Deep Sea Embers Chapter 140: 2 guests



In Duncan’s perception, Fanna’s breath is approaching this antique shop very fast, and it is not going straight forward, and often changes its position in the middle, and there are even abnormal pauses.


What does a judge who has lived in the upper city for a long time suddenly run to the antique store in the lower city? And the trajectory of action is so weird?


The moment the young Deep Sea Inquisitor’s breath appeared in his perception, Duncan frowned slightly, then glanced at Shirley subconsciously.


Is it for Shirley? The Deep Sea Church finally discovered that there is a “summoner” who walks with the shadowy demon hidden in the city? Or is it for yourself? But he is very careful in his actions on weekdays, and there is absolutely nothing left behind that can point to the Lost Homes. Ding Potian means that this body’s original identity as a Sun Cultist is exposed… That won’t alarm a judge?


The trajectory of the breath that moves quickly and moves back closer is definitely not like a casual stroll just passing by, but more like it has a strong purpose. The thoughts in his heart fluctuated instantly, Duncan calmly glanced at Nina who was reading next to him, got up and walked towards the door of the antique store.


Sherry next to him noticed his actions and followed subconsciously: “Mr. Duncan? What happened…”


“Stay in the store.” Duncan glanced at Shirley, who should be classified as a “heretic” no matter what, and let her stay where she was. Then he came to the door of the store and looked at the aura in his perception. coming direction.


Then he knew why Vanna’s breath was approaching so quickly——


People come by car.


A dark gray car driven by a steam engine creaked to a stop at the door of the antique shop. The door opened and two people came down from it. One was Fanna, who was still particularly tall despite changing into normal clothes, and the other One is Miss Heidi, a psychiatrist who had a relationship before.


Duncan: “…”


He reflected for a moment on his mind-shattering behavior after sensing an aura approaching quickly. He felt that he shouldn’t think about everything related to transcendence so white clothes come and go like snow. Feng, thinking about it now, those brief pauses in the process of Vanna’s approach should be waiting for the traffic lights…


Then he saw the lady psychiatrist beckoning to him quite energetically, greeting him happily: “Mr. Duncan!”


The corners of Duncan’s mouth trembled. When he saw Fanna in uniform, he knew that he was thinking too much, but he deliberately looked at the judge more when he went up to him, and expressed it just right. Consternation: “This is…”


“Ah, you must have recognized her, there’s no one in this town who doesn’t know her—our venerable Inquisitor, Miss Vanna Wayne,” Heidi said with a three-pointed joking smile, “but Today she’s on vacation, just relax – she’s my friend, and after hearing about the museum, she insisted on coming over to thank her…”


“Friend?” Duncan’s surprise this time carried a sense of realism, which was indeed something he didn’t expect, “I didn’t expect that you would bring such a big man… “


“It’s a bit too much to say “big man”, Mr. Duncan,” Fanna seemed to have been looking at the antique store manager in front of her from the beginning, and only then did she open her mouth with a smile, her voice was slightly hoarse and low, With a touch of magnetic texture – but for Duncan, this is not the first time he has heard the voice of the Inquisitor, “Take me as an ordinary guest, like Heidi said, today I Vacation – I’m here today mainly to thank you for helping Heidi in the museum, and to find out something along the way… Rest assured, it’s not a formal inquiry.”


Know something?


The expression on Duncan’s face didn’t change, but he maintained his friendly smile as always, turned to his side and greeted the two special visitors entering the store: “Then stop standing at the door, come in quickly – just in time for the store today It’s quiet, now it’s time to liven up.”


While talking, he walked towards the antique store. After entering the door, he first saw Shirley who was poking her head to pay attention to the movement outside.


Sulli was taken aback: “Calm down…”


The next second, she knew why she was calm.


She saw that Miss Judge, who was at the peak of the Prade city-state church’s force, walked in, and the elder sister, who was over 1.9 meters tall, walked in front of the dwarf who was less than 1.6 meters tall and brought her It’s not just visual oppression.


