Ending the Treacherous Chapter 32: .Falling into beauty again


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Gu Qingtang ran a long way and found that the footprints on the path were getting shallower and shallower. The marks had not been seen for a long time. He hurriedly stopped and secretly shouted, “Not good!”

Since you dare to kidnap the little princess in broad daylight, you will naturally have accomplices. Although Qin Zhongyu, who has been chasing closely, has left a mark, it may be discovered that Qin Zhongyu’s accomplices have deliberately changed the mark, so——

With a sudden chill in his heart, Gu Qingtang turned around and ran back the way he came.

She swore that if the little princess could be safe, she would never let her leave her sight again from now on!

At the same time, Nian Wanniang and two generals chased her outside the mountain temple. Qin Zhongyu saw from a distance that the person who came was not the prince-in-law, so he quickly hid under the bushes.

Nian Wanniang didn’t care to find out why the woodcutter was hiding. When she saw clearly that the person standing outside the mountain temple was a man in a cart, she didn’t think much about it, and immediately led the people to the mountain temple. temple.

“Who is coming?!” The guard on the cart drew his sword and stopped Nian Wanniang and two generals from the Taiwei Mansion. “My eldest prince is taking a rest here. If you want to stay, find another place!”

“Wow! Such tender lips, I like them, I like them!”


Antu’s voice sounded at the same time as the sound of clothes being torn.

Nian Wanniang’s heart tightened, how could she not know what was going on inside, “Do it!”


The generals suddenly drew their swords, but how could two generals stand up to the eight brave chariot guards? In the blink of an eye, the two generals had their arms twisted behind their backs and pushed to the ground.

“Aning——!” Nian Wanniang shouted and rushed into the mountain temple without caring about anything.

“And there are women?” Antu watched with interest as Nian Wanniang rushed in. He couldn’t help laughing and said, “All the beauties from Daling are here today, hahahaha.”

Nian Wanniang caught a glimpse of Yin Ning, whose clothes were torn on the incense table, and she felt anxious and angry. She vented all her hatred on Antu, “I’ll kill you! Kill you!”

“Protect the eldest prince!”

The eight guards left four to guard the two generals. The remaining four rushed into the temple and surrounded Nian Wanniang tightly. As for the secret guard, he was originally from the cart. He had suffered a little after being dragged out of the temple, so he didn’t dare to harm the eldest prince’s good deeds.

An Tu waved the four of them to step back and said with a smile: “Young ladies, I also like such hot women.” After saying that, he opened his muscular arms, “Come! Come to my arms! ”

“Antu, you are so bold! You have molested my little princess Daling first, and now you dare to be rude to me!” Nian Wanniang was worried. Even when the four guards retreated, she knew that it was not the case at all. Antu’s opponents can only hope to use his father’s name to suppress Antu, “Do you know who my father is?!”

Antu laughed and said: “Emperor Daling secretly promised the little princess to me. It is only natural that I want her. What about you? Who is your father? Tell me quickly. After I want you in a while, How about you just go and tell your father and then follow me back to the car?”

“My father is the Grand Lieutenant of Daling. Even His Majesty has to respect my father. Are you sure you want to touch me?” Nian Wanniang shouted angrily, “Let the little princess go quickly!”

The smile on An Tu’s face faded a little, “Lieutenant Nian, huh, it turns out it’s this old immortal who dares to secretly support the third child to go against me. I can’t deal with him for a while, so you still have to deal with it. Yes! ”

“You dare!”

“Why don’t I dare? The worst case scenario is that I will finish you off and then kill you to silence you!”

An Tu smiled coldly, looked back at the unconscious Yin Ning, licked the corners of his mouth, and said with a smile: “Little beauty, you can wait until I finish the inspection first. Woman, I’ll be gentle with you again.”


“Come here, hold her down for me!”


Nian Wanniang was really no match for these four burly guards, but in the blink of an eye, she was pinned to the ground like a big word.

The secret guard whose mouth was extremely red and swollen from the beating quickly knelt down and said: “The Imperial Master has ordered that you are not allowed to conflict with Lieutenant Nian for the time being, and the eldest prince cannot!”

“How can I allow you to talk too much when doing things?!” Antu glared at the secret guard, “Don’t force me to make you speechless forever!”

“The little one is asking for the big prince!”

“Come here, pull him out! Cut his tongue!”

“Prince, spare your life! Spare your life!”

“Yes!” A burly guard stepped forward and grabbed his hand, twisting him out of the mountain temple in a few strokes.

“Ah——!” Not long after, the secret guard’s shrill scream sounded, causing countless mountain birds near the mountain temple to fly away, and also woke up Yin Ning who was sleeping.

Where is this? So cold…

Yin Ning felt a soreness on the back of her neck. When her open clothes appeared in her sight, she tightened her collar in panic and screamed in horror, “Ah! What happened?! What happened?” What! ”

“Aning, run! Run!” A hoarse voice burst out from Nian Wanniang’s throat. Nian Wanniang tried to struggle up from the ground, but she couldn’t help the strength of the two strong men, and was beaten again. He pushed him to the ground hard and yelled helplessly, “Go away——!”

“Little princess, you can’t go anywhere.” Antu winked at a guard and said, “Keep an eye on her for me.” After saying that, he lowered his head and pulled Nian Wanniang’s skirt open. He laughed and said, “After I have finished enjoying this woman, I will let you enjoy it, hahaha.”

“Wan…Wan…Mother…” Yin Ning’s mind went blank. She couldn’t figure out why she saw such a terrifying scene when she woke up, let alone why she fell into the hands of the Prince of Cars. ?

Where is this? In the end what happened?

