Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1100: Heaven’s Will


Chapter 14406 Heaven’s Will

Zhang Hongliang is sitting in his office. He look at himself in front of a projection, this projection, is demonstrating their latest lever formation, this lever formation, which is a full eighty times that of degree. But when it comes to this degree, they are already very difficult when they want advancing. All of them are stuck at this step. Now they are conducting massive experiments, just to see if they can find a suitable one. Rod and a suitable fulcrum, and then let their lever formation go further. When he thought of here, but Zhang Hongliang and now mind, there was a blank. He really couldn’t think of anything.

Zhang Hongliang suddenly let out a long breath for a while, then he stood up and walked outside, and then he said to everyone in Laboratory open the mouth and said: “everyone please take a rest, these days we have been experimenting for outstanding degrees, everyone are also tired, take a good rest for two days “Relax, don’t think about anything these two days everyone, just relax your brain, and then we’ll come back and test slowly.” After saying that, he glanced at everyone, but everyone now raised their heads. , look at he was dumbfounded, as if he didn’t react for a moment, Zhang Hongliang look at everyone looked on, and smiled bitterly next step: “Take a rest for two days, and then work, let’s go.”

Everyone finally reacted, they look at each other in dismay, and then they all nodded, and then they all stood up, directed at Zhang Hongliang gave a salute, and then turn around walked out, and at this time, Ma Zhizhong also came to Zhang Hongliang‘s side, Zhang Hongliang look at Ma Zhizhong said: “Zhizhong, let’s go back and have a good rest for two days, and then we will come back to work. My discover everyone nearest/recent is not in good condition. All I think about every day is formation. It is time for everyone to be well.” Relax a bit.”

Ma Zhizhong noddedsaid: “Yes, it’s time for everyone to relax. Otherwise, it’s really easy to have problems. It’s just a good time to take a rest in these two days. Maybe when everyone comes back, he can still think of a good solution. Even if If you can’t think of any good ideas, you will have more energy and continue to experiment.” Zhang Hongliang nodded, then he reached out and patted Ma Zhizhong on the shoulder, then turn around left, Ma Zhizhong glanced at Laboratory, and then he also It was turn around leave directly. returned to left his room and went directly into the bedroom. After a while, there was a long breathing sound. It was obvious that he fell asleep. these days and the others were really exhausted.

At this time, Zhang Hongliang also returned toed his in the room, and he also had a good sleep. After getting up, he looked at the time and found that he had slept for six hours. This was not good for a cultivator like him. Said, it was already very long, he let out a long breath, walked out of the room, looked around, and finally thought about it, and then directly wrote to White Eyes and the others said: “Old Bai, what are you busy with?”

White Eyes immediately replied, and his voice came to said:, “It’s okay, I’m chatting with Old Ding and the others.”

Zhang Hongliang slightly smiled said:wait a moment me, I’m here immediately.” After saying this, he thought in his mind and went directly to White Eyes‘s courtyard. As soon as he arrived in courtyard, he saw White Eyes and the others were sitting in courtyard drinking tea and chatting, Zhang Hongliang directly Walked over, White Eyes look at looked at him, and poured him a cup of teasaid:these daysI hear you are very busy, why do you have time to come over?”

Zhang Hongliang was not polite and sat down directly. Then open the mouth and said said: “everyone are all tired. Let’s give them a day off and let them have a good rest. What are you talking about?” After saying this, he looked at a few One glance.

Ding Chunming smiled at said: “When talking about Si’er, Si’er said that this leverage principle will be the greatest help to his Formation Set.”

Zhang Hongliang nodded, slightly smiled , then reached out to get the tea cup, but in his mind suddenly flash of intuition , then he raised his head sharply look at Sheng Si , two eyes Shuoshuo glowed, and then he jumped up suddenly and laughed. said: “right, Formation Set , HaHaHa Ha, yes, Formation Set , HaHaHa ha, fantastic , fantastic . “After talking about his figure, he directly vanish from sight Yes, stay White Eyes them look at each other in dismay , then they looked at each other, all shook their heads with a wry smile, they knew that to Zhang Hongliang Guys like them, sometimes one research Get up, everything is really busy. This is not the first time they have encountered a situation like this, so it is not surprising.

And Zhang Hongliang This time it is returned to Got it Laboratory Here, he returned to Laboratory inside, immediately Give Laboratory Write to people here and ask them to immediately When he came back, he had a new idea and wanted to follow everyone explain. Laboratory The people inside are all well-rested and bored now. They were busy before and now suddenly After some free time, they were still a little uncomfortable, and at this moment they received Zhang Hongliang letter, they immediately immediately returned to Got it Laboratory Li, one returned to Laboratory inside, you can see Zhang Hongliang a face excited of look at them.

As soon as Zhang Hongliang saw them coming back, immediately looked like excited‘s said:, “I just went to chat with Lao Bai and the others, and when I saw Sheng Si, I suddenly thought, why don’t we give it a try with Formation Set? Use Formation Set as a Leverage, give it a try and see how it works?”

When everyone heard what he said, they were stunned at first, then immediately excited stood up, Ma Zhizhong immediately open the mouth and said: “immediately/on horseback move, one group, sort out all Formation Set, others, start testing.” Everyone responded, and then all excited‘s started to move.

