Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 2399: How angry? The power of the Jie Yan Compass! Frozen!


The voice of Demon God Sayanluo echoed in the void, and anyone could hear the anger in his words.

He might be really angry this time.

Although I have been angry several times before.

The Blood God was distracted by strange thoughts in his mind.

If I were here at this time, he might reply…

“How angry are you?”

Lao Ji’s voice suddenly came from a distance.

“?” The Blood God clone looked at Mr. Ji in astonishment, his eyes getting weirder and weirder.

Good guy, this is taking away all the words in his heart.

Tacit understanding!

This is a true tacit understanding.

The atmosphere became a little solid for a while.

The four of them, Venerable Zhu Mo, Venerable Tian Lan Yuan Hai, Venerable Tian Yan, and Luo Fu, all looked at Mr. Ji blankly, and they all fell into silence.

The Bone Demon God is no exception, his eyes are like seeing a ghost.

How could he say such a thing?

What kind of brain circuit is this, asking how angry you are at this moment?

It’s just that Sa Yanluo is not angry enough, and he wants to add more fuel to the fire.

But when I think about it carefully, it seems that the demigod-level existence of this bright universe has done this from the beginning to the present. It can really be described as audacious.

Is he really not afraid of death?

In Isaac Yanluo’s current state, he might really want to kill him at all costs.

In the distant void, the gaze of Demon God Sayanluo came, as if it could fall directly on Mr. Ji from a distance of tens of millions of kilometers.

At this moment, He had two choices. One was to go to the ambush place, and the other was to come back and kill Mr. Ji at all costs.

Everyone is guessing what decision He will make.

The atmosphere became even more tense.

The situation is tense!

“My level is still too low. It’s really exciting to have **** with a demon-level being.”

The Blood God clone felt the terrifying atmosphere, and couldn’t help but take a deep breath of air, admiring Mr. Ji even more.

What is awesome?

This is real awesomeness, don’t accept it.

He and I still need to grow up.

Phew! call out! Phew…

At this moment, a harsh sound of breaking through the air suddenly came from the void, as if something was approaching rapidly, and there were more than one.

“This voice… Jiudao, could it be…”

The Blood God clone listened carefully and distinguished the number of sounds. Suddenly he thought of something and his expression changed.

Jie Yan Compass!

This should be the deputy compass of Jie Yan Compass!


At the same time, the Jieyan deputy compass in his hand suddenly made a buzzing sound, and then the lines on the compass suddenly lit up.

The dark red light is extremely dazzling.

A scorching temperature suddenly spread from the Tribulation Yan Compass, making the Blood God clone feel a little hot to the touch.

Chi chi chi……

The Force in the body was burned, making a sound.

He looked solemn and quickly mobilized the dark fire in his body to resist the high temperature.


The next moment, the Tribulation Yan Compass turned into a dark red stream of light and sped towards Demon God Sayanluo.

“He indeed used the Tribulation Yan Compass.” The Blood God clone’s eyes narrowed and looked at the Sayanluo Demon God in the distance.

With the [Eye of True Vision] turned on, one can barely see the situation beyond the distant void.

In addition to the Tribulation Yan Compass that flew out of his hand, there were nine dark red streams of light speeding towards him in the void in the distance.


Lao Ji and others finally realized something, their expressions changed, and they looked at the dark red streams of light.

“Sa Yanluo’s artifact!” Demon God Guo’s heart moved, and he looked at the void in the distance with some surprise, his eyes especially fell on those dark red streams of light.

This was also the first time for him to see the artifact of Demon God Sayanluo.

The natal artifact of this kind of demon-level existence is generally very mysterious, and few people can see it.

Everyone you see is usually dead.

Although he, who is also a demon-god-level existence, has heard about it, he has never seen it with his own eyes. At this moment, his heart is also full of curiosity.

Not for a while.

The Tribulation Yan Compass that flew away from the Blood God clone’s hand, as well as the nine dark red streams of light, all came to the front of Demon God Sayanluo, showing the appearance of the Tribulation Yan Compass.


The Bone Demon God, as well as Ji Lao and other powerful men in the bright universe, finally saw the true face of the dark red streamer.

It turned out to be a compass!

Ten in total!

Surrounding around Demon God Sayanluo, slowly rotating.

