Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 2367: The troubles of happiness! The origin of bones is complete! Bones…



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[Tiger Demon Soul] is really happy, a happiness that outsiders cannot experience.

A large amount of soul power poured into its body for free, strengthening its soul power and making it visibly stronger.

Although compared with the main weapon soul of the evil tiger demon seal, it is still very weak.

But it is already very difficult for [Soul of the Tiger Demon] to be able to improve so quickly. What else is needed for a bicycle.

After a while, [Tiger Demon Soul] fully accepted the soul power sent by Wang Teng, and said gratefully and respectfully: “Thank you, Master.”

It is now more and more confused about this new owner, and the awe in its heart is even stronger.


Wang Teng nodded, his voice casual and calm, as if he had just done a small thing.

In fact, this is indeed the case. For [Tiger Demon Soul], this is a big deal, but for him, it is just a small thing that is normal.

It no longer paid attention to [Tiger Demon Soul], but continued to absorb attribute bubbles.

[Tiger Demon Will]: 28500/60000 (Level 6);

[Tiger Demon Will] has been improved a lot before, and now that it has been improved again, Wang Teng has a deeper understanding of it and a stronger grasp.

The degree of mastery is related to the amount of backlash he receives when he exerts this power of will.

The higher the level of mastery, the smaller the backlash will naturally be.

Originally there was no such problem, but the power of will that he had mastered was too high.

The troubles of happiness.

Next is [Dark Origin], and the power of this origin has been improved again.

Wang Teng feels that if he summons the projection of the Sea of ​​Laws, it seems that he can be larger than before.

This is a vague feeling, but there is no basis for it, as if it should be like this.

Mysterious and mysterious.

This is the first time since I absorbed the original law.

[Origin of Bones]: 85000/90000 (Level 9);

Finally, there is [Origin of Bones]. Wang Teng has placed high hopes on this power of the original law, hoping that it can reach perfection this time.

Now it seems very promising.

85,000 attribute points, only 5,000 points away from perfection.

I feel like I should be able to reach it if I pick up another wave.

Wang Teng looked into the distance. Although black light was everywhere and he couldn’t see very far away, he was 100% sure that there were attribute bubbles in front of him.

“Dahu, let’s go.”

Wang Teng didn’t waste any more time and galloped straight ahead.

“???” [Tiger Demon Soul] widened his eyes.

Big, big tiger?

What the **** is this name?

It is a majestic Dark Demon Evil Winged Tiger, and is even a semi-god-level existence. How could it have such a pet-like name?

[Tiger Demon Soul] wanted to object, but Wang Teng had already gone away quickly.

It gritted its teeth and had no choice but to follow first, deciding to find an opportunity to have a good talk with its new owner.

This title must not be placed on its head.

The dignity of the dark beast must be defended to the death.

Wang Teng didn’t know what [Tiger Demon Soul] was thinking. At this moment, he was observing his surroundings while galloping forward.

With the reminder of [Tiger Demon Soul], he quickly discovered the soul power radiating around the bone chain.

The smell is different.

One is the aura belonging to the soul of the weapon, similar to the [Soul of the Tiger Demon].

The other is the soul breath of the Bone Demon God.

Wang Teng is quite familiar with the soul aura of the Bone Demon God, so he can easily distinguish it.

For him to be able to travel here so quickly now, the previous preparations can be said to have played a crucial role.

Everything serves this moment.

[Tiger Demon Soul], who was chasing after him, became more and more surprised.

If it hadn’t been reminded before, the new owner’s behavior really showed that he didn’t know the existence of the Bone Chain.

It has to wonder whether the other party has already figured out everything here.

How else could it move so fast?

It looks like this place is not too familiar.

Soon, Wang Teng picked up a lot of attribute bubbles, and among them were the attributes of [Origin of Bone].

A large number of gray and black runes suddenly appeared in his mind, emitting an astonishing light.


At this moment, a buzzing sound sounded, and a familiar feeling appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.

Countless gray and black runes emerged one after another, guarding the dazzling gray and black runes just now in the middle.

Is this scene very familiar?

It is almost exactly the same as the scene that appeared when [Dark Origin] was completed before.

It’s just that this time the black runes turned into gray-black runes. There is an essential difference between the two.

