Emperor’s Domination Chapter 6764: This is the confidence


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It is not unreasonable for Yu Di to say such a thing. After all, as the strongest person in the world of beast control, he has absolute strength. It can even be said that he can dominate the entire world of beast control. What’s more, he Behind the scenes there is legend

Supreme Giant serves as a backer.

No matter how amazing Feng Di is, there is still a certain gap compared with First Ancestor like Yu Di.

Regarding Yu Di’s words, Feng Di gently shook his head and said: “daoist brother, this is not because I am crazy, it is just for daoist brother‘s good, and this move is also good for Biluo Qingtong.”

Having said this, Emperor Feng turned sideways, introduced to Yu Di, and said: “The Immortal is here, daoist brother, please worship and offer God Item. This is an act of good fortune.”

At this time, all the cultivator experts present held their breath, and no one dared to speak.

On the other hand, Yu Di’s eyes turned cold and he looked at Li Qiye and Xiao Yue. At this time, they couldn’t help but look at Li Qiye and Xiao Yue.

When he saw that Li Qiye was just a mortal, and there was nothing profound about Xiao Yue, he immediately felt suspicious. However, when he saw Li Qiye’s Dragon Ancestor serving him, he couldn’t help but stare at it.

“Immortal, where did the immortal come from?” At this moment, Yu Di was already unsure. Whether it is Xiao Yue or Li Qiye, they don’t look like immortals. They have no immortal bearing or immortal aura at all. Especially Li Qiye, they are just a mortal. Such a mortal body is absolutely unacceptable

Can escape his eyes.

even if was blinded by Heaven Splitting. No matter how he looked at Li Qiye, he couldn’t see any clues. No matter how he looked at it, it was indeed just a mortal body. How can a mortal body be an immortal? If the even if immortal restrains the aura of own, then it is deep and unmeasurable. It cannot be a mortal body. No matter when, an immortal cannot be.

Mortal body. Because anyone with a little common sense knows that it is impossible for a mortal body to fuse with the next immortal. If an immortal appears in a mortal body, he will definitely explode and die. After all, a mortal body cannot withstand it. Fairy

Human strength.

So, no one would believe that this mortal with a mortal body in front of him is an immortal.

However, seeing Dragon Ancestor actually serving Li Qiye, Yu Dixin couldn’t help but be shocked.

After all, he also knows what kind of person Dragon Ancestor is. Even if Dragon Ancestor is not as powerful as him, it is not far behind. What’s more, exist(ence), the peak of Peerless like Dragon Ancestor, is arrogant and values ​​self-esteem above all else. life.

However, at this time, exist(ence) like Dragon Ancestor are all serving this mortal in front of them. This seems unreasonable. could it be that, these two people in front of them are really immortals.

“You don’t deserve to know. Hand over the Prison Ox Cauldron and spare your life.” Li Qiye lay there lazily and was waited on by Dragon Ancestor. He was very comfortable and said nothing, while Xiao Yue just glanced at Yu Di. Xiao Yue Such words immediately made Yuchi couldn’t help but feel complexion big change. It was the first time since he became enlightened that he was despised by others, and it was the first time that he was treated as nothing, just like an ant. This made Yuchi extremely shocked


After all, he is also the master of the beast-controlling world. When did he be regarded as nothing by others?

As for the other cultivator strong men, they did not dare to speak after hearing such words, and all the cultivator strong men could not help but feel frightened. In today’s magical situation, not to mention the ant-like exist(ence) like them, maybe exist(ence) like Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor will not be able to survive. They want to leave but can’t, and are suppressed there by the terrible strength

, it can only be trembling with fear, trembling all over. Yu Di couldn’t help but take a deep breath, and said bowing the body: “I am shallow, but I don’t know that the two immortals are from where to come background. I have been blessed and promoted, and have entered the ancient world. I have been compared to the Heavenly Immortal king, and I have been compared to Heavenly Immortal. Wang Suoyun

This is a great blessing in life. I don’t know that immortals come from the ancient world…”

As soon as Yu Di said these words, all cultivator strong men, even Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor, could not help but be shocked.

“In the ancient world, I will face the sage than Heavenly Immortal King ” The other cultivator powerhouses don’t know what this means, but exist(ence) like Fengdi and Dragon Ancestor have heard of this legend.

The Ancient Realm is one of the nine main realms. The Heaven Realm Three Thousand Worlds has many worlds, but within the radiation of the nine main realms, you can more or less get one of the nine main realms. protection or jurisdiction.

However, for Three Thousand Worlds, the nine main realms are superior to exist(ence), because it is rare for Three Thousand Worlds to have an immortal, and even if Supreme Giant is rare, let alone an immortal.

As for the nine main realms, there are immortals sitting here one after another teaching. For creature of Three Thousand Worlds, I don’t know how eager I am to enter the nine main realms and listen to the immortals teaching. However, it is not that easy to enter the nine major realms. After all, it is extremely difficult for an ant to cross the world of own, let alone enter the nine major realms and listen to the immortal teaching. This takes a lot of time. heaven frightening


If one can hear the words of Immortal teaching in any of the nine main realms, then this is the greatest blessing in life, and it is Supreme’s honor.