“It’s not just one piece, but a complete set.” The Bone Demon God was shocked and even more surprised.

As we all know, most sets of artifacts are often more powerful and rare than individual artifacts.

Unless it is an artifact that is very powerful in itself, it is possible for it to be comparable to a complete set of artifacts.

Seeing the ten compasses surrounding Demon God Sayanluo at this moment, Demon God Guguo immediately understood that this was a set of artifacts, not a single artifact, so he was so surprised.

Mr. Ji and the others also understood this, and they all took a breath, feeling extremely shocked in their hearts.

“Is that the demon-level ambush method?”

Venerable Zhu Mo’s heart moved, he thought of something, and said in shock.

Nine of the streams of light were speeding from the position where the power had just exploded. It is easy for people to guess that these artifacts should be the opponent’s ambush method.

“It should be.”

“It’s hard to imagine what would happen if you stepped into their ambush!?”

“Fortunately we cracked it.”


Several immortal level venerables are still frightened.

The same goes for Mr. Ji.

Although he is a demigod-level being, he is not arrogant enough to deal with a demon-god-level being holding an artifact.

What’s more, the other party also used the power of the Chaotic Sky Star Territory to set up an ambush.

If you think about it, you will know that the method must not be simple.


At this moment, the energy aftermath from the energy explosion in the distance rolled over and swept towards everyone.

The speed was actually a bit slower than that of the Tribulation Yan Compass.

“What a strong fluctuation.”

Mr. Ji and others were shocked again.

Although they had just seen the light produced by the explosion, they guessed that the energy of the explosion must be very terrifying, but they did not expect it to be so terrifying.

Even at such a long distance, the fluctuations still frightened them.

Especially the extremely chaotic power of time and space. If they don’t protect themselves in time, they may even be able to hurt their immortal bodies.

The Blood God clone also quickly waved his hand and used the Force to form a protective shield to block the energy fluctuations in front of him.

Although he possesses the body of time and the body of space, he is not worried about the chaotic power of time and space, but it is not appropriate to expose it at this time, and he can only use the force to resist the wave.

“It’s really scary. This was caused by the Demon God Sa Yanluo without activating the Jie Yan Compass. If the Jie Yan Compass was activated…”

He didn’t dare to think about it anymore.

If he is really inspired by the Sayanluo Demon God, not to mention Mr. Ji, several immortal-level venerables present will definitely perish.

They are not dark beings. It would be too difficult to resurrect them, and they might actually die completely.

“What a pity!” The Bone Demon God’s eyes flashed slightly, feeling very regretful.

Such a powerful method was actually cracked by the Light Universe. How did they do it?

For this point, He was also full of doubts.

He originally believed in the methods of Demon God Sayanluo and thought that there would be no problems, but who would have thought that it would be such a result, which was completely beyond his expectation.

One wave after another of energy fluctuations swept across from the distant void, lasting for a while before gradually disappearing.

Everyone had to retreat again and again, and increase their defense.

The possible consequences still exist.

The power of time and space here has become more chaotic, and new time and space vortexes have even appeared in some places.

There was a space-time vortex not far from the Blood God clone, and it almost sucked him in.

The situation over there with Mr. Ji and others was similar. A space-time vortex also appeared not far from the Star Tool King. If Mr. Ji hadn’t taken action, he would have been sucked into it.

Although it is unlikely that a king-immortal-level being would be hurt by the power immediately, the danger is too great and no one wants to try it.

“Let you see my god’s artifact.”

The cold voice of Demon God Sayanluo came from the void, and then all he saw was the pointing of his big hand.

Three sub-compasses suddenly flew out, and the dark red lines in them suddenly lit up with a dazzling light, and finally turned into pillars of light rising into the sky.

Boom! boom! boom!

At this moment, dark red flames appeared out of thin air among the three light pillars, and there was a trace of pure darkness beating in them, like thunder.

Dark Fiery Tribulation Yan! ! !

At this moment, Demon God Sayanluo not only used the Calamity Flame Compass, but also activated the dark and blazing demon Calamity Flame hidden in it.

This should be His strongest method.

It was supposed to be used to deal with true god-level beings, but at this moment, in order to kill Mr. Ji, he actually used it in advance.

“You should feel honored to die under this god’s Calamity Flame Compass and the Dark Fiery Calamity Flame.”

