Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 410: join (2)


that Elder forgot, they have now join one Sect, and join this Sect, then you must abide by the rules of this Sect, and you must regard this Sect as your own Sect, this is very important, because if you don’t Treat this Sect as your own Sect, then you will do something, sorry about this Sect, is possible will be punished then, don’t forget, you have this Sect restriction on your body, don’t look at it That restriction is fine now, but once this restriction attacks, the consequences will be very serious, so when that Elder heard the words of that disciple, he was shocked, immediately understand, that disciple was warning him, that’s why he So shocking.

that Elder immediately open the mouth and said: “Yes, I understand, please feel relieved, I know I am a Sect person now, I will definitely consider Sect. “His strength is although is possible stronger than the other, but in front of the opponent, he doesn’t dare to use it at all.

Then disciple smiled said: “OK, then I will leave first. If you have any don’t understand, you can ask me. This is my spiritual fluctuation. “After that, disciple took out a piece jade slip and gave it to that Elder, that Elder took it, and then he quickly took out a piece jade slip and gave it to disciple. In the jade slip, it was his spiritual fluctuation, which is also the one type of of here in the Divine Beast world. In this way, they can exchange contact methods, but this method can only allow them to use the jade sword to communicate, and nothing else will work.

Now that Elder has just join Blood Slaughter Sect. He has not even entered Black Tortoise Space. Of course, only is impossible knows about Blood Slaughter Sect, and is impossible has obtained those formation of Blood Slaughter Sect, so even if he wants to use Communication Formation, it is is impossible.

After waiting for that disciple leave, that Elder glanced around, and then open the mouth and said: “everyone also heard it, now everyone let the Battle Soldier in Divine Beast Space come out to pick fruits, first let us Divine Beast Space have enough to say, By the way, pick some leaves from the vines, and also tell our Divine Beast whether they can eat those vines.” Everyone agreed, and then started to take action. The next moment, countless various Gods beasts Space all flew out Battle Soldier, after these Battle Soldier flew out, they were all stunned when they saw the scenery outside. Their performance was worse than those of Island Lord. Those Island Lord has plenty all experienced the Immortal Realm period, and they had seen sunlight. But among the Battle Soldier, has plenty was born in Divine Beast Space. They had never seen sunlight, so when they saw it so bright outside, they were all shocked.

that Elder, they immediately command(er) started picking fruits with those Battle Soldier, and soon they were discover. Those trees are really magical. If you pick the fruit on the tree, it will not take long, immediately will grow another one. It seems like they will never Endless picking.

They brought countless fruits into Divine Beast Space and gave them to the people in Divine Beast Space, but they did not dare to let them eat too much for fear of stuffing the people to death, but that Elder look at had wet eyes after all this. Now, this kind of life is something they couldn’t even ask for, and now it has come true, how can he not be happy.

While they were busy, suddenly flew a jade sword in front of that Elder, that Elder took the jade sword, spiritual force glanced into the jade sword, his two eyes couldn’t help but was stunned, and then he took out immediately He picked up a jade sword and entered some content into the jade sword. Then he let the jade sword fly out with a smile on his face.

On the other hand, not long after, alliance leader of the Jade Shadow League, received the jade sword. He immediately picked up the jade sword, spiritual force looked into the jade sword and saw clearly the contents of the jade sword. When he saw the jade sword clearly, After reading the contents inside, he couldn’t help but two eyes shined. He immediately received all the elders of the Jade Shadow League into his own Divine Beast Space. After all the elders arrived, the alliance leader of the Jade Shadow League look at Everyone said:everyone” Got it, I sent Elder Zhang to Blood Slaughter Sect there to check the situation before. Elder Zhang has already replied to me. The information we received before are all real. Blood Slaughter Sect there does indeed already have a piece, which belongs to our cultivator territory. there is very bright during the day, although cannot see the sun, but it is very bright, and there is also covered with plants, they are now join Blood Slaughter Sect, let us also immediately, Blood Slaughter Sect is now recruiting people, as long as you want join , join, Blood Slaughter Sect are open to receiving people without any restrictions, and join, they only need to plant an restriction on their body, and there is nothing else. Now the fruits of plants on the ground of there are all It is edible. We no longer have to suffer from the headache of eating for ordinary people in Divine Beast Space. At the same time, our Divine Beast can also eat the one type of vines of there grow out. Everyone, I have decided to join them. , don’t know You what do you think? If you everyone don’t object, then we will depart now?” After he said that, he look at everyone, waiting for everyone’s answer. In fact, he very clear, no one will object, because they very clear, these people also I have wanted join Blood Slaughter Sect for a long time, and they have made preparations for this before. thing is all packed and ready, so if they want to object, they have objected to it a long time ago and will not wait until now.

