Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 2368: Proficient in the secret method of the Soul of the Bone Demon Prison! How to prove that I…


“Venerable Starfall!”

“Finally found it.”

A flash of light flashed in Wang Teng’s eyes, and he couldn’t help but murmur to himself.

Looking back, this journey was really not easy.

It can be said that there are many levels.

First he escaped from the Demonic Prison of Bones, then he had to search for it, then he had to climb over the barrier, and finally he had to enter the body of this giant skeletal tiger.

It’s okay to enter its body. After entering, you have to be careful about the runes and bone chains here.

If there was even the slightest mistake in this intermediate step, he would not be able to reach this place.

The difficulty can be imagined.

Fortunately, he overcame these difficulties one by one and finally arrived here smoothly.

The Demon God of Bones probably never imagined that someone could cheat all the way and pass through countless obstacles. What’s even more outrageous is that he hasn’t discovered it yet.

“Master, what should we do now?” [Tiger Demon Soul] also came nearby and asked: “Do you need my cooperation?”

It has seen the extraordinaryness of this mysterious master, and its sense of belonging has become deeper, otherwise it would not take the initiative to ask for help at this time.

The previous process is actually relatively simple, but the final connection is the most difficult part.

If it were before, it would not have opened this opening, because doing so would undoubtedly increase its risk of exposure.

But things are different now. The mentality changes everything.

In order to show off in front of this mysterious master, it also went to great lengths.

If you don’t risk everything, where will the power of your soul come from?

Wang Teng glanced at it. At this moment, he felt that this majestic dark evil winged tiger seemed to have the potential to be a dog licker, and its transformation was very smooth.

“Not yet, just stay here for now.”

He said calmly.


“Oh, okay.” [Tiger Demon Soul] didn’t expect such a response. He was stunned for a moment, and then he ducked aside.

Wang Teng is actually quite satisfied with it.

Be discerning.

Know current affairs.

The unruliness he showed towards the little shadow snake before was not shown at all here. He changed quickly, which was good.

These thoughts flashed through Wang Teng’s mind, and then he ignored the other party and looked at the cage made of bone chains in front of him.

From his perspective, this is no longer a simple cage, it is clearly a scaled down version of the [Bone Soul Locking Prison].

Based on nine hundred and ninety-nine white bone chains, an invisible soul-locking prison was created.

Ordinary people may not be able to see the existence of the Bone Soul Locking Prison, but Wang Teng seems to be able to see an illusory and invisible hall standing in the void in front of him.

At the same time, there are many attribute bubbles floating around those bone chains.

Even [Tiger Demon Soul] can’t see all this.

Wang Teng narrowed his eyes slightly and said silently in his heart: “Evolution of all things!”

The aura of his soul changed again, from the aura of [Tiger Demon Soul] to the unique aura of [Bone Soul Locking Prison].

Fortunately, he had just obtained the relevant attribute bubbles. He was no longer unfamiliar with [Bone Soul Locking Prison], so he was able to evolve it smoothly.

In just a moment, [Tiger Demon Soul] could no longer feel the aura of its new master, as if it had disappeared out of thin air.

Wang Teng moved forward quietly, picking up the attribute bubbles around him.

In an instant, a large amount of [Bone Soul Locking Prison] insights poured into his mind, and then a terrifying bone palace appeared.

This Bone Hall gradually solidified from the original illusion, and the countless runes on it manifested one by one, becoming the solid nourishment of this hall.

Wang Teng was shocked. The runes contained in this [Bone Soul Locking Prison] were many times more than the previous [Black Water Prison].

It is hard to imagine that they come from the same divine soul secret method.

But this is also a good thing. The more runes it contains, the more powerful it is.

“Wait a minute, what a fart.”

Wang Teng suddenly realized that the stronger this [Bone Soul Locking Prison] is, the harder it will be for him to awaken the soul of Lord Xingyun later, which is a rip-off.

After a while, the realization disappeared, and the images in his mind slowly dissipated.

But Wang Teng was very happy, because just now, the hall had completely solidified, and the runes contained in it were completely lit up.

A series of white bone chains shuttled through the hall, like a white bone dragon, as if they could trap everything, which was very strange.

[The Soul Secret Technique of the White Bone Demon Prison] (God Level·Incomplete): 4500/50000 (Proficient); (Blackwater Prison, Bone Soul Locking Prison)

“I’ll go, I’m proficient!” Wang Teng glanced at the attribute panel and felt even more happy.

Unexpectedly, after absorbing the insights just now, the proficiency of this [White Bone Demon Prison Soul Secret Technique] has been directly upgraded from the proficiency level to the mastery level.