No one thought that Yu Di had entered the nine main realms, and even met the immortals in legend, the king of Heavenly Immortal. What an honor it was, and what a blessing it was to heaven frightening. “The emperor is worthy of being the First Ancestor in the beast-control world. He actually entered the ancient world and met the king of Heavenly Immortal. He became the number one Ancient Ancestor in the beast-control world. It is not unreasonable.” Even if Great Emperor Ancient Ancestor heard the emperor Like this

When I said this, I was also very shocked. When I felt big change in my heart, I couldn’t help but take a breath.

“This is the confidence. Perhaps, in the future, he will definitely become Supreme Giant. With such a strong backer behind him, he can completely dominate the entire beast-controlling world.” Ancient Ancestor couldn’t help but murmured.

“It turns out that besides Huang Tian, ​​there are people in the beast-controlling world who have been to the nine main realms.” Some Great Emperor couldn’t help but take a breath.

In the world of beast control, among billion years‘s time, among all the strong cultivators who were born and grew up in this world, legend is the only one who has entered the nine main realms, and the only one who has entered the nine main realms is Huang Tian of Huang Tianjiao’s First Ancestor .

This is also the only exist(ence) in the beast-controlling world who is known to be able to enter the nine main realms, and the only exist(ence) who can break through to the god-controlling world. However, no one expected that Yu Di had also entered the Ancient Realm, one of the nine main realms, and had even met King Bi Heavenly Immortal. With this honor and qualification alone, Yu Di could Can become the entire beast-controlling world

The master.

At this time, Fengdi and Dragon Ancestor could not help but look at Li Qiye and Xiao Yue.

Li Qiye didn’t react at all. He was still lying there lazily, enjoying Dragon Ancestor‘s service, as if he hadn’t heard anything.

“Bi Heavenly Immortal King Xiao Yue raised the corner of his mouth, showing a half-smile.

“Yes, one of the three great legends in the ancient world is King BiHeavenly Immortal, one of the Highest Beginning immortals.” Yu Di felt reassured and felt a little more confident. After all, the backer behind him is also very heaven frightening. In the entire heaven, there are a few exist(ence) who can be compared with the Heavenly Immortal king of the ancient world. What’s more, Highest Beginning immortal, this is already beyond the reach of human world


Yu Di also specifically mentioned the title “Highest Beginning Immortal”. Upon hearing such a title, ordinary cultivator strong people still don’t realize anything, because for them, just being an Immortal can instantly Crushed them to death.

Immortals, Supreme, remain unchanged from time immemorial. Therefore, for all living beings, immortals are unattainable and they dare not even imagine. However, Dragon Ancestor and Feng Di understand the horror of immortals better. The Highest Beginning immortals in legend are even the terrifying in terrifying. A Highest Beginning immortal can destroy the entire world, and there are only a few Highest Beginning immortals in the entire heaven. Try this

Think about it, Highest Beginning fairy, how terrifying, terrible exist(ence) it is. At this time, Yuchi reported himself as portal. This was not only a simple set of tricks, but also a message to Li Qiye and others, telling Li Qiye and Xiao Yue that the backer behind him was terrifying’s superb Highest Beginning fairy

This is not something that all living beings can fight against.

In fact, there are few people in the entire world who can compete with exist(ence) like Highest Beginningxian and exist(ence) with contending. Suddenly, the atmosphere of the whole scene was pushed to the limit. I don’t know how many cultivator strongmen looks at were trembling in fear of such a scene. No one dared to say a word, for fear that own would say the wrong thing. Not only /

own‘s life will be lost here, I’m afraid even the whole Sect will vanish(ed) in a puff of smoke.

“Is this threatening me?” Xiao Yue raised the corner of his mouth, looks at said slowly with a half-smile.

“I dare not, I admire the immortals and have always longed for the place where the immortals are.” Yudi took a deep breath, gave Xiao Yue a bowing the body, and said: “I don’t know where the immortals come from.’

At this time, Yu Di thought own If so, it can be more or less intimidating. Li Qiye and Xiao Yue . After all, the backers behind them are the Ancient World and the Nine Legends. Highest Beginning Fairy ratio Heavenly Immortal King, with such a powerful and invincible queen shield Be Queshan, even if he is just a Ancient Ancestor , there is no need to be so afraid of an immortal


From the beginning to the end, Yudibao own‘s portal, by implication, is indeed a threat to Li Qiye and Xiao Yue to a certain extent.

This is a silent warning to Li Qiye and Xiao Yue that the world of beast control is Small World protected by Highest Beginning immortals. However, if they dare to do evil here, they will definitely be killed by Highest Beginning immortals or even skinned.

“It’s a pity that your Wishful abacus is wrong. So what about the Highest Beginning immortal, can it deter me Young Master?” Xiao Yue smiled, shook his head, and said slowly: “Even if the Highest Beginning immortal is in front of me, Young Master What thing. “This Xiao Yue said such words, Yushou’s expression suddenly changed, and he said in a deep voice: “Your Majesty, these words are disrespectful to the Highest Beginning immortal. This is a grave sin. ”


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