Sure enough, after listening to alliance leader‘s words, none of those people objected, and they all agreed. alliance leader saw that they all agreed. immediately ordered the whole alliance depart to Blood Slaughter Sect there depart. They had been ready for a long time. Now naturally It is possible to immediately depart, so when alliance leader gives the order, everyone will directly depart. In fact, now in the Divine Beast world here, there are many people doing the same thing as them. After they all received the exact information about Blood Slaughter Sect there, they Take direct action.

Soon, people from each alliance arrived at Blood Slaughter Sect there. As soon as they arrived at Blood Slaughter Sect there, Blood Slaughter Sect accepted them directly. After planting restriction on their bodies, they were directly arranged to rest in Sect. The people of the Jade Shadow League asked them to go directly to Elder Zhang and there to rest. They used to be in the same alliance as originally. Now it is of course the most appropriate for them to stay in together. Of course, the people of the Jade Shadow League will not do it either. Objected, they now have although join Blood Slaughter Sect, but they are not very familiar with the situation of Blood Slaughter Sect, so they still need time to understand it slowly. In this process, they still feel at ease with get together, so for arrangements like Blood Slaughter Sect , still very satisfied.

In this way, a month passed between in the blink of an eye. White Eyes also gathered everyone together at this time. He glanced at everyone and then said: “How is the situation now? Divine Beast world here, and How many people don’t have join in our alliance?”

Feng Chuan Shu open the mouth and said : ” Elder Bai ,Now Divine Beast boundary here , most alliances have already join Only a small number of people have not arrived yet, but some people have not arrived yet because they are far away from us. They should arrive with us in the next two days. here , and there are still some that are indeed not moved. It seems that they don’t want it. join We are. ”

White Eyes two eyes among flash of cold light ,he said solemnly : “How many people don’t want join us? ” White Eyes This is not a merciful Lord who is prepared to say, Blood Slaughter Sect There are people who say that there is no such thing, if it is normally , they can still wait slowly, but now they don’t want to wait, so White Eyes When asked this question, almost everyone understand Got what he meant.

Wind Chuan Shu open the mouth and said: “There are still more than a dozen alliances. We have already found out their positions. They are all deep in the Divine Beast world and relatively closed, but their strength is still that of correct/pretty good.” Wind Chuan Shu He is very familiar with those alliances. He has already sent people to scout, so he can answer White Eyes‘s questions fluently.

When White Eyes heard what Chuan Shu said, he nodded, and then said solemnly asked: “Are there any of our people in those alliances?”

Feng Chuan Shu shook his head said: “No, when we defeated the Great Hate Alliance, they did not attend the conference held before. Therefore, in their alliance there, there are no our people, and we originally did not let them go. In our eyes, but now that we want to enter the unify/unified Divine Beast world, we can’t let them be so comfortable in free and unfettered.”

White Eyes nodded, then open the mouth and said: “(It) doesn’t matter without our people, isn’t their alliance located in a remote location? You ask our people to set the coordinates at there, and then we clean them up one by one, Old Ding, you guys these days Work hard, select some people, go directly to Transmission, first deal with all the people who don’t want to join us at all. As for those who are coming to us here, then we are waiting, we are using Within a month, all those alliances must be merged into our Sect. At the same time, Sect here will also start recruiting people. Call all those who join Sect first into official member of Sect. The time is almost up. If If I make them wait longer, I’m afraid they will let the imagination run wild, and that’s not good.”

Everyone responded, White Eyes then open the mouth and said : “From what we will here become cultivator It has been more than a month since I took over my territory, and now it has been only one month, and it has been two months. Shadow Clansman there It’s time to react, we fought back before Shadow Clansman It has been more than two months since the attack began. Adding one month to it, it has been more than three months. The last time the Great Hate Alliance was destroyed, Shadow Clansman It took more than three months for them to attack us. This time they are going to attack us. Three months is enough time for them to respond. At the same time, we must do a good job and they can provide advice at any time. advancing Preparation for attack, understand Yet? ”

Everyone agreed, White Eyes nodded, and then he directly said open the mouth and said: “OK, That’s it, by the way, Lao Cheng, don’t lead people to attack other alliances this time, you first Turning those people in the join Sect alliance into our own people is saying, this is very heavy important, we must turn them into our own people as soon as possible, so that when Shadow Clansman comes to attack, we can exert 100% of our strength, you know If Shadow Clansman comes to attack this time, the situation will be like completely different. They will definitely attack with all their strength because they have determined our identity. As long as they know our identity, they will definitely attack with all their strength. ”()


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