Complete Martial Arts Attributes Chapter 2352: For Wang Teng! Mr. Ji is a warrior of the light system! 6…


The strong men present were very surprised.

They had just heard the news that both Zhulong Territory and Tianlan Territory had agreed to dispatch an Immortal-level Venerable.

Do you want it to be so fast?

Don’t you think about it carefully?

Being able to make a decision in such a short period of time, the refreshingness of Zhulong Territory and Tianlan Territory feels a bit wrong.

You must know that even the forces they belong to do not dare to say that they can make a decision immediately after knowing the news.

The dispatch of an Immortal-level Venerable would really have a great impact on them, and most forces would not dare to make a move at all.

Especially for some forces, there is only one Immortal-level Lord coming, how can they be easily mobilized.

For a moment, the strong men present all looked at the strong men belonging to the Tianlan Territory and the Zhulong Territory, with unclear meanings in their eyes.


This matter probably has little to do with them. Why are they so happy?

After the surprise, deep doubts followed.

Did the Machine Tribe promise them any benefits?

Many strong men thought about it in their hearts, and then their hearts moved slightly, and they couldn’t help but look at the Star Machine King of the Mechanical Tribe.

There must be something fishy here!

If the Machine Tribe really promised any benefits, then they should think about it carefully.

However, at this time, the strong man from the Zhulong Clan said calmly: “My Zhulong Clan has a good relationship with little friend Wang Teng. Now that something like this has happened, I naturally have to contribute.”

If Wang Teng were here, he would definitely recognize that this person is the Ding Dragon King Zhulong Ding he had met on Zhulong Star, a king-level immortal being of the Zhulong Clan.

The appearance of the other party here is enough to show that the Zhulong Clan attaches great importance to Wang Teng.

Of course, this is just a projection, and the opponent’s true body is still in Zhulong Star.

Now that the three major territories are blocked, even the King-immortal-level existence cannot easily leave and can only appear in this way.

“For Wang Teng!”

As Zhulongding spoke, the powerful men present were slightly startled.

This answer was somewhat unexpected.

They thought for a long time, thinking that the machine clan had promised some benefits, but it turned out that their idea seemed too dirty.

It’s not because of anything else, but because of Wang Teng? ! !

After going around in a big circle, all the results seem to point directly to one person…Wang Teng!

This meeting was largely held because of Wang Teng.

It is also because of Wang Teng that so many powerful people gathered.

The immortal-level venerables were dispatched from the Zhulong Territory, also for Wang Teng.


Wang Teng!

Wang Teng!

Wang Teng!

It’s all Wang Teng!

Relatively speaking, Lord Xingyun of the Machine Tribe seems to be mentioned less often.

This is really ridiculous.

Is an immortal-level venerable from the mechanical race worse than a domain lord-level warrior?

What about the Tianlan Territory? Is it also for Wang Teng?

The strong men from all the forces present subconsciously looked at the immortal-level existence in Tianlan territory, their eyes a little strange.

That look seemed to say: “Don’t tell us that Tianlan Territory is also for Wang Teng.”

Zhu Longding also couldn’t help but look at the strong man from Tianlan Territory, with a hint of inquiry in his eyes. He was also extremely curious about the reason for Tianlan Territory’s attack.

The reason why the Zhulong Clan took action was because they had a lot of interactions with Wang Teng and were extremely optimistic about this extremely talented person.

In addition, there are many strong men guarding Zhulongxing, so it is possible to dispatch an immortal-level venerable.

So you might as well sell the other person face.

If Wang Teng can be successfully rescued, the other party will probably be very grateful to the Zhulong Clan.

In this way, the friendship between the two parties will naturally sublimate, even more than before.

The Zhulong Clan has always wanted to take a step closer to Wang Teng. Isn’t this the best opportunity?

If we miss it, then the Zhulong Clan will look too lackadaisical.

What’s more, behind Wang Teng there are big forces such as Starry Sky Academy, Virtual Universe Company, and the Vice Professional Alliance Headquarters.

It can be seen from the attitude of Mr. Ji from Starry Sky Academy just now how important Wang Teng is in the eyes of these forces.

This made him feel a little grateful for the decision made by the Zhulong Clan.

Being on good terms with Wang Teng is definitely beneficial and harmless.

On the other side, facing everyone’s gaze, the strong man from Tianlan Territory also said:

“After all, the Lanji Void Fortress is part of our Tianlan territory. Now that something like this has happened, we are naturally also responsible.”

