Ending the Treacherous Chapter 10: .Listen to the mandarin duck tune in bed


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In Tinglan Palace, after Xiao Xi lit up the palace lanterns, she shunned the chamberlains and maids in the palace knowingly, hugged Azhong and exited the inner hall with a smile, and said with a smile: “Princess, please go to bed, please.”

The palace door was closed by Xiao Xi, and the atmosphere in the palace became a little strange.

“I can warn you, don’t mess around tonight!”

Only Yin Ning and Gu Qingtang were left in the huge palace. Yin Ning felt a little scared. She had been running away for three whole days. Could it be that she still couldn’t escape tonight?

Gu Qingtang smiled slightly and sat down at the table lightly, “I remember that the princess promised me today that she would accompany me to finish the play.”

“You and I have arrived at Tinglan Palace, what else is there to do?” Yin Ning shrank back, retreated to the bedside, and glared at Gu Qingtang, “If you force yourself to come here tonight, I will make a decision I’ll bite you to death!”

Gu Qingtang shook his head and smiled: “The dignified little princess of Daling actually doesn’t mean what she says, tsk tsk.”

“How can I not keep my word?”

“Then let me ask you, when the bed maids arrive soon, will you let them listen to you and me snoring?” Gu Qingtang suddenly stood up and looked at Yin Ning seriously.

Yin Ning felt cold and glanced at Gu Qingtang hesitantly, “Then tell me, what do you want to do?”

Gu Qingtang looked at Yin Ning tenderly and waved to her, “You can’t stand so far away. Come on, let’s whisper here.”

Yin Ning hesitated for a moment, but couldn’t think of any good ideas, so she thought: “Gu Qingtang is full of bad ideas, let’s first see what medicine he sells in his gourd?”

So, with extreme caution, Yin Ning walked over and stopped a step away from Gu Qingtang, “That’s it, just say it quickly.”

“Aunt Qin, you and Aunt Liu are here.” Xiao Xi’s voice suddenly sounded outside the hall.

“Princess, I’m offended!”

Gu Qingtang stood up suddenly, pulled off his belt, and took off his white official robe with blue stripes.

“What do you want to do?”

“It’s better for me to take off my clothes than for you to take off your clothes!” After Gu Qingtang finished speaking, he pulled Yin Ning and quickly walked to the screen in front of the bed.

“Have the princess and the consort rested in peace?” Aqin asked Xiang Xiaoxi.

Xiao Xi said respectfully: “Go back to grandma, it’s time to start… rest…”

“It seems we arrived just in time.” Aqin glanced at Nanny Liu, then put her ear to the door of the palace and frowned, “Strange, why is it so quiet inside?”

Xiao Xi felt extremely embarrassed standing outside the hall. The two people in the hall were nowhere to be seen at this moment.

Aqin cleared her throat and raised her voice: “Princess, consort, tonight the Queen Mother is still waiting for the old slave to go back and report.”

“This is simply too overwhelming!” Yin Ning broke away from Gu Qingtang’s hand, rolled up her sleeves, and wanted to rush out, “I would rather be blamed by the Queen Mother than by you…by you…”

The words “eat clean and wipe clean” are really difficult to say!

“Then princess, just treat me as if I were eaten and wiped clean, how about that?” Gu Qingtang’s gentle voice sounded from behind. Before Yin Ning could understand what Gu Qingtang meant, she was pulled back into his arms by Gu Qingtang.


The warm lips, with a slight tremor, fell hastily and landed squarely on Yin Ning’s lips.

Three parts are blank, three parts are frightened and angry, three parts are shy, and one part is actually a feeling of pleasure.

Yin Ning was afraid of such a feeling, but she had to admit in her heart that this feeling was unprecedentedly thrilling. When Gu Qingtang turned around and pressed her against the screen, Yin Ning came to her senses and wanted to push the person in front of her away. Ending this moment of panic.


During the struggle, the screen was knocked down beside the bed, making a startling sound.

“What’s going on?” Aqin was so frightened that he patted his chest and calmed down. With saliva on his fingertips, he poked a small eye on the palace door and looked inside.

Aware of Yin Ning’s trembling, Gu Qingtang quickly took a step back, looked into Yin Ning’s big watery eyes, and said hoarsely: “Yes… I’m sorry… Tonight… we have to… …”

When tears fell down Yin Ning’s cheeks, he saw Yin Ning tore off his belt and took off his outer clothes, “Gu Qingtang, didn’t you try your best just to get me? Today, I let you You get what you want at once!”

Gu Qingtang looked at Yin Ning apologetically, “I have never…well!”

Before she could finish her words, Yin Ning reached out to hold her cheeks and kissed her lips fiercely, blocking everything Gu Qingtang wanted to say.

Tears flowed into her lips. Yin Ning subconsciously opened her mouth slightly, but found that the tip of Gu Qingtang’s tongue had carefully reached in and teased her tongue.

It was not just Yin Ning who was heart-beating and feeling weak all over, but also Gu Qingtang who was half distressed and half intoxicated.


Between his lips and teeth, Gu Qingtang’s affectionate murmur rang out, as soft as water and as crisp as wine.

Don’t think wildly, and endure it any longer until you completely seduce Gu Qingtang – Gu Qingtang, I must kill you tonight!

Yin Ning quietly squinted her eyes and glanced at Gu Qingtang’s throat. As long as she had a chance, she would bite there hard and never let go, and pay back everything this shameless man owed her these days!

