Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1101: Tower


Chapter 14407 Tower

In the endless void, a tower stands quietly. The height of this tower has reached an astonishing 10,000 meters. Its whole body is black, and it just stands quietly in the void. But if you look carefully If you look at it, you will discover. It seems that there are thing on the outer wall of this tower, and they are constantly squirming. The thing that are squirming are not other thing, but individual bugs. These bugs have different shapes. Different, some are beetle, some are fleshy bugs, some look like butterflies, but some look like leeches, all kinds of bugs, densely packed, just on that tower, Keep crawling.

This tower is round, with a cone at the bottom and a big ball at the top. The maximum diameter of the cone is about a thousand meters, while the diameter of the smallest part at the top is only less than a hundred meters. The diameter of that big ball is nearly two thousand meters. On the top of this big ball, there are countless hairs. Of course, they are not real hair, but tentacles. These tentacles are like Like hair, it keeps fluttering. On these tentacles, there are countless eyes. These eyes keep turning and blinking from time to time, as if everything around look at is like this tower, from top to bottom, There is a hint of weirdness in them all.

This tower looks extremely majestic from the outside, but inside it is even bigger. The entire tower has more than a thousand floors from bottom to top. Each one layer is incomparably huge, and the height of each one layer is reached. Several thousand meters, area can’t see the edge at a glance. This is obviously using internal space technology. Otherwise, the height of this tower would be as high as is impossible from the outside.

And at the top of tower, the big ball is a incomparably huge Space. On the top of this Space, there is a thing like the sun, which is shining, and in the middle, it is still A tower and a tower are about a thousand meters long. Except for tower, there are no other buildings in this Space. The entire Space is just an endless forest. In this forest, from time to time, There were bursts of rustling sounds. The sound was not very small, but it was very weird, like countless insects crawling. It made people feel uncomfortable all over.

Besides this inside tower, a in the room and an black-clothed person are standing in front of a stage, quietly look at. The thing on the stage, on that stage, is a bug. This bug looks very weird. , he has a body like a spider, but with eight tentacles. This bug although is not big, only the size of a palm, but it is full of imposing manner. Now he is covered in a transparent cover, and his tentacles are not He kept slapping the cover, making a banging sound. From the tentacles slapping on the cover, you can see that there are barbs one after another. If this hits a person, it will definitely cause bring down and flesh and blood.

Just when the black-clothed person was look ating the bug, his suddenly heart moved, and then his two eyes couldn’t help but light up, slightly smiled said: “Interesting, it came out so quickly.” After saying that, his figure was already vanish from sight, next For a moment, he was appears in a huge Space. In this huge Space, there was no other thing, only a huge pool, and this pool was all filled with black liquid. The black liquid was like It was like unrefined black crude oil, and in this black liquid, there was a person lying there. It was a man, he looked to be 50 years old, but hair was jet black, with a beard, and the skin on his body was one layer Golden, he has no clothes on his body, and it can be seen that there is a large hole in the position of his heart. His heart is already vanish from sight, and his body has long lost the breath of life. He is already dead, and dead He got for a long time, but because of his strength of very formidable, his body has always been in good condition.

But now, there seems to be a strength of life in this man’s body, slowly being born. This force is getting stronger and stronger, and soon reaches Peak, and then a light spot suddenly emerges from this man’s forehead. Flying out, as the light spot flew out, the man originally had reached an indestructible body, and turned into fly ash in an instant, directly vanish from sight, and the light spot became brighter and brighter, suddenly The light spot erupted with a radiance that was brighter than the sun. After that, a figure stood directly appears on there. The man appears was behind there. He didn’t feel any discomfort. He glanced around and soon saw the station. The black-clothed person in there couldn’t help shrinking his two eyes, and then he said solemnly: “The God of Shadow Clan?”

The person who came out of the light was none other than Zhao Hai. He had just reached Upper Realm with ascend. He had said before that as long as he could use comprehend to produce a hundred times the leverage of blessing/additional support, formation, he would directly use ascend, although and finally this lever, formation. It wasn’t his comprehend, but it was Zhang Hongliang and their comprehend, and there were all kinds of attribute, and there were also ones without attribute. He thought it was Heaven’s Will, so he chose ascend, and he held a meeting to let Wen Wenhai They were ready. In fact, all their preparations had been made long ago. Then Zhao Hai directly integrated Immortal Realm here into Void World. Just after Immortal Realm was integrated into Void World there, Zhao Hai felt like he was directly given a ball of light. Shrouded, when he opened his eyes, he saw the God of Shadow Clan.


