Ending the Treacherous Chapter 16: .The Yin family has twin sisters


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The next day, Gu Qingtang went to the Shaofu Supervisor early in the morning to handle official duties.

It was almost noon when the little princess woke up.

Xiao Xi smiled and stepped forward to help Yin Ning get up, “Princess, the prince consort has prepared lunch for you. I will wait for the princess to bathe and change clothes first.”

Yin Ning sat up and asked subconsciously, “There are no steamed buns, lotus roots or anything in the lunch, right?”

Xiao Xi thought for a while and replied: “No, the prince-in-law didn’t name the dishes for today’s lunch either.”

Yin Ning breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile: “That’s good.”

Not long after, Yin Ning was sitting in the bathtub, leaning on the edge of the basin very comfortably, and said happily: “Xiao Xi, please help me think about it, where should we go for a walk in the afternoon?”

Xiao Xi was stunned, “Princess, you want to go out for a walk?”

Yin Ning nodded, “Yeah, I don’t know why, but I always feel it’s a little too quiet here today.”

Xiao Xi covered her mouth and smiled softly: “Yes.”

Yin Ning glared at Xiao Xi, “Xiao Xi, why are you laughing?”

Xiao Xi replied: “I also feel that it is really quiet when the consort is not in the house. What do you think, princess?”

“No, no, it’s purity.” Yin Ning pretended to be serious and corrected Xiao Xi’s words, but she lowered her head and murmured, “That annoying guy is indeed quieter today.”

“Princess Qi, the eldest princess is here.” Another maid said respectfully outside the palace.

It is reported that Mrs. Liu of the new emperor was diagnosed with pregnancy today. According to the law, His Majesty’s eldest sister can no longer be called the eldest princess, and will be called the eldest princess from now on.

“Sister Huang!” Yin Ning was surprised and happy, and stood up quickly, “Xiao Xi, please help me change my clothes quickly!”

Xiao Xi quickly put the bath towel on Yin Ning’s body and said with a blushing face, “Princess, don’t panic, let me wipe you with water first.”

“Xiao Xi, hurry up, I haven’t seen the imperial sister for a long time!” Yin Ning urged Xiao Xi to act excitedly. Xiao Xi put down the towel that had been wiped with water, and brought over the clean underwear. Wear it for Yin Ning.

The Crescent Moon “birthmark” on his left arm suddenly broke into Yin Ning’s sight. Yin Ning was startled for a moment, his face sank slightly, and he sighed softly.


“I’m fine.”

Yin Ning shook her head, stopped looking at the “birthmark”, and let Xiao Xi dress herself up.

A moment later, Yin Ning wore a pink dress and came to the main hall. Only when she saw the eldest princess Yin Ying, she happily greeted her and held the imperial sister’s hand.

“Sister Huang, I am still worried about what to play in the afternoon.”

Yin Ying stretched out her finger and poked Yin Ning’s head, shook her head and said with a smile: “We are already married, but we still miss playing.” Although there was a smile, there was always a hint of reluctance.

She married into the Taiwei Mansion three years ago, and this forced smile stayed with her for three years. Nian Huaian, the son of the Taiwei, was not a good man after all. Yin Ying was seriously injured in an attack on her wedding day. Even after recovering from her injuries, she was still very weak. Therefore, Nian Huaian lost a lot of interest in her. Therefore, in the past three years, Nian Huai’an had taken concubines almost every year and had fun outside every month. Her head wife became a clay figure raised in the Taiwei’s mansion.

Yin Ning shook her head unconvinced and said: “There is no law in Daling that says you can’t have fun when you get married.”

Yin Ying knew that she could not be vindicated, so she simply did not continue the topic. She took a closer look at the imperial sister’s complexion and said, “It seems that what the outside world said is true. Mr. Gu is indeed a good wife who loves his wife.” My dear, Sister Huang, I see you are doing well, and Sister Huang is relieved.”

“Sister Huang, why did you suddenly say this?” Yin Ning’s cheeks were slightly hot, feeling a little embarrassed, “You don’t know, Gu Qingtang is disgusting, but he is really a complete… shameless person…”

After Yin Ning said this, when she saw the blush on Yin Ying’s face, she knew that this sentence must have been misunderstood by Sister Huang, and quickly explained, “Sister Huang, don’t think wrongly, I It’s shameless to say, but it’s not that…that…” But only halfway through the explanation, Yin Ning also thought wrongly, and found it difficult to say the next words.

Yin Ying caught a glimpse of the shyness on Yin Ning’s face, and smiled happily: “Okay, the emperor knows that you and your husband are very affectionate. Look at you, your face is so anxious that your face is red.”

Yin Ying always felt a little envious of Yin Ning in her heart. Although they were married to the same sycophant, when it came to husbands, Gu Qingtang loved his wife more than Nian Huai’an.

Yin Ning was shy and anxious, and wanted to explain a few words, but Yin Ying spoke again.

