Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1034: break the formation ( 28 )


The insight behind the wall can see through all illusions. The reason why Yang Weiming and others blessing/additional support this Magic , most important The reason is that I want to see through Blood Slaughter Sect of those Giant Sword Among them, which ones are true and which ones are fake , so that they can deal with those who really Giant Sword Yes, for fake Giant Sword , they can ignore it, and soon, they will discover got two real Giant Sword , those two Giant Sword They all attacked Cai Yifang. When Cai Yifang saw this situation, he immediately As soon as his body moved, he directly used the flying body support to dodge to the side of the two real swords. At the same time, Yang Weiming also used the flying body to support the change and reached the side of the two real swords, preparing to attack the two real swords. attack , but in this moment ,Those ones fake Giant Sword , directly attack When it came to them, the two of them didn’t pay attention, but they didn’t want to, those fake swords attack When it reached them, they were hit and flew out. This time, they were blinded. The two of them were a little confused. don’t understand , why can those fake swords still work? attack To them, what’s going on?

The this move they don’t know Zhao Hai just used is the Doppelganger technique among the Earthly Fiend seven twelve techniques. This Doppelganger technique is not just a look-alike, it has the power of a part of the body, so they don’t care about those Giant Sword, of course they will Got attack.

this move succeeded, Zhao Hai immediately attacked the two of them at once, but Yang Weiming and Cai Yifang were not very powerful this time when they were attacked by attack, so they quickly stabilized their bodies, and then another The flying body support passed Zhao Hai this time attack, Zhao Hai When he saw the two people using flying body support non-stop, he couldn’t help but frowned. This flying body support was used by very good, but when your enemy uses it against you , this made head hurt. In the case of Zhao Hai look at, he couldn’t help but change sword maneuver. The next moment, Xiaojian directly used one of the moves in Divine Machine Finger, quicksand whirlpool, while Great Sword directly used Sealed Blade Formation.

Just see that Great Sword With one wave, he was on the field the next moment appears There were countless pillars, and there were four people standing on the pillars, each of them had a handful of Great Sword ,exist there Keep waving, and the pillar is still spinning, making the whole area Space , all in one piece blade light , you let you simply no way avoid ,and this move Zhao Hai It was aimed at Yang Weiming.

As soon as Yang Weiming saw those long knives, he couldn’t help but sneered. He really wanted to see what the Might of the long knives was, so he directly faced the long knives and slashed them with one sword. Hearing a clang, his long sword was actually held up, which made Yang Weiming stunned. He thought that his sword was enough to break the long sword, but he did not expect that he would be struck by the long sword. He held it, and during his dumbfounded time, other long knives were also slashing at him. In an instant, countless long knives directly surrounded Yang Weiming. Yang Weiming felt that countless long knives were slashing at him. When it hit him, his soul was shocked.

He couldn’t help but greatly surprised, he immediately blessing/additional support a Magic on his body, this Magic was shaking the mountains and the earth, and his long sword shook, and the long sword produced a strong vibration, directly knocking those long swords It was shaken away at once, but he was very clear. Such a shake was only temporary. Soon those long knives would attack again, so he was immediately ready to activate the flying body to get rid of this Blade Formation, but he was blessing/additional support. When he was flying to ask for help, he was suddenly discover. The Space around him seemed to turn into running water at once, sucking him tightly into the there. He couldn’t move, which made Yang Weiming couldn’t help but feel greatly surprised.

You know, these days, he used his flying body to support this move, several times and escaped, but he didn’t expect that it malfunctioned this time. What on earth is going on? But before he could think about understand what was going on, those long knives attacked one after another. Yang WeiMing Xin was complaining, he immediately said to Cai Yifangsaid: “Help me on the one hand, here on the other hand you can’t use your flying body to save me, you are outside Attack their Blade Formation and must destroy this Blade Formation. “Yang Weiming is really anxious this time. He very clear. If he is really trapped here, then he will be in danger. Fortunately, Cai Fang is still outside. , you can ask Cai Fang to rescue him.

Cai Fangfang also heard what Yang Weiming said, and he couldn’t help being surprised. He didn’t expect that Blade Formation was so powerful. He responded with immediately, and then he rushed directly towards Sealed Blade Formation, and this time he used But it is the seven nail-headed arrows. It can be said that this is the one type of Magic that has the most concentrated power when attacking. He is going to use this Magic to break open the Sealed Blade Formation.