Sulli almost subconsciously said, “Lying… wow, you are so tall!”


Fana stopped subconsciously, glanced at the girl standing next to her with a strange expression and tight muscles, and nodded friendly: “Hello.”


“Her name is Shirley,” Duncan said casually. “She helped in my shop. She was there when the museum had an accident. Miss Heidi should have mentioned it to you.”


“Are you Shirley?” Fanna nodded, matching the description she heard in her head with the real person in front of her, “She is indeed a cute little sister.


At this time, Nina, who was reading a book by the counter, also heard the movement here. The first thing she saw after running over was the amazingly tall Fanna. She recognized the famous Inquisitor Miss, and also She let out the same exclamation as Shirley.


“…That’s why I don’t like going out with you,” Heidi, who was standing behind Fanna and hadn’t been noticed by Nina for a long time, finally couldn’t help her voice, “You go to that station. It took all the attention – I’m the protagonist of the day, okay?


“But I don’t want to attract attention in this way,” Fanna gave her friend a blank look, “I’ve tried to make myself as ordinary as possible today.”


“…Forget it, I’m used to it.” Heidi sighed, then greeted Sona and Xuegou respectively, and then took out the door-to-door gift that she carried with her. To Duncan.


“I don’t know what you like, but you can’t visit empty-handed to thank you. This is what my father asked me to pass on to you. He said that a person like you who has a wide range of knowledge and is interested in history and the occult, Should love this.”


“It’s very polite, it was just a gesture at the time,” Duncan politely reached out and took the gift that the other party brought. It was a wooden box that seemed to be some years old. He opened the lid on the spot, After seeing the things inside, I was a little puzzled, “This is…”


That’s a book, beautifully bound and worthwhile, and looks like something decent uptown scholars would keep at home, and on a dark purple hard cover, is a beautiful line of Floral letters:


The City and the Gods


“It’s a book that my father had in his collection, and it’s hard to find one on the market now—his author was the great naturalist and theologian Mr. Maldeno Victor a century ago,” Heidi laughs The author said, “A book describing the historical changes of the city-state era and the influence of various deity beliefs, including the Four Righteous Gods, on the civilized society. He said that you should like this aspect.”


Duncan silently looked at the beautiful book in the box, a slow smile on his face.


“Of course, I really like it. Thank you Mr. Morris for your kindness.”


After being polite and getting to know each other well, there were no customers today, so Duncan simply closed the door of the antique shop and used the rather spacious first floor as a place to entertain guests.


Nina went to bring two chairs, Duncan brewed the best coffee in the store for the two guests, Shirley pretended to organize the shelves, but in fact found a corner to reduce her sense of presence, Fanna was a little curious Looking at this seemingly unremarkable small shop, Heidi has already begun to put her “medicine box” on the counter with ease, and said to Nina: “Let’s get straight to the point, I heard you Been haunted by nightmares for a while and often in a trance?”


“ It’s not actually a black dream, it’s just a continuous weird dream…” Nina didn’t expect Miss Heidi to be so resolute, she was stunned for a moment, Then he replied, “I always dreamed that I was standing on a very high place, like a tower, and then saw that several blocks under my feet had been burned to ashes, but nothing terrible appeared. ·······”


“Stop,” Heidi gestured, and said while opening the medicine box, “the repeated scenes, heights, fires, there are no terrible figurative things, but the frequent visits of dreams themselves lead to mental exhaustion. I can’t help it… let me see…”


Nina looked at Heidi’s medicine box with her head and saw the chisel, axe, saw, and bottles at the first sight, and she shrank her neck immediately: “That…Miss Heidi ・・・Can I not treat myself? Actually, I don’t think my condition is that bad  …”


Duncan also saw the contents of Heidi’s medicine cabinet, and his eyebrows jumped: “Excuse me – is this really what psychiatric therapy needs?”


Is this elegant and gentle looking doctor lady a psychiatrist or a veterinarian? !


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