This is the origin law of bones!

Wang Teng’s law of the origin of bones is finally complete at this moment.

As these endless runes emerged, a large number of runes were intertwined and connected with each other, turning into chains that shuttled through the void.


The vibration of the chains suddenly resounded through the void. These rune chains were like bone chains, giving people a sense of death and silence.

In the end, it turned into a sea of ​​special runes that was extremely silent.

The vastness and majesty, death and silence!

It gives people an indescribably weird and shocking feeling.

The sea of ​​laws is coming!

Wang Teng was overjoyed, but also felt extremely strange. Although he had already had a similar experience, who would dislike this kind of experience more often?

Being able to bring the land of the original law down and turn it into a sea of ​​law is an excellent opportunity for any warrior to gain insights.

It helps them understand the existence of the place of original laws.

And if you experience it carefully, you will find the difference between these two seas of law.

With different original laws, the sea of ​​laws will naturally be different.

The mystery is difficult to describe clearly in words. No one can know the mystery without personal experience.

“I’ve become stronger again.”

Wang Teng was filled with emotion. Although the two original laws were of darkness, who cares about this.

Becoming stronger is the best result, nothing else matters, okay?

[Origin of Bones]: 90000/90000 (Level 9);

“It’s really complete.” Wang Teng glanced at the attribute panel and was extremely satisfied.

I really didn’t expect that being captured by the Bone Demon God this time would bring such benefits.

The two original laws were perfect, and even during the war at Lanji Void Fortress, he did not dare to think about it.

After all, at that time, his original law was only at the fifth level, which was far behind.

But now, not only has it reached the ninth level, it has also directly touched the realm of perfection. Thinking about it, it feels unreal and very magical.

“In the realm of the Dark Demon King, I am probably invincible.” This thought suddenly appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.

This idea is undoubtedly a bit arrogant.

There are so many high-level demon king-level beings of the dark species, and many are even powerful men who have never been born, all secretly dormant, trying to attack the demon king-level.

It can be said that the high-level Demon King-level existences Wang Teng encountered were actually not many.

There are so many dark races, and the high-level Demon King-level existences hidden among them are even more unpredictable.

How could he dare to claim to be invincible when he was an existence equivalent to the peak of the mid-level Demon King?

If these words were spread, I don’t know how much ridicule they would receive.

But I have to admit that Wang Teng already has this qualification.

The original laws of the two dark systems have reached perfection. How many high-level demon king-level beings can do this?

At this moment, Wang Teng felt a little agitated, and it took him a while before he completely calmed down.

At this moment, another special attribute bubble poured into his body, causing an extremely strange scene to appear in his mind.

Wang Teng’s pupils shrank and he stopped involuntarily.

In his mind, the sea of ​​laws that had just been reflected had disappeared, but now there were huge chains of bones condensing out.

This time, it’s a real bone chain!

The sound of crashing vibrations echoed in the void, and chains of white bones shuttled around, eventually turning into a huge cage.

Outside the cage, a huge illusory bone palace suddenly emerged, as if it appeared from the void.

“This is…”

Wang Teng was shocked and looked at this scene in disbelief.

The Prison of Bones!

This is clearly the Hell of Bones!

Could it be that the chain of bones here is also a manifestation of the [Secret Technique of the Soul of the Bone Demon Hell]?

As soon as this idea arose, a large amount of information appeared, and soon a hint of enlightenment appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.

“It turns out to be the Demon Prison of Bones!”

Wang Teng couldn’t help but take a deep breath, forced himself to calm down, and looked at the attribute panel.

[The Soul Secret Technique of the White Bone Demon Prison] (God level·Incomplete): 23500/30000 (skilled); (Blackwater Prison, Bone Soul Locking Prison)

The properties of this mysterious soul technique have undergone significant changes.

The first is the change in attribute value, which has increased from more than 10,000 points to 23,500 points.

Then there are instructions at the end.

Originally there were only three characters [Black Water Prison], but now there are five new fonts [White Bone Soul Locking Prison].

This shows that the secret method of the soul in front of you has been supplemented and another method of casting has been obtained.

Judging from the information in the comprehension, [White Bone Soul Locking Prison] is much more powerful than [Black Water Prison].

