Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3912: Way of Sword Seed


In the mountaintop area of ​​Mount Heaven, many Immortal Venerables are distributed in different areas. Everyone is looking forward to it and staring at highest without blinking.

After the wildly dancing powerful sword qi lasted for less than half an hour, the power inside finally climbed to its peak, and then a torrent of Heavenly Sword Qi burst out, straight into the sky, and actually merged with the top-level great formation that protected Mo Heaven. One body.

If the top layer of great formation can be compared to a strong iron lock, then the powerful sword qi that burst out at this moment is a key.

When the torrential Heavenly Sword Qi suddenly penetrated the heavy great formation, a hidden portal was quietly opened in the void.

However, when the portal was opened, all the Immortal Venerable realm powerhouses gathered in the mountaintop area had their pupils simultaneously shrinking, showing expressions of extreme surprise and inconceivable.

Because inside that portal, a woman was sitting cross-legged in the air with her eyes closed. A ancient sword wrapped in coarse cloth was placed across her legs.

“It’s Xingcaijian, the daughter of Emperor Luanxing of Tianxing Palace. She…how did she get there?”

“How did she get into the Star Room?”


When they saw the figure in Xingcaijian, all the Immortal Venerable Realm Old Ancestor gathered here were greatly surprised and had great doubts in their hearts.

Even Jian Chen revealed accidental look. No wonder he didn’t find the existence of Xingcaijian after walking around the mountain top area of ​​Mount Heaven for so many times. It turned out that she had gone to a special place that no one could reach.

At this time, inside the portal, a burning the eyes light group flew out, filled with a mysterious and mysterious Way of Sword Principle, and instantly appeared in the sight of all Immortal Venerable realm Old Ancestor.

Way of Sword seed, that is Way of Sword seed…”

“It’s out, the Way of Sword seed is finally born…”

Suddenly, many Immortal Venerable realm Old Ancestors looked at each other with intense eyes.

It’s just that the great formation of the motorcycle Heaven has the ability to close the air. All of them can only fly at low altitude. Once they exceed the limit, they will be suppressed by the power of formation. Therefore, none of them acted rashly when looking at the Way of Sword seeds appearing in the sky.

Because of that height, they can’t reach it at all!

At this time, the Way of Sword seeds flew out from the portal in the void, then fell rapidly in one direction, and soon disappeared from everyone’s sight.

At the same time, the Immortal Venerable realm Old Ancestor figures who were ready to go disappeared one after another, and they all flew away in the direction of the Way of Sword seed falling at the fastest speed.

Jian Chen also took action, his body seemed to be completely integrated into the void, and he was rushing forward with Space Principle. speed was faster than most Immortal Venerable realm Old Ancestor in Heaven.

At this moment, the Way of Sword seed that fell rapidly from the sky was floating three feet above the ground in a stone forest. It was no more than the size of a fist, emitting dazzling rays of light, surrounded by layers of Way of Sword Principle.

It is like an elf, full of spirituality, wandering around in this stone forest, occasionally stopping for a short time, seeming to be thinking, and very curious about everything around it.

Ha Ha Ha, I am the first person to find the Way of Sword seed. It seems that the Way of Sword seed born this time is destined to me.” At this moment, a burst of excited laughter came from not far away. , I saw an old man quietly appearing dozens of miles away. He stared at the Way of Sword seeds in front of him with burning eyes, extremely excited.

He immediately took a step forward, and instantly crossed dozens of miles to reach the Way of Sword seed. Energy surged in his palms, and he directly grabbed the Way of Sword seed.

Suddenly, the void seemed to be frozen. The old man’s grasp used the divine ability technique to directly imprison the void within a radius of dozens of feet, as if he wanted to include all the matter in this area into his palm.

Way of Sword seed seemed to be greatly frightened. rays of light appeared dozens of miles away in a flash, as if teleporting, not affected by the power of confinement.

“Hey, you actually escaped?” The old man expression was startled, but then he laughed and said: “The legend is indeed true. Way of Sword seeds have a certain spirituality, and they have some connection with Mount Heaven‘s top great formation , it is not an easy task to capture.”

“But it doesn’t matter. Since I am the first person to find you, it proves that you and me have the deepest fate, so you will belong to me sooner or later.”

As he said that, the old man took a step forward and came to the Way of Sword seed again. The surging power of cultivation level burst out from his body. He began to use secret skill to confine the void and grabbed the Way of Sword seed again.

This time, his palm seemed to transform into a piece of Cang Qiong (vault of heaven), covering dozens of miles in radius.

However, Way of Sword Seed still ignored all his methods of confinement and appeared hundreds of miles away in the blink of an eye.

The old man was not discouraged. He then took action again and again, using all kinds of means. Even after trying his best, he still failed to capture the Way of Sword seed.

“Why is it so difficult to catch?” Seeing the time passing by, the old man was no longer calm and gradually became anxious.

Ha Ha Ha Ha, Way of Sword seed, I have found you.” At this moment, a loud voice came, and the second Immortal Venerable rushed here, with excitement on his face, and he headed directly towards Way of Sword Seed pounced.

“Old Chumu, get out of here. I discovered the Way of Sword seeds first, and I am his destined one.” The old man who first arrived here roared, and his Immortal Venerable realm momentum exploded, heading directly towards The old man digging wood rushed forward.

The next moment, two people fought fiercely, arousing violent energy storms, and deafening roars broke out every time they fought.

The Way of Sword seed seemed to be an extremely timid little elf. The more fiercely two people hit, the farther it retreated. In the end, rays of light simply dodged and escaped without a trace.

“Damn it, the Way of Sword seeds have disappeared, why don’t you hurry up and catch up!”

The two Immortal Venerables who were fighting fiercely stopped at the same time, and used their speed to chase the Way of Sword seeds.

“Hey, Way of Sword seed, I found you, where can you escape…”

Way of Sword seed, this King has been waiting for you for a long time. You are the best hope for this King to step into the realm of 3-layer…”


Since all the Immortal Venerables in the mountaintop area were almost converging in the same direction, the Way of Sword seeds had just escaped when they kept running into Immortal Venerable Old Ancestors coming from all over the place.

For a time, all the Immortal Venerables were showing off their divine ability, trying every means to capture the Way of Sword seeds. Some people had even laid out layers of Land and Sky Fishing Net in advance, just waiting for the Way of Sword seeds to fall into the trap.

However, in this massage Heaven, the Way of Sword seed completely ignores all restrictions divine ability. All kinds of great formation and traps cannot restraint it in the slightest. Facing more and more Immortal Venerable siege, it is like a tortured rabbit. Xiide, despite his panicked attitude, was always able to escape danger time and time again and escape calmly.


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