Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1039: break the formation ( Thirty-three )


Chapter 14345 break the formation (Thirty-three)

look at‘s three Giant Sword and Zhao Hai that flew over immediately stopped their two Giant Sword, and then immediately shot seven nail-headed arrows. Of course, there were also blessing/additional support Liujia invisible techniques in them, and those nail-headed seven arrows Arrow one shoot out, Niucheng immediately saw it. As soon as he saw those seven nail-head arrows, his complexion changed. He immediately open the mouth and said: “Quick, block those seven nail-head arrows. formation was added to those seven nail-head arrows. It’s It will make us unable to move. We can’t let him get close.” After saying that, he immediately release shot the seven nail-head arrows and blocked the seven nail-head arrows from Blood Slaughter Sect release. Several other Giant Swords also release shot the seven nail-head arrows and blocked them. Got the seven nail-headed arrows of Blood Slaughter Sect.

In this way, the weakness of Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Seven Arrows is exposed. Their Seven Arrows, although can release formation, trap Shadow Clansman‘s Giant Sword, but if their Seven Arrows are given in advance, If they stop them, then the formation in their seven nail-headed arrows will be useless. And they only have two swords now, but Shadow Clansman has four swords, so the seven nail-headed arrows they went to release are all Shadow Clansman It was blocked and did not play its previous role.

When seeing this situation, Zhao Hai was also a little helpless. There was nothing that could be done about it. It was okay to use this method for sneak attack, but once the enemy knew about it and was on guard, it would be difficult to attack him. It worked. Zhao Hai look at Shadow Clansman placed the seven nail-headed arrows. He couldn’t help but frown. Then he thought about it, and then he seemed to have a thought. The next moment he release went to the seven nail-headed arrows, and speed suddenly became faster. Moreover, the seven nail-headed arrows he went to release, after hitting the seven nail-headed arrows of Shadow Clansman, will directly smash the seven nail-headed arrows of Shadow Clansman, but his seven nail-headed arrows will be fine. , will still rush forward.

Niucheng and the others also noticed this situation. immediately used the Seven Nail Head Arrows to block the Seven Nail Head Arrows from Zhao Hai release. This time, they finally got two Nail Head Seven Arrows, all of which were vanish from sight, but this time Come on, Niucheng and the others have a bit of a headache, because each of the seven nail-headed arrows coming from Zhao Hai release must be shot with two nail-headed seven arrows in order to block them. In this way, they although have four Giant Sword, and they are fighting During the mutual shooting of Blood Slaughter Sect, there was no advantage at all.

However, Zhao Hai was still not satisfied. He immediately/on horsebacked on the seven nail-headed arrows again, and blessing/additional support used a finger-pointing-to-steel technique. The reason why his seven nail-headed arrows just became stronger is because he used the penetration in Divine Machine Finger. Yun Jian, so the Seven Nail Head Arrows he went to at release will become stronger. Now he is on the Seven Nail Head Arrows, and blessing/additional support points to the ground to become steel. Then his Seven Nail Head Arrows, Might will become even bigger. The next moment When Shadow Clansman‘s two nail-headed seven arrows collided with Blood Slaughter Sect‘s seven nail-headed arrows, Blood Slaughter Sect‘s seven nail-headed arrows still did not disappear. release kept shooting three nail-headed seven arrows. Only then did Blood Slaughter Sect‘s seven nail-headed arrows Disappeared, this situation made Niucheng’s complexion even more ugly.

At this time, a person behind Niucheng Shadow Clansman open the mouth and said : ” Old Ox , they used a combination of Magic , we also use the combination Magic , if no combination is used Magic ,we are is impossible Can block their seven nail-headed arrows. “That man was obviously very smart. He could tell at a glance Blood Slaughter Sect release What was the difference between the seven nail-headed arrows that came, and his words made Niucheng two eyes shined , then he immediately open the mouth and said : “OK, Then use combination Magic . “Several people responded, and then they immediately Get started with combos Magic , their nail-headed seven arrows are also blessing/additional support Nothing else Magic , but they blessing/additional support Generally, it is in the form of force such as pushing mountains and crossing seas, or pushing mountains and filling seas. Magic , so that they can increase the number of their nail-headed seven arrows. attack It was strong, but it also blocked it. Zhao Hai release The seven nail-headed arrows were gone, and the sharp arrows from both sides were attacking each other for a while. No one could do anything to the other, and this situation was also Zhao Hai See it in your eyes.

When seeing this situation, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but slightly smiled, and then open the mouth and said said: “change the maneuver is fast enough, and it reacted so quickly, Alright, it seems that it can only be like this today, and there is no attack.” What do you mean?” Speaking of here, he waved and called Giant Sword back. Of course Niucheng and the others did not pursue them. They were eager for Zhao Hai to retreat. Now that Zhao Hai has retreated, it is definitely a good news for them. , of course they will not object.

Wait until Zhao Hai After they retreated, Niucheng and the others also returned to Emperor in the city ,one returned to Emperor in the city ,them immediately I paid attention to the situation of Yang Weiming and Cai Yifang. They were previously Blood Slaughter Sect front attack , they really want to know how the two of them are doing now. In fact, this time Yang Yiming He and Cai Yifang were seriously injured. sword superior appears cracks, these injuries can fixing Yes, but the real trouble is that the souls of the two of them seem to have been impacted, and the impact is very strong. The two of them are now in a state of one type of A confused state, Shadow Sovereign It is almost impossible to contact them, and I can only feel their status slightly.

