Ending the Treacherous Chapter 38: .How to remove paper by hand


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After the red candle was halfway through, the sobbing in the bedroom gradually subsided.

Xiao Xi carefully poked half of her head in and glanced at Yin Ning, who was still sitting in front of the desk. She was really worried about the little princess’s health. How could she continue to cry like this?

Yin Ning sniffed, rubbed his red and swollen eyes, looked at the eight paper squares again, and murmured, “Gu Qingtang…”

When she calmed down, a sentence that Gu Qingtang once said rang in her mind again——

“Princess, there is a saying that, as time goes by, one’s heart will be revealed. Am I a wolf-hearted person or a conscience? Princess, why don’t you judge later?”

She has always complained that she is from Taiwei Nian and that she is disrespectful to the emperor. However, why is it that the sentence “I just want to see what kind of woman you are?!” was said by the emperor. ?

If the imperial brother knew that Gu Qingtang was a woman, why didn’t he punish her in public for deceiving the emperor? Are you even willing to marry your own sister to a woman?

Unless, Gu Qingtang is the emperor’s brother, and he is the spy who deliberately placed around Taiwei Nian.

But if she was the emperor’s brother, why was he angry when he said this in prison?

Yin Ning suddenly felt an inexplicable chill rising in her heart. The capital and people she knew so well seemed to have become strangers in an instant.

She even felt that everyone was awake, but she was the only one immersed in this innocent dream, unaware of what was happening in the waking world?

Yin Ning reached out and picked up the paper prescription numbered “three”. She opened it and saw that it said – If the princess has not slept well recently, she can ask the kitchen to make some sleep aids. If she eats the soothing medicinal food, she will reply with the word “eat”.

“You don’t care whether I sleep or not in Tianlao!”

Yin Ning cursed in a low voice and opened the paper recipe numbered “four” – the princess was about to have her menstrual period, and she had to avoid cold and raw food in her meals, so she told the cook to pay more attention.


If he had seen this sentence on a normal day, Yin Ning would have felt that Gu Qingtang was really shameless for actually remembering a woman’s menstrual period so clearly. But now that Gu Qingtang is a woman, this sentence not only did not make Yin Ning feel shameless, but actually became a very considerate and warm word.

Yin Ning put down the two paper prescriptions in his hand and picked up the number “5” paper prescription. It said – If the princess has a stomachache, she will take the little coat from the study closet and put it on her stomach. Warm palace.


Yin Ning stood up suddenly, put down the paper and walked out of the dormitory.

“Princess, where are you going?” Xiao Xi panicked and hurriedly chased after her.

Yin Ning quickly walked into the study room where Gu Qingtang rested on weekdays. She walked to the closet and opened the closet. Sure enough, she saw a small coat folded neatly on top of the clothes.

With slightly red eyes, Yin Ning sniffed, hugged the little jacket, and said angrily: “Gu Qingtang, aren’t you afraid that I will really kill you?”

Xiao Xi was frightened when she heard that, and whispered: “Princess… the prince-in-law is already in a miserable state…”

Yin Ning smiled bitterly, but tears welled up, “Really?” As she spoke, she gently stroked the little coat. When her eyes fell on the coat, she felt that the cloth on the little coat was a little weird.

This is a small jacket sewn from a piece of rag that has been patched with several pieces of cloth. If you look closely, you can see that the cloth is uneven and there are even needle marks left by the buttons. This is a small jacket made of rags. A small coat made from clothes washed and starched.

Yin Ning felt a little familiar, but just couldn’t remember where on earth he had seen this rag?

Xiao Xi saw that Yin Ning looked very unhappy and asked in a low voice: “Princess, are you feeling unwell? This servant is really scared to see you like this.”

Yin Ning shook his head slightly and said, “Go back to the dormitory.”

“Yes.” Xiao Xi nodded.

When Yin Ning returned to the dormitory, she put her little coat on her lower abdomen, looked at the “6” paper square, and couldn’t help but open it – the capital was full of lanterns, was there any princess? What comes to mind?

Yin Ning was stunned, “The capital is filled with lanterns?”

What exactly does Gu Qingtang want to say?

Yin Ning couldn’t figure it out, so she opened the No. 7 paper again – is everything going well in the Prince Consort’s house?

“Princess, it’s late at night, it’s time to rest.” Xiao Xi was really worried about the little princess’s health, so she whispered.

“I don’t want to sleep yet.” Yin Ning shook his head and opened the three paper squares “eight”, “nine” and “ten” one after another, and wrote on them one by one——

You can ask the juggling troupe to sing a happy show. If the princess laughs, say “yes”.

If the princess is still unhappy, then invite the eldest princess to accompany her. If the eldest princess is invited, she will reply “yes”.

Has the princess missed me once in the past few days?

Yin Ning’s heart felt extremely warm, but she gritted her teeth and said, “Gu Qingtang, I really want to hear a play, a play that you sing for me alone!”


