Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1035: break the formation (twenty-nine)


Shadow Sovereign listened to Cai Yifang’s words, he was silent for a moment, and then nodded said: “It is indeed feasible for someone to take over, so let’s do it. yesterday Yang Weiming needs to rest, so you will lead two people out to deal with the people of Blood Slaughter Sect, you guys Two people are responsible for dealing with Blood Slaughter Sect‘s people, and one person is responsible for taking care of them. Of course, if Blood Slaughter Sect sends too many people, I will send people to take care of you.” Cai Fangfang thanked him quickly, but Shadow Sovereign waved his hand, and then open the mouth and said: “You should have a good rest and pay more attention to Yang Weiming’s condition. If Yang Weiming recovers, let him report to me.” Cai Yifang responded, and then Shadow Sovereign directly turn around leave.

About two hours passed before Yang Weiming recovered. He reported to the Shadow Sovereign meeting, and Shadow Sovereign asked him to tomorrow to rest and recover. Yang Weiming naturally agreed, and then Shadow Sovereign asked Yang Weiming to rest. .

Early the next morning, Zhao Hai came to Command Hall early, and White Eyes and the others also arrived. Zhao Hai still release this time two Giant Swords, but unlike yesterday, today’s two Giant Swords are the same length. It is different from the Yuanyang Sword of yesterday.

Zhao Hai waved his hand, and two Giant Swords flew straight towards the battlefield, while Cai Yifang led two Giant Swords and flew straight towards the battlefield. When Zhao Hai saw each other, they went appears this time. Three Giant Sword, this really made him feel a little bit accidental/surprised, but his immediately moved his mind, and those two Giant Sword, immediately formed a Yin Yang Formation. This Yin Yang Formation can be said to be one of the basic formation. The Might of the formation cannot be said to be big, but it is Not too small, not too many changes, but you can use some special Magic attack.

Now the two Giant Swords he brought release have been spinning advancing. They are two swords rotating as a group, not a single sword spinning, so it looks a bit weird, and Cai Yifang also noticed it. In this case, he immediately open the mouth and said: “Attention, today Blood Slaughter Sect seems to have changed their attack method again. We must be a little more careful. The other two people responded, leaving one Giant Sword behind, while Cai Yifang and the other But Giant Sword came forward directly.

Cai Yifang directly hit himself, blessing/additional support, and slashed towards Blood Slaughter Sect‘s two Giant Sword, while the other person also hit himself, blessing/additional support, and these two Magic , both are power-shaped Magic. The difference is that one is more concerned about the power of blessing/additional support and speed, while the other is more focused on power. Of course, the power of the Magic, the Xie Shan Chao Hai, cannot be compared to the Tuishan. Reclamation, this time they want to see if Blood Slaughter Sect can block their power.

However, when their Giant Sword hit the two Giant Sword of Blood Slaughter Sect, the two Giant Sword of Blood Slaughter Sect were still turning, and their rotation actually drained most of their power. , they even felt that a force came from them, and it directly led them and hit their own people. As soon as they saw this situation, Cai Fang and the others knew what the other party was thinking. The other party actually wanted to borrow Fighting hard, the two of them immediately used a move that shook the mountain and shook the ground, and they broke free of the power, and then rushed towards Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Giant Sword. At this moment, suddenly and the others felt that the surroundings seemed to be shaking. appears hit a huge Tai Ji Diagram, this Tai Ji Diagram, which directly covered them inside. They felt that the power in their bodies was constantly losing. The most important thing is that they felt that they seemed to have no choice. I broke free from this force.

This discover made Cai Yifang shocked. He immediately said loudly: “Quickly use the nail-headed seven arrows attack this Tai Ji Diagram. Don’t come over. If you come over, you is possible will also fall into it. If even you fall into it, then We’re done.” When the person in charge heard what Cai Fang said, he responded with immediately, and then directly used the nail-head seven arrows to perform attack on Tai Ji Diagram, but after his attack, Tai Ji Diagram only shook. After a few hits, he didn’t seem to be affected too much. He immediately used the nail-headed seven arrows and attack for another wave. It was not until he used the nail-headed seven arrows and attack for three waves that he broke through the Tai Ji Diagram. This was already very embarrassing. Easy.

As soon as Tai Ji Diagram was broken, Cai Yifang and another person, immediately, rushed out of Tai Ji Diagram. Cai Yifang’s look at Blood Slaughter Sect‘s two Giant Sword, then open the mouth and said: “Their swords are weird, they are using the swords to arrange formation, it’s really Damn it.”

The other two people also discover this, but now they are really don’t know, what should I do? At this time, Cai Yifang take deep breaths, calmed himself down, and then he immediately open the mouth and said: “They used swords to arrange formation , we can’t get close to them, let’s do it this way, we don’t have many Magics that can attack remotely. Among them, the attack power of the Seven Arrows is the strongest. We are in here and use the Seven Arrows attack on them. Let’s see what they can do, everyone distanced themselves a bit.” The other two people all responded, and then they immediately distanced themselves. The three of them used seven nail-headed arrows, and kept shooting attack with the two Blood Slaughter Sect ones. Giant Sword.