“It seems that An Ning, your belly will grow bigger before the imperial sister.” Half sighing, half envious, Yin Ying couldn’t help but glance at Yin Ning’s belly, “Can you add a baby?” If you have a son and a daughter, you won’t be lonely these days.”

“Sister Huang!” Yin Ning turned red with embarrassment, stamped her feet and said, “I don’t want to give birth to that bastard!”

Yin Ying took Yin Ning’s hand, sat down, and said seriously: “Is there any woman in the world who is not a mother? Gu Shaofu is a handsome man, and he treats you well. You, don’t say these words in front of me. he said. ”

“It’s a good thing I didn’t chop him!” Yin Ning cursed through gritted teeth.

Yin Ying’s eyes were stunned, and she whispered: “I heard that you wanted to kill Mr. Gu on the night of the wedding. Is it true? Ah Ning, Ah Ning, you are really… important matters of family and country are not between you and me. It should be taken care of. Since ancient times, royal women have always been political bargaining chips. If you can marry someone who will cherish you, that will be the greatest blessing. You, don’t do this again. If Mr. Gu didn’t like you, how could he accept this? The grievance is hidden for you.”

Yin Ning heard what Yin Ying said sadly. She originally wanted to say a few words, but instead asked Yin Ying distressedly, “Sister Huang, did Nian Huaian treat you badly?”

Yin Ying smiled hastily and said harshly: “If he is 30% as kind as Mr. Gu’s treatment to you… Sigh… Just don’t tell me… The emperor’s sister is here today just to give you some medicine.” After finishing, she gave the maid a look.

The maid handed over the medicine box.

Yin Ning took the medicine box and looked at Sister Huang in confusion, “What medicine is this?”

Yin Ying said sternly: “This is the emollient pill that the imperial sister specially went to the Imperial Hospital to ask them to concoct. You and Mr. Gu are newly married. Young people who are greedy for bed pleasures are always prone to harm their health. The aunts in the palace Everyone went crazy, saying that the prince-in-law was a reckless man in that matter. I was really afraid that you would be hurt, so I sent it to you as soon as the medicine was ready.”

Yin Ning subconsciously wanted to explain, but when she thought about it, this incident was originally meant to be shown to the Queen Mother and the others. If she explained it, how could she explain the blood-stained white scarf?

In short, this annoying guy Gu Qingtang is destined to take advantage of these things!

Xiao Xi saw Yin Ning blushing and snickered. She stepped forward to take the medicine from Yin Ning’s hand and saluted, “Slave, please keep it with the princess first. Maybe we can use it tonight.”

“You…” Yin Ning felt that nothing she could say now could resolve the embarrassment at this moment. All her resentment was directed at that annoying Gu Qingtang. She couldn’t help but thought to herself: “Gu Qingtang, when you come back, let’s see how I deal with it. You!”

Don’t mention anyone during the day, but someone will appear if you mention someone.

When Gu Qingtang returned from abroad, he saw Yin Ying as soon as he stepped into the lobby, and walked over with a smile, “Why is Sister Huang here today?”

“Gu Qingtang!” Yin Ning couldn’t help but yelled at the culprit through gritted teeth.

Yin Ying glanced at Yin Ning and said, “You are fooling around again. How can you call your husband by his name directly?”

Gu Qingtang walked up to Yin Ning, held her hand, and said with a smile: “There are thousands of consorts in this world, but Gu Qingtang is the only one, so I like the princess to call me like this, at least…” She looked at her affectionately He looked at Yin Ning and blinked, “I’m the only one she talks about, haha.”

“Yes, the only one…” Yin Ning’s nails slowly stood on the back of Gu Qingtang’s hand. She wanted to pinch her hard, but when her fingertips touched the scar on it, for some reason, she couldn’t bear to do it. He coughed twice and let her go, “Why are you back?”

Gu Qingtang chuckled and said, “I forgot to pick up something, so I came back to get it.” After that, she smiled at Yin Ying, “Sister Huang, since you are here, let’s have lunch together.”

Yin Ying nodded and smiled. Every time she saw Gu Qingtang, she always felt that this young man’s smile was really warm, “That’s good.”

Gu Qingtang glanced sideways at Xiao Xi and said, “Xiao Xi, hurry up and tell the cook to serve the food.”

“Yes.” Xiao Xi nodded with a smile and ran down happily.

Gu Qingtang suddenly held Yin Ning’s hand with both hands and looked at her intently, his face twitching, “There are still a lot of official affairs of the young master’s office that have not been taken care of. I will not accompany you at lunch. In the evening I’ll be back later. Can you wait for me to have dinner with you?”

