returned to the Taiwei Mansion drunkenly with two generals in the middle of the night, but nothing happened. The servants of Chunfeng Tower are all members of the King of Light. They know better than anyone else that if Nian Huai’an’s death has anything to do with Chunfeng Tower, then the secret of Chunfeng Tower will be exposed sooner or later.

So, this matter was definitely not done by people from Chunfeng Tower!

Huh? During the day, he clearly called the general of the Taiwei Mansion to follow Nian Huai’an and saw with his own eyes that the general was supporting Nian Huai’an. If he was attacked on the road, how could there be only one body of him and the other two? Where will the famous people be?

The only explanation for this is that this is not the real crime scene!

So there is no clue at all here!

“Master Li, I think we are all wrong!” Just after Gu Qingtang said these words, he saw Nian Wanniang walking over menacingly.

Li Kun also saw Nian Wanniang, “Miss Nian, why are you here?”

“Master Li, please go back to Tingwei’s office first. I have an urgent private matter and I want to talk to Mr. Gu.” Nian Wanniang took a breath and coldly said something to Li Kun.

Li Kunsu knew that the people in Taiwei’s mansion relied on Taiwei Nian’s power and even His Majesty didn’t look down on him. Naturally, the attitude of the young lady from Taiwei’s mansion was not much better.

So, he simply nodded and retreated with the guards of Tingwei Yamen.

“Sister Wanniang, what are you…”


“Gu Qingtang, is this your repayment?!”

Gu Qingtang felt a burning pain on his cheek and looked at Nian Wanniang in shock, “Sister Wanniang?”


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