Xiao Xi asked Aqin worriedly, “Mother Qin, what happened inside?”

Aqin stood up straight and turned around, seeming a little excited, “This prince-in-law is really a pervert. He kissed the princess so much that the screen was knocked down.”

“Ah!” Xiao Xi suddenly became worried about the princess and thought to herself: “On the first night of the wedding, the prince-in-law was so troubled that the princess was afraid to sleep with him for two days. If it happens again tonight, she won’t be able to get up tomorrow. ?”

Mama Liu leaned over and took a look inside with great interest, and said nervously: “Open…it’s starting!”

Aqin squeezed Aunt Liu away and rolled her eyes, “You must listen carefully. You must listen carefully to every word that the consort and the princess say!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Xiao Xi looked at the two old ladies with a blushing face, feeling that their cheeks were burning like flames today.

In the inner hall, the tent fell to one side, revealing four overlapping and lingering legs.

When Gu Qingtang pressed Yin Ning under her body, she quickly broke away from Yin Ning’s lips and tongue, and laughed softly: “That’s enough! Little princess, let me go first, okay?” After saying that, she gasped one after another. I took several breaths and tried to calm myself down.

“You…” Yin Ning didn’t expect that Gu Qingtang would say such a thing at this time. It was obvious that she wanted to eat her, but with this great opportunity in front of her, she actually begged her to let it go?

Gu Qingtang nodded and smiled apologetically at Yin Ning. His hands came to the edge of Yin Ning’s skirt and he tore it off suddenly, tearing off a section of her skirt.

“No… ugh!”

Gu Qingtang quickly covered her mouth with his other hand, shook his head, and whispered: “There are still people outside looking at you. I have no frivolous heart towards the princess. The injustice the princess suffered today will not be the same for you in the future.” You can do whatever you want!” After saying that, the hand holding the hem of the skirt let go of the hem of the skirt, and suddenly pulled off the princess’s thin pants, revealing a pair of snow-white slim legs.

I have to admit that although the little princess is exquisite, she is really – “delicious”!

Gu Qingtang resisted the temptation in her heart. No, it was the little princess who helped her endure it, because the extremely angry little princess bit her hand severely and kicked her legs continuously. , but I just couldn’t make a sound, I could only shout intermittently “woo woo woo”.


Gu Qingtang was so painful that he was sweating all over his face. He didn’t care so much, and immediately pressed his lower abdomen against it, making a very, no, it should be extremely embarrassing posture.

“I want to…”

The moment Gu Qingtang let go of her hand, Yin Ning let out a sharp shout, but before she could finish saying the words “kill you”, Gu Qingtang suddenly hugged her and sat up, kissing her hard. His lips captured the little princess’s sweet lips and tongue almost suffocatingly.

Yin Ning continued to struggle, and Gu Qingtang’s arms clasped her body tightly. Their movements reflected a pair of inseparable shadows through half of the tent.


However, the little princess was really panting and uncomfortable after being kissed by the prince-in-law. It was rare for her to have some breathing space. She only had time to take a few breaths before she was kissed by the prince-in-law again.

So, the two nuns who were watching and listening outside the palace felt extremely ashamed. They quickly took a step back, glanced at them in a panic, and said angrily: “This prince-in-law usually looks thin and tall. When it comes to this kind of thing, you don’t know how to show mercy.”

“No, but I think the princess is enjoying it. I just heard her say “yes”.”

“This…this…” Xiao Xi blushed upon hearing this, and felt that the princess seemed to be eaten harder by the consort tonight, “Slave first…go prepare some…hot water for the princess…”

“You go ahead.” Aqin glanced at Nanny Liu next to her awkwardly, and then looked at the sky, “It’s getting late now, and the princess’s consort seems to be a little greedy, so we’d better give her some advice first. Right? ”

Mama Liu nodded in agreement.

Aqin cleared her throat and knocked on the palace door three times, “Princess Consort, please rest early.”

Gu Qingtang has been waiting for this sentence for too long. She finally let go of the princess’s lips, took several breaths, and responded, “I know!”

Aqin and Grandma Liu heard only the sound of breathing inside, pulled each other’s sleeves, then lowered their heads and walked away.

“My waist is about to break…” Gu Qingtang had almost used his waist strength to support the weight of the two people, and wanted to prevent the little princess from scolding him. At this moment, he finally passed the test and could no longer hold on. He kept falling down.

“I will break your neck first! Gu Qingtang, you are shameless!” Yin Ning, who was extremely aggrieved, shouted angrily with red eyes, sat on Gu Qingtang, and pinched the consort’s throat with both hands, “You are shameless! Shameless! Shameless!”

Gu Qingtang did not resist. Instead, he smiled forcefully and looked at Yin Ning. “As long as…you stop crying…it doesn’t matter if Qingtang dies…die…?” After a slight pause, she said softly. He said, “Don’t cry… don’t cry… okay?”

Her heart was beating as if it was about to jump out of her chest. Yin Ning was shocked to find that she couldn’t take advantage of this perfect opportunity. Her anger was completely dissipated because of the consort’s words: “How about you not crying?”

When the scenes of tonight’s lingering and deep kiss appeared in her mind, and she could even smell Gu Qingtang’s breath at the tip of her nose, Yin Ning felt that she was instantly overwhelmed by shame, and those suffocating heat It penetrated her heart bit by bit, burning her whole body and making her feel uncomfortable.


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