“It seems that I am only worthy of letting him use the Black Water Prison.” Wang Teng took pleasure in the pain and laughed at himself.

Of course, he didn’t really care.

He is only at the Domain Lord level, so it is already amazing to be able to use the secret method of the soul for a demon god, right?

I don’t know how many people want to shout when word spreads – Awesome!


I am proud! I am proud!


And if the Bone Demon God uses this [Bone Soul Locking Prison] against him, his chances of escaping will probably be even smaller.

This [Bone Soul Locking Prison] is obviously more powerful in confining the power of the soul.

Why bother asking for trouble?

“However, this divine soul secret method is still incomplete, indicating that there are other forms of transformation later, which is similar to the [Mysterious Soul Control Technique].”

Wang Teng was a little surprised and couldn’t help but mutter.

[Mysterious Method of Taming the Soul of All Things] can be divided into levels such as Baixiang, Qianxiang, and Wanxiang.

Progress step by step.

The Black Water Prison and the Bone Soul Locking Prison are similar to the [Secret Technique of the Soul of the White Bone Demon Prison].

In this way, these soul secret techniques are probably similar, and can allow those god-level beings and demon-god-level beings to practice for a long time.

So, after being promoted to the **** level or the demon **** level, are there other soul realms?

Judging from the breakdown of the realm of the Divine Soul Secret Technique, it is obvious that there are still more.

Others may not know it, but Wang Teng saw some clues from the side.

It’s numb!

His whole body was numb.

Now he has not even reached the world lord level soul realm, but found out that after reaching the **** level, there are still higher realms. Just thinking about it makes him feel like his eyes are going dark.

It’s such a long road ahead.

No wonder those seniors said that knowing too much before reaching the realm is not a good thing.

If ordinary warriors knew this information, wouldn’t they be afraid of martial arts and be afraid of it?

Wang Teng shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

After all, he is much faster than others. He has reached this point after only a few years of training. It shouldn’t take too much time to reach the **** level, right?

People are afraid of comparing themselves to others.

Now that he compares with others, he feels much more comfortable.

Then he continued to gallop forward, while not forgetting to continue picking up attribute bubbles.

The [Bone Soul Locking Prison] I just picked up does not have too many attributes, and my understanding is not deep enough. I need to continue to collect wool.

The space inside the body of this skeletal giant tiger is surprisingly large, and it should be due to the power of space.

Wang Teng multitasked, observing the runes engraved on the bones, and found quite a few ancient space runes, and was quite surprised.

“Does this Evil God Tiger Seal have the power of space?” He immediately asked through a message.

“Master, how do you know?” [Tiger Demon Soul] was surprised and thought about it carefully. It seems that it has not told this new master any relevant information, right?

“You only need to answer my question.” Wang Teng did not answer, but said lightly.


[Tiger Demon Soul] did not dare to neglect, nodded and said: “The Evil God Tiger Demon Seal can indeed burst out space attacks, and this is also the reason why the Bone Demon God uses me as its soul.”

“Oh?” Wang Teng’s eyes flashed, as if he thought of something, and looked at [Tiger Demon Soul]: “You, the Dark Evil Winged Tiger Clan, actually have space talent!?”

“It can be said to be a talent. Our clan is quite sensitive to the power of space, so our perception of space is much higher than that of ordinary star beasts.”

When it comes to this matter, although [Tiger Demon Soul] is a little humble, it is obviously more proud.

Although their clan does not have the legendary [space body], their ability to be close to the power of space is better than most races.

This is also the reason why they can become dark behemoths. Every dark beast is extremely powerful.

If it hadn’t been targeted by a demon-level being, it wouldn’t be as miserable as it is now. It can only be said that fate has tricked people… Tiger!

“…” Wang Teng was silent for a moment and praised: “That’s very good.”

[Tiger Demon Soul] was quite happy to hear the praise from this mysterious master, but for some reason, it always felt a little weird.


At this time, Wang Teng suddenly stopped and looked forward solemnly.

In the void, chains of white bones penetrated from beneath the ground, straight up into the air, entangled and intertwined with each other, turning into huge cages.

And in that cage, a golden figure was trapped. (End of chapter)

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