Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1038: break the formation (three twelve)


Chapter 14344 break the formation (three twelve)

Mao Xuanying is the same as Yang Weiming. They are actually from understand. They have already seen the ending of Shadow Clansman clearly, but their mentality is different. Yang Weiming thinks that Shadow Clansman cannot win, and he does not want to put his own Life and death were in the hands of others. Such Everlasting was meaningless, so he thought about fighting Blood Slaughter Sect and dying in a vigorous battle. This equal to was suicide in disguise by one type of, but Mao Xuanying was different, Mao Xuanying Xuanying also believes that Shadow Clansman‘s victory over opportunity is not very big, but Mao Xuanying believes that he should work harder for Shadow Clan, so he has to fight, and he has to fight to protect Shadow Clansman. This is the biggest difference between the two.

The night passed like this, and Zhao Hai came to Command Hall again and again. When he arrived at Command Hall, discover White Eyes and the others had already arrived. As soon as they saw him coming, White Eyes and they all saluted him, Zhao Hai He nodded, and then asked open the mouth and said: “Have you yesterday come up with a solution? I yesterday thought about it all night, but I still haven’t come up with a good solution. What about you?”

Several people looked at each other and all shook their heads, but at this time, there was one person open the mouth and said: “foster father, I thought of a way.” The person who spoke was none other than Sheng Si, and Zhao Hai heard Sheng Si In this way, very curious, he immediately open the mouth and said: “Okay, then tell me what you can do.” Zhao Hai is still very satisfied with Sheng Si, his adopted son. He is strong and can stand alone, so he is also satisfied with Sheng Si. Very loving.

Sheng Si immediately open the mouth and said: “foster father, if we use Void Condensing Formation Technique, void formation arrangement, do you think it is feasible?”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be stunned when he heard what he said, and then he was a little confused look at Sheng Si said: “Tell me carefully, what do you think?” Zhao Hai really didn’t think about Void Condensing Formation Technique in this battle, So he was very curious about what Sheng Si wanted to say.

Sheng Si open the mouth and said: “foster father, it’s like this. What we have a headache now is that Shadow Clansman uses flying body to hold the mark. As soon as we get close to them, they immediately run away. simply won’t give us Close-Combat‘s opportunity, but what if we use Void Condensing Formation Technique? We can first condense formation in the void, and then use formation to trap them. At this time, we are attacking Shadow Clansman, so we are not afraid of Shadow Clansman running away?” Sheng Si said look at Zhao Hai, wanting to see what Zhao Hai will do to him? What is the attitude towards the method?

Zhao Hai listened to Sheng Si‘s words, he shook his head, and then said solemnly said: “Void Condensing Formation Technique is very convenient to use, but once we use it, Shadow Clansman immediately will discover. They are very defensive about us now, and I’m afraid there is no way to let them If there just stays there, waiting to be trapped by us, we’d better think of a way to let formation directly use appears by their side instead of using Void Condensing Formation Technique. Void Condensing Formation Technique is very strong, but we want to let formation be next to them. With Void Condensing Formation Technique and appears next to Shadow Clansman, this is a bit difficult. Shadow Clansman will not wait for there forever. They will run away as soon as discover is wrong. “

When Zhao Hai said this, Sheng Si also nodded. He also knew the weakness of Void Condensing Formation Technique. How far Void Condensing Formation Technique can be placed depends on how far your spiritual force can reach out. The farther spiritual force can reach out. Your control for spiritual force becomes weaker and weaker, and it is even more difficult to condense formation, so he usually condenses formation by his side, and then uses formation release Magic to attack the enemy. Rather than being directly next to the enemy, condensing formation to trap the enemy to death.

The reason why he just came up with such a method, most important, is because, Zhao Hai‘s spiritual force incomparably powerful, if Zhao Hai can detect his spiritual force to the battlefield there, and then condense formation on there, then Shadow Clansman can be trapped , and Zhao Hai didn’t agree, then it’s in other words, and he can’t do it now, so of course Sheng Si won’t say more.

However, Zhao Hai open the mouth and said at this time: “But Si’er reminded me that we can use formation to trap the enemy, so why don’t we use Shadow Clansman to deal with them? Shadow Clansman‘s seven nail-headed arrows One of the reasons why attack is stronger than most important is that their Seven Arrows do not incorporate other Magic, so the Might of their Seven Arrows is so big. Then if we also release Seven Arrows What if we are in the Seven Arrows and join can trap their formation? Then can we trap them in there and then rush over to deal with them?”

When Zhao Hai said this, everyone was stunned, and then Zhang Hongliang immediately reacted, he immediately to Zhao Hai said:Young Master, you mean, we use the nail-headed seven arrows, and then on the nail-headed seven arrows, blessing/additional support Six Armor invisible technique, in this way, the seven nail-headed arrows will directly turn into a formation with only suddenly open/operated, trapping the enemy in there, and we will use this opportunity to kill them directly and finish them off in one fell swoop. Young Master Is this what you mean? “Zhang Hongliang said look at Zhao Hai after speaking, and so did everyone else.