Zhao Hai has never seen the appearance of the God of Shadow Clan before, because the previous statue of the God of Shadow Clan and the position of his face were all in a whirlpool. Now the God of Shadow Clan is still wearing the same black robe, and the position of his face is not It was in the whirlpool, but it was a black mist, but Zhao Hai felt his aura. He had fought with the projection of the Shadow Clan god. although was just a projection, but there was the aura of the Shadow Clan **** in it, so of course he I immediately felt the breath of the **** of Shadow Clan, but this breath was like ocean, and compared with him, the previous projection was like a small pond, not worth mentioning.

“Hehehe, Zhao Hai ,you are really correct/pretty good , after so many years, you are the first person I have ever seen who passed away from the body of a dead person. internal space The person who got out of the house, but unfortunately, you were not very lucky. You met me as soon as you came out. You are going to die again, but it doesn’t matter , after you die, what’s in your body Space , will also be used by me. A body escaper like you can inherit the body internal space There are very few, but you did it by chance, but I want to grab those on you internal space , if it were better to **** it from him internal space It’s much easier, he’s already dead long time , I still couldn’t get his internal space It’s really a pity that I got it. Fortunately, you came out and from your in hand It will be more convenient to grab it, which is a good thing. ” Shadow Clan **** open the mouth and said .

But Zhao Hai heard a lot of thing from the words of the God of Shadow Clan, and some thing in although. He had already guessed it, but hearing these words from the mouth of the God of Shadow Clan confirmed him idea.

The Space he lived in before was indeed a Expert body internal space. The Expert was killed by the **** of Shadow Clan, so his body internal space became so rigid. If it weren’t for his appears , then those Space, sooner or later will be obtained by the **** of Shadow Clan, and those internal space must be of great benefit to people like the **** of Shadow Clan, otherwise he would not have will not spend to grab it with such great strength. This information is now Zhao Hai in Shadow Clan God here was confirmed.

One is the term “Body Escaper”. “Body Escaper” seems to be a one type of name for a certain one type of person, and if Zhao Hai is not mistaken, it should be a person like him who flew out of Expert‘s body internal space. The general name of , but after other body escapers ascend came out, is possible was in the body of that Space Master, because those Master of Space are still alive, so those people is impossible inherited his internal space, and the Space Master that came out of Zhao Hai ascend, He is dead, with the ability of Zhao Hai, so Zhao Hai has really inherited those Space, and the **** of Shadow Clan does not seem to have don’t know. He has Void World, so he also does not have don’t know. He has integrated those Space into Void World. , he thought that by killing Zhao Hai, he could get those Space, but he did not expect that simply was not the case. Even if he killed Zhao Hai, he could still get the piece of Space, because the piece of Space had been integrated into Void World .

These are all the contents that Zhao Hai inferred from the words of the God of Shadow Clan. He believes that these contents should be correct. He is also paying attention to the surrounding environment. He discover seems to be in a big Space. In this Space, there is only a huge pond, and the pond is filled with black liquid like crude oil. Other than that, there is no thing here.

But when Zhao Hai saw the here environment, his heart sank, because he discover, the atmosphere of the surrounding environment was vaguely coincident with the **** of Shadow Clan, that is also in other words, this Space is related to the **** of Shadow Clan , when he looked at the pond below, and when he thought about what the God of Shadow Clan said, he had reason to believe that the Master of Space, is possible where he lived before was in this pond, although he was dead, his The corpse is possible was soaking in this pond. Thinking of here, Zhao Hai‘s complexion couldn’t help but look ugly.

The God of Shadow Clan has always been look at Zhao Hai. When he saw that Zhao Hai‘s complexion looked ugly, he couldn’t help but smile said: “Don’t think about running away, it’s useless. I’m not afraid to tell you, here is my Space, everything about here, Everyone listen to me command(er), in here, I am God, you can’t escape from my grasp, so Zhao Hai, if you know the truth, you can surrender directly, I can accept you as my servant, and then I will think of a way , slowly turn the Space in your body into my Space. At that time, I can still save your life, and you can follow me in the future. You can still get Eternal Life, which is also good for you. A good thing, this is your last opportunity. If you don’t grasp it, then I can only kill you, and then slowly turn the Space in your body into my Space. How about it? Are you willing? “The **** of Shadow Clan, look at Zhao Hai, has a smile on his face, as if he simply is not worried that Zhao Hai will disagree. What he said is right, this piece of Space is in his Mage Tower, here listens to him in everything. In this Space, he is God. It should be very easy for him to deal with Zhao Hai in this Space.


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