Deep Sea Embers Chapter 321: Snow day



Latest URL: A small figure was standing at the gate of the cemetery——it was a girl who looked about eleven or twelve years old, wearing a dark brown woolen coat, a black skirt, and warm little cotton boots With thick gloves on, she seemed to have been waiting at the gate of the cemetery for a long time. Snow began to fall in the frosty city-state in the evening. The gray woolen hat on the girl’s head had already fallen a lot of snowflakes, and there was still subtle heat in the evening snow. rise.


The little girl stomped her feet lightly on the spot, looking at the ramp opposite the cemetery from time to time. When the guard appeared, she suddenly laughed and waved her hand vigorously.


“… Here we go again.”


When the old guard saw the girl, he couldn’t help grunting, his tone seemed a little impatient, but he still quickened his pace and came to the girl.


“Annie,” the old man frowned, looking at the girl in front of him, “you have come here alone—how many times have I told you that the cemetery is not a place where children like you can come alone, Especially near dusk.”


“I already told my mother,” the girl called Annie responded with a grin, “She said that I can just go home before curfew.”


The old guard quietly watched the smiling little girl in front of him.


Most people here don’t like the guards of the cemetery, and they don’t like to be close to this treacherous and dangerous place, but there are always accidents in the world-for example, a little girl who is not afraid of her.


“Grandpa watchman, is my father here yet?” Annie raised her head, and in the snowflakes falling at dusk, she looked expectantly at the old man in black with a hunched waist. His clear eyes did not make him feel at ease.


“…No,” the old guard replied as usual, his voice was as cold as the wind whirling in the cemetery, “he won’t be here today.”


“It’s a little worse to expose a child’s expectations than that,” a young and slightly hoarse male voice suddenly came from the side, interrupting the old guard’s muttering, “You don’t have to say one tenth of this sentence just now A seven-year-old child should gradually understand what he should understand, and sometimes we don’t need hard-hearted adults to expose the truth.”


This time, the old man who always had a blunt attitude was finally silent for a moment, until the snowflakes fell on his brows, his dark eyes turned slightly: “The dead will eventually gather in the cemetery, and the dead will gather at the gate. Eternal peace across from the world—but not necessarily an earthly cemetery, and not necessarily this one.”


Agatha paused when she said this, with a strange expression on her face.


Agatha was silent for two or three seconds,


After thinking about it, he said softly: “But there is another possibility. For a superior existence like that, his concept of time is very likely to be different from that of ordinary people – the so-called revisit may be tomorrow, or it may be a few years. Later, more likely after your death, contacting you in some way beyond life and death.”


“We haven’t done much preparation here, but it seems that this ‘visitor has no intention of returning to this place in the short term,” said casually after seeing the old guard appear, “Are you sure that this ‘visitor Or, did you reveal any information that you will come again?”


This sentence is written in the classics of the church. However, facing the same proverb, adults and eight-year-old children will always have different understandings.


The old guard snorted noncommittally, and glanced at the guards in black in the cemetery, as well as the lanterns burning silently on the top of their canes.


But just as he took a few steps, the old guard suddenly turned around and said, “Annie.”


The old guard turned around and saw the “gatekeeper” Agatha dressed in black with bandages standing at the gate of the cemetery at some point, and the gate of the cemetery that had been locked before was not opened .


And around these few coffins, there are at least two church guards standing next to each platform, and black and white canes can be seen everywhere in the open space between the platforms—black canes are the iconic equipment of the guards of the Church of Death , They planted their canes on the ground far away, and hung sacred lanterns on the top of the canes to maintain a large-scale “sanctuary”, which can effectively fight against these polluting forces from higher beings.


Shaking her head: “Let her continue to expect that her father will be sent to this cemetery, and then he will run to this ghost place alone in this cold snowy day?”


“The essence of reality, the purest and most holy substance, the ‘drop of truth’ given to the world by the lord of the deep,—this is how these heretics describe it,” Agatha’s tone made no secret of her liking and sarcasm, ” Beautiful vocabulary, it’s really disgusting to use them.”


He stretched out his hand, took the biscuit, and then patted the other party’s beanie casually, flicking the snowflakes off: “I accept it, you should go home early.”


Annie still raised her head: “But he will always come, right?”


