Deep Sea Embers Chapter 138: Bright Star



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Is it bad enough to have a homeless ship in this world…


In the divination room lit by dim candlelight, Lucphania sat quietly on a high-back chair with a velvet cushion. She stared at the crystal ball placed on the table, but for some reason it appeared in her mind. Something happened a long time ago, that afternoon a century ago…


The figure that had been blurred in her memory stood on the deck, against the sun that was gradually sinking to the horizon, the tall body seemed to have turned into a swaying illusory flame in the setting sun, with a kind of She told her in a low, repressed tone she had never heard before:


“Our world is just a smoldering fire…”


Nowadays, of course she knows that her father at that time was already infected with madness, and will completely abandon humanity in the near future, choosing to actively embrace the “blessing” of the warp, but she still thinks from time to time, if that One day she can talk to her father more, and ask the meaning of that sentence, what did her father see at the border of the world, and will things develop differently after that?


Perhaps her father is still insane, and maybe the birth of Homeless is an “established fact” that can’t be reversed, but at the very least, she will know how it all happened. Yes, know where to go to find the truth – instead of now, steering a cursed ship, wandering in vain in this frontier land that even the Papal Patriarchs are reluctant to penetrate… …


“Lucercia, are you still listening?”


Tirion’s voice suddenly came from the crystal ball, and the young lady who was sitting at the table in a daze suddenly woke up. Lukshan Xiji shook her head, throwing aside the confused thoughts in her mind.


“Brother,” she looked seriously at Tirian in the crystal ball, her tone becoming a little more serious, “Do you remember what my father said before he sailed to the border for the last time? That time he didn’t let us follow… …”


“Of course I remember,” Tirian nodded, “he said he had found clues to anomalous 000, to find ‘a good medicine to heal this world,’ he not only rejected the two of us, but also rejected Several other escorts followed – and after he and Homeless returned, neither he nor the ship were quite the same.”


“Yes, the crew members who were missing from the Lost Country were all talking again, as if they were cursed with silence, and my father was still able to communicate with you in a confused way. I said I didn’t find the normal 000, but It was said before that even if it grows into 000, this is the origin that causes the world to distort. The so-called good medicine exists from the end – from before, until I told you under the deck on the sunset, ‘the world is a smoldering fire. One day, I revealed anything that had nothing to do with this border trip…”


Tirion in the crystal ball didn’t speak for a while, was it silent for a long time, or Lucchinia spoke again: “Before this, you specifically contacted the Holy See fleet patrolling far away from the border. , including fire passers, deep-sea priests, scholars of the truth academy, and even this group of dead believers, you asked us about normal 000, but we all said that there may be normal or abnormal numbers numbered zero. …..”


“You have also inquired,” Tirian said in a deep voice, “the reply he got is the same as his… There are normal and abnormal numbers numbered zero in the world, whether there is any in sight, and There is a corresponding, vacancy’–


“The list that first came out of the Mausoleum of the King of Growth has not listed the missing numbers. There is no space for normal and abnormal phenomena that have not yet been discovered or formed, and even the ‘mycelium’ Bottles, and ‘Fungal Island’, the normal and anomalies that have evolved in the historical regression process have also found the position of delayed planning beforehand, but at the beginning of the entire table, there is no position zero at all…. ..


“That’s why you said that after my father left for the border, I’m afraid it’s not abnormal. I may know the information.”


Speaking of Natrian suddenly stopped, and then looked up at Lucphania in the crystal ball, his expression became serious: “Why did he suddenly bring up that topic? You are not half grown. Century is talking about that, what is he going to do?”


“… When you grow up, you will be like your father and you will push back this magnificent fog wall


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Yes,” Lucphania’s face showed a lot of expressionless expression, but she still smiled at that time, “You are looking for clues left by your father, but you are definitely going my old way. “


Tirion was silent for a while, then nodded quickly: “…that’s fine.”


Lu Hongbin Jiya did not speak for a while. The two brothers and sisters who were separated by a long distance and had really met in the past century were not worried about each other until the sea fog came from the crystal ball. With the faint sound of the whistle in the distance, Lu Hongbin Jiya suddenly broke the silence: “He really wants to go to Prand? Because of the ‘invitation’ of the consul?”


“‘Invitation, and it’s important, you don’t care about what’s wrong with this city-state, but the consul said in the letter that the Lost Homeland reappears in the real world, and it’s convincing, you must see It depends on the situation,” Tirian said with a serious face, “the ship has been in existence for less than half a century, and now it reappears, it is really suspicious.”


