Deviant Immortal of Uncanny Dao Chapter 744: Let go


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In the temple surrounded by incense, Bai Lingmiao with long hair and shawl is sitting cross-legged on the lotus stone table. Although her teeth are protruding from the corners of her mouth, there are black hedgehog needles and green snake scales hidden in the white hair .

But compared to before, it’s much better. At least she has exactly two eyes on her face, although one of them is still a beast’s eye.

Surrounding Bai Lingmiao’s lotus platform, monks from Daqi Zhengde Temple sat cross-legged on futons and beat wooden fish rhythmically.

They knocked over and over again, and recited obscure Buddhist scriptures over and over again. “The lotus pond and the sea meeting, Amitabha Tathagata, Avalokitesvara sits on the lotus platform, leads him up the golden steps, makes great vows, and vows to leave the dust. There is no lotus pond in the south, and the sea meeting Bodhisattva Mahasattva…”

Amidst the sound of their chanting, Bai Lingmiao’s body began to gradually change. The things that did not belong to her body were slowly wriggling, gradually transforming into Bai Lingmiao’s pale skin.

Many monks showed traces of beasts of the immortal family on their bodies, but they were quickly suppressed by them.

Two hours later, the transformation slowly stopped. When Bai Lingmiao put down his hands and gently touched his face with four hands, he found that his unrecognizable face had changed back to what he should have.

Bai Lingmiao bowed from the lotus platform, and said respectfully to a benevolent old monk, “Abbot, thank you for your trouble these days.”

“Amitabha, where is the female benefactor? In this Shura path, the poor monk really can’t help, so I can only do my best in this matter.”

“Amitabha, where is the female benefactor? In this Shura path, the poor monk really can’t help, so I can only do my best in this matter.”

After the two exchanged polite words, Bai Lingmiao bid farewell to the abbot of Zhengde Temple, turned around and left the backyard and walked into the incense-filled temple in front.

In the front hall, a huge Buddha is lying sideways on the treasure table, enjoying the worship and worship of the people.

Bai Lingmiao picked up the four incense sticks, bowed to the Buddha three times like everyone else, and then carefully inserted them into the incense burner.

As soon as he walked out of the hall, a chaotic and bustling city appeared within Bai Lingmiao’s perception range.

It is really hard to imagine that such a big city was still under the control of Fajiao a month ago, but now it is still occupied by them and belongs to Daliang

The black cloth strips and white scarf caps that once filled the city are still gone, and more of them have white lotus prints on their foreheads.

“My Lady! My Lady is here!”

“Quick! Son, give the Holy Lady a knock! May the Holy Lady bless your father to come back soon.”

As long as it is a believer of the White Lotus Sect, they immediately kneel down on the ground, and the whole street is almost kneeling for half a street.

How fast the Dharma Sect expanded at the beginning, so how fast the White Lotus Sect is expanding now, especially with the help of the imperial court.

Now there are notices posted in the city, no matter what religion you believe in, you must believe in one anyway. Anyone who dares not to believe in religion will be beheaded directly.

Although this method is simple and crude, it is very effective in permeating the teachings. As long as you believe in Wu Sheng Lao Mu, not many people will pin their hopes on the child god.

What Yu Ershen said, even a mother without birth can do it, so why not believe in someone who is not easy to kill.

Bai Lingmiao looked at them with a gentle expression, and walked slowly in front of them.

As Bai Lingmiao’s hand brushed over some people’s heads, these people suddenly felt ecstatic, feeling that they had received the care of the lifeless mother from the saint.

When he saw an injured little beggar struggling to crawl towards him, Bai Lingmiao walked over and came to him.

He looked at Bai Lingmiao with longing eyes. “Saint…Master Saint, my parents, and my elder and second brothers are all dead. I believe in our White Lotus Sect. They really don’t have to be lonely ghosts, and they can really live a good life in the vacuum hometown. Is it a day?”

Looking at the other party’s stomach that has started to grow maggots, and the obviously abnormal sallow face, Bai Lingmiao knew that this child

I’m afraid the son will live in a few days.

No matter how the battle is fought, it is always the same kind of people who suffer.

“Yes, don’t worry, your father, mother, and your brothers and sisters are all in a vacuum at the moment.” After reaching out and patting the little beggar’s head lightly, his face showed Sincerely happy.

“That’s great, I can meet them soon.”

Seeing that the other party laughed happily, Bai Lingmiao took out the drum from his waist and tapped it lightly. Soon with the help of Bai Jiaxian’s family, the boy’s appearance recovered a lot.

“Your father and mother also said, let you live a good life, they still miss your children and grandchildren.”

“Yes! I will! I will rebuild our remote family’s ancestral hall again! I will marry a daughter-in-law and carry on the family line!”

Bai Lingmiao stood up, as if comforting a young man, and comforted the others one by one.

When she returned to a hall of the White Lotus Sect again, she saw Lu Xiucai was concentrating on explaining some matters about cultivation to the new White Lotus Sect followers.

The current Lu Xiucai has completely changed from when he first came here. His left cheek is There are no teeth inside, and there is a piece of cloth that is oozing blood wrapped around his collarbone. The skin was gone there too.

The sleeve of the left hand is empty, and there are only four fingers without nail covers left on the right hand. Coupled with the scars all over the body, it looks extremely miserable.

Although “Daqianlu” can allow Lu Xiucai to survive the extremely tragic grind of flesh and blood, in contrast to it, he needs to pay something from himself.

Seeing Bai Lingmiao’s voice, Lu Xiucai grinned happily and waved her hand with only four fingers left. “Master! Long time no see! Have you seen my master?”

The bitter and bitter Lu Xiucai disappeared, with a carefree look, as if the original Lu Xiucai had returned.

Bai Lingmiao felt the unscab wound on his body with a complicated expression. “Go back, go back to Niuxin Village. Your father is just crazy, he is not dead yet, don’t forget you still have your little niece.”

The smile on Lu Xiucai’s face is still on his face. “It’s okay, the dog boy Zhao Wu and the others will take care of them. I swore in front of my father that I haven’t killed enough of these bastards.”

“As long as the teaching still exists, I cannot go back.”

The bitter and bitter Lu Xiucai did not disappear, but he learned to hide some things in his heart.

Bai Lingmiao sighed softly, “Xiucai, there are so many people taught in dealing with the Fa. If you are one more than you are, you should let it go.”

It can be foreseen that if this continues, Lu Xiucai will really die in the near future. There are already enough people in the Lu family class, and she really doesn’t want Lu Xiucai to go down the road of no return.

Hearing the other party’s persuasion, the smile on Lu Xiucai’s face gradually disappeared, and she looked at Bai Lingmiao and asked back: “Then Mrs., have you let go?”


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