Emperor’s Domination Chapter 6765: High Lord Save me


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Yu Di originally thought that Highest Beginning‘s immortal backing could deter Xiao Yue. After all, immortals also have differences. Highest Beginning immortals are superior, transcending the heavens and deterring all ages.

However, this time he hit the wall. He had no idea what kind of exist(ence) own was facing.

At this time, Xiao Yue couldn’t help but laugh. looks at said, “even if is more arrogant than Heavenly Immortal even if the king is here in person. Today, based on your words, you should be punished.”

At this point, Xiao Yue’s eyes narrowed.

Yudi’s expression suddenly changed and he took several steps back.

“Give you a chance to take action.” At this time, Xiao Yue looks at Yudi said slowly.

“Get up ” During this period of electrical spark light, Yu Di suddenly shouted, and for a moment he adopted defense, and shouted: “Earth Immortal

As soon as he finished speaking, immortal light was seen hesitating, and an Heavenly Beast appeared. This Heavenly Beast light shadow was hazy and looked like a small dwarf, but the immortal light it exuded was so real.

“This, is this Divine Beast?” When they saw the appearance of Heavenly Beast, even the other cultivator experts couldn’t help but be stunned.

In the world of beast control, everyone knows that Earth Controller is the strongest one, and is called the number one Ancient Ancestor. However, there are only a few people who have seen Earth Controller Heavenly Beast. There are even rumors that what Yuchi controls is a Divine Beast, but very few people have seen it. After all, Yuchi, as the strongest man in Biluo Qingtian, can dominate the entire beast-controlling world. When will He needs to personally take action,

There are very few people who can fight against him. How often can he see his Divine Beast?

Although this Heavenly Beast short and small, when it appeared, the aura it exuded rolled towards 9 Heavens 10 Worlds like a huge wave, and in an instant, it permeated the entire beast-controlling world.

“It is worthy of being the number one beast ” At this moment, the entire cultivator masters in the beast control world felt the terrifying strength of this Heavenly Beast.

“The Apocalypse of Heaven ” At this time, the Earth Control roared, urging own‘s Heavenly Beast, with a “buzz” sound, and opened a wall of the sky in order to form the most powerful defense.

“Zhi “‘s a resonate sound, just when the own‘s most powerful strength burst out, as the strongest defense, Xiao Yue just took a step forward, and the Heavenly Beast instantly smelled a terrible aura.

This Heavenly Beast took several steps back in shock. Just now, it was emitting a monstrous strength that was crushing all lands. However, at this moment, it suddenly stopped.

At this time, Yudi’s Heavenly Beast looks at Xiao Yue in horror, as if they had seen the most terrifying exist(ence).

It was as if the one caterpillar suddenly saw a giant eagle looking for food and trembled with fear.

In between electrical spark light, there was a sound of “BO”, and the defense built by Yudi instantly collapsed. It was Heavenly Beast that smashed the defense, turned around and fled, and escaped disappear without trace in the blink of an eye.

“Come back ” Yuchi couldn’t help shouting, trying to summon own‘s Heavenly Beast. However, at this time, this Heavenly Beast ran away, and escaped in the blink of an eye.

Such a scene, in an instant, made everyone see dumbfounded. As soon as the earth-bending Heavenly Beast appears, how terrifying and powerful it is. The strength it emits can crush the entire beast-bending world. Even exist(ence) like even if Great Emperor cannot withstand a strength like it, and they will all instantly

was suppressed.

However, at this moment, before the battle started, as soon as this Heavenly Beast, which was so powerful and terrifying, appeared, it was frightened and turned around and ran away. even if, the beast master, was also dumbfounded. Of course, his Heavenly Beast had followed him for countless years, and they had a solid contract with each other. It can be said that in these extremely long years, his Heavenly Beast and he were life and death.


I didn’t expect that all of a sudden, there was no take action, and every move hadn’t started yet. As soon as I saw Xiao Yue, I was so frightened that I turned around and ran away in an instant. Such a thing has never happened before happened.

“Your time to take action is up.” Xiao Yue both eyes condensed and reached out to get it.

“Open ” Facing the Immortal’s attack, at this time, there is no other room for Yu Di. Even if he doesn’t want to fight, it is no longer up to him.

With a sound of “Boom loud sound, just between electrical spark light, Yudi roared, and all the blood energy was injected into the prisoner’s cauldron suspended above his head.

” In an instant, there was a roar. This Divine Beast roar resounded throughout the entire beast-controlling world. Moreover, at this moment, this Divine Beast aura rushed out and swept across the entire beast-controlling world. . This prisoner ox cauldron is made of the bones of Qingji. It is the real Divine Beast, with pure and original Divine Beast Bloodline. At this moment, the Divine Beast aura of the prisoner ox cauldron is stimulated, and the Divine Beast aura hits like a huge wave. And

When they came out, in an instant, all the Heavenly Beasts in the entire beast-controlling world fell to the ground. In an instant, they all fell under the strength of the Prison Niu Cauldron.

