Douluo Dalu 5 – Rebirth Of Tang San Chapter 381: Crystal Mirror and Egg



Tang San hesitated for a moment, and said: “I’m not too sure, it seems to be storage. Facing the power of bloodlines that I have come into contact with, I seem to be able to store it, but the stored amount and my cultivation base Relevant. It is far from being comparable to that of His Majesty.”


“Interesting, although I’m called omnipotent, I can’t see through your bloodline. You even have the ability to directly induce mental power to attack. That’s not the power of bloodlines, but a kind of The application of spiritual power. It has been a long time since I saw such an interesting creature as you. You are very good.”


Tang San didn’t speak, so it’s better to say less.


The Great Crystal Demon Emperor said indifferently: “Your ability still needs to be practiced continuously. The cultivation methods of your various bloodlines are also easy to be spied on by other ethnic groups. Today I will give you two tokens. In the future, you will walk outside , when someone doubts you, I can protect you. However, when you are about to break through to the **** level, you must come to the Crystal Palace, and I will personally protect you.”


After hearing his words, Tang San finally heaved a sigh of relief, which meant that this Great Crystal Demon Emperor didn’t care about his abilities, perhaps, only this one could understand him who possessed multiple abilities. However, for some reason, he always felt that the No. 1 Great Demon King was a little too talkative, and he didn’t even ask more questions about his abilities.


“There is one more question.” The Great Crystal Demon Emperor suddenly said.


Tang San’s heart trembled, “Say it.”


The Great Crystal Demon Emperor said indifferently: “Why did you suddenly control my water just now? That is the ability of flooding the universe. You still have this kind of blood power? Even if you have the control of the water attribute, you can’t It should be to deprive me of the control of the water element, but to release the water element alone, how did you do it?”


Tang Sandao: “I seem to be born with a talent that can control the water element to a certain extent.”


“Just a certain amount of control?” The Great Crystal Demon Emperor asked coldly.


“Hmm.” This question is really hard to answer!


Fortunately, the Great Crystal Demon Emperor didn’t ask any more, just looked at him strangely, with a wave of his right hand, two objects flew towards Tang San.


The first thing that flew in front of him was a round mirror. The mirror is only the size of a palm, and the whole body is carved from crystal. The mirror surface has an illusory brilliance, but it seems to have a special kind of magic.


“This is my crystal mirror. There are only nine sides in total. It represents the dignity of my Crystal Palace. It is also one of the important tokens. If anyone blames you, show it. The crystal mirror is attracted by spiritual power and can Copy a kind of blood power, but it can only be used once, so use it with caution.”


“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Can you copy the power of a bloodline? This is not what the magic circle can do. I am afraid that there is the real power of the crystal demon emperor in it.


The second object has also flown in front of Tang San at this time, it is a round ball, the whole body is round, looks crystal clear. There are magnificent patterns on the surface, similar to the shape of ice flowers, exuding crystal clear brilliance.


It’s about a foot in diameter, and it’s heavy in the hand, about the same weight as Tang San’s Skyshattering Hammer.


The Great Crystal Demon Emperor said: “This is an egg, a strange existence that I cultivated the day after tomorrow. It is also the second test for you. After it hatches, your task is to guard it and not let it It takes any damage. Bring it back until you come to break through to the **** level.”


The egg test? Tang San stared dumbfounded at the egg of unknown creature in his hand.


The Great Crystal Demon Emperor exhorted: “No matter what requirements it has, you must try to satisfy it. If it suffers any harm, your test will not only fail, but you will definitely die, and your soul will be scattered. Therefore, you have to treat it as a Protect your own life.”


The corner of Tang San’s mouth twitched, he didn’t understand why the Crystal Demon King assigned him such a task. But now that the other party has seen many of his secrets, it has not been against him. At this time, he has no right to object at all.


“Yes.” He promised earnestly.


“Go.” The Great Crystal Demon Emperor waved his hand, everything around him became strange, and when Tang San’s vision became clear again, he had already appeared at the foot of the Holy Crystal Mountain.


Everything above the stairs still looks strange, but at this time it is even more empty, not even a single climber.


Tang San felt like he was in a dream right now, if the egg and the crystal mirror in his hand didn’t exist for real, it seemed that everything before was an illusion.


Quickly putting the two keepsakes from the Great Crystal Demon Emperor into his storage bracelet, Tang San took a deep breath, today’s mountain climbing is really thrilling!


He is no longer planning to climb other holy mountains, at least not until he passes the group battle in the Colosseum. And with the tokens of these three holy mountains, he believed that the Colosseum would never dare to embarrass them.


Walking out of the entrance of the Crystal Sacred Mountain, his hometown was already waiting for him outside.


In the hometown at this time, there was an unspeakable excitement on his face, he looked at Tang San with some joy, and said: “I won, I won, haha, Xiao Tang, you persisted longer, yes Didn’t you win too? How many games have you won?”


Tang San smiled and asked back: “What about you?”


Hometown said: “Two games. I won two games in a row and beat myself twice. Didn’t you remind me to think about my strengths and weaknesses? I already thought about it in the first game , My biggest advantage is that it appeared before the copy body. Then I rushed to it directly, using time to speed up, and attacked it at the first time, without giving it any chance to fight back, and won oppressively. It used time to control , I will use it. I won by virtue of the advantage of the first shot.”


“In the second round, it is still a clone. I guess it will have a way to deal with it. This time I am no longer rushing towards the opponent, but directly take advantage of it before it appears, and make the mess The cloak hammer method speeds up, and when it came out, I had turned seven or eight laps and superimposed it. Then I used the time change to counter its time change, so that it could not control the time. I beat it to death.”


“There is still a third game to come, but I wasted a lot. There was a problem with the power of the chaotic cloak in front of me. The opponent seized the opportunity to counter-control and was taken away… What a pity, almost At one point, I can even pass the third round. I just don’t know how many rounds are left. If I keep playing like this, it’s still quite rare, and I can’t bear the exhaustion! How many rounds have you reached?”


Tang San smiled and said: “Actually, you won’t keep fighting. If you can win three games in a row, you will directly reach the halfway up the mountain. Then, what you will face will be three of you.”


“Three? How could it be three? Then how to fight?” Gu Li looked at Tang San dully.


Tang San shrugged his shoulders, and said: “So, you see, I’m back now.” He didn’t say that he had met the Crystal Demon Emperor, because he couldn’t explain how he defeated the nine demon kings. a replica. With the current abilities of their hometown and partners, being able to see three replicas is already their limit.


“This is too scary. No wonder no one climbs the mountain! However, I and the clone fight against time control, which is really beneficial to me, and I have a deeper understanding of time control.” Hometown sincerely Said.


Tang San smiled and said: “Then keep going, try to meet three of you next time.”


Guli scratched his head and said: “It’s still a bit difficult. The clone in the third game is obviously stronger than me in controlling time. It seems to be a level higher than me. I still need to hone it. .”



Crystal Palace.


In the huge crystal palace, everything is outlined by crystal.



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