Eight Desolate Sword God Chapter 1: Ye Chenfeng



In the early morning, a ray of sunlight lit up from the east, crossed the mountains one after another, and fell on the Baidi City at the foot of the mountain, awakening this ancient city with a long history.


“Boom bang bang!”


Early in the morning, a teenage boy, with thick cloth wrapped around his hands and a bare upper body, stood under a black pine tree more than ten meters high in the White Emperor’s Martial House, practicing boxing.


Heavy echoes reverberated around the black pine wood. After a long blow, the bark of the black pine wood collapsed into a large piece, and the debris was stained with blood stains and scattered in the air.


Scarlet blood streamed down his cracked fist, shocking, but he was unmoved.


“I don’t have enough strength, why is my strength still stagnant after practicing hard for more than a year.” The boy with dark eyes and a sharp face like a knife clenched his lips tightly, unwilling to do so. He said to himself: “Is there no soul beast, I am destined to be a waste.”


“No, I can’t give up, I don’t believe in squeezing out the potential of my whole body, and I still can’t break through the limits of sex.” Thinking of the adoptive father who has been so kind to him, but has been buried forever, there is a trace of obsession in the young man’s heart. Even more intensely, he clenched his injured fist and continued to practice.


The boy who practiced boxing was named Ye Chenfeng. He was a disciple of the Ye family, one of the four major families of the Zijin Kingdom. However, he was not a direct disciple of the Ye family, but a child picked up by the Ye family.


Although Ye Chenfeng has a special status as an abandoned son, he once brought pride and glory to the Ye family. During his six-year-old talent test, he tested an amazing sixth-rank talent, which shocked the entire Purple-Gold Imperial City.


In the Zijin Kingdom, the vast majority of people have no talent for cultivation, and there has not been a sixth-grade talent in the entire Zijin Kingdom for hundreds of years.


It can be said that if all goes well, Ye Chenfeng, who has a talent of Rank 6, will enter the sect to cultivate without any suspense and become a master, and the future is even more limitless.


Because of Ye Chenfeng’s amazing talent, the Ji family, one of the four major families in the Zijin Kingdom, was willing to take the risk of marrying the Ye family, so that the little princess of their family, Ji Qingxue and Ye Chenfeng, who had the talent of the fifth rank, were settled. baby doll.


But God made a big joke to Ye Chenfeng. When he was thirteen years old when he awakened a soul beast, he unexpectedly discovered that his soul could not form a soul beast, and this phenomenon was rarely seen in a hundred years.


Having a cultivation talent of Rank 6 indicates that Ye Chenfeng will have a brilliant future, but in Dou Soul 6, it is not enough to simply have cultivation talent. Only by merging talent with soul to form your own soul beast can you practice against the sky. , to become a soul.


The talent only determines the speed at which the soul beast absorbs the soul power and grows. Without the soul beast, the talent is useless no matter how high it is.


Just when Ye Chenfeng’s life fell into a low point and became the laughing stock of the Zijin Imperial City, his adoptive father who raised him since childhood died of a strange illness, and he was removed from the Ye family and kicked out of the house.


I don’t know how long it has passed. Ye Chenfeng, who gritted his teeth and practiced his fists with all his strength, turned pale, sweat and mist intertwined, regardless of each other.


Feeling that her body was about to lose its strength, Ye Chenfeng had to stop practicing boxing, gasping for breath.


“Ye Chenfeng, you are still practicing so crazy, don’t you accept your fate? Are you squeezing your potential like this in exchange for a false name? Without a soul beast, you are destined to be a mortal.”


At this time, a woman wearing a long white floral dress, long black draped over her shoulders, white and delicate skin, and a cold face appeared behind him, and said in a cold voice.


“I’m no longer a member of the Ye family, and you don’t need to worry about my life or death.” Ye Chenfeng raised his head slightly, glanced at her, and responded lightly.


The woman who taught Ye Chenfeng is named Ye Ziling. She has a third-grade talent, a soul beast ferret. She cultivated to the fourth-grade spirit beast realm at the age of sixteen. The jewel in the palm of the Chengye family.


In addition, her appearance is extremely beautiful, her temperament is cool, and her body exudes a unique temperament.


“You’re promising, you dare to talk to me like that?”


Hearing Ye Chenfeng’s cold response, Ye Ziling frowned slightly, with a bit of anger.


“I just don’t want you to waste your time on trash like me.” After speaking, Ye Chenfeng laughed at himself and turned away without looking back.


