Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3924: Mysterious powerhouse


With the cooperation of the Source of Life and purple-azure Dual Swords, Jian Chen blocked the sudden Primordial Spirit attack.

But despite this, his Primordial Spirit also suffered heavy injuries, and there was a sharp tearing pain, as if it had been cut hard by a sharp blade, and it was almost split in two. a feeling of.

This is an Primordial Spirit attack from a Immortal Venerable realm late-stage. The moment it first appeared, both purple-azure Dual Swords and the Source of Life slowed down a bit, causing Jian Chen to withstand the initial damage.

In just that moment, he Primordial Spirit suffered heavy losses.

If it weren’t for his special Primordial Spirit, I’m afraid if he transformed into anyone in the Immortal Emperor realm, even powerhouse who reached the peak of the Immortal Emperor realm in cultivation level, would end up like body and soul completely eliminated in the face of this attack.

The gap between the Immortal Venerable realm late-stage and the Immortal Emperor realm is so huge that even the natural chasm is not enough to explain it.

The severe pain made Jian Chen groan involuntarily. He complexion turned pale and reflexively took out the heavenly material treasure that cured Primordial Spirit and swallowed it orally.

For the injuries on Primordial Spirit, the source of life cannot help him yet.

“Hey, you only suffered such a few injuries? Just a Immortal Emperor, as stunning as an ant, and he can survive under the secret skills of this King. It’s really inconceivable.” In the dark, there was an old voice faintly. It sounded like it was far away, yet it seemed like it was very close.

“Soul! Sacrifice!”

As this ethereal voice sounded in Jian Chen‘s ears, he suddenly felt a mysterious and mysterious special power, as if it appeared out of thin air, breaking through own‘s Escape Divine Armor, ignoring own‘s flesh body defense, Appeared directly out of thin air in own‘s Primordial Spirit.

In the face of this special power, Jian Chen felt a power so vast that own could not resist it. In front of this power, Jian Chen felt that own was like an ant, without any resistance or struggle. force.

This is an ancient secret skill, Rank is not low, it can even be said to be extremely high.

The power of such a high-grade level secret technique is already unimaginable if it is used by a Immortal Venerable level late-stage powerhouse.

But this time, the source of life was well prepared and protected Jian Chen‘s Primordial Spirit in all directions.

When that mysterious force bombarded the shield formed by the source of life, even the power of the source of life was shaken, causing the emerald green light shield to shake slightly.

“This secret technique is not simple. It is much better than the stronger just now. Fortunately, I have recovered some strength over the years, otherwise Huan Zhen (really) may not be able to block it.” This time, the voice of the source of life was full of surprise. .

“This technique was created by Supreme. Master, you must be extremely careful.” purple-azure Dual Swords warned solemnly, with a heavy tone, as if facing a formidable enemy.

Immortal Venerable realm late-stage? Who is this person?” Jian Chen felt solemn. He carefully recalled all the people who entered MoroHeaven this time, but he didn’t have the slightest clue.

cultivation level The only known person who has reached such a height is the Ningxu Sword Master, but the Ningxu Sword Master has not entered Mount Heaven.

Moreover, the perceptions of Great Principles Principle by both parties are completely different.

“Although there are opportunities in Heaven, the biggest opportunity is just Way of Sword seeds. Logically speaking, Way of Sword seeds cannot attract such powerhouse.” Jian Chen was puzzled, and at this time, after taking heavenly material treasure Finally, although his injured Primordial Spirit did not have completely healed, it temporarily regained its strength.

Sect Master, what’s wrong with you?” Qianhun Demon Venerable stared at Jian Chen with a pair of eyes, showing surprise and uncertainty. He looked back at the group of Immortal Venerable getting closer and closer behind him, and immediately grabbed Jian Chen without any explanation. shoulders and galloped forward.

“There is a Immortal Venerable realm late-stage powerhouse who is secretly attacking me.” Jian Chen said with a somewhat weak tone.

“What? Immortal Venerable Realm Back…Back…late-stage…” hearing that, Thousand Souls Demon Venerable complexion big change, with a look of panic. His eyes glanced around subconsciously, and a haze emerged in his heart.

Immortal Venerable realm late-stage seems to have a terrifying intimidating power. Even just hearing its name can make 4-layer‘s Thousand Souls Demon Venerable tense up, like a cold light on their backs.

“Don’t worry, he can’t kill me, Qianhun Demon Venerable, you go to Highest Beginning Temple immediately. If he attacks you, I can’t save you.” Jian Chen‘s tone is still a bit weak, but Primordial Spirit has become more stable.

He immediately included Devouring Immortal Monster Flower and Thousand Souls Demon Venerable into Highest Beginning Temple.

He is protected by the source of life, and even 7-layer powerhouse cannot kill him, but Qianhun Demon Venerable and Devouring Immortal Monster Flower have no such trump card.

Next, Jian Chen was not attacked by the weird Primordial Spirit again. The mysterious powerhouse who secretly attacked him seemed to be shocked that own failed to kill Jian Chen twice.

During this period, Jian Chen kept swallowing heavenly material treasure and God level Medicine Pill, all of which were used to cure Primordial Spirit.

The initial Primordial Spirit attack seriously injured him, which has indirectly affected battle strength. At this juncture, he must recover as soon as possible.

He practices Chaos Body and is protected by the source of life. What he is not afraid of the most is the injuries on flesh body. In Chaos Sea, such as Mindless Boy and Myriad Bones Building Leader, powerhouse could not kill him in a short time.

But Primordial Spirit is still one of his weaknesses.

Immortal Venerable realm late-stage… I can only use the Heavenly God formations to compete with these powerhouses, but I don’t know if I can hit them with my incomplete Heavenly God formations.” Jian Chen flew at a high speed While plundering, he was secretly thinking about how to deal with it, but in the end he found that own had no means to suppress powerhouse.

Even if the Heavenly God formations can hit, their power is at most equivalent to that of 7-layer, which is equivalent to the power of the opponent’s blow.

In other words, every time the opponent takes a shot, the power is equivalent to a blow from the Heavenly God array. A genuine Immortal Venerable realm late-stage has countless blows that are comparable to the Heavenly God array.

And the Heavenly God formations in his hands can only hit one blow at the moment!

As for purple-azure Dual Sword Combination, it has been brewing for too long and there is no chance at all.

After much thought, Jian Chen found that own had no other way to deal with these powerhouse except throwing away the Way of Sword seeds and hiding in the void with the help of Divine Armor.

At this moment, the vision in front of Jian Chen suddenly turned dark. Neither his naked eyes nor the power of Spiritual Consciousness could peek into the outside world. He could only feel the powerful energy fluctuations in the surroundings. Dance, and in an instant they form a powerful formation with own Seal inside.

This formation was stronger larger than any great formation he found on the mountaintop area, and he could not break it open with his strength.


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