Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 49: The gathering of wind and clouds



“Good steel!”


“Ox fork!”




“Too **** arrogant.”


How many people around you start pointing at this moment.


It never occurred to them that there would be such a person in this world.


Obviously you just arrived at Yunwu Island, okay? When you get here, you are a dragon and you just slap him across the face. Who would you replace it with? Who can accept it the first time?


To be honest, at this point, many people who wanted to vent their anger before, or who were unhappy with Long Yang, have all started to shrink their heads.


Just kidding, making trouble at this time, no matter which side you are on, you are an early bird, once you are really targeted by the masters of Yunwu Island, no matter whether you can enter this Cloud Island Practice, I am afraid that the days to come will not be good.


Who would be willing to joke about his own future under such circumstances.


However, this guy Long Yang dared to do it.


After a burst of complaints, they fell into a short period of extreme silence, and everyone turned their eyes to Long Yang.


In the eyes of many people, this immortal is not tall and stalwart.


A face is a bit handsome, but after that slap, his handsomeness has turned into a hideous face in the eyes of countless people.


This is really a bold person.


How many people, at this moment, are holding a mentality of watching the show, and watching how the masters of Yunwu Island will deal with this young bird.


“You don’t want to die? This is Yunwu Island. If you don’t pay attention, you don’t know how to die.”


“If something really happens next, you must be the first to admit your mistake.” Beside him, a handsome young man whispered to Long Yang.


Maybe it’s because both of them are good-looking, that guy must have a good impression of Long Yang, so kindly reminding him is actually taking a big risk.


Long Yang smiled, but he didn’t express anything at this moment, he nodded at the other party, but didn’t say anything, and looked at the people who reprimanded him with a half-smile.


He said: “When I didn’t come to Yunwu Island, no one taught me how to be a man. You colleagues, do you want to be this teacher?”


The tone sounded like a burst of *, but in the ears of these people, it became the voice of a demon.


He shook his head violently subconsciously, what a joke, come out at this time to teach this person, not to mention whether you really have such strength, even if you really win, you will be a bird in the early days, and you will be miserable in a while How about an early bird?


“So cowardly?” Long Yang’s eyes widened, he really didn’t expect that no one would dare to confront him hard.


Could it be possible that these guys have all eaten the turtle-shrinking pills, and they are so provocative, not to mention one appearance, and it doesn’t have much technical content to shoot together.


He finally understands it. If what he said is really a member of the crowd, this kind of virtue, even if you don’t like it, so what? They can’t change their inner thoughts, and there will never be people who dare to show up positively and don’t think about seven or eight things in a mess.


“This mere yellow dog can control the field here.”


“In the past, I always thought that this Yunwu Island was an absolutely powerful and desirable place, but I never imagined that even this kind of dog could get in.” The appearance of a voice made those Those who dared not move were surprised.


This nima really has a guy who dares to face hard steel?


This person, once he has no courage, he subconsciously feels that no one else has the same courage.


If someone really showed up, the bursts of envy, jealousy and hatred in my heart would simply disappear.


Human nature, the most incomprehensible thing in this world, is actually the same when it is placed on the monster race in human form.


One after another, they gave way to a path, and a man in a green robe was walking step by step with an angry expression on his face.


“Huh? Why do you seem to have seen it somewhere?”


Looking at the man’s appearance, Long Yang felt very familiar.


Looking around, good guy, several familiar faces are starting to come towards me.


There are enemies I had when I was in Yaoxian Island, those arrogances who used to bully me.


There is also the so-called Tianjiao that I have seen when I was on Demon Snake Island.


Although he didn’t know the person who came to the front, that sense of familiarity had never appeared before, and it must have something to do with him.


“A member of the Qing family?”


Subconsciously began to guess.


He finally understood that this guy is three points similar to Qing Mowen who he killed before. good explanation.


Don’t look at Qing Mo Wen is just Mo Wen’s clone, but there is no slight similarity in appearance between them. People from the Qing family look similar, and people from the Mo family look similar.


This person, no matter in terms of aura or other aspects, seems to have a certain relationship with the Qing family.


Although ~IndoMTL.com~ is somewhat stronger than the Qing family I met before.


“Qing Xu!” That person gave an answer with a simple sentence.


Of course, at this time, they must be in a hostile position in a clear sense.


Don’t look at the real sense, the green snake clan is controlled by the Ziyun python clan, but there are countless people who want to get rid of the control and are not restrained.


In addition, they began to have their own pride. The affairs of the Green Snake Clan have always been different from those of the Ziyun Python Clan.


From the present point of view, this place is gradually gathering wind and clouds, and for Long Yang, it has become a chance to prove himself.


No matter what the final result proves, it seems that the so-called battle in front of us must continue.


A smile emerged from the corner of his mouth.


For Long Yang, fighting is something he has never been afraid of, even if his own strength is not very strong.


But on the whole, he is much stronger than before.


Under such a situation, how could he really admit that he is cowardly?


“Brother! That time was really my unintentional mistake, please forgive me and let me go!”


“I was really scared by your Green Snake Clan. I promise, I will never provoke your Green Snake Clan in the future.” The next second, the guy said straight.




Didn’t you agree not to admit cowardice?


Why did he give up in just a blink of an eye?


Even Qing Xu, who was full of words just now, was speechless for a while.


What will you say if you let me do this later?


Continue to reprimand? Or just ignore it?


It seems that none of the choices can be made, it is simply giving him a problem.


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