And Zhang Hongliang and Ma Zhizhong also followed immediately into the experiment. They have tried so many formations and have already gained experience. They know that the formation, which is incompatible with attribute, is made into a fulcrum and lever by is impossible. It must be If it is the same as attribute or attribute, it will save them a lot of detours in their experiments, and the speed they are testing will be faster at once.


A few hours later, a cheer came from suddenly, and an elder said loudly said: “A hundred times, a hundred times blessing/additional support.” His voice immediately attracted everyone’s attention. They immediately gathered around and saw the elder in front of him. On projection, a lever Formation Set is displayed. This lever Formation Set is based on a Earth element formation as the fulcrum and a Metal element Formation Set as the rod. Then appears is used to move a hundred times energy Formation Set. The words “hundred times” displayed on look at projection make everyone’s heart beat faster. got up.

Zhang Hongliang immediately said loudly: “Quick, experiment.” immediately responded, and then made a lever formation, and then he directly used the most ordinary small Fireball Spell, and it was also the smallest, with only a small flame, but After passing the lever formation‘s blessing/additional support, the small flame turned directly into a large Fireball with a diameter of nearly one meter. When they saw this situation, Zhang Hongliang and they all cheered, Zhang Hongliang immediately open the mouth and said: “Our choice is correct. , immediately/on horseback continues to test, all the Formation Set of attribute must be tried out, and countless Formation Set must also be tried out.” Everyone responded, full of enthusiasm.

After the time of several days, Zhang Hongliang and they all let out a long breath, put down their work of in hand. In front of them, there are a piece jade slip. This piece of jade slip records the leverage formation of each attribute, and there is a lever formation without attribute. These formation all achieve a hundred times the blessing/additional support effect, but they only achieve a hundred times the blessing/additional support effect. It will not work if they are more, because they cannot achieve more blessing/additional support effect. No matter how you test, this blessing/additional support effect, It seemed to be locked, and it only reached a hundred times, but anyway, they reached a hundred times, so they directly wrote this result into a report.

Zhang Hongliang glanced at everyone, then open the mouth and said: “Now pass this report to Hall Master. I think Young Master will also be able to see this report, but this time it reaches a hundred times blessing/additional support. We are taking a trick. We It was done with Formation Set. We will continue to conduct experiments to see if we can achieve the same effect with ordinary formation. However, this will require a lot of time to conduct experiments, but we have enough time now. Now, you can start testing quickly. I will pass the report now.” After saying that, he started formation directly and passed jade slip to Wen Yuming, and then they were all waiting for Wen Yuming‘s information.

After Wen Yuming got jade slip, he jumped up excitedly when he saw the content in jade slip. Then he immediately passed jade slip to Zhao Hai, and Zhao Hai was comprehend Law of Strength. suddenly received jade slip from Wen Yuming, and he got jade slip got up and looked at the content inside. Then he couldn’t help but froze, and then a smile appeared on his face. He murmured said:Heaven’s Will, it seems that God has given me the time to ascend.” After saying that, he put away jade slip directly. The next moment he thought, he went directly to Wen Wenhai‘s in the room. As soon as Wen Wenhai saw Zhao Hai coming, he immediately stood up and directed at Zhao Hai gave a salute said: “Boss, what are you doing? “Coming? But what happened?” Wen Wenhai very clear, Zhao Hai All the attention is spent on the comprehend of the lever formation. If there is nothing wrong, he will not come, so he asked.

Zhao Hai open the mouth and said: “Gather everyone for a meeting.” Wen Wenhai responded without asking any questions. immediately summoned everyone to the large conference room, and he and Zhao Hai arrived first. When Zhao Hai arrived at the large conference room, the others Before everyone arrived, he sat on the podium there and waited. After a while, everyone arrived. When they saw Zhao Hai sitting on the podium there, no one spoke, so they all found a seat and sat down. After everyone arrived, Zhao Hai then stood up and walked to the podium there, then open the mouth and said: “Calling everyone to come today, there is only one thing. I want to start the integration of Immortal Realm. everyone should also know that after integrating Immortal Realm, I will It will be ascend, so everyone must also be prepared.”

When everyone heard what Zhao Hai said, they were all in an uproar. This information was too suddenly. although had long known that Zhao Hai could ascend, but they didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. Zhao Hai reached out and pressed down, and everyone slowly Stopped talking, all look at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai glanced at everyone, then open the mouth and said: “The reason why I want to ascend at this time is because I have said before that when the blessing/additional support of the leverage formation reaches a hundred times, it is when I am ascend, and now the leverage is formation blessing/additional support, it has reached a hundred times, I will ascend, after I ascend, Wenhai you are promoting this formation, entire sect, okay, everyone prepare it.”

Only then did everyone know what was going on, and then they look at each other in dismay , in the end he could only respond impatiently, and then started to prepare, only Zhang Hongliang They sit blankly there , they really didn’t expect it to be like this, but anyway, things have already occur Well, that was all they could do, and they all stood up and went to prepare. In fact, there was no need to prepare, because they had already prepared, and now they just had to take the last step.


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