“Let’s go——!” Nian Wanniang kept kicking her legs, tears streaming down her eyes, “Let’s go, let’s go quickly!”

“Antu, you are so brave!” Yin Ning jumped off the incense table, but was hugged tightly by a cart guard. She shouted in tears, “Let Wanniang go! Let her go.” ! I order you to let her go!”

Nian Wanniang looked at Yin Ning blankly, and finally heard her calling her “Wanniang” again, and could even hear a little warmth from her tone. She just felt that what she said today All the grievances she suffered were worth it. At least, Yin Ning had no intention of avoiding her anymore.

“I won’t let you go! Little princess, watch and see how this king loves women!” An Tu let out a string of evil laughter, turned around, and pinched Nian Wan tightly. Mother’s throat, “If you know what’s going on, be obedient, otherwise, I will strangle you to death first!”

At the same time, because he heard the screams in the forest, Gu Qingtang stopped looking for marks and ran over following the sound. Qin Zhongyu, who was hiding in the bushes, saw clearly that the person who came was the Prince Consort, and jumped out quickly, saying anxiously: “Prince Prince Consort, you are finally here, go and save the little princess! Antu is a beast, he…”

“What?!” Gu Qingtang clenched his fists, feeling a surge of anger rushing into his throat, burning his whole chest. “What a courageous dog! He even dares to touch my An Ning! Is he looking for death? !” As she said this, she didn’t dare to slow down her steps. However, the moment she stepped out of the woods, she saw the general of the Taiwei Mansion who was subdued on the ground. She stopped abruptly, knowing that if she broke in by force, , there is no way to save the princess, I’m afraid even my own life will be involved.

Calm down…calm down…

Gu Qingtang paused for a moment, no matter what, he had to wait until Xiao Xi brought the generals from the Prince Consort’s house, so – she turned back to look at Qin Zhongyu, “General Qin, please use your strength in the dark to help me solve the problem first. These watchdogs!”


Gu Qingtang nodded hard, raised his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead, and strode out.

“Gu…Gu Shaofu?!” The carriage guard saw clearly that the person coming was Gu Qingtang, and couldn’t help but be surprised. After all, in the hall that day, the consort’s kung fu should not be underestimated.

“Master Gu! Go and save the young lady quickly, the young lady is also inside!” The two generals spoke anxiously.

“Wan Niang…” Gu Qingtang took a breath and rushed to the mountain temple.

“No! The eldest prince, Mr. Gu is here!” A carriage guard stopped in front of Gu Qingtang with a knife and shouted in panic, “The eldest prince!”

“Get out of the way!” Gu Qingtang shouted angrily, “Get out!”

The cart guard’s blade fell hastily, and Gu Qingtang stumbled to avoid it, and pressed his fingertips on the side of his elbow. A numb feeling suddenly appeared on his fingertips, and he could no longer hold the sword, and watched helplessly. Gu Qingtang took the big knife in his hand.

“It’s not a pity to die if you help the tyrants to harm you!” Gu Qingtang gritted his teeth and slashed at the guard with a horizontal knife. The carriage guard hurriedly stepped back, but he didn’t expect that the move was just a feint. Gu Qingtang really wanted to attack. He was one of the chariot guards holding down the general.

I saw Gu Qingtang suddenly turned around, kicked out hard, and knocked down the guard who had no time to react. He shouted to the general of the Taiwei Mansion on the ground, “Get up! How can my general of the Taiwei Mansion do this? Useless! ”

“Yes!” He rubbed his body and picked up the long sword on the ground, and stabbed the guard who was kicked over. Blood spattered on the spot. He gritted his teeth and slammed the sword aside. The cart guard picked up his companion on the ground and said, “Kill!”

Chaos fell instantly outside the mountain temple. Three of the eight guards were inside the temple, one was dead, and the remaining four were fighting against Gu Qingtang and the two generals. There was no longer an overwhelming advantage. In addition, there was a Qin Zhongyu hidden in the woods, and gravel was shot out from the woods from time to time. The four cart guards could not resist for long before they were killed by the sword.

The secret guard who had his tongue cut off had already disappeared without a trace. What happened today was far beyond his expectation. If he went back to recover, even the Imperial Master would not be able to spare him. All he could do was escape. Stay far away.

When he heard the sound outside suddenly became silent, An Tu turned around and pulled the frightened Yin Ning over, clamped her throat tightly, and said loudly, “Gu Qingtang, if you dare Come in, I will kill the little princess first!” After that, he shouted to the three guards in the temple, “What are you three doing? Come and protect me!”

Without the restraint of the carriage guards, Nian Wanniang climbed up from the ground. The two generals quickly picked up the broken skirts on the ground, surrounded her, and shouted to Antu, “You are so brave. ! Even the lady dares to bully you!”

Gu Qingtang stepped into the mountain temple with a sword stained with blood. His handsome face was livid with anger. Her eyes never moved away from Yin Ning’s face from the moment she saw her. Feeling distressed, he said hoarsely, “Aning, he bullied you, I will make him pay you back tenfold!”

“Ahem, he also bullied Wan Niang, ten times is not enough! Not enough! Ahem” Yin Ning nodded aggrievedly. From the moment he saw Gu Qingtang, his panicked heart finally calmed down, but his tears couldn’t stop. His eyes welled up, and his last gaze met Gu Qingtang’s distressed gaze, which made his heart feel even more sour. There was only one sentence left in his words, “Gu Qingtang…”

Gu Qingtang felt even more distressed when he heard this. He stepped closer to Antu and said softly: “Antu, don’t cry. I will take you home right away. Let’s go home.”

“Okay…” Yin Ning nodded with difficulty with red eyes.


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