Emperor’s Domination Chapter 911: Enter the dry stone courtyard


Ku Shi Yuan is one of the twelve burial sites. When it comes to burial sites, many people think of places like the ancient corpse site and the first murder tomb. Few people think of the dry stone courtyard.

Because the Dry Stone Courtyard is more mysterious than the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Land and the First Tomb. Anyone can try to enter the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Land. Not everyone can enter the Dry Stone Courtyard, even if you are a lucky one. The blessings of others have stepped into the dry stone courtyard, then you can only enter the door.

Ku Shi Yuan, it is just a courtyard. Of course, as for the size of this courtyard, no one has made it clear through the ages.

In fact, after entering the Dry Stone Courtyard, very few people came back. Except for the Immortal Emperor, even the Divine Emperor rarely came back alive!

Some people say that the Kushiyuan is the most dangerous burial site for the twelve burial sites. Li Qiye does not deny this claim. However, in Li Qiye’s view, he only needs to find the right method. Instead, the Kushiyuan Other places are safer.

“Tuk, tuk, tuk…” Li Qiye rode a wooden horse into the Kushiyuan. When he stepped into the Kushiyuan, he was faced with a stone statue.

The stone statues lined up at the entrance are of different shapes. There are those with aghast, some desperate, and some who want to run away… This stone statue is vivid and lifelike, just like a real person.

In fact, the stone statue in front of you is a real person. They are lucky monks who have entered the Kushiyuan. Unfortunately, their practice is not strong enough︾∫, w≌ww., they were petrified as soon as they stepped into the Yuanshiyuan. It became a stone statue in the end!

“Kaishiyuan, not everyone can come.” Seeing this stone statue, Li Qiye just shook his head gently. This is not the first time he has seen such a scene. Before that. He had visited the Kushiyuan more than once, and every time he came to the Kushiyuan, the number of stone statues at the entrance would increase.

Li Qiye looked at these stone statues, did not stop, and moved on. People who were completely petrified as soon as they entered the Dry Stone Courtyard were lost their lives.

As one of the twelve burial sites, there is only one danger in the Kushiyuan. That is petrochemical! Once you step into the dry stone courtyard, no matter what kind of creature or thing you are, you will be affected by the petrochemical power of the dry stone courtyard, and the more you go deeper into the dry stone courtyard, the stronger the petrochemical power, even if you are a **** emperor, it will reach a certain level. After deep, they will be petrified into statues and lose their lives.

As for what kind of treasures and secrets there are in the dry stone courtyard, it is difficult for future generations to figure out, but. For millions of years, there are still many powerful and even invincible existences who want to come to the Kushiyuan to find out! In the end, most of these people lost their lives here.

However, the petrification of Kushiyuan is not unsolvable. If you are not an immortal emperor and want to retreat in the Kushiyuan, then it is very simple. You only need one thing, and you will not be affected by the petrification power of the Kushiyuan. This is a Trojan horse!

Of course, there are very few such Trojan horses. Legend has it that no more than five such Trojan horses have been handed down since the ages. Moreover, until now, the whereabouts of all Trojan horses are unknown.

What’s more, there have been very few people who have known about this Trojan horse since the ages, let alone people who know its purpose.

When I was in Shirenfang, in the eyes of outsiders, Li Qiye exchanged a longevity fruit for a small wooden horse. It was crazy. Only people like Li Qiye knew the value of this wooden horse, and a longevity fruit was exchanged for it. Such a Trojan horse is definitely a profit.

Li Qiye continued on riding a wooden horse. At this time, for others, the Dry Stone Courtyard was a dangerous place, but for Li Qiye, it was a nice courtyard.

Here, there are pavilions of water pavilions, here, there are long rockery, and even surrounded by lakes and streams. If you didn’t see a petrified person, you would think that you broke into the backyard of a big family.

It seems that this is not the day of the twelve burial grounds. This is just the abandoned backyard of a large family. The old trees grow here, the sun and the moon are lonely, the stream is gurgling, and there are no fish and shrimps to accompany…

Here, except for silence, there is still silence. It seems that everything here is like a lifeless, dead silence, which has lasted for millions of years.

Li Qiye rode a wooden horse slowly, and the sound of tuk-tuk echoed here for a long time. It seems that this sound and this rhythm have become eternal, and there is only the sound of Li Qiye’s wooden horse walking in this world.

If you have never been to the Kushiyuan, it is the first time you see such a scene as the Kushiyuan.

The Dry Stone Courtyard is very large. As for how big it is, it is difficult for outsiders to say clearly. Some people have even said that since the ages, no one has completed the entire Dry Stone Courtyard.

Of course, this is only for outsiders, at least, Li Qiye has visited the entire Kushiyuan, and he has been to many places where others can’t go!

