Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1099: War Armor


Chapter 14405 Battle Armor

Zhang Hongliang was sitting in Laboratory, and Ma Zhizhong was sitting next to him. Both of them had a report from look at in hand. After reading the report for a while, Ma Zhizhong said open the mouth and said: “correct/pretty good, now we have pushed the leverage formation to 60 It is degree times, and the worst attribute is also 50 times. This is a huge improvement, very correct/pretty good, but as Young Master said, the further you go, the more difficult it becomes. ”

Zhang Hongliang nodded, then said solemnly : “Report it, we are now research of thing very heavy Yes, any achievement must be reported, because we research These come out thing , not just for ourselves to see, but also for Young Master watch, Young Master Also doing research These thing ,I hope we research of thing , give the right Young Master Something enlighten(ment) . ”

Ma Zhizhong responded, and then he reported the matter directly, and also reported all attribute formation. Zhao Hai also saw those formation immediately. After he saw those formation, Zhao Hai was also a little surprised. , he really didn’t expect that Zhang Hongliang and the others would move research so quickly. This was indeed beyond his expectation. Laura and the others had already given him a surprise before, and now Zhang Hongliang they had given him another surprise, Zhao Hai. It’s really happy, and these levers formation that Zhang Hongliang and research came out this time really helped him a lot and saved him a lot of effort.

Zhao Hai thought for a while, then he sorted out the formations that he had researched, and then sent them directly to Zhang Hongliang. Now Zhang Hongliang and their research progress has come up, and although is still far behind him. Less, but he can already receive these formation from him, which will also make his research progress faster. Of course, one of the reasons for most important is that Zhao Hai has now spent its main energy on comprehend of Law of Strength. For leverage formation‘s research will of course slow down, so he will hand over the lever research‘s duty to Zhang Hongliang and the others. I hope they can give him more surprises.

When Zhang Hongliang saw the formation that Zhao Hai gave him, he couldn’t help but be stunned. Then he couldn’t help but be overjoyed. He immediately shared all these formation with everyone. Everyone look at and those formation were all shocked, Zhao Hai These formation given to them are also very important to them, which will make their research progress much faster.

On the other hand, Laura are currently working on another research, which is how to add fighting strength of Blood Slaughter Sect disciple battle armor Doppelganger. The battle armor Doppelganger is also human-shape. It also has meridians and even blood, and these are all Magical Artifact. , but how to increase the fighting strength of the armor Doppelganger, this is a problem. Laura and the others first conducted an analysis of the armor Doppelganger, and then Laura called all the people to together, and then open the mouth and said: “everyone for the armor Doppelganger What do you think?”

A few people were silent for a moment, then Meg open the mouth and said said: “This armor Doppelganger can be regarded as a special Magical Artifact. His foundation is very good. It has Yin Yang Thunder Pond as a power source, and his body is still It can be changed into any shape at will. attack force and defense strength are both very formidable, but how to use leverage formation to increase his fighting strength is indeed a problem. My idea is, can we also use those disciple training methods? , strengthen the armor Doppelganger?”

Laura open the mouth and said: “You mean, in addition to Yin Yang Thunder Pond, use the lever formation to increase the energy of the armor Doppelganger, so that this kind of power can be nourishing armor Doppelganger?” After Laura finished speaking, he nodded and felt Meg means correct/pretty good.

Meg shook his head said: “It’s not just that. You have forgotten that the battle armor Doppelganger is essentially a Magical Artifact. We can form each and every one‘s energy passage in his body, and these energy passage can be directly used. The energy in his body can be used directly, whether it is a lightsaber, release light shield, release Magic, or Might. It can be said that using the battle armor Doppelganger will be better than our disciple. For the main body attack, Might is better than even bigger.”

Laura were all stunned when they heard what Meg said, but then they all turned to two eyes shined. They felt that Meg’s method was indeed very good. Laura’s complexion couldn’t help but feel happy. He immediately open the mouth and said: “OK, This method is good, we Let’s try it now and see if it works. Anyway, the armor Doppelganger is not afraid of any damage, so let’s take action. “A few people all responded, and then immediately started to move. They also had battle armor Doppelganger. This time they directly used their own battle armor Doppelganger to conduct the experiment.