As soon as he saw this situation, Shadow Sovereign‘s complexion couldn’t help but feel even more ugly. He immediately turned around and said to the others said:everyone. What do you think? Now Yang Weiming and Cai Yifang seem to be seriously injured, especially people’s souls have been affected. , is there any way to make them recover? “Shadow Sovereign is still very concerned about the two of them. He doesn’t want anything to happen to them. After all, they were injured for the sake of the entire Shadow Clan. If he can make them recover, he Still very willing, that’s why he asked.


Everyone was silent for a moment, their souls were shocked, it was a serious injury, and they still have no good solution, so when they heard Shadow Sovereign ask this, they fell silent. At this time, Mao Xuan responded open the mouth and said: ” Your Majesty, I have a way, but this method is a bit sorry for other clansman.” After Mao Xuanying said look at Shadow Sovereign, he wanted to see what Shadow Sovereign‘s reaction was when he heard what he said, if Shadow Sovereign still wanted it. To save Yang Weiming and the others, he would say, if Shadow Sovereign didn’t really want to save Yang Weiming and the others, forget about it, it would be better to give them pain to save them so much pain. Shadow Sovereign quickly said: “Speak.”

Mao Xuan responded, then open the mouth and said: “Now the souls of Yang Weiming and Cai Fang are damaged. If you want to restore their souls, the only way is one type of, let their souls be fixing over, so my method That is, find some weak clansman souls and integrate them into Giant Sword. This way, they can fixing Giant Sword, and secondly, their souls can absorb those clansman Strength of Soul and recover. This is what I can think of sole There is a way.” Mao Xuanying expressed his thoughts.

Shadow Sovereign When he heard what Mao Xuanying said, he couldn’t help but be startled. Then he immediately understand realized what Mao Xuanying meant. Yang Weiming and the others’ souls were damaged, but their souls were not incapable of fixing. As long as they were given some, they would be better than them. Now the damaged souls are weaker souls, let them absorb the power of those souls, so that their souls can be restored, and their injuries will naturally be cured.

When I thought of here, Shadow Sovereign immediately nodded said: “OK,. But what kind of clansman should I choose? “Of course Shadow Sovereign wants to revive Yang Weiming and the others. We hope that some ordinary Shadow Clansman can revive Yang Weiming and the others. Of course Shadow Sovereign is willing.

Mao Xuanying open the mouth and said: “Your Majesty, has plenty clansman in our clan, died too many times when fighting Blood Slaughter Sect before. They can be resurrected now although, but they have almost no consciousness. This is clansman, their souls are actually damaged. The strength of their souls is definitely not comparable to that of Yang Weiming. Integrating them into Giant Sword should be able to restore Yang Weiming’s strength.” Mao Xuanying had already had an idea, so Shadow Sovereign. When asked, he immediately told those people who were suitable for recovering Yang Weiming and others. You must know that there are has plenty people in their clan now, and they are like walking zombies. There is no way for them to recover such people, and to be honest, such people, There is no such thing as fighting strength. It is better to use them to restore Yang Weiming and the others.

Shadow Sovereign nodded, then turned to Great Minister of War said:Great Minister of War, go and make arrangements, immediately find some people like this.” Great Minister of War responded, and then he gave the order, what is Great Minister of War‘s identity, and he is not a minor Officer, of course someone did it after he gave an order. Soon more than a hundred Shadow Clansman were brought over. There were no expressions on these people’s faces. Even eyeball couldn’t move. Look. It looks like Blockhead. If you order them, they will move. If you don’t order them, they will remain motionless. These people have died too many times and their souls have been seriously damaged, but they have not completely dissipated. That’s why it becomes like this. For such people, they really don’t have any fighting strength. Even if they go to the battlefield, they can only rely on their instincts to attack a few times. So such people really can only be used to give Yang Weiming Apart from restoring their souls, they have no other use, so no one would think there is anything wrong with Mao Xuanying’s proposal.

Those Shadow Sovereign look at people turned to Mao Xuanying said: “Mao beloved minister, what’s next? What should we do?”

Mao Xuanying open the mouth and said: “We can command(er) these clansman and let them fuse combined together with this Giant Sword. As soon as the fusion begins, Yang Weiming and the others will instinctively absorb the Strength of Soul of these people. Then we won’t need to come. Take care.”

Shadow Sovereign nodded, and he immediately turned to Da Sikong said: “Da Sikong, come on.” Da Sikong responded, and then he directly called a Shadow Clansman, and asked those Shadow Clansman to stand next to Yang Weiming’s Giant Sword, and then he Just command(er), that Shadow Clansman, slowly merged with Giant Sword, that Shadow Clansman can’t do such a complicated thing, he can only do it, he command(er) with that Shadow Clansman, and merged with Giant Sword step by step, just when the integration just started At that time, Yang Weiming’s soul seemed to feel something. He rushed over and swallowed up the soul of Shadow Clansman in one go. In Shadow Sovereign‘s view, it was Da Sikong control that clansman, which began to merge with Giant Sword. Just now At the beginning, the clansman disappeared directly into the Giant Sword, and the gap on the Giant Sword and the crack on the sword turned out to be vanish from sight. This was not over yet. Then they heard Yang Weiming’s voice coming from said: “Yang Weiming, See Your Majesty. “The voice of although is still a little weak, but it can already perform communicate normally. Shadow Sovereign and everyone are very happy. For them, this is a good news.


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