Ending the Treacherous Chapter 14: .Sincerity on the eaves


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The Prince Consort’s Mansion, the willow branches above the moon.

Xiao Yubari put a table of wine and food that the little princess usually liked to eat, but the little princess just looked at the food and wine quietly, without any intention of moving her chopsticks.

“Princess, if the food is not to your taste, I will give it to you…”

“Is this palace too fierce today?” Yin Ning suddenly murmured and asked.

Xiao Xi was stunned for a moment, then hesitantly said: “Consort… going to Chunfeng Tower… there is indeed something wrong…”

“Yes, Gu Qingtang has gone too far! I haven’t said that I will really let him go, yet he dares to go to this kind of fireworks willow alley!” When Yin Ning thought of the ointment that touched her fingertips today, her heart was filled with confusion. Why did he soften up? He should have been angry, but now he felt a little guilty, “I just bit him a few times. Even if it’s the medicine, it shouldn’t be done by those singers.”

Xiao Xi finally understood the meaning of Yin Ning’s words and smiled: “Yes, the princess is right!”

Yin Ning thought for a while and looked at Xiao Xi seriously, “Do you think that nasty guy will go back to Chunfeng Tower to have fun again?”

Xiao Xi quickly shook her head and said: “Didn’t the Prince Consort say that he would go to the Young Mansion to supervise the official duties? I have heard from others that Gu Shaofu is serious about handling official duties!”

“Young Master…” Yin Ning muttered to himself, looking down at the little black dog Azhong who was licking goat’s milk at his feet, “Should I catch him and bring him back?”

A Zhong is busy eating, so how can he pay attention to Yin Ning?

Xiao Xi panicked and said anxiously: “Princess wants to lead troops again… to invite the consort?”

Yin Ning thought about it again and quickly gave up the idea, “No! Why should I invite him? From other people’s eyes, it seems that I care about him. If he doesn’t come back, I won’t come back! I’m still happy Take it easy!” After saying that, Yin Ning glanced at the delicacies on the table and felt empty, as if something was missing.

When did this feeling begin?

Yin Ning was a little flustered. After the intimate kiss in the palace last night, she felt that Gu Qingtang seemed to be getting more and more beautiful. She even felt that something was missing when Gu Qingtang was not in sight.

This annoying sycophant clearly made her angry every time he appeared. Tonight was a rare moment of peace, but Yin Ning felt she was not used to it.

Gu Qingtang…why hasn’t he come back yet? Was she really scared?

Yin Ning looked at the food and wine on the table, and randomly put a piece of fish to her mouth. She only took a small bite and touched the fish bone in the middle. She put the fish on the plate calmly, and couldn’t help thinking in her mind. The image of Gu Qingtang picking on her came to mind again.

What a nuisance! Gu Qingtang! Why are you always so haunted?

I wanted you to appear, but you disappeared. I didn’t want you to appear, but you just showed up!

Xiao Xi looked at Yin Ning worriedly, “Princess, it’s better not to be angry with the consort and eat something at least. If these are not delicious, why not ask the slave to tell the kitchen to make some snacks?”

Yin Ning nodded silently.

Xiao Xi quickly signaled to the other maids to come up and remove the food. She put away the last pair of bowls and chopsticks and followed him out of the dormitory.


After walking a few steps, Xiao Xi saw Gu Qingtang with surprise and joy.


Gu Qingtang quickly motioned for others to be silent. She pulled Xiao Xi aside and asked in a low voice: “Is the princess still angry?”

Xiao Xi nodded, then shook her head, “I can’t tell it. It’s true that the princess is unhappy. Prince Consort, just admit it to the princess or something. The princess didn’t eat anything today. I’m very upset.” Worried about her health.”

It was only then that Gu Qingtang realized that the little princess actually didn’t eat anything for breakfast, and he felt distressed at the moment, “Xiao Xi, help me ask the princess a question later, and leave the rest to me.”

Xiao Xi looked at Gu Qingtang hesitantly, “Will you get hit?”

Gu Qingtang pretended to be serious: “If you ask, there may be a board, but if you don’t ask,” she glanced at Xiao Xi’s waist, “there must be a board!”

“Prince-in-law, spare your life! I will do it!”

“Come on, let me tell you what to ask?”

Gu Qingtang motioned to Xiao Xi to come closer and whispered a few words, but Xiao Xi’s face turned red and she nodded repeatedly, “Please put the bowls and chopsticks away, and then help the consort.”

“Okay, I have to go to the kitchen too.” Gu Qingtang nodded and smiled, “Why don’t you and I go together?”