“I don’t want to…” Yin Ning said halfway, and glanced at Yin Ying again, and changed her words to, “Don’t be hungry…”

“Then…you eat first…” Gu Qingtang nodded and smiled, let go of Yin Ning’s hand, and bowed to Yin Ying, “Sister Huang, Qingtang will step back first.” After saying that, he walked quickly. He walked into the inner courtyard, hurried out after a while, and quickly walked out of the Prince Consort’s Mansion.

Yin Ying watched her go away and turned around. Xiao Xi and several maids had already arranged lunch.

“I heard that the taxes sent to the Shaofu Prison today were 30% less than in previous years.” Yin Ying sat at the table, thinking of what she heard the servants say when she left the Taiwei’s Mansion today, “Father, today He even got angry because of this. In fact, Mr. Gu’s daily life was not easy. ”

Yin Jingping listened quietly and thought to himself: “It’s obviously corruption caused by collusion. How can life be so difficult?”

“Aning, you don’t know. When my father-in-law gets angry, even if it is his own son who makes the mistake, he will not relent.” Yin Ying also knew what Gu Qingtang was doing to help Taiwei Nian, but she was more Know what it feels like to be unable to control yourself.

“Yesterday, my father-in-law found out that Huai’an went to Chunfeng Tower to drink wine again and spent a lot of money, so he gave Huai’an a good beating. He still can’t get up.” Yin Ying sighed worriedly. He said, “My father-in-law was in a bad mood yesterday, and today he encountered a tax cut of 30%. I’m afraid that Mr. Gu…”

The chopsticks in Yin Ning’s hand fell on the food plate, “Can Taiwei Nian know how to beat him?”

Yin Ying nodded and said: “When Mr. Gu was just a father-in-law, he was rarely beaten. The most serious one was when he was cut by a sword.”

“Injury…” The terrifying scar on Gu Qingtang’s chest suddenly appeared in Yin Ning’s mind. She couldn’t help but stand up and said sternly, “I am not willing to beat anyone, this old sycophant.” How dare you hit him?”

Yin Ying hurriedly tugged on Yin Ning’s sleeves and said, “Sit down quickly. It’s better to keep these words to a minimum. My father-in-law has many eyes and ears. Carefully, it reached his ears. The one who suffered is still Mr. Gu. House.”

“Who asked him to be the adopted son of Captain Nian!” Yin Ning said forcefully, but she became worried about Gu Qingtang.

Yin Ying sighed and said: “Aning, look at you and me. When an imperial edict comes down, how can you say no even if you are a princess? Three years ago, if it weren’t for him, I would have been afraid of my life. It’s gone. Back then, the second emperor’s brother saw that Gu Shaofu was loyal and smart and wanted to take him into the palace as a staff member. But at this time, the father-in-law insisted on recognizing Gu Shaofu as his adopted son, so…”

“It turns out…he had no choice but to…” Yin Ning’s heart suddenly trembled. Taiwei Nian was so powerful. Three years ago, Gu Qingtang was just a minor official in the Shaofu Prison. How could he say that? The word “no”?

Yin Ying nodded, “I shouldn’t have told you this, but I’m just really worried that you might cause some serious trouble by causing trouble.”

“I…I no longer want to kill him…” Yin Ning spoke hesitantly, “How could he get into trouble?”

“Alas, the imperial sister is still saying what she said. The affairs of the court are not your business or mine. What you and I can do is to avoid causing any trouble to Chang’an. It’s already hard enough for him.” Yin Ying sighed with emotion. An idiomatic statement.

Yin Ning nodded, but what appeared in his mind was Gu Qingtang’s warm smile, thinking: “This annoying guy is not having a good life, should I be nicer to him?”

Xiao Xi saw that the two princesses were only busy chatting, and whispered, “Your Highness, if you don’t use this lunch anymore, it will get cold.”

Yin Ning suddenly came to his senses, quickly picked up the chopsticks, and glanced at the dishes, but his eyes stayed on a plate of lotus fish shreds, “Xiao Xi, I want to eat that.”

“Yes.” Xiao Xi quickly put the food on her plate.

Yin Ning picked it up and took a bite, but frowned and said to himself: “It’s still delicious last night…”

Speaking of last night, Yin Yingxian said: “Last night, I heard that thousands of houses in the capital were brightly lit, which was very beautiful. Even my elder sister was moved by Gu Shaofu’s thoughtfulness.”

Yin Ning blushed and murmured: “Is he… really that good?”

Yin Ying sighed softly, “Okay…how could it be bad?” The maid brought her a piece of ribs, and Yin Ying took a small bite. She felt that her appetite seemed good today, so she took another bite. .

In fact, deep down in her heart, she will never forget the moment when the hijab was raised. A handsome young man smiled warmly at her and said softly, “Don’t be afraid, princess.”

So, for Yin Ying, Gu Qingtang gave Aning the light of Wanjia and also gave her a warm light in the world.

At least, whenever Yin Ying feels like a dead corpse, as long as she thinks of the white-clothed Gu Shaofu, her heart will warm, and for a moment she feels like a living person.


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