Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 2400: Leave the rest to us! Bright Universe is crazy…


Extreme ice swept across the starry sky, as if even light could be frozen.

The dark red light in front of him was instantly blocked by ice, and could no longer damage the protective wall built by Mr. Ji and others.

However, the power in the dark red light should not be underestimated, and it exploded again.


A violent roar resounded, and both forces were annihilated.

It may be that the power of ice and fire are in conflict with each other. The light bursting out from both sides quickly disappeared, revealing the situation behind it.

“True God Level!!!”

A flash of light suddenly burst out from the blood **** clone’s eyes, staring closely at the sudden appearance of ice.

Being able to freeze the attacks launched by the Sayanluo Demon God with the Tribulation Yan Compass and the Dark Blazing Demon Tribulation Yan, he must be a true god-level existence in the bright universe.

And it turns out to be an ice-type, true god-level existence of the bright universe!

As we all know, warriors with special attributes are generally stronger, and beings who can grow to the level of true gods are naturally even more remarkable.

For a moment, the boulder on the Blood God’s head fell completely, and then a trace of curiosity arose in his heart.

I wonder what race the true god-level being descended this time is?

What kind of methods are there?

He is too greedy for the methods of true god-level beings.

Not to mention the true god-level existence, even the demigod-level existence of Mr. Ji, let alone the Sayanluo Demon God, has given him many unspeakable benefits.

Now that the true god-level existence of the bright universe has finally appeared, the blood god’s body and mind are naturally a little restless.

It’s exciting to gather the wool of a true god-level being!

“True God Level!”

After Venerable Zhu Mo, Venerable Tian Lan Yuan Hai, Venerable Tian Yan and others were stunned for a moment, a hint of joy finally appeared on their faces uncontrollably.


The true god-level existence of their bright universe has finally arrived!

MMP was almost taken away by a wave of attacks from that demon-level being, which scared me to death!

“I finally caught up. If I wait a little longer, I won’t be able to hold on anymore.” Mr. Ji quickly took back the [Starlight Yuanming Holy Water] and muttered with some pain.

“Thank you for your hard work. It’s enough to be able to force out the methods of that demon-god-level being. Leave the rest to us.”

A voice came from the void, with a cold meaning, like ice.

The next moment, two figures wrapped in light emerged from the void. They were so sudden that they did not cause any spatial fluctuations.

It seems that they already exist here, but originally they could not be seen by everyone, but now they take the initiative to show up, so they can be seen.

These two figures.

Wrapped in ice-blue light, the entire body exudes the ultimate coldness, which can be felt from a distance.

Even Mr. Ji and others felt a little uncomfortable.

It’s too cold!

It seems that the whole body is frozen. No matter whether it is flesh, blood or bones, they cannot withstand the cold that constantly invades the body.

Even the soul is like this.

This figure is obviously the person who just made the move.

But another figure is wrapped in dazzling golden light, which is extremely sharp, and the light seems to be able to pierce everything.

Just looking at it, I felt like I was going to be stabbed by the golden light.

“I have seen the true God!”

At this time, Venerable Zhu Mo, Venerable Tian Lan Yuan Hai, Venerable Tian Yan, and even Mr. Ji and Luo Fu bowed respectfully to the two true god-level beings.

Then he immediately retreated, leaving the battlefield to the two true god-level beings.

Now they basically have nothing to do.

Sa Yanluo Demon God’s eyes passed through the distant void, staring closely at the two true god-level beings, and his pupils suddenly shrank.

It turned out to be two people!

For them, the Bright Universe not only dispatched a demigod and four immortal lords, but also dispatched two true god-level beings.

This lineup…

Even He didn’t know what to say.

As for what?

Is the Bright Universe crazy?

Aren’t you afraid of causing a final war?

The more true god-level beings are dispatched, the greater the impact, and the more uncontrollable the consequences will be.

Both sides are well aware of this, so they have some control. After all, it is not the time for the final decisive battle yet.

Neither side can figure out the other side’s true combat power.

Whoever dispatches more combat power first will be more disadvantageous.

Now that the Bright Universe has taken the lead in dispatching two true god-level beings, this is tantamount to exposing their hidden combat power in advance.

“Two true gods!”

The Bone Demon God also felt a little incredible.

Is this a hornet’s nest?

With so many strong men dispatched at once, does the Bright Universe want to start a war?

“The bright universe is such a huge battle!” Demon God Sayanluo stared at the two true god-level beings and said.

