Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 2398: Half bone, half mechanical body! The plan worked! You…


The mechanical body controlled by the Bone Demon God suffered considerable damage, which greatly affected his ability to display his strength.

And the power of light invaded his body and had a considerable impact on his soul.

If it were in his body, the power of his soul would not be affected in this way.

But now that the power of his soul is separated from the body, for those powers of light, it is tantamount to being exposed to broad daylight, and it is not easy to purify it.

Mr. Ji glanced at him and felt a little surprised.

This demon-level being is much easier to deal with than the previous one.

But he didn’t have time to think about this at this time. The demon-god-level existence from before was already heading towards the ambush place, and he had to hold it back.

Judging from the eager look of the demon-god-level being, Wang Teng’s information should be correct, and that direction is where the ambush is.

The true god-level existence of their bright universe should have almost found a place.

Thoughts flashed through Mr. Ji’s mind, and he immediately chased in the direction of Demon God Sayanluo.

“I want to leave!”

The eyes of the Bone Demon God are extremely ugly.

He knew that the condition of the mechanical body he controlled was not very good. He had just hit the demigod of the bright universe and was already seriously injured.

But He must stop the other party.


The terrifying power of darkness continued to erupt from his body, and the mechanical body of Lord Xingyun suddenly changed.

In the sword mark, wisps of black energy emerged, trying to drive away the power of light.

At the same time, the strange black lines wrapped around the mechanical body began to squirm crazily.

Then wisps of bone material suddenly seeped out of the mechanical body.

This scene is very strange.

It’s like a person’s bones melted, then seeped out from the flesh and blood, came to the body surface, and then covered the entire body.

The scene at this moment is exactly like this.

In just a few breaths, a large amount of bone material covered the mechanical body of Lord Xingyun, just like the spear in the hand of the Bone Demon God at this moment.

Machine and bone are described, turning into a half-bone, half-mechanical body.

Those bone objects quickly hardened and became extremely ferocious, like an armor covering the mechanical body, causing it to emit powerful fluctuations.

“This-” In the distance, the Star Tool King couldn’t help but widen his eyes when he saw this scene.

When he saw Lord Xingyun’s mechanical body being severely damaged, he was already very distressed. Now seeing such a scene again, he was really shocked and angry.

What is this?

Dark transformation?

The bodies of their mechanical tribe were forcibly transformed into this.

Can that body change back again?

The Star Mechanical King’s eyes were fixed on the mechanical body of Lord Xingyun. Such thoughts came to his mind for no reason, and his heart sank deeper and deeper.

If it were said before, he still had a glimmer of hope, feeling that the powerful men of their bright universe could drive the demon-god-level existence out of Lord Xingyun’s body.

Thereby recovering the mechanical body of Lord Xingyun and purifying the power of darkness within it.

Now, he feels that this hope is becoming increasingly slim. How can he change back to this form?

I have to admit that the current situation was completely beyond their expectations.

The methods of the dark demon **** are really weird and unpredictable.

“It’s still possible to do this?!” The Blood God clone was also shocked, looking at the mechanical body of Lord Xingyun with horrified eyes.

This Bone Demon God is too terrifying.

It’s not like they are from the Bone Spirit Clan, but they can actually do this.

It’s like creating… bones out of thin air!

“For the Bone Spirit Tribe, bones are their ‘blood and flesh’. This is considered to be recreating flesh and blood.”

The Blood God speculated in his mind and body, and even couldn’t help but ask himself: “With the sixth-level [Demon Bone] talent he currently possesses, can he do such a thing?”

At this moment, Lord Xingyun’s mechanical body had more than doubled in size under the cover of a large number of bones, and his already majestic body actually became even taller.

A strong sense of oppression swept out of his body.

Even though they were extremely far apart, the Blood God clone still felt the oppression and shock.

However, although Lord Xingyun’s body has become taller and majestic at this time, it gives people a rather delicate and well-proportioned feeling, without appearing bloated at all.

The bone material he condensed is originally jade-like in color, crystal clear, as if it were carved from jade.

It’s just that it’s covered with dark lines, giving it a dark meaning.

Therefore, although those bone objects were condensed into a ferocious shape, they still gave people a sense of exquisiteness, as if they had been carefully crafted.


