Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3913: Fierce competition


Mo Heaven, the powerful sword qi that reflected the entire world has disappeared. Even the cracked portal in the void has been closed again. The Way of Sword seed that escaped from it turned into a flowing light, exuding the bright rays of light. The motorcycles Heaven are running around in the mountain top area, avoiding the pursuit of those Immortal Venerable.

Behind the Way of Sword seeds, more and more Immortal Venerable realm Old Ancestors were chasing, and people joined in from time to time on the way. Everyone had their eyes hot and they were determined to win the Way of Sword seeds.

“Why are you Immortal Venerable 1-layer people here to join in the fun? Even if you get the Way of Sword seed, what if you can keep it…”

fellow daoist of Immortal Venerable realm 1-layer should give up. This Way of Sword seed is destined to miss you…”

“Bah, don’t try to trick us. Way of Sword seeds cannot be obtained only by strong strength. It depends on chance. If you have deep luck, you can still get it even if you only have Immortal Emperor realm cultivation level…”

“Old Yushan, what you have is not Way of Sword Principle, why are you still chasing the Way of Sword seeds? Even if you get the Way of Sword seeds, what’s the use?”

Ha Ha Ha, I don’t master Way of Sword, and I have never thought about mastering Way of Sword Principle. This Way of Sword seed is indeed useless to me, but I have promised layman Tingqi to help her win the Way of Sword seed… ”


The Immortal Venerables chasing after each other also quarreled from time to time, but it did not affect their pursuit of the Way of Sword seeds.

At this moment, a transparent light curtain rose from the ground and turned upside down like a large bowl, covering the Way of Sword seeds escaping in front.

This is a powerful God level formation, but it is obviously very different from the ordinary great formation. When the Way of Sword seed fell into this formation, its spiritual wisdom seemed to be suppressed instantly and became dull, floating three feet above the ground in mid-air. like a statue.

“This is the Soul Locking Divine Formation!”

“The Soul Locking Divine Array is specially designed to restrain all Spirit Body and spiritual objects in the world. It can greatly suppress the opponent’s spirituality and make it muddy…”

“The Rank of the Soul-locking Divine Array is extremely high. Even some cultivation level and the peak powerhouse of Immortal Venerable late-stage may not be able to deploy it. Most of the Soul-locking Divine Arrays spread in the world are refined by some top powerhouse The array…”

“No, Way of Sword seeds are trapped by the Soul Locking Formation…”


In an instant, Immortal Venerable, who were pursuing from behind, arrived in front of the Soul Locking Formation, each one complexion ugly.

“Take it!” Behind the Soul Locking Divine Formation, a soft squeaking sound came, and Xuan Ling master/monarch was seen rising aura all over his body, and the surging power of cultivation level was flowing. His to hit seal skills were changing rapidly, and the array disks were changing from one piece to another. Flying up from the ground, the spirit-locking divine formation trapping Way of Sword‘s seeds soon began to shrink rapidly.

Immortal Venerable, who was chasing all the way, naturally did not want to watch Xuanling master/monarch take away the Way of Sword seeds. They saw a sword light of sword light piercing the sky and striking the Soul Locking Formation in an instant, causing this The array’s light curtain trembled.

The Rank of the Soul-locking Divine Formation is very high, but after all, it is not defense type formation, nor is it attack type formation. It is just a special great formation used to suppress spirituality, so after enduring a Immortal Venerable level 2-layer After hitting, there will inevitably be shaking.

Way of Sword seeds have been captured by me. Everyone, are you trying to **** Way of Sword seeds from me?” Xuanling master/monarch complexion sank, and the power of cultivation level of Immortal Venerable realm 4-layer exploded instantly, which immediately caused a lot of psychological pressure on some low-level Immortal Venerable .

“Xuanling master/monarch, don’t overpower others. As long as the Way of Sword seeds have not been refined, anyone can fight for it.” The Immortal Venerable who attacked the Soul Locking Formation laughed loudly without any fear. As he spoke, he held high-grade Divine Sword and unleashed a dazzling sword qi that hit the Soul Locking Formation again.

Someone took the lead, and the people behind them also put aside their worries and began to attack the Soul Locking Formation unscrupulously.

The realm of Xuan Ling master/monarch is indeed higher than that of these Immortal Venerable, but similarly, no one will give up the opportunity in front of them because they are too worried about offending Xuan Ling master/monarch.

Opportunities are in front of us, let alone Xuanling master/monarch behind’s Ling Jue Tiangong, even if a stronger background than Ling Jue Tiangong appears here, it will not extinguish everyone’s enthusiasm for the Way of Sword seed.

“How presumptuous, you are making enemies of our Ling Jue Tiangong!” Xuanling master/monarch was furious, and his aura surged to the sky. As he held his palm in the air, high-grade Divine Item Huiyun Divine Sword immediately appeared in his hand, and then with all his strength He swung out a frightening sword qi and slashed towards a group of Immortal Venerable.

Suddenly, sword light surged forward, like a raging river, with an indomitable momentum.

With this blow, Xuanling master/monarch did not hold back at all. The powerful sword qi containing the power of 4-layer made some 1-layer Immortal Venerable complexion big change on the opposite side.

One sword qi made many Old Ancestors in the Immortal Venerable realm 1-layer feel extremely suffocated.

Ha Ha Ha Ha, as long as we can win the Way of Sword seed, it doesn’t matter if we are enemies of Ling Jue Tiangong. Could it be that Huan Zhen (really) thinks that Ling Jue Tiangong is the Twelve Heavens?” Among the crowd, a man in plain clothes Ha Ha Laughing, he held the war spear in his hand, and as he waved his hands, bursts of destruction aura suddenly burst out, directly slashing towards Xuanling master/monarch‘s sword qi.

Although his strength is not as good as Xuanling master/monarch, he has reached the level of Immortal Venerable and 3-layer!

At the same time, multiple Immortal Venerable realm 2-layer also took action at the same time, all attacking Xuanling master/monarch.

For a time, a fierce conflict broke out between the two sides. Xuanling master/monarch was besieged by many Immortal Venerable. Even though his realm was superior to the others in Mo Heaven, he could not withstand the large number of people. One Immortal Venerable realm 3-layer plus many 2-layer powerhouse, Xuanling master/monarch instantly fell into a disadvantage and fell into a passive situation.

“Xuanling fellow daoist, let me help you!” The black Old Feng ancestor who had been following Xuanling master/monarch flew over from a distance. However, before he could get close, a huge war spear broke through the air. Coming, with the power of 3-layer, he stabbed the black Old Feng ancestor mercilessly.

Bang!” only a muffled sound was heard, and the black Old Feng ancestor was knocked away with one blow.

“Where is Chihuo? Why hasn’t he come here yet?” Xuanling master/monarch shouted angrily.

crack!” Suddenly, a crisp sound came, and the Soul Locking Formation finally broke apart under the siege of many Immortal Venerables. All the formation plates suddenly became rays of light dim and scattered around.

Then, all Immortal Venerable swarmed towards the Way of Sword seeds, divine ability secret techniques one after another, hitting the Way of Sword seeds layer by layer.


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