Soon they got their own battle armor Doppelganger, and then Laura and they began to improve the battle armor Doppelganger. First, in the Yin Yang Thunder Pond in the battle armor Doppelganger, join added the lever formation, so that the energy in the battle armor was , it was dozens of times larger than before, and then they built energy passage in the body of the armor. This energy passage is actually the formation composition and energy line of each and every one. The energy that came out of the armor Doppelganger, through these energy passage goes directly to the outside of the armor and can be used for attack or defense. However, Laura still encountered problems when they first started testing. The energy passage of the armor was built a little later, and the Dantianli There were too many energys, which caused damage to the armor, so Laura and their immediately were improved.


They first established energy passage , and finally the leverage formation Install it, but this appears There is a problem, that is, the body of the armor energy There were too many to store all the time, so they came up with two energy passage , directly like fountain Same, otherwise it will spray outwards energy ,This allows Laura They were all stunned for a moment, and then they immediately leverage formation Stopped.

After they stopped the lever formation, several people discussed at get together, Laura open the mouth and said: “It seems that we have thought about this matter too simply. We must make some changes about this matter. That’s it, do you have any ideas?”

Megan open the mouth and said: “I think we can design the lever formation so that it can be installed during battle and released from the one type of state when there is no battle. There is also the matter of energy passage. I think it is too little. Should we You can put a energy passage on all the acupoints on the body of the armor Doppelganger, so that the positions of all his acupoints become attack points, so that they are not close to what they face, no matter what they face Enemies can be dealt with easily.”

When Megan said this, Laura and the others were stunned, and then Laura nodded said: “This method is correct/pretty good.”

Ruyen open the mouth and said: “One more thing, we can actually install a Energy Storage Formation on all the acupoints, store those energys, and then use them during battles. What do you think of everyone?”

Everyone also nodded, thinking that this method correct/pretty good, Laura open the mouth and said: “In this way, we will first plan energy passage, Energy Storage Formation, and each acupoint there, what kind of attack formation to install, and then start the experiment. ”

Everyone nodded. They began to adjust the energy passage on the armor in the Yantian Sphere. At the same time, they also had to install Energy Storage Formation and pass-through formation at the acupuncture points. Energy Storage Formation was easy to solve. They There has been such formation for a long time. They can design Energy Storage Formation into an independent small Space and Energy Storage Formation to be larger. Once there are too many energys stored, they can also use formation to turn those energy into Crystal Stone and store them in the Space Here, when fighting, if a large amount of energy is needed, those Crystal Stone can be re-absorbed and used for fighting. This is a good thing that kills two birds with one stone.

As for the formation used by attack, they can be designed to shape formation. Of course, like the hands, they can be designed to be Magic attack formation, but the positions of other acupuncture points are shaping formation, and shaping formation does not mean that they can only be To change the shape of energy into something, you need to be able to place energy bullet, so that the acupuncture points on their bodies can not only Close-Combat, but also attack from a distance, and Might is huge.

However, the energy passage thing gave Laura and the others some headaches. In the end, they decided to design energy passage like meridians, so that energy could circulate throughout the body. Finally, energy returned to the Dantian, and there was added to the Dantian. A Energy Storage Formation, so it’s no problem, and the lever formation should be designed to be switched on and off at any time, open when in use, and close when not in use. Now they have no way to completely use the energy output of the control lever formation, so they can only use This way.

After using the Sky Ball to test deduce and discover without any problems, Laura and the others began to experiment. They first built points that could handle passage, Energy Storage Formation, and attack, and finally installed the upper lever formation. , and then conducted the experiment at the beginning. Unexpectedly, this time it was successful at the first time, which made Laura and the others overjoyed. This is fantastic. They did not expect that they succeeded so easily. This means that their armor also fighting strength has been completely formed. It is definitely a good thing for them to do this. Laura and the others conducted many tests, recorded all the test data, and then sent it to Zhao Hai. And Zhao Hai was at comprehend Law of Strength. After receiving the letter from Laura and the others, he took a look at the contents. When he saw the test results of Laura and them, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be overjoyed. The design of Laura and theirs was really fantastic. All the fighting strength problems of disciple armor Doppelganger have been solved. This is a good thing, and Zhao Hai is even happier.

Zhao Hai then sent this to Wen Yuming, said a few words to Laura and the others, and then started to work directly on his own. He is now deeply aware that his Law of Strength seems to be improving again. If he If Law of Strength can go further, his strength will become stronger. Then he can directly ascend to Upper Realm. Thinking of here, Zhao Hai immediately will focus on comprehend of Law of Strength at once. For each He has a deeper understanding of the use of various forces. Of course, Zhao Hai is now comprehend, mainly the force related to the principle of leverage. Zhao Hai is thinking about how to make the leverage formation reach a hundred times. If he only reaches a hundred times the strength, then he can also be ascend.


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