“Their ‘evolution’, in fact, has not stopped until now. By the time he left the cathedral, these things were constantly showing new forms and properties. In the past period of time, they even briefly showed It has a state similar to metal and rock, giving people the feeling…it seems to be something that the Annihilation Cultists occasionally mentioned in their heresies.”


Annie was not depressed, but just smiled as usual: “Then I will ask again tomorrow.”


Agatha shook her head, said nothing, and turned to walk towards the inner path of the cemetery.


At this moment, the dusk is deep, and the snowy day makes the sky much darker than usual. In the increasingly dark cemetery, the lanterns hanging on the top of the walking sticks burn quietly like phosphorous fire, releasing a kind of A quiet but eerie atmosphere.


But suddenly, Annie laughed, and waved to the old man with a smile: “Then you should treat me as a special visitor, right? Mom said that the elderly need someone to talk to.”


The girl stopped and stared blankly at the cemetery watchman.


Annie nodded with a smile, arranged her scarf and gloves, and then walked towards the path leading to the urban residential area.


“All these arrangements are just for our self-protection,” Agatha said, “after all, even though you said that you fell into a state of out-of-control spiritual vision because you inhaled too much incense, who of us I don’t know if this ‘visitor’ has the tendency to actively release spiritual pollution – if we want to face the superior supernatural directly, we must at least ensure our own sanity.”


“…an elderly man…” The old guard looked at the back of the girl leaving, and waited for the girl to run away before muttering, “This child has evil intentions too.”


“Isn’t it good? At least when talking to that kid, he still looks warm.”


“This is the result of discussions by the Holy See Advisory Group.”


“Not today,” the old man shook his head, “Cemetery No. 3 is in normal condition, there are church guards guarding it, it is closed today, you should go home, girl.”




“…Can you wish me a treat?”


The old man looked at the things in the girl’s hands, and at the snowflakes on the girl’s body.


The old guard followed. He first turned around and locked the gate, then went to his guard’s hut to put away the things he bought, and completed the handover with the guard on duty during the day, before arriving in the cemetery In the mortuary area, I found the “gatekeeper” who came here first.


Compared to before, the current morgue is obviously much empty. Most of the stone platforms are empty at the moment, only a few plain coffins are placed on the platforms at the edge.


「…This is what a gatekeeper should say.」


Seventeen-year-old Anne stood there blankly for a long time. The cemetery guard in black stood like a blunt iron statue at the towering and locked gate. The cold pervaded the dusk.


“Oh,” Annie agreed, but she didn’t seem to take it to heart at all. He just turned his head, glanced at the locked gate, and asked curiously, “Can I go in and have a look? I want to go in Warm up in your hut…」


The little girl turned and ran away, floating gently like a finch across the snow-covered path. She slipped at the end of the ramp, but got up immediately, and patted the skirt and thermal pants. Snowflakes and dust


Soil, left quickly.


The old guard quickly frowned: “You mean…’Elements,’?”


“Are you talking about these cultists, or this pile of ‘corpses that melted into mud,’?”


“…Okay,” Annie nodded in frustration, and then she took out a small bag wrapped in rough paper and handed it to the old man, “Then this Here you are–it’s a cookie baked by mom, she said I can’t always be troublesome.”


“I will come tomorrow too.”


“You shouldn’t doubt the hypnosis skills of a professional psychiatrist The old warden shrugged, then added after a pause, “I don’t remember most of what happened that day, those buzzing The rumbling noise is also gradually dissipating from my mind, but after several times of hypnosis, I can recall some things… The most clear among them is the revisit intention revealed by this ‘visitor’ before leaving. “


“Okay, watch over Grandpa.”


“There is nothing to say about these heretics. The minions of the Annihilation Sect, as well as the superhumans who have a deep symbiosis with the devil-the strength is not bad, and the special church guards will be dangerous to them. Unfortunately, these heretics obviously lack Good luck, and as for the ‘mud,.’


“… I just hope these arrangements don’t irritate the ‘visitor, don’t be taken as some kind of offense or a trap—after all, we know so little about him.”


The old guard was noncommittal, but after pondering for a while, he suddenly changed the subject: “Have you reached any conclusions from the investigation of the samples you took away?”


The dead come to this cemetery—however scattered they may have been in life, Bartok’s foyer will be their final reunion.


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