“Slave…How dare you…”

“You and I are allies now, what do we dare to do? I guarantee that the princess will have an appetite to eat tonight. If you continue to linger, the princess will starve.”


After a while, Xiao Xi walked back to the bedroom with two plates of snacks. After placing the snacks on the table, she gave the little princess a cup of hot tea.

She took a few deep breaths and finally summoned up the courage to ask, “Princess… um… if the prince-in-law comes back later… will you still scold him?”

Yin Ning said seriously: “Scold! You must scold!”

“Then…then…will…cut his head?” Xiao Xi asked again.

Yin Ning said solemnly: “I wish I could chop off his head and play it as a ball! But…” She paused slightly, as if she was reluctant, “I can’t take advantage of him, so if he dares to come back today, I will Please let him live first!”

“You are not joking! The little princess has to say what she says!”

Gu Qingtang’s laughter rang out, and he saw Pian Pian dressed in white walking into the palace with a smile, bowing respectfully to Yin Ning, “Qingtang is here to apologize to the little princess!”

“You dare to come back?!” Yin Ning was shocked and angry, but she was the only one who knew whether she was more happy or angry.

Gu Qingtang did not straighten up, but still lowered his body, tilted his head secretly and gave Xiao Xi a wink. Xiao Xi then bent down and hugged little Azhong, saluted, and quickly greeted the others to exit the dormitory. I forgot to close the palace door in the end.

“Princess just now said you would spare my life, but you can’t break your promise.” Gu Qingtang lowered his head and bent over, but still did not dare to straighten up.

Yin Ning approached Gu Qingtang and said coldly: “Now you know you were wrong?”

“Of course I know I was wrong.” Gu Qingtang straightened up, and Yin Ning realized that her face was covered with pot ashes, and she was still the handsome and handsome prince-in-law during the day.

With joy in her heart, Yin Ning suppressed her smile and cleared her throat, “You…do you think you can make me happy by making yourself like this?”

Gu Qingtang smiled and said: “Since I am making an apology to the princess, I naturally have to show some sincerity. So, would the princess be willing to go with Qingtang to see the sincerity?”

Yin Ning glared at Gu Qingtang, “What tricks do you want to play again?”

Gu Qingtang looked at Yin Ning seriously, “No, no, Qingtang doesn’t dare to play any more tricks. Today, she really knows that she was wrong and came here to apologize to the princess.” As she said that, she moved closer to Yin Ning. , “How about this? If the princess suddenly feels that Qingtang’s sincerity is not enough, then Qingtang will do whatever you say, princess, okay?”

Yin Ning raised her head, “That’s what you said.”

“Well, a gentleman’s promise!”

“Let’s go, you lead the way! I’ll go take a look!”

“Oh, princess, please——”

When the palace door was opened by Gu Qingtang, Xiao Xi and several maids who had been waiting outside the palace couldn’t help but laugh at Gu Qingtang’s face.

Gu Qingtang quietly turned around and glanced at Yin Ning. The corners of Yin Ning’s lips were raised slightly at this moment. Wasn’t he smiling?

As if aware of Gu Qingtang’s peek, Yin Ning quickly suppressed her smile and followed Gu Qingtang around to the back of the Xidian, only to see Xiaowu, the servant, building a ladder on the eaves.

“This is…” Yin Ning walked over and looked up the ladder, “You want me to climb the eaves?”

Gu Qingtang nodded and reached out to hold the ladder, “Princess, you can climb up with peace of mind. Don’t worry, I’m also supporting you. Your sincerity is on top.”

Yin Ning hesitated for a moment, then gritted her teeth, “Are I still afraid that you will tease me?!” After saying that, she lifted up her skirt and stepped onto the wooden ladder. Not long after, she was already halfway up the ladder, and she suddenly thought of something. , and quickly glanced at Xiao Wu and Gu Qingtang below, but saw that both of them had their heads lowered and had no intention of peeking under her skirt. Then they breathed a sigh of relief and quickly climbed up the eaves.

Gu Qingtang secretly raised his eyes and glanced at Yin Ning, his heartbeat couldn’t help but beat a beat faster, and secretly said in his heart, “Last night, the spring peach fell into my dream, and the little lotus showed its sharp corners. This evening, the folds of the green skirt opened, and the flap…ha… …What on earth am I thinking? No!”

Yin Ning carefully walked a few steps on the eaves. She felt that the eaves were empty and there was no so-called sincerity. She was shocked to realize that she had fallen into Gu Qingtang’s trick again. She hurriedly turned back and saw that Gu Qingtang was also climbing up. When he came up, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Gu Qingtang, you asked me to come up here just to blow the cold wind and watch the stars with you?” Yin Ning thought about it and realized that this was the only thing he could do on the eaves.