I just focused on absorbing the insights, but I didn’t notice any improvement in level.

But this is fine, now it is the same as the [Mysterious Technique of Soul Taming], both have reached the proficiency level.

He knows very well how useful the master-level soul secret method is.

Had it not been for the mastery level of [Mysterious Soul Taming Technique], he would not have been able to pass all the difficulties so easily.

Now that the [White Bone Demon Prison Soul Secret Technique] has reached the proficiency level, it must be able to cope with the situation at hand.

Wang Teng looked at the scene in front of him again, his eyes flashing, as if he was thinking about something.

The runes on the bone chains were all reflected in his eyes. No matter how hidden they were, they could not escape his [Eye of True Seeing].

In addition, there are also runes that have not been manifested in the void, but they cannot be hidden from his eyes either.

Those invisible runes are part of the [Bone Soul Locking Prison]. If the Bone Chain is an overt method, then the Bone Hall is a hidden method.

The two are actually one, but it is difficult for people to see clearly the reality and reality.

There is indeed something in this Bone Soul Locking Prison.

The corner of Wang Teng’s mouth curled up, and then he looked above the golden figure’s head.

A miniature version of the skeletal giant tiger is crouching in mid-air, exuding a dark and dead aura, which is exactly the same as the [Soul of the Tiger Demon].

This should be the split soul of the Evil God Tiger Demon Seal Soul.

But judging from this breath, it is much more powerful than his [Tiger Demon Soul].

No wonder I could pick up so much soul power before, but now the two are simply incomparable.

Only a huge gap can cause this large one-way flow of energy.

If the gap between the two sides is very small, then he will definitely not be able to pick up so many [Tiger Demon Soul] attributes.

“With my current evolution, the soul of this evil tiger demon seal probably won’t be able to detect me.”

This is why Wang Teng did not let [Tiger Demon Soul] intervene.

The existence of [Tiger Demon Soul] can be regarded as a hidden trump card. Waiting until it becomes stronger and then using it may play a greater role.

Just stay aside for now.

At this moment, Wang Teng no longer hesitated, and immediately controlled the power of his soul to touch the void ahead.

The situation this time was a little different from when he escaped from [Blackwater Prison] before.

The Bone Demon God’s control over the [Black Water Prison] is obviously much greater than that of the [White Bone Soul Locking Prison].

Even for a demon-level being, it is obviously not that easy to control the secret method of the soul.

There is an accepted fact in the universe.

At the same level, the difficulty of controlling the soul secret method is higher than that of ordinary exercises and combat skills.

Of course, people with high soul talents will say otherwise.

So in Wang Teng’s eyes at this moment, the void in front of him actually has loopholes.

After all, his insights came from the Bone Demon God.

He himself knows best where there are flaws in his control of the [White Bone Soul Locking Prison], but now he needs another Wang Teng.

Wang Teng quickly found a loophole. Without hesitation, he followed the loophole directly into the void like a loach.

Didn’t alert the Bone Demon God.

The process was smooth.

Then he observed again and found the loophole again. He approached one of the bone chains and directly attached to the bone chain.

Wang Teng breathed a sigh of relief, but he didn’t expect that it would be much simpler than before.

The next thing is to awaken Lord Xingyun.

At this time, he merged the power of his soul with the bone chain, which was equivalent to having come into contact with the soul body of Lord Xingyun, and he immediately passed on the information.

Venerable Xingyun was instantly alarmed. Although he was in a deep sleep, he fell into a deep sleep on his own initiative to resist the intrusion from the outside world.

So once there is any disturbance in the outside world, he will wake up immediately.

But Wang Teng immediately sent another message, asking him not to make too much noise and continue to pretend to be asleep.

Venerable Xingyun quickly understood and still maintained his original appearance.

Only two people knew that they had actually made contact.

“Wang Teng, how did you escape?!” Lord Xingyun was extremely surprised. He didn’t expect to hear Wang Teng’s voice.

He couldn’t understand why Wang Teng could find this place so tightly.

And wasn’t Wang Teng also trapped by the demon?

How did you escape?

“I have my own means of escape.” Wang Teng said without any nonsense, “Senior, time is tight and I don’t have time to explain too much. I need your help now.”

When Lord Xingyun heard this, his heart suddenly tightened, but he did not rush to respond, but asked: “How do you prove that you are Wang Teng?”


Wang Teng was stunned.

How can I prove that I am myself?

It was outrageous that this outrageous question actually appeared on him.

However, after he thought about it, he understood the concerns of Lord Xingyun, so he told what happened to Lanji Void Fortress one by one.

