Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3911: Signs of birth


In Heaven, the wills of those Immortal Venerable Old Ancestors who are still searching for Jian Chen have been shaken, and many of them have even thought of giving up.

Because those missing Immortal Venerables were indeed missing. They searched the mountaintop area of ​​Mount Heaven for several times, but no trace of them was found.

This couldn’t help but make everyone start to think about it. Gradually, an uneasy feeling spread quietly deep in their hearts.

Someone has already guessed the worst outcome!

“Jiejiejie, Sect Master, true body/this senior‘s strength has been restored to the 4-layer level.” In a certain area of ​​Heaven, Jian Chen was sitting cross-legged on the ground silently recovering the power of own‘s Primordial Spirit, and the sound of Thousand Souls Demon Venerable sounded in his mind the sound of.

After hearing this, a smile gradually appeared on Jian Chen‘s face, and he seemed to be happy for the recovery of Qianhun Demon Venerable.

“But true body/this senior It has only just recovered 4-layer It’s just a level. It’s still a little far from the peak state I once was in, but it’s getting closer. “Qianhun Demon Venerable It seemed extremely exciting. When I was trapped in Giant Elephant In the Immortal Sect, he feels like life is worse than death every day, like a domesticated animal, secretly Wu Tian Today, even death has become a luxury.

But since he followed Jian Chen, his Way of the Demon road suddenly felt enlightened, from the past narrow path to today’s Tongtian Great Principles, which made Qianhun Demon Venerable feel a sigh of relief.

“Starting from Qiyang Old Ancestor, in these period of time, we have killed eight people in Immortal Venerable realm Old Ancestor…” Jian Chen also murmured, killing these eight Immortal Venerable, he also paid some The price is to swallow a lot of heavenly material treasure that restore Primordial Spirit.

However, all the wealth of these eight Immortal Venerable also became his trophies. In short, the gains far outweighed the efforts.

At this moment, a ball of burning the eyes rays of light suddenly came out from the highest of the motorcycle Heaven. It was countless times more intense than the even more stronger of the nine-day scorching sun, instantly rendering the entire motorcycle Heaven into a piece of white day.

When this dazzling rays of light came out, the Nine Heavens Profound Immortal, Immortal Monarch and even Immortal Emperor immortals wandering in various areas of Heaven closed their eyes involuntarily.

Because the light is so dazzling that it has exceeded the limit that many immortals can bear with their naked eyes. Even powerhouse from cultivation level to Immortal Emperor cannot bear it.

Jian Chen also felt that own‘s eyes became extremely stinging, but he did not close his eyes. He saw sword glow surging in his eyes, staring at the highest where Heaven was being rubbed.

On the top of Mount Heaven, there is a huge Divine Sword standing between heaven and earth, releasing a powerful sword intent that is unrivaled in the world.

That Divine Sword is not an entity, but an illusory object condensed from an extremely powerful Way of Sword Principle. Inside, sword qi are criss-crossing, and the wanton and frenzied power makes the void tremble and the world tremble, even if it is Guardian Mo Heaven The layers of terror great formation laid down by Immortal Venerable 9-layer powerhouse himself actually trembled violently in front of this torrent of Heavenly Sword Qi.

It feels like this sword qi is so powerful that it cannot even hold these top great formations, and it feels like it is about to burst.

“This is…Mr. Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword)‘s Way of Sword Principle…”

very powerful is indeed a Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword) master who can dominate a group of Immortal Venerable, 9-layer, top powerhouse. He has been falls/dies for so many years, and the Way of Sword power he left behind still has such terrifying power. …..”

“That sword qi…even if only a trace leaks out, it can easily kill all the Immortal Venerable here…”

“After waiting for so long, this Way of Sword seed is finally born…”


At this moment, the Immortal Venerable realm Old Ancestor distributed in various areas of Mo Heaven have bright rays of light in their eyes. Many people are already gearing up, extremely hot, and they are determined to win the Way of Sword seed in their hearts.

At this moment, all of their minds are occupied by the upcoming Way of Sword seeds, and they no longer care about Yang Yutian.

“This is a sign of the birth of the Way of Sword seed. This day has finally arrived.” In another area of ​​Heaven, Jian Chen‘s eyes seemed to have blood dripping out. This was the damage caused by looking directly at the huge sword qi. .

But he didn’t care about own‘s eyes. He was excited, extremely excited and looking forward to it, staring at the Heaven highest.

In the mountainside area of ​​​​Mo Heaven, in front of a huge stone tablet that records the nine secret swords, several immortals are staying at a certain distance from each other. Fengxian City City Lord Tan Yu Immortal Venerable is also among them.

At this moment, Tan Yu Immortal Venerable‘s eyes were like swords, bursting out bright sword glow. Staring at the top of the mountain for a moment, he could clearly see a huge Divine Sword blooming rays of light that was tens of millions of times stronger than the scorching sun even more stronger. It spreads over every inch of the ground in Mo Heaven, reflecting every inch of void inside. No matter whether the spiritual energy in this world is rich or thin, it cannot stop this terrifying sword intent with a ray of supreme aura.

“This is a sign that the Way of Sword seeds are born.” Tan YuImmortal Venerable murmured, and his mood suddenly became no longer peaceful. A fiery emotion spread quietly in his heart, and he wanted to rush to the top of the mountain to fight for it.

Once he captures the Way of Sword seed left by Mount Tian Jian (Heavenly Sword), his road to Way of Sword is expected to reach a higher level and step into the realm of 3-layer!

But when the figure of Jian Chen appeared in his mind, his fiery heart suddenly became cold as if a basin of cold water had been poured on it.

“As expected, the Way of Sword seed belongs to him. He entered here at the wrong time, so the Way of Sword seed has no chance with Tan.” Tan YuImmortal Venerable sighed in his heart, he withdrew his gaze and stared again stone tablet with the Nine Secret Swords recorded in front of him.

“This place is Tan’s opportunity…”


At the foot of Mount Heaven, in a remote and almost untouched desert, there is also a stone tablet that records one of the nine secret swords. Several Nine Heavens Profound Immortal realm immortals are sitting here, and they are also dazzled. rays of light is so exciting that I can’t even open my eyes.

Jian Chen’s apprentice Jing Mumu was surprisingly among them.

She has also become the person with the lowest cultivation level here, only Profound Immortal level, not even Nine Heavens Profound Immortal.

Judging from Jing Mumu’s age, her training in speed is already unprecedented and she can be called a genius in the world.

In terms of cultivation level level, she is the lowest person in the entire Heaven.

“Xiaohe? Do you think this is a sign of the birth of Way of Sword seeds?” Jing Mumu closed her eyes tightly, her face full of surprise, and was wrapping it around her wrist in a very obscure way. It looked like Just talk to the green vine like an ornament.

Exactly Devouring Immortal Monster Flower!

Devouring Immortal Monster Flower hides aura lurking on Jing Mumu. Unless he comes into contact with some powerful Immortal Venerable, there is no need to worry about being discovered by the immortals who care about Heaven.

Way of Sword seeds are born. The time has come when the master needs us. Little Mumu, it’s time for us to go.” Devouring Immortal Monster Flower sent out waves of thoughts, urging Jing Mumu.

Jing Mumu stood up without hesitation, her beautiful face full of excitement and anticipation, and said: “Then what are you waiting for, Xiaohe, then let’s set off quickly, we can finally go back Went to Master’s side.”


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