“As expected of the number one God Item ” At this time, countless strong men in the beast-controlling world screamed in horror.

For any cultivator master who controls beasts, they know the beast breath very well. In the world of beast control, even if‘s Heavenly Beast, known as Divine Beast, does not have such a pure and original breath of Divine Beast. Therefore, when Qi Niu Ding burst out with such a pure and original Divine Beast breath, all the Heavenly Beast in the entire beast-controlling world were stunned and fell to the ground in an instant. Even all the cultivator strong men in the beast-controlling world were stunned by this. One share

Divine Beast suppressed by breath.

“Boom ” Under the roar of the Prison Niuding, a stream of Divine Beast‘s strength instantly blasted towards Xiao Yue like millions of volcanoes erupting.

Such strength, such as human world in the world of beast control, are indeed invincible, and can crush all Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor, suppression kill ten side world. However, in front of Xiao Yue, it is vulnerable. Even if Yudi inspires Qingji’s strength, it will not work. After all, this is just the little strength that Qingji has left in human world, not all of Qingji’s power.

Amount. Therefore, Xiao Yue slapped it with one hand, and there was a “bang” of loud sound. The prisoner’s cauldron was shattered by Xiao Yue in an instant. If the prisoner’s cauldron was not left behind, I’m afraid even the prisoner’s cauldron would be destroyed. Beaten to pieces by Xiao Yue


Under this “bang”, Yu Di’s whole body was hit hard, blood spurted out, and he fell to the ground after hearing the sound of “crack” bones breaking. The scene in front of me was extremely terrifying. The strongest man in the world of beast control used God Item to hit the most powerful blow. However, he was still defeated by the palm of a maid. In the world of beast control, how many exist(ence), When I saw this scene

At that moment, I was frightened to death. No matter how shocking and stunning, Whole World the invincible exist(ence), I was defeated by this palm.

With such a palm of “Xianren “, both Fengdi and Dragon Ancestor can’t help but lose their minds.

Dragon Ancestor was even more shocked in her heart. Just now, she had experienced all this in person as own. She also believed that own was the master of the beast-controlling world, but she was vulnerable in front of the immortals.

Moreover, whatever she thinks of herself as noble or noble is worthless in front of the immortal.

After all, they are too different from each other. It would be too easy for the immortal to kill them. If it were not for the gift, the immortal take action would have destroyed their world of beast control. “High Lord Save me ” ​​In the moment of life and death, Yudi was horrified and felt the origin of death. He was frightened. At this time, how could Yudi care about own‘s dignity and Divine Power? He vomited True Blood , transformed into

Mantra screamed in horror, asking for support.

With a sound of “Boom loud sound, in this moment, sky suddenly went black, countless stars appeared, and the entire beast-controlling world was enveloped.

Suddenly, white Heaven Transformation dark(ness), countless stars appeared, making all creature and countless cultivator strong men in the beast-controlling world unable to help but dumbfounded.

“This is ” No one realized it yet, but at this moment, a pair of eyes appeared above the starry sky.

“Who dares to hurt my disciple of Bitian lineage ” In this moment, the voice of Supreme fell above Vault of Heaven.

As soon as this Supreme sound fell, all creature were instantly horrified, falling to the ground, unable to move, and trembling.

The voice of Supreme alone can dominate the world, and it even makes people think that when the voice of Supreme appears, it can crush everything in human world.

So, at the moment of Supreme resonate sound, there was a “boom” loud sound, and a stream of Star Radiance rushed down from Nine Heavens, turning into strength that could destroy Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor, and rushed towards Xiao Yue . “Oh my **** ” Such a Star Radiance crashed down from the Nine Heavens. In an instant, it could smash the entire Qingzhangyuan and even the entire Continent to pieces. It was so frightening that countless Great EmperorVAncient Ancestor were shocked and screamed.


“Scroll ” Facing the impact of the Star Radiance pulse, Xiao Yue didn’t even raise his head, and slapped it casually, and it shattered with a “bang”.

Xiao Yue‘s casual slap not only shattered the impact of the Star Radiance pulse, but also slapped the ground with a palm.

With a scream of “Ah! “, between electrical spark light, it was useless for Yuchi to move in for reinforcements, and he still could not save Yuchi’s life from Xiao Yue.

So, when Xiao Yue dropped his hand, the Earthbender was instantly transformed into blood fog.

“Immortal ” At this moment, Supreme Giant who was rescued by take action also felt that something was wrong and was shocked.

With the sound of “Boom”, all the darkness of night disappeared, starlight flashed, the two eyes on sky also disappeared, and a clear sky appeared.

“They are going to run away.” Li Qiye, who was sitting there lazily, smiled.

“Want to escape in my hands?” With Li Qiye such one sentence and Xiao Yue, it is even more impossible for this Supreme Giant to escape. In an instant, Xiao Yue jumped up and disappeared in an instant.


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