Zhao Hai nodded said:correct/pretty good, that’s what it means. We can definitely put the Rokko invisible technique join into the seven arrows of the nail head. When the seven arrows of the nail head are suddenly open/operated, it will directly turn into a formation. This formation will do it.” Trapping Shadow Clansman in there will make it easier for us to deal with Shadow Clansman. What do you think?” Zhao Hai glanced at a few people after saying this, waiting for their answer.


Everyone thought for a while and nodded, feeling that this method was indeed feasible. At this time, Cheng Wanchun open the mouth and said said: “Young Master, I have an idea. Do you think we can make those seven nail-headed arrows of our shoot out become Entity? ”

His words made Zhao Hai and the others stunned. Then Zhao Hai thought for a while, and then said solemnly said: “It’s not is impossible at all. We can add the Yantian Sphere to Giant Sword, and then use the Yantian Sphere to control Magic, according to the changes in Magic , use spiritual silk to make Magic physical. This may have miraculous effects. However, this method must be tested, because using this method, is possible will slow down the speed launched by Magic. After all, it needs to be It takes some time for Magic to become physical, and on the battlefield, time is the most precious thing. If it is not done properly, is possible will be taken advantage of by the enemy because it is slower. “

Everyone nodded, Zhao Hai moved his hand at the next moment, Giant Sword appears , and then Giant Sword flew straight to the battlefield. This Giant Sword had already become physical when it was appears , and at the same time formation disk also became After taking off the gauze and draping it on Zhao Hai‘s body, Zhao Hai is now doing this more and more smoothly. simply doesn’t need to do anything, just a thought can make these preparations.

Shadow Clansman there also came up with immediately. Today they came up with three Giant Swords. Today Yang Weiming and the others are all happy, because they have completed ten more Giant Sword Refinings today, in other words, tomorrow, they will have sixteen Giant Sword, so they only need to block the attack of Blood Slaughter Sect today. However, in although they are very happy, but they did not mess around. They still used the nail-head seven arrows to perform attack on Blood Slaughter Sect‘s two Giant Sword.

Blood Slaughter Sect’s two Giant Sword also reacted at this time. It was seen that the two Giant Sword did not form formation today, but directly used the nail-head seven arrows to fight back, but they did not let them Their seven arrows were all aimed at one Shadow Clansman attack, but they were attack on two Shadow Clansman. When the two Shadow Clansman saw that Blood Slaughter Sect also used this method to deal with them, they couldn’t help but slightly smiled, and then the two Shadow Clansman As soon as they moved, they passed by the two attack with seven nail-headed arrows. At the same time, they did not forget to counterattack Blood Slaughter Sect. At this moment, the two failed seven-headed nail-headed arrows were directly in front of them. I had suddenly open/operated around me, but after those two Nailhead Seven Arrows suddenly open/operated, there actually appears a formation. This formation actually directly covered the two Great Swords of Yang Weiming and Cai Yifang, and Yang Weiming and Cai Yifang discover. The two of them couldn’t move.

This discover made them greatly surprised. At this moment, Blood Slaughter Sect‘s two Giant Sword suddenly vanish from sight. The next moment when the two Giant Sword were at appears , the two Giant Sword were already appears beside Yang Weiming and Cai Yifang. , and they were also ready to fight. With the appears and the two Giant Sword, they attacked Yang Weiming and Cai Yifang. The two were still unable to move, so of course they fought back with is impossible, and even dodge with is impossible. The next moment He was directly hit by those two Giant Swords.

I heard two bangs of loud noise and Giant Sword of Blood Slaughter Sect, which were directly chopped on Yang Weiming and Cai Yifang. Their two swords had gaps in immediately appears , and even sword had appears cracks. At this time, Niu Cheng also reacted. He immediately release fired two nail-head seven arrows and hit the two Giant Sword of Blood Slaughter Sect directly. The two Giant Sword got out of the way. At this time, Yang Weiming and Cai One party can all move, but they can’t move because they are injured, not just on sword, but also on their souls. Their souls are damaged, and now simply can’t move.

As soon as Niu Cheng saw this situation, he knew that the two people were injured. He immediately open the mouth and said: “Recall Yang Weiming and Cai Yifang, quickly.” As he said this, he fired seven nail-headed arrows outwards desperately. At the same time, as soon as he saw Blood Slaughter Sect He also fired the seven nail-headed arrows. He immediately used his flying body to hold the mark and directly passed the seven nail-headed arrows. He saw how Yang Weiming and Cai Fang were injured just now. He didn’t want to get hurt because of this. As for Yang Weiming and Cai Yifang, at this time, Mao Xuanying had summoned returned to to Huang in the city.

At this time, Niucheng was also slowly retreating towards Imperial City here. Blood Slaughter Sect’s two Giant Swords were chasing after them. However, at this moment, three more Giant Swords flew out from Shadow Clansman’s in the city. Flying towards the battlefield, when he saw those Giant Sword, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be stunned. Then he immediately nodded and muttered said: “That’s right. I have always been surprised before, why Shadow Clansman only produced so many of them.” Giant Sword, Giant Sword are not difficult Refining’s thing, Shadow Clansman is not short of supplies now, so why do they still only have these three Giant Swords? Now understand, they not only have three Giant Swords, but what I saw today, there are six, then Do they have more Giant Sword? It’s hard to tell.”


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