Lucfancia thought for a moment and asked, “You had one encounter with Homeless half a century later, you remember when he was still cold…he saw him at this time Is it really the Lost Homes?”


“…very true,” It’s unbelievable, but it’s the Lost Country,” Tirian said in a high voice, “you even got the position of every mast and set of it. The distribution of the cables is always wrong. “


“This… was standing under the boat, was it really my father’?”


Tirian bowed his head slightly, his face hidden in the shadows: “…it’s me, though you’d rather this thing be me.”


Lucfancia looked at her brother in the crystal ball, hesitated for a while before speaking again: “Be careful, I’m sure this is really me, he will be safe.”


“You know,” Tirian sighed heavily, “this isn’t a frenzied ghost that has been completely warped by the Warp, you’re going to lose weight…”


Lucfancia shook her head with an expression on her face: “Yes, you mean, sure this is really the father, I saw him transform the Sea Fog into a small iron pimple, and it will definitely be better than half of it. It’s still ruthless after a century.”


Tirian was stunned for a moment, then his eyes widened: “What do you mean by that? It’s an ineffective modernization! Steam boilers and rapid-fire cannons are nothing good! And he’s too embarrassed to say you–you-you-you-ha-ha There is still a part of it, his ship is still the bright stars of the year without even a deck…”


The crystal ball went out.


Lucshancia sighed heavily and got up from her chair.


Brother is still in high spirits, he is full of energy when he is a little stimulated, and he maintains a strong curiosity about modern things, which is good.


In the long immortality, the most fearful thing is not the decline of the spirit and the decay of the soul.


Heavy footsteps came from the darkness, accompanied by the friction of the mechanical mechanism and the clockwork. Lucfancia looked at the sound and saw a clockwork demon without a male inside. The puppet is walking towards you – this puppet is not very similar to your own appearance, but there are obvious riveting and mechanical joint structures on the whole body. Rick, which is mainly made of steel and ceramics, is made of The appearance of the servant’s skirt, in the dim light, looked somewhat eerie and terrifying.


The golem walked all the way, and the clockwork in front of him broke with a loud clicking sound. After you came to Lucphania, you offered the black tea in your hand, and the jointed mouth clicked. He made a slightly stiff and lively male voice: “Master, please use tea.”


“Thank you,” Lu Hongbin Jiya took the teacup and asked casually, “Lu Ni, where are you now?”


The clockwork golem known as Luni replied: “The Bright Star has just crossed the ‘Misthorn Island,’ and is now sailing on the edge of the Eternal Veil. Would you like to enjoy the view from the window?”


“…open the dome,” Lucphania took a sip of black tea and put the teacup back under the tray in Luni’s hand, “it’s dawn, you should get some sunshine.”


“Yes, master.”


Luni bowed her head slightly and fell forward.


At the same time as the voice of the clockwork golem fell, there was a sudden shock in the entire “divination room”!


The crunching sound of the mechanical device’s running limbs sounded continuously, and the humming and crunching sound of the joint operation of the giant clockwork and the magic unit seemed to form a concerto movement, and the number of gears was clear


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During the driving of the slideway, the wall of the room ends up and unfolds in seven circles, and the originally dimly lit room is instantly illuminated by sunlight—on the sunlight, the whole room is as urgent as a mechanical flower It bloomed in a hurry, and finally bloomed into a stage-like appearance.


Out there is the lower deck of the Brilliant Star. The room where “Wizard of the Sea” Lucphania lives blooms into a low stage at the rear of the and in that blooming machinery Around the flowers, you can see the whole picture of the Bright Star–


The ship was split into seven.


The second half of the ship has not been completely remodeled. There are countless runes and magical creations all over the hull, making it look more like a giant magical mechanism than a ship. , and there are no strange materials collected from the border areas or the sea to reconstruct the deck structure of the ship, so that everything that can be seen is faintly grotesque and psychedelic, as if it is a magical ritual that never stops. Running between these dense circles and crystals;


And the front half of the ship is not exactly the same. Outside, half of the hull has a ghost-like and semi-luminous shape, and a veil that seems to be real and illusory covers the dazzling light. The stern of the Star, in the floating illusion, can’t see that this part of the structure still maintains the original appearance of the ship–


A sailing battleship built a century later, vaguely similar to the HMS Lost Homeland.


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