“And don’t forget, little friend Wang Teng helped us purify the Tianzhu Star and rescued many warriors from the Tianzhu Star.”

“In addition, he also assisted my strong men in the Tianlan territory to seize the Ash Mine Planet from the hands of the Dark Species.”

“The dark species of the Hades clan appeared in that battle. If he hadn’t assisted, no one could guarantee what the outcome would have been.”

“Isn’t this enough for us to take action for him?”

This powerful man from the Tianlan Territory recounted what Wang Teng had done for the Tianlan Territory in detail, leaving all the powerful men present stunned.

Of course they have heard of these things, and even their ears are filled with cocoons.

But they did not expect that Tianlan Territory would take all the credit for these things on Wang Teng and take action for it.

It seems that they attach no less importance to Wang Teng than Zhulong Territory.

The powerful forces from all sides present felt a little complicated. In the final analysis, it was not for Wang Teng.

In this way, among the three major territories, there are already two major territories that are clearly ready to make friends with Wang Teng.

If the three major territories were not currently blocked and facing a life-and-death crisis, Wang Teng’s connections would probably be enough to shock outsiders.

MMP, is this Wang Teng really so charming?

Although they also attach great importance to Wang Teng, they are not to the extent of two major territories. They can only be said to be inferior.

“Three immortal lords should be enough…”

Commander Xing Ce was about to make a final decision when a voice suddenly came from the side.

“Our Virtual Universe Company will also dispatch an immortal master.”

The person who spoke was the immortal-level venerable sitting in the seat of Virtual Universe Company. He had not spoken just now, so no one knew what he was thinking.

But at this moment everyone understood the attitude of Virtual Universe Company.

They really valued Wang Teng as rumored.

Although many people were very surprised, they were not surprised and had expected this.

Based on this calculation, there are four Immortal Masters dispatched…

Commander Xing Ce glanced at the Immortal Master of Virtual Universe Company and asked: “Does Virtual Universe Company have extra manpower?”

“Commander, you don’t have to worry about this. Our Virtual Universe Company can still find such a manpower.” said the Immortal Master of the Virtual Universe Company.

“If that’s the case, then add one more, so it should be…”

Commander Xing Ce nodded, but before he finished speaking, he was interrupted again.

“Such a big thing happened to that kid. How could we, Starry Sky Academy, just stand by and watch? I’ll take a look myself.” Mr. Ji’s voice suddenly sounded.

This Mr. Ji from Starry Sky Academy has spoken a total of three times since the beginning of the meeting, and has remained silent the rest of the time.

But now he was startling whenever he spoke.

He actually wanted to go to the rescue himself!

Many immortal-level venerables cannot understand the strength of this old man.

He has been reclusive in Starry Sky Academy and rarely takes action, so many people only know his name and don’t know his true strength.

But there are rumors that this Elder Ji’s strength is extremely powerful among all the immortal masters in the entire universe, and can be described as unfathomable.

Now for Wang Teng, I have to go there in person.

In an instant, no one knew what to say.

Not only Virtual Universe Company, but also Starry Sky Academy paid such attention to Wang Teng. It is really incredible.

But now there is a problem before us.

Even if Mr. Ji wanted to take action personally, it would be difficult for him to do so.

Because of the blockade of the dark powerhouse, existences above the immortal level cannot enter the three major territories.

There was once an immortal-level being who tried to forcefully enter it. As a result, an unknown major change occurred, and he was almost infected by the power of darkness.

If there had not been a true god-level being to take action, the consequences would have been disastrous.

“Mr. Ji, this is too risky.” Commander-in-Chief Xing Ce looked at Mr. Ji and immediately shook his head, obviously not agreeing with the other party’s personal entry into the three territories.

He thought that Mr. Ji was worried about Wang Teng’s problems, so he wanted to take the risk and enter it.

The Immortal Master of Virtual Universe Company just spoke. He did not stop him because there were already powerful people from Virtual Universe Company in the three major territories.

The two situations are not the same.

“Don’t worry, Commander, I have a way to get in.” Mr. Ji said calmly.

“You have a way to enter?!” Commander-in-Chief Xing Ce was stunned.

I don’t know how long this problem has troubled the coalition forces, but now Mr. Ji actually told him that there is a way to enter.

The eyes of the strong men from other forces also burst out with a flash of light, staring closely at Mr. Ji.