“You dark species have dispatched two demon-god-level beings. If our light universe does not respond, wouldn’t it mean that we are not giving you face?” The true god-level being wrapped in the power of ice said lightly.


Demon God Sayanluo and Demon God Guguo were immediately speechless.

Can this be the same?

After all, the Demon God of Bones is not coming in his true body, but just a ray of soul.

But can we say that He is not a demon-level existence?

It seems not possible either.

For a moment, the two demon-god-level beings felt a little aggrieved. They finally realized that the Bright Universe was completely making excuses.

They dispatched two demon-god-level beings, so the other party also dispatched two true-god-level beings.

Nothing wrong with it.

To be honest, they are just asking for trouble.

Sayanluo Demon God couldn’t help but glance at Guguo Demon God faintly.

Come when it comes, why only a ray of soul comes? Couldn’t the descent be more thorough and include the true body?

What is this about?

“…” The Bone Demon God seemed to understand what he meant, feeling aggrieved and depressed.

You didn’t have any objections before, but now that there’s a problem, it’s all my fault, right?

How could he have imagined that these warriors from the bright universe would pursue them like mad dogs?

Didn’t he just steal the mechanical body of a genius and an immortal master from them? Even true god-level beings were dispatched, two at once.

What a hell.

He really didn’t expect it.

“I originally really wanted to see the true god-level beings of your bright universe, but now that I have actually seen it, I am a little disappointed, hiding the beginning and leaving the tail behind. Is this the behavior of the true god-level beings in your bright universe?” Demon God Yanluo sneered.

“You are allowed to ambush and we are not allowed to crack it? When did the demon **** of the dark world become so naive and ridiculous?” A voice came from the true **** wrapped in golden light.

His voice is very strange, giving people a feeling that it is difficult to distinguish between male and female, and it is like a fusion of ordinary human voice and machinery, which is paradoxical.

Mechanical clan!

This is almost a sound unique to the mechanical race!

It’s just that the voices of each mechanical race are different, just like human voices. They are all kinds of strange, but you can still hear them as human voices.

The voice of the mechanical tribe sounds like the voice of the mechanical tribe, which is easy to identify.

“Is this true god-level being the true **** of the Machine Tribe?” The Blood God clone’s eyes flashed and fell on the opponent.

The true god-level existence is too mysterious, and it is difficult to distinguish its specific appearance, so he was not sure at first which one was the true **** of the mechanical tribe.

Now that I heard the sound, I was finally sure.

The voice is so recognizable.

At this moment, his eyes couldn’t help but reveal a stronger sense of curiosity.

The true **** level of the mechanical tribe!

This is definitely the first time I’ve seen it.

I have seen one or two of the true god-level beings of the human race before, but the feeling is completely different.

Furthermore, the Machine Tribe is also a race with a very powerful foundation. The methods possessed by the true god-level beings of this race are naturally very exciting.

“With this lord taking action, the Dark Demon God will probably not get any benefits.”

On the other side, the Star Tool King finally showed a hint of pride on his face.

Before, he was bullied so miserably by those dark species. The majestic king-level immortal existence of the mechanical clan was actually made so embarrassed by a middle-level demon emperor-level dark species, and he was almost captured by the dark species.

There is also the matter of Lord Xingyun.

These are the shame of the mechanical tribe. Now, finally, the super being of their mechanical tribe has arrived to wash away these shames for their mechanical tribe.

“It’s time to let these dark species know the power of my mechanical race.”


At the same time, no one noticed that a strange light appeared in the eyes of the Star Tool King, and he seemed to know something.

And he was very confident, feeling that the strong men of the mechanical race would definitely be able to make the demon-god-level being suffer.

Sa Yanluo Demon God was squeezed out by the true god-level existence of the mechanical tribe, and his face looked extremely ugly.

He suddenly discovered that they never seemed to have any advantage in verbal confrontations.

Every one of these beings in the bright universe seems to have installed a machine gun on their mouths. If they start a fight with someone, they will simply make them angry to death.

He was just angry for a moment, so he wanted to make a sarcastic comment, but he didn’t expect to be scorned again, and he felt even more depressed.

The Blood God clone really sympathizes with Demon God Sayanluo. He was criticized by Mr. Ji before, and now he is criticized by two true god-level beings. Isn’t this anger causing internal injuries?

Seeing that he couldn’t hold back a word for a long time, you knew that this demon-god-level being must be speechless again.

Too bad.