After the transformation of the Bone Demon God was completed, ripples appeared in the space in front of him, and then his figure disappeared instantly.

When he reappeared, he was already in front of Mr. Ji.

“This is…” Mr. Ji’s expression changed, and he was slightly shocked when he finally saw the appearance of the Bone Demon God at this moment.

“Do you really think this is the only way to do this?”

The Demon God of Bones said coldly, and the mechanical spear in his hand suddenly thrust out, turning into an endless rain of spear light and sweeping towards Mr. Ji.


Lao Ji had no choice but to fight again, and the attacks of both sides collided again in the void.

But as a result, Demon God Sayanluo is getting further and further away. The speed of the demon-god-level existence is too fast. No one can stop it, and it can cover hundreds of thousands of kilometers in an instant.

Although this place is still far away from the ambush.

But at this speed, the opponent will soon reach the ambush place.

Fortunately, the power of time and the power of space are confused here, otherwise the opponent’s speed would be faster.

A trace of anger finally arose in Mr. Ji’s heart, and the offensive in his hands became more and more fierce, forcing the Demon God of Bones to retreat continuously.

This is simply terrifying.

Not only can it hurt the body of a demon-god-level being, it can also force a demon-god-level being who controls the body of an immortal lord of the mechanical race to continuously retreat.

Such strength is amazing.

However, the Blood God clone didn’t bother to look any further. He looked towards the direction where Demon God Sayanluo left, and frowned slightly.

After delaying for so long, hasn’t the true god-level existence of the Bright Universe found the ambush place?

This is too slow.

The specific locations are pointed out.

Just thinking about it.

“What is that?”

Suddenly, the Blood God clone noticed something, and a light flashed in his eyes.

That was not the light in his eyes, but the light in the void that reflected in his eyes.

The Blood God clone suddenly reacted and his heart moved.

The next moment, a shocking scene appeared.

It was as if a huge star exploded in a distant place beyond sight, emitting a dazzling light.

But because the distance was too far, there was a delay, and the light was not strong at first, but it became dazzling very quickly.

It was originally just like a stream of light, then it turned into thousands of streams of light like meteors, and then it turned into a ray of light that filled the eyes.

The eyes of the Blood God clone were immediately filled with light, and it was almost impossible to see anything else.

Bo Guo Demon God and Mr. Ji were also attracted by the movement at the same time. They stopped their offensive and looked into the distance.


Immediately afterwards, a faint buzzing sound came from the distant void, which was originally extremely weak.

But it quickly became bigger and more violent…

Until it turned into a roar.

“It’s done!” Mr. Ji couldn’t help but have a hint of joy in his eyes, and then he couldn’t help laughing.

“Damn it!”

The eyes of the Bone Demon God were extremely hard to see, and he was staring at the void in the distance, as if he wanted to see clearly what was going on there.

Confirm whether the result is exactly as He imagined.

At this moment, this demon-god-level being still couldn’t believe it, and couldn’t accept the result.

At the same time, in the void in the distance, the Sayanluo Demon God also appeared, with a look of shock and anger on his face, and his eyes were fixed on the void where the ambush was.

It’s too late.

After all, it was too late for him to rush over.

The situation that he least wanted to see appeared in the ambush place.

Why does this happen?

He couldn’t understand. Everything was clearly planned and should have been perfect, but why did it end up like this?


Xue Shen breathed a sigh of relief in his mind and body while his eyes sparkled.

Unexpectedly, at this last critical moment, Bright Universe actually succeeded.

Not bad!

He was not disappointed.

If Demon God Sayanluo were to rush over in time, everything they had done before would really be in vain.

Not only Ji Lao and others, but also his plans with me, may all come to nothing.

Fortunately, it worked!

Such a violent explosion must have caused a huge problem in the ambush place, and it was only possible that a true god-level being took action.

As long as a true god-level being takes action, there will definitely be no problem.

After all, the ambush place is not presided over by the Sayanluo Demon God. At most, it is just a few demon-level beings.

Even if they hold the Calamity Compass of Demon God Sayanluo, they cannot be opponents of true god-level beings.

This can be seen from the battle just now between the demon-god-level existence and several immortal-level lords of the bright universe.