If there is any way to allow immortal-level beings from the outside world to enter the three major territories, then they don’t have to be so passive, and the balance of the war will definitely tilt to their side.

“You don’t have to look at me like this, old man. This method can only be used by myself and cannot be popularized. Otherwise, I would have spoken out a long time ago.” Mr. Ji shook his head and said.

Everyone felt regretful, but they could not help but nodded slightly, believing what Mr. Ji said.

Under such circumstances, as a strong man on the side of the bright universe, Mr. Ji cannot possibly hide anything for selfish reasons.

Otherwise, if anyone knew about it, everyone’s saliva alone would be enough to drown him.

It is impossible for him to extirpate himself from the bright universe because of this matter.

Besides, since Mr. Ji dared to speak out, it naturally means that there is no problem, otherwise he would not be trapping himself and shooting himself in the foot.

“I don’t know what method it is? Can Mr. Ji tell you easily?” However, everyone was still extremely curious and couldn’t help but ask.

Mr. Ji looked around, his eyes dull, and finally raised a palm. Endless white light gathered on his palm, and finally turned into a white star the size of a palm.


It’s so bright that it’s hard to keep your eyes open.

Like a white super star.

But the strange thing is that the light does not bloom out, it is only limited to the white star.

If you don’t look at it, nothing will happen.

Only when you stare at it, you will feel the dazzling light, which makes people unable to look directly.

Even the immortal beings present had their eyes narrowed at this moment, and many of them had even glanced away, unable to keep staring.

Only a few immortal-level venerables can still make a cursory observation.

“This is…the power of light!!!”

Everyone was shaken abnormally and felt a little unable to calm down.

Mr. Ji turned out to be a light warrior!

No one knows!

No one knew about it before!

This is too unbelievable.

For a powerful being who has cultivated to the level of an Immortal Lord, not many people know what kind of warrior he is.

Even Commander-in-Chief Xing Ce could not help but have a flash of astonishment in his eyes. He was silent for a moment and then said: “Mr. Ji, aren’t you a thunder warrior?”

“Old man, I don’t have only one attribute.” Mr. Ji curled his lips and said lightly.

“…” Commander-in-Chief Xing Ce was speechless.

It made so much sense that he couldn’t refute it.

“…” The strong men from other forces were also speechless. They really didn’t expect it to be such a simple answer.

Multiple warriors!

How normal!

It is completely normal for an immortal-level master to have more than one attribute of the Force.

Among the powerful people present, there are not many who possess two or three attributes of the force, but only one attribute.

After all, most of the warriors who can reach the immortal level are extremely talented people, and having multiple types of force is the standard.

But this is the force of light!

Just because it is a light type, it seems a bit abnormal, okay?

Everyone knows that the light system is very rare, and there are even fewer warriors who can grow to this level.

Generally speaking, it is impossible for such a powerful light-type warrior to remain unknown until now.

It’s okay for ordinary warriors not to know, but they are all at the same level, basically in the same circle, and they have never heard of it.

This is so **** outrageous!

“In short, I have a way to enter the three major territories, and I have a way to protect myself from being infected by the power of darkness. You don’t need to worry.”

Mr. Ji said impatiently: “If there is nothing else, I will leave quickly, old man. The boy has been taken away for such a long time and cannot wait any longer.”


Commander Xing Ce had no reason to stop him, so he nodded immediately. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly paused and asked, “Isn’t there any one of you who wants to go to the rescue?”

He was also a little helpless.

After being interrupted twice in a row, people who didn’t know better thought that his majesty as the commander-in-chief of the coalition forces had been challenged.

But even so, it’s a bit depressing.

Can’t these forces be made clear at once? He had to stand up one by one, which made him a little confused as to how to arrange it.


Danchen Yuanlao from the Deputy Professional League Headquarters also attended the He originally wanted to speak, but was interrupted by Commander Xing Ce, and he couldn’t help but be slightly taken aback.

When the other party finished speaking, he gave the other party a strange look and said, “There should be someone from my deputy professional league headquarters.”

Commander Xing Ce: “…”

Sure enough, there are still people!

Fortunately, he asked again, otherwise he would have been interrupted again.

Everyone: “…”

The powerful forces from all sides present could not help but fall into silence.

That’s six immortal-level venerables, right? ! !

As for what?

Although I know everyone is worried, there is no need to be so.

(End of this chapter)

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