Looking at Ye Chenfeng’s lonely back, the anger on Ye Ziling’s face disappeared, and he sighed softly in his heart, feeling sorry for him and the Ye family.


“I still have fifty taels of silver, and I can buy some cheap herbs for healing.”


After separating from Ye Ziling, Ye Chenfeng went directly to the pharmacy in the White Emperor’s Wufu, and wanted to buy some cheap herbs to heal his wounds, so as not to accumulate old injuries and damage his meridians.


Walking into the pharmacy, Ye Chenfeng saw Qiao Jingyuan, who was wearing a black hollow dress, showing off her tall and graceful figure, light makeup, and a charming looking Qiao Jingyuan shopping for herbs.


Qiao Jingyuan is the eldest young lady of the wealthy Qiao family in Baidi City. When Ye Chen was in the limelight, Qiao Jingyuan walked very close to him, but later, Ye Chenfeng’s soul could not generate a soul beast, and she gradually became estranged After leaving Ye Chenfeng, he stopped communicating.


“Yo, isn’t this the great genius of our White Emperor’s Martial House? Why did you get yourself scarred again?” Just as Ye Chenfeng wanted to bypass Qiao Jingyuan and buy a few herbs from the Lian family, a strange yin and yang anger appeared. The voice sounded behind him.


Weared in gorgeous clothes, tall and straight, Di Wanxian with extraordinary looks held a folding fan and walked in with two entourages. When he saw the tall Qiao Jingyuan, his eyes became hot.


“I said do you like self-abuse, if so, I can help you.” Di Wanxian deliberately mocked Ye Chenfeng in front of Qiao Jingyuan, trying to attract her attention.


Sure enough, hearing Di Wanxian’s voice, Qiao Jingyuan, who had just picked out two valuable herbs, turned around slowly, glanced coldly at Ye Chenfeng behind her, and then at Feiyang Domineering, Di Wanxian walking slowly.


However, Ye Chenfeng and the two obviously couldn’t attract her interest. After a short pause, she turned around and continued to choose the herbs that suit her.


But when she turned around, Ye Chen quickly snatched the folding fan from Di Wanxian’s hand and slapped Qiao Jingyuan’s ass.


Then, without waiting for Di Wanxian, whose eyes were round and full of horror, to react, Ye Chenfeng put the folding fan back into his hand and raised his legs to leave.


Feeling her **** being slapped hard by something, Qiao Jingyuan, who was picking herbs, trembled, her mind went blank, and a lot of blush ran down her fair neck, covering her pretty face.


The next moment, the angered Qiao Jingyuan turned around and saw the folding fan in Di Wanxian’s hand at a glance. A surge of anger rushed to her head. She didn’t even think about it. He slapped Di Wanxian savagely, gritted his teeth and said, “Di Wanxian, do you want to die? Believe it or not, I chopped off your hands and ruined you.”


“No no, Jingyuan, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t me who just pumped your ass, it was him, I was framed by him.”


Seeing Qiao Jingyuan’s fire-breathing eyes, Di Wanxian was so frightened that he shivered in his heart and explained quickly.


“Di Wanxian, one person does things and one person is responsible. Although Qiao Jingyuan and I are no longer friends, I won’t do such nasty things to her.” Ye Chenfeng stopped in his tracks, righteously speaking. said.


“Damn, this is what you did. You dare to swear that Jingyuan’s **** was not pumped by you, do you dare?” Listening to Ye Chenfeng’s righteous accusation, Di Wan almost vomited blood in a leisurely manner. Have the urge to strangle him.


“Di Wanxian, it doesn’t matter if you did this or not, but you shouldn’t make her look ugly by shouting so loudly. You don’t want to be ashamed, and she wants to be ashamed.” Ye Chenfeng ignored Di Wanxian’s stern eyes , deliberately provoked.




Just when Di Wanxian, who looks like a cannibal, wants to make a move, she realizes that Qiao Jingyuan, who is throwing ridicule eyes around her, is angry, her soul power bursts into her head, and a soul beast is condensed, radiating white light. Garuda.




A harsh air rubbing sounded, and Qiao Jingyuan’s soul beast Garuda turned into a golden light, hitting Di Wanxian’s chest and breaking several of his sternums.




A cloud of blood sprayed out from Di Wanxian’s mouth. As a first-level spirit beast, he was severely injured by Qiao Jingyuan’s spirit beast, and fell heavily to the ground, his eyes darkened, and he passed out on the spot.


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