Boss, we’re not good at this, so don’t be harsh in the future.

Although he said this, he actually had the mentality of watching a show. Anyway, he was on the side of the bright universe. The defeat of the demon **** Sayanluo had nothing to do with his blood son.


The Sayanluo Demon God, who could not stand up to the true god-level existence of the bright universe, could only sneer awkwardly.

“Then let me see the true chapter, let me see what the true gods of your bright universe are capable of.”

“I thought you would only do small tricks behind the scenes, and send a demigod and a few immortal lords to take the lead in the front to contain me. It’s really ridiculous.”

As soon as the words came out, He stretched out a hand, and on the palm of his hand was the main compass of the Tribulation Yan Compass.

A special wave of waves spread out from the main compass, echoing with the ten deputy compasses. All those deputy compasses flew over and surrounded Demon God Sayanluo.

Even the three robbery compasses that were just used flew back together.

Obviously, Demon God Sayanluo is serious about it. He doesn’t even intend to do any testing and will directly use the strongest method.

When the two true god-level beings saw the Tribulation Yan Compass in his hand, their eyes froze slightly.

Even if they are true god-level beings, they can still feel the power of the compass.

A complete set of artifacts!

And there are quite a lot of them.

The ten deputy compasses were better, but the main compass gave them a very threatening feeling.

Even they have never seen such an artifact a few times.

The two true god-level beings couldn’t help but glance at each other, and both saw a hint of solemnity in each other’s eyes.


At this time, Demon God Sayanluo suddenly shouted loudly, and his figure immediately disappeared from the spot, turning into a dark red stream of light and killing the two true god-level beings.

The ten deputy compasses rotated at high speed, and the lines on them lit up quickly, and then beams of light erupted from the compasses, converging…

Finally, it turned into a dark red stream of light and burst out, hitting the two true god-level beings at the same time.

He actually wants to fight two true god-level existences with one person.

What a pity…

“Oh, I’m quite confident.” The true god-level being covered in icy blue light smiled lightly and said, “Leave him to me.”

“That’s fine.”

The True God of the Mechanical Tribe, who was covered in golden light, nodded calmly, glanced at the dark red light rushing in front of him, ignored it at all, and disappeared.

The true god, whose body was covered with ice-blue light, suddenly took a step forward, stretched out one hand, and an ice-blue sword appeared out of thin air in his hand.

This sword is very magical.

On its blade, there is actually an ice dragon wrapped around it, which looks lifelike and like a living creature.

The dragon’s head is located under the handle of the knife, and its mouth is open, just in line with the handle.

A pair of ice-blue dragon eyes opened, showing coldness and majesty, as if containing the true power of the dragon.

As soon as this sword appeared, it emitted extremely powerful waves that spread across the void and should not be underestimated.


The Blood God clone’s eyes were immediately attracted.

He is actually able to use his own ice-like physique, so he is quite sensitive to things of this nature.

As soon as the true god-level being took it out, he felt something different. This was definitely a god-level artifact.


“Chi dragon! It’s actually an ice chi dragon!” When the Blood God clone saw the appearance of the sword clearly, it couldn’t help but widen its eyes slightly.

He actually saw the Ice Chilong again under such circumstances.

Although it is just a carving, or even just a pattern.

But there should not be many people who know about the Ice Chilong, and even fewer people can carve it so lifelike.

The Blood God clone has seen the Ice Chidragon with his own eyes. He can tell at a glance that the Ice Chidragon on the sword definitely has the charm of a real Ice Chidragon.

If you haven’t seen the Ice Chi Dragon with your own eyes, you might not be able to do it.

“What is the origin of this sword?” The Blood God was distracted and confused.

He is paying close attention to everything related to the Ice Chilong Bingtis, and he may be able to help the other party.

Bingdis has always wanted to restore her physical body.

The last time I got the Dragon of Bones, I had gathered the most important material. If I get a few more key materials, I might be able to resurrect it.

That is a god-level starry sky beast, and it is also a dragon. Think about it, it is awesome!

At this time, facing the dark red stream of light that was getting closer and closer, the Ice True God calmly waved the sword in his hand and slashed out.


In an instant, streaks of ice sword light flashed across the void, slashing towards the dark red streams of light.

These sword lights are very terrifying. Wherever they pass, the space is shattered, and then there is a clicking sound. This is not a shattering sound, but the sound of the space being frozen.

The space around the crack created by the sword light was actually sealed by ice. ()

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