As we continue to go deeper, there are fewer and fewer stone statues encountered, but the people who are petrified here are all well-known existences, and there are many such existences as gods!

“Zongtian Emperor, great, worthy of being called a generation of invincible, can walk here.” As the number of petrochemicals here is getting less and less, Li Qiye can recognize some of the existences that were once famous and invincible. .

“Fairy with heart, fairy with heart, how amazing that year, even the emperor was overwhelmed by it, but unfortunately, he turned into a stone man in the end.” In the quiet path, Li Qiye met a stone statue, that was a woman. Under the petrochemical industry, it is difficult to see her true face, but you can still see how beautiful she was back then!

“Squatting the world beast, what are you doing here? Think about how many people coveted your old nest back then.” Li Qiye went on and saw a fierce beast like a dragon, a snake, and a dog, was petrified. , Couldn’t help but smile.

“A sword is a god, a good sword. After being petrified for such a long time, the sword spirit has not disappeared.” In the path, Li Qiye encountered a stone statue holding a sword, which still exudes a terrible sword. Angry, Li Qiye couldn’t help but praised it.

“Mingxin Goddess, why bother…” There was also a stone statue that made Li Qiye stop, and she couldn’t help but sighed as she looked at the petrified woman, feeling a long time ago.


Li Qiye continued on riding a wooden horse. Here, there were many quiet paths leading to all directions. Li Qiye only looked forward to one direction. On the way, he encountered a lot of petrified stone statues, these They were all invincible or stunning for a while, and many of them were recognizable by Li Qiye.

Li Qiye rode a wooden horse in the Dry Stone Courtyard. There is only one living person in Luolei’s Dry Stone Courtyard. There is only the monotonous and rhythmic sound of the wooden horse’s hoof in the entire Dry Stone Courtyard.

Walking in the dry stone courtyard gives people a feeling of being separated from the nine realms. It seems that this place is not among the nine realms, far away from the noise, far away from the red dust, walking here, gives people a feeling of loneliness, left behind. and!

In the end, Li Qiye rode a wooden horse to a place. Before reaching this place, he could hear a very faint call from a distance.

“Help, who will help me.” A faint cry for help came from the front. The cry for help was dying and seemed to die at any time.

No matter who it is, as soon as he hears this cry for help, he will be attracted. This cry for help seems to have a magical power. Once he hears such a cry for help, he can’t help but go in the direction where the cry for help came from!

In fact, if the people who come here can keep their sense after hearing the call for help, they will definitely feel the strangeness in it. There are no living people in this place. Where is the call for help?

Hearing such a call for help, Li Qiye couldn’t help smiling, urging the Trojan horse to speed up. After a while, Li Qiye finally came to the place where the call for help came from. There was a cliff in front of him, and there was a vast expanse under the cliff. I couldn’t see what was below, but the call for help came from below.

When Li Qiye came to the cliff, suddenly, the sky was shining with golden light, and countless golden lotuses fell. At this moment, a person descended from the sky, and his arrival brought countless strangeness, golden dragons accompanied, and fairy sounds lingering. , He fell from the sky, taking a golden lotus one step at a time, and at the same time a golden spring spurted up in the clouds…

At the same time, the old man who descended from the sky in front of him is a lingering spirit, although it is impossible to see his true face, but it gives people a feeling of immortality, it seems that he is the immortal who descended from the sky, and will never die!

Such a scene in front of me will be shocked by anyone, and it will definitely make people believe that the old man in front of me is a fairy in the legend.

“Little friend, where did you come from?” The voice of the old man resembling a fairy rang out, very kind, like a fairy in the legend.

“Okay, old man, you can lie to others with this kind of illusion method~ IndoMTL.com~ In front of me, don’t play this kind of bug tricks.” Seeing the old man, Li Qiye smiled and said: “You can’t even see me, and still want to confuse me? Ha, millions of years have passed, and your methods are still so innocent.”

“Who are you!” The old immortal, who was still a celestial spirit just now, transformed into a celestial god, whose power overwhelmingly surpassed all realms, and made people feel the urge to worship.

“Old man, you are really old, I can’t feel this at all.” Li Qiye sat on the wooden horse, shook his head gently and said, “I’m so kind to see you all the way, you don’t even recognize it. I’m here, it’s really disappointing.”

“It’s you” finally, the other party recognized Li Qiye. At this moment, everything disappeared, what god, what immortal, what golden lotus… everything disappeared without a trace, the cliff is still the cliff, Beneath the cliff is still vast.

“It’s you, the dead crow.” Finally, under the cliff, there was a voice transmission. The voice transmission was like seeing a ghost, and said: “Impossible. Did not regain your body, today let you regain your body!”



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