Outside the two Giant Swords of Blood Slaughter Sect, one appears hit a Tai Ji Diagram, and the nail-headed seven-arrow attack was all blocked by Tai Ji Diagram. although said that after blocking a few arrows, Tai Ji Diagram would break, but immediately again There are Tai Ji Diagram appears , so Cai Yifang and the Seven Arrows from release really don’t pose much of a threat to them, but even so, Cai Yifang is satisfied. He never thought about defeating Blood Slaughter Sect. Giant Sword, if it can remain like this now, it is already very good.


Zhao Hai look at The other party’s movements did not make him angry, but instead slightly smiled said: “It’s smart, but they don’t think that they are the only ones who can do this kind of Magic.” After saying this, Zhao Hai thought in his mind, and the next moment he was in Tai Ji Diagram Inside, appears shot two long arrows, one black and one white. Then the two long arrows shot straight towards a Shadow Clansman Giant Sword. That Giant Sword was the new Giant Sword from Shadow Clansman. As soon as he saw the two long arrows, immediately greeted them with seven nail-head arrows, and then heard with a bang sound, a seven-nail-head arrow collided with the white long arrow together, and the next moment his seven nail-head arrows vanish from sight, but the white long sword still shot at him, and the other seven nail-headed arrows that shot at the black long arrow directly passed through the black long arrow, and hit that The long black arrow has no effect at all, which is surprising.

Right there Shadow Clan of Giant Sword When he was surprised, the long white arrow had already arrived in front of him and hit him directly. sword The long white arrow is actually not very long, but the long bow hits the sword When going up, sword Just trembled violently, that Shadow Clansman His soul was shocked, and he suddenly control I can’t control my body anymore.

At this time, the long black arrow also hit Giant Sword directly. After the long black arrow hit Giant Sword, it went directly vanish from sight. The Giant Sword did not move at all, as if there was no movement at all. It was the same as being attack, but that Shadow Clansman felt extremely uncomfortable. He felt as if his soul had been hit hard by someone, and his soul was almost scattered. He didn’t even have the strength to call for help now, and Cai One party still has some experience. He has been paying attention to that person’s situation. Now when he saw that the person had no movement, he called the person immediately. As a result, the person discover still had no movement. He immediately said something happened. , he immediately said loudly: “Guanzhu Mao, call Cheng Yu back quickly, he is injured, Niucheng, immediately/on horseback respond, we go to retreat, pay attention to the black and white long arrows from Blood Slaughter Sect release, very dangerous, if you use a nail head If you want to block seven arrows, you must use seven nail heads to block them all, and the long black arrows should be avoid. Don’t even think about blocking him.” Niu Cheng responded and did so. Cai Yifang continued the next move of look at Blood Slaughter Sect, and at the same time began to slowly move retreat.

As for Zhao Hai, who had been on the look at battlefield, as soon as he saw Shadow Clansman‘s movements, he knew that his attack this time was effective. A smile appeared on his face, and then Zhao Hai immediately used the long arrow to shoot at Shadow Clansman. Cai Yifang attacked, and Cai Yifang screamed in surprise. He immediately release shot seven nail-head arrows, and all seven arrows hit the long white arrow. At the same time, he directly used a flying body to pass the black arrow. The arrow’s attack, and at the same time, the seven arrows all hit the white arrow attack, a loud explosion sound, the white arrow broke directly, and when the white arrow broke, the black arrow also directly vanish from sight, these two arrows turned out to be one , shattered into pieces, which also made Cai Fang relieved, and then they continued to retreat in the direction of Imperial City.

Zhao Hai did not pursue, but directly called back the two long swords. Then he glanced at Shadow Clansman, and turned to White Eyes and the others with a smile on his face said:Shadow Clansman is indeed correct/pretty good, used for testing. Magic is really easy to use. This time our experiment was successful, which means that our Magic can indeed be blessing/additional support to formation, which can also become a new research direction. ”

Everyone nodded, White Eyes open the mouth and said: “I really didn’t expect that it could still be like this. Using Magic Blessing Formation, formation can actually play even bigger‘s Might. This is really rare, but Young Master, you What kind of Magic is the black and white long arrow that I just used? “White Eyes is really curious, because they have never seen such a Magic before, and in the Heavenly Spirit thirty-sixth formation? Among them, the only Magic that is related to arrows is the Seven Nail Head Arrows.

Zhao Hai slightly smiled said:correct/pretty good is the Seven Arrows with Nail Head. It’s strange to say it. It’s obviously the Seven Arrows with Nail Head, but after blessing/additional support entered Yin Yang Formation, it turned into two arrows directly, and it also has this effect. , it seems that this method still has the potential of has plenty, waiting for us to explore it, we will pay more attention to this aspect in the future.” White Eyes and others agreed.

Zhao Hai glanced at a few people, and then said solemnly: “You should also remember in the future, unless it is certain that the other party can be completely under our control, we can take care of the other party at any time, otherwise, don’t use it easily The other party comes to train because it will be very dangerous. Once the opponent’s strength exceeds our expectations, then we will be in danger, understand?”()


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