“By the way, how are Luo Fu and the others?” The Blood God clone quickly looked towards the void where Venerable Candle Demon, Venerable Tianlan Yuanhai and others were.

The matter was urgent just now, and he didn’t have time to pay attention to the specific situation of Lord Candle Demon and others. That was a blow from a demon-god-level being. He didn’t know if they could block it.

The only good thing is that there are four of them together, and with joint attacks, they may be able to barely block it.

Moreover, Demon God Sayanluo was eager to go to the ambush place and ignored them, otherwise the consequences would be more serious.

To put it bluntly, this time the temporary change of formations between Demon God Sayanluo and Demon God Guguo really disrupted the rhythm of the warriors of the Light Universe, causing them to be caught off guard.

Of course, this is at the expense of the Bone Demon God’s injury.

If it wasn’t a last resort, they probably wouldn’t take this step.

After all, for Demon God Sayanluo, Demon God Guo plays a more important role in intimidation than combat.

What’s more, as a demon-god-level existence, the Demon God of Bone Guo must have many methods. If he is left behind, he can better deal with the strong men of the bright universe.

If it goes offline too early, it will be very detrimental to the follow-up plans of Demon God Sayanluo.

But it’s useless to say anything now. His plan has been completely disrupted, and it can’t be broken back.

As the giant lava palm of Sayanluo Demon God dissipated, the situation in the void where Lord Candle Demon and others were finally emerged.

The figures of Venerable Zhu Mo, Venerable Tian Lan Yuan Hai, Venerable Tian Yan, and Luofu also emerged.

The Blood God clone’s eyes narrowed.

Several people were seriously injured, their breath was weak, and there was blood flowing on their bodies.

Wisps of dark red dark power wrapped around their bodies and penetrated crazily into their wounds.

Not only was he injured, he was also infected by the dark power of a demon-level existence.

“Pfft… Mad, this demon-level being actually bullied us immortal-level venerables.” The candle demon venerable spit out a mouthful of blood uncontrollably and cursed angrily.

“I’m afraid he was forced to panic.” Venerable Tianlan Yuanhai also had blood oozing from the corners of his mouth, his voice was hoarse, he shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“Look over there…”

At this time, Lord Tianyan covered his chest and coughed a few times, which obviously hurt his internal organs. However, he noticed the situation in the distant void, his eyes widened, and he said in shock.

Several people looked at it one after another and finally reacted.

“The True God succeeded!” They looked at each other and couldn’t help but feel happy.

In this way, their injury this time was completely worth it.

Is there anything more enjoyable than destroying the plan of the dark demon?

In any case, they can be regarded as blocking a blow from the demon-level being.

A few people enjoyed themselves in their misery and finally found some solace for their injuries.

Otherwise, no one would feel comfortable suffering such a serious injury for no reason.

Looking at Mr. Ji, he not only blocked the attack of the demon-level being, but also injured the opponent. As a result, when he came to them, he couldn’t even block a single blow.

This difference is too big, and I feel a little unbalanced.

“I think it’s better for us to retreat a little further.” Lord Candle Demon suddenly said.

A few people looked at him a little doubtfully.

“That demon-god-level existence should not have completely left yet.” Lord Candle Demon glanced at the void in the distance and whispered.


A few people were speechless, and then they immediately sped away in the direction of Mr. Ji. Even Luofut was no exception and followed him silently.

“?” Lord Zhu Mo looked at the backs of several people leaving without saying a word, and wanted to curse.

Why don’t you do it so quickly?

At least he reminded me, look for Shuyuan www.zhaoshuyuan. com actually ran away first.

He didn’t have time to complain and immediately followed.

It would be safer to stay closer to Mr. Ji. Who knows if that demon-level being will come back in anger.

Although the other party is more likely to go to the ambush place, what if.

They don’t want to risk their lives.

The blow just now made these four immortal-level sages feel the insurmountable gap between them and the demon-god-level existence. How long will it take to retreat now?


“Very good!”

Sayanluo Demon God had no intention of paying attention to them at this time. An extremely indifferent voice came from his mouth and echoed throughout the chaotic star field, endlessly.

“You have completely made me angry!”()

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