Sa Yanluo Demon God’s eyes fell on Mr. Ji, and his voice came loudly.


The next moment, three light pillars converged, and an astonishing ray of light suddenly emerged from them. It disappeared in the blink of an eye and disappeared into the void.

“Not good!”

Whether it was the Blood God clone, Mr. Ji and others, these two words popped up in their hearts at the same time.

Especially Mr. Ji and others felt a strong threat of death, their expressions changed drastically, and their eyes stared into the void.

“Let’s protect together!”

Mr. Ji didn’t have time to think about it, and he suddenly shouted loudly.

Others reacted immediately, all erupting with their strongest power, gathering in front and turning into a wall of the Force.

Not only that, several immortal-level venerables even used their own immortal substances to integrate them into the protective wall.

For a time, this wall of force became extremely strong, containing immortal power, as if even time could not erode it.

If it were an ordinary attack, a few people would be confident that such a defense would not be broken, but facing the sudden flash of light, they had no confidence whatsoever.


Mr. Ji also took action, and a large amount of [Starlight Yuanming Holy Water] gathered and merged into the wall of force in front.

This wall instantly bloomed with dazzling white light, containing thousands of stars, like a sea or a starry sky.

The moment this power was integrated, Venerable Zhu Mo, Venerable Tianlan Yuanhai and others were shocked, feeling a sense of tolerance inexplicably.

It’s as if their power is contained within it.

This gave them an inexplicable sense of confidence. It seemed that the attack of the demon-level being was not unstoppable.

At the very least, Mr. Ji’s [Starlight Yuanming Holy Water] once blocked the attack of the demon god, leaving Mr. Ji safe and sound.

However, the Blood God clone in the distance was not so optimistic.

Although [Starlight Yuanming Holy Water] is very special and powerful, the attack of Sayanluo Demon God uses the Tribulation Flame Compass to activate the Dark Fiery Demon Tribulation Flame, which must be very terrifying.

Precisely because he obtained the relevant attribute bubbles, he understands that power better than others.


And just when Ji Lao and others were condensing the defensive wall, in the void in front of them, the space suddenly rippled, and the light appeared out of thin air.

At this moment, everyone can clearly see the appearance of this light.

This is a dark red light, like fire, but also like thunder, or a perfect combination of two powers, which is extremely strange.

As the light arrived, a sense of heat and darkness suddenly emitted.

The surrounding void was instantly distorted and infected by the power of darkness.

This kind of infection is not an ordinary infection, but an extremely deep infection. Even space cannot be spared, and ordinary power cannot get rid of it.


The surrounding space was shattered inch by inch, as fragile as glass.

Mr. Ji and the others were horrified. They all felt the terrifying power sweeping in from the front, as if it could destroy everything.

But it was too late.

In an instant, the ray of light came completely and bombarded the protective wall where they had gathered.


The violent roar echoed in the ears of several people, making them completely unable to hear other sounds.

The eyes are filled with dark red light.

The protective barrier formed by a few people was like ice and snow meeting flames, melting suddenly. Even Ji Lao’s [Starlight Yuanming Holy Water] seemed unable to stop it at this moment.

This strange thing in the world fluctuated violently. It was evaporated by the power of flames after just being supported for a moment.

This is a head-to-head confrontation between two wonders of heaven and earth.

In the previous collision, both sides had something to hide, but now there was no hiding. Both of them unleashed the true power of the wonders of heaven and earth.

It is a pity that the power of Demon God Sayanluo is still much stronger than that of Ji Lao. Looking for the book A demon-god-level existence is a demon-god-level existence after all, and it has a huge advantage in terms of background.

Only one artifact cost Demon God Sayanluo countless years and resources. This is something that Ji Lao can’t compare to.

Therefore, the outcome of this collision is already determined.

[Starlight Yuanming Holy Water] fell downwind and gradually melted under the dark red light.

This kind of ablation is not a superficial ablation, but is affecting its core strength. Once the loss is too great, it will take a lot of time and resources to recover in the future.

It’s a pity that Mr. Ji has no other choice but to watch the dark red light constantly eroding his [Starlight Yuanming Holy Water].

Fortunately, at this time, a sudden change occurred.

Right in front of the dark red light, an arm suddenly stretched out from the void, and then a wave of ice spread around, freezing everything! ()

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