“Xiao Xi, you should fly a kite tomorrow, but don’t write anything on the kite!” Yin Ning looked at Xiao Xi and said, “Tomorrow I will choose the most painful whip for me!”

Xiao Xi looked at Yin Ning in shock, “Princess, what are you trying to do…?”

“When she comes back, I will interrogate her!” Yin Ning clenched her fists, “Let’s see how many things she is hiding from me!”


“Step back.”


Xiao Xi exited the dormitory tremblingly. She always felt that the little princess seemed to be a different person since she came back from the prison. After reading those paper prescriptions, why did she suddenly want to interrogate the prince-in-law?

The breeze blew into the bedroom, making it slightly chilly.

Yin Ning stood up and walked to the window, looking at the leafy pear tree in the small courtyard, and said quietly in her heart: “Gu Qingtang, do you think I am so easy to provoke? What are the words you once said? How much is true? How much is false?

The shadows of the trees are mottled and the moonlight is shattered.

Yin Ning was shocked to realize that what she cared about most at the moment was no longer Gu Qingtang’s daughter, but how much of the loving words Gu Qingtang said were true?

“No! No! I just want to know who she is!” Yin Ning subconsciously rejected this idea. She quickly closed the small window, shook her head and said to herself, “How could I Like a woman? Not then, not now! I won’t like Wan Niang or Gu Qingtang, absolutely!”

Closing his eyes, Gu Qingtang’s smiling face emerged from his heart, that pair of shallow pear dimples, that pair of clear eyes, and that gentle low call – Aning.

“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!…” The voice gradually lowered, and Yin Ning sat down under the window. When she lowered her head to look at the little jacket, she felt that her vision was blurred, and she became speechless. He called out, “Gu Qingtang… I knew this was the most ridiculous thing in the world… but… I still let you into my heart… and you have been haunted ever since…”

Tonight seems to be extremely long, both in the Prince Consort’s Mansion and in the Heavenly Prison.

The jailers went around in a circle and found no suspicious people. In order to return to Yin Changan, they had to make up a lie, saying that a wild cat passed by and stepped on the broken bricks, which caused the abnormal noise.

Yin Changan waved his hand in doubt to dismiss the jailers, and looked at Gu Qingtang, “Gu Qingtang, you really make me worried.”

Gu Qingtang smiled lightly and said: “Your Majesty’s heart should not be on me. You should be looking at the overall situation and the world, not this inconspicuous chess piece like me.”

Yin Changan smiled coolly, “I believe your explanation today.” After saying that, he took out a medicine bottle from his arms and poured out a pill.

“Does Your Majesty want to use drugs to control me?” Gu Qingtang asked calmly.

Yin Changan sneered and said: “You are not stupid. This medicine takes effect once every seven days. As long as you work for me obediently and don’t make any mistakes, I will give you one pill every seven days, which can cure the effects of the medicine. The pain of an attack.” After saying that, he handed the pill to Gu Qingtang, “Take it!”

I have encountered all kinds of bad luck!

Gu Qingtang took the pill, sighed softly, and asked: “This pill is so powerful, why doesn’t Your Majesty give one to Nian Taiwei? From now on, you can sit back and relax.”

“Do you think that old man Nian Taiwei will eat the food I gave you?” Yin Changan shouted and threatened, “Gu Qingtang, if you don’t eat, I…” His eyes looked up and down at her wildly. body, “Let me find another way to let you know who your master is!”

Gu Qingtang shook his head and smiled: “Your Majesty, aren’t you afraid that if you use force, I will commit suicide here?”

Yin Changan also shook his head and smiled, “You won’t.”


“If you die, it is only natural that the imperial sister remarries…”

“Your Majesty! I will eat!”

Gu Qingtang put the pill into his mouth without hesitation and swallowed it simply.

Yin Changan’s eyes flashed with a hint of surprise. He suddenly grabbed Gu Qingtang’s chin and approached her, “You are affectionate and righteous. This is the first time I have seen that there are women against women in this world.” Very affectionate! ”


“Gu Qingtang, if my imperial sister knew that you were a woman, how do you think she would treat you?”

“It doesn’t matter how she treats me, she doesn’t like me.”

“Oh, so you sacrificed yourself out of wishful thinking?”

“For me, it can only be called dedication.” Gu Qingtang straightened his back and smiled calmly, “Your Majesty, it’s late at night, you’d better go back to the palace to rest early. After all, this prison is not full. He belongs to His Majesty. If Your Majesty stays here for a long time today, some rumors will reach Taiwei Nian…”

Yin Chang’an let go of Gu Qingtang’s chin and took a step back. “That’s right. I would like to thank Mr. Gu for the heads up.” After saying that, he turned around and walked out of the cell door, locking the chain with his own hands. He walked straight to the door of the prison.

“Best farewell to Your Majesty.” The jailers saluted one after another.

Yin Changan glanced at the jailers, looked back in the direction of Gu Qingtang, smiled meaningfully, and said to himself: “Gu Qingtang, you provoke me like this, I think you are more… lethargic than those women in the harem. It’s in my heart.”


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