“Princess, wait a moment. Come and sit here.” Gu Qingtang walked to Yin Ning, stretched out his hand, and took Yin Ning’s hand.

“Did I ask you to hold my hand?” Yin Ning pulled out his hand and sat on the tiles calmly.

Gu Qingtang smiled softly, clapped his hands three times, and Xiao Wu brought up the prepared food box and carefully placed it on the edge of the eaves.

“Go down and prepare other things.” Gu Qingtang nodded and told Xiao Wu to do other things first, bent down and picked up the food box, and sat next to Yin Ning.

“This is my sincerity.” Gu Qingtang put the food box in front of him, opened the first layer first, and took out the tea bowl in the middle. “This bowl of tea is mixed with vinegar, pepper, and coptis. Today is I made the princess angry, so Qingtang punished himself first with this bowl of ‘sweet tea’.”

Yin Ning sat close to him. The vinegary, spicy and medicinal smell in the bowl of tea hit his nostrils the moment Gu Qingtang opened the food box. He expected that it must be a very unpleasant bowl. Unexpectedly, Gu Qingtang wanted to apologize. He actually drank it all in one gulp.


“If you are still angry, Aning, then I will continue to apologize.” Gu Qingtang almost wrinkled his face. His face was originally full of pot ashes. It was very funny at this moment, which showed that the bowl of “sweet tea” just now was really good. It’s the worst cup of tea in the world.

In fact, there was not much anger left in her heart. When Yin Ning saw Gu Qingtang apologizing like this, he still felt guilty, and even felt faintly distressed.

What should I do if this nasty guy has diarrhea at night after drinking a bowl of something like this?

Seeing that Yin Ning was silent, Gu Qingtang put the tea bowl at his feet and opened the second layer. The aroma of vegetables came out from inside.

Now that she was no longer annoyed with this annoying guy, Yin Ning realized that she was really hungry. She stared straight at Gu Qingtang as he brought out the plate of lotus fish shreds, but deliberately said coldly: “You think a plate Can you send me away with just the food?”

Gu Qingtang smiled slightly, took out his chopsticks, picked up two fish shreds, and fed them to Yin Ning, “This is the lotus fish shreds I made by myself for half a day. It took me an hour just to pick out the thorns. Princess, can you give me a favor?” Take a bite? ”

“You will do this again?” Yin Ning felt a little surprised, but think about it, this is not the only secret that Gu Qingtang has? I didn’t think much about it. This delicious food was right next to my mouth. Is there any reason not to eat it? She opened her mouth and took a bite. She didn’t know whether it was because she was too hungry or because her anger had subsided. She thought the dish tasted pretty good.

“Here, have another bite?” Gu Qingtang fed Yin Ning another chopstick.

Yin Ning was really hungry. In less than a moment, he finished the plate of shredded lotus fish.

Gu Qingtang smiled contentedly at Yin Ning, “It seems that the little princess is not angry with me anymore.”

Yin Ning glared at Gu Qingtang and couldn’t help but laugh: “Like you said, it’s not good to be angry and it makes you old easily. Naturally, I won’t do such stupid things!”

“Oh? It seems that you can ignore my last sincerity, Aning.” Gu Qingtang put the plate and chopsticks into the second layer of the food box, as if he was not going to open the third layer of the food box.

Yin Ning was very curious and quickly pressed Gu Qingtang’s hand, “No, now that we are ready, I want to see it!”

“Do you really want to see it?” Gu Qingtang asked and took her hand.

Yin Ning’s attention was focused on the secrets on the third floor, and she didn’t notice that Gu Qingtang had held her hand, “Of course!”

Gu Qingtang smiled faintly and said mysteriously: “If you want to see, you can close your eyes first, I will let you open them, and then you can open them again!”

Yin Ning thought for a while, if Gu Qingtang wanted to apologize, he would not play a trick to anger her in the end, so she closed her eyes, but did not forget to warn, “If you are not sincere enough, everything you just did will But it doesn’t count!”

“I think the princess will definitely like this last gift.” Gu Qingtang stared blankly at Yin Ning’s side face. At this moment, she was much gentler than before, and she looked very much like her back then.

In another year, the little princess will really grow up, and she will surely become a woman who will conquer the country.

I just hope that at that time, I can still hold hands with her and enjoy the stars together.

Gu Qingtang laughed dumbly, took out a fire seal from the food box on the third floor, blew up the fire seal, and waved to Xiao Wu under the eaves.


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