He really didn’t know how to prove himself, so he had to use this method.

Fortunately, the two parties have cooperated before, and only the two of them know some of the details.


Venerable Xingyun breathed a sigh of relief and exclaimed: “I didn’t expect you to really be able to escape from the hands of the devil.”

“What do you need me to do?”

“I need to contact the outside world. I wonder if seniors can do it?” Wang Teng said.

“Contact the outside world!”

Venerable Xingyun immediately said: “If it is other matters, I may not be able to help now, but if we just contact the outside world, we may still be able to do it.”

Wang Teng was surprised and happy, but immediately realized something and asked doubtfully: “We?”

“To be more precise, it should be you.” Venerable Xingyun said: “I am trapped now and naturally cannot contact you, but since you can move freely, you should be able to do it.”

“How to do it?” Wang Teng’s eyes flashed and he asked directly.

“There is a soul communicator hidden in my soul world, just in case. If something happens, I can send the news back to the machine clan.”

Venerable Xingyun explained and said helplessly: “If I hadn’t encountered a demon-level existence this time, I wouldn’t have had time to use the soul liaison device.”

“Soul liaison device!” Wang Teng’s eyes were surprised.

Does the soul still have a liaison device?

And the machine race actually has such a thing!

It sounds very profound and mysterious.

Anyway, he had never heard of it before, and he had to admit that the mechanical race did have many mysterious things that outsiders could not imagine.

“Is this soul liaison device reliable?” Wang Teng still asked worriedly.

“This is the secret of my mechanical clan, but now that the situation is urgent, I will tell you.”

Venerable Xingyun hesitated for a moment before explaining:

“Although the soul communicator is called soul, it actually does not use the power of the soul, but can send a special signal.”

“This signal can only be received by the mechanical mother nest of my mechanical clan, and outsiders cannot detect it at all.”

“Only the mechanical mother’s nest can accept it, this mechanical mother’s nest…”

Wang Teng was very surprised. Could this “mechanical brood” be the core of the mechanical clan?

What is the signal that only the “Mechanical Mother Nest” can receive?

However, he was still a little worried and said: “But the signal was transmitted from your body, and now the demon has taken control of your body…”

Before he finished speaking, Lord Xingyun naturally understood what he meant and said:

“Don’t worry, our clan has already taken this into consideration when we developed this soul liaison device.”

“So even if it is transmitted from my mechanical body, it will not arouse the suspicion of the controller.”

“To tell you the truth, even if I hadn’t already known about the existence of this soul communicator, I wouldn’t have felt anything unusual when it transmitted information.”

“You can’t even feel it yourself!” Wang Teng was really frightened this time.

What kind of method is this?

That’s a little too outrageous.

There is a saying that goes well, it’s nothing if you can hide something from others, but you are really awesome if you can hide it from yourself.

Isn’t this exactly the situation at hand?

“So you can rest assured.” Lord Xingyun added: “Besides, I feel that this demon’s control over my mechanical body is not perfect.”

Wang Teng nodded, no longer doubting anything, and asked: “I wonder where the soul liaison device is? And how to activate it?”

Venerable Xingyun immediately told Wang Teng the hidden location of the soul liaison device, and then paused.

“As for the startup method…that’s all.”

It sighed, and finally taught Wang Teng a complex mark made of mechanical runes.

Wang Teng’s eyes were strange, and he felt as if he had obtained something extraordinary, but he didn’t think much about it. He was quickly attracted by the mark.

“How about it? With your rune skills, can you engrave it?” Lord Xingyun was quite confident in Wang Teng’s rune skills, but when things came to a close, he felt it was extremely risky.

I wonder if the other party can do it?

“Don’t worry, senior, it’s not a big problem.” Wang Teng smiled lightly.

“…” Venerable Xingyun.

It seems that he pretended to be a little bit.

“Be sure to be cautious. In order to keep it these soul communicators are unique.”

“Originally, I could open it with the power of my soul, but now that I am trapped, I can only use this special rune mark.”

“But in this case, we must ensure the accuracy of the rune imprints. If there is a slight error, the soul liaison device will self-destruct.”

Venerable Xingyun still reminded him.

“I understand.” Wang Teng nodded.

To be honest, if his control over the mechanical runes hadn’t reached a small level, I don’t know how much time it would have taken to learn this mark.

Ordinary saint-level rune masters may not be able to fully master it in a short period of time.

According to Lord Xingyun, if this mark cannot be perfectly engraved, it is estimated that the soul liaison device will not be able to be used, which is indeed a bit difficult.

But again, it doesn’t bother him. (End of chapter)

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