I saw long black arrows attacking Sealed Blade Formation. The long arrows were speed very fast and in the blink of an eye. The long knife directly hit Sealed Blade Formation. I heard the response of a loud explosion sound and Sealed Blade Formation shook. , followed by a few more loud noise, Sealed Blade Formation directly suddenly open/operated, and as soon as Sealed Blade Formation disappeared, the quicksand vortex inside was exposed.

As soon as he saw this situation, Yang Weiming also immediately Knowing what’s going on, he immediately Used one move to whip mountains and move rocks, directly from quicksand He flew out of the vortex, but he just flew out, he discover Own immediately fell into it once quicksand In the vortex, just when he wanted to escape from the vortex, the next moment suddenly A long arrow, straight to Giant Sword of sword I came over and heard it. a loud sound , Giant Sword of sword With a tremor, Yang Weiming felt that his soul trembled, and he fell into one type of In a state similar to a coma, he suddenly lost the ability to resist and could not even think. energy All lost.


Cai Yifang has been paying attention to Yang Weiming’s situation. When he saw the Blood Slaughter Sect people, he attacked Yang Weiming. His complexion couldn’t help but change. He immediately knew that Yang Weiming was in danger this time. He immediately called Yang Weiming Twice, but received no response. Upon seeing this situation, Cai Yifang immediately open the mouth and said: “Mao Guanzhu, immediately/on horseback will call Yang Weiming returned to Huangin the city, he is injured.” After saying that, he nailed seven arrows at once, straight towards Blood Slaughter Sect‘s quicksand whirlpool there attacked. He was very clear. He had to break the quicksand whirlpool of Blood Slaughter Sect to let Yang Weiming escape. Even if Yang Weiming couldn’t move now, Mao Xuanying could call him back. If he didn’t send this quicksand The vortex was broken, and even if Mao Xuan summoned Yang Weiming back, Yang Weiming would also go back is impossible.

With his nail-head seven arrows attack, the quicksand vortex, immediately was broken, and Mao Xuanying had been calling Yang Weiming back, but he never called him back. After the quicksand vortex was broken, he then sent Yang Weiming After being summoned back, when he saw this situation, Mao Xuanying just let out a long breath, and Cai Fang was not reluctant to fight. After rescuing Yang Weiming, he also immediately used flying body to support him and rushed back. He also If he wants to go back, he is very clear. If he stays in here, it will be dangerous.

Zhao Hai look at and the others left without pursuing them. He had the upper hand in today’s battle, but he was not very satisfied with today’s results. It was not that easy for him to discover integrate Magic and Sword Technique. Yes, it was him today. If it had been anyone else, I’m afraid they wouldn’t have the upper hand. But he is a each and every one example. Just because he can do it doesn’t mean that others can do it, so he must use more techniques. several times Magic blessing/additional support, it is very important for is possible to learn more about blessing/additional support. Only in this way can they truly integrate combined together with their Sword Technique and Magic.

After Zhao Hai recalled the two Giant Sword, he turned directly to White Eyes and the others said:, “Did you see it? The effect of today’s battle was not very good. We must change tomorrow to one type of Sword Formation.” White Eyes and they all responded. A sound.

They although did not use Sword Formation, but when the Heavenly Sword formation played against Shadow Clansman today, they saw clearly the Might of the Sword Formation, their discover, and the Might of the Sword Formation. Otherwise, they would not have let Shadow Clansman Ran.

At the thought of here , Zhao Hai At once open the mouth and said : ” tomorrow I’m going to use two of the same long swords, but I’m going to add two different ones to the long swords. formation , let these two long swords form a Yin and Yang Sword Formation , and then I add Magic , blessing/additional support arrive Yin and Yang Sword Formation Come on, I really want to see it, Shadow Clansman How to respond. ” White Eyes They all responded, they were also very curious, Magic is it ok blessing/additional support to this Sword Formation on, if Zhao Hai use this Yin and Yang Sword Formation If successful, then they will Sword Formation But it’s quite different. They equivalent to use formation blessing/additional support Sword Formation , this method really didn’t exist before. appears However, it doesn’t matter what the effect will be.

Zhao Hai followed by open the mouth and said: “All right, all go back and rest. “Everyone responded, and then they all went back to rest. Zhao Hai turned their heads and glanced in the direction of Shadow Clansman, and then returned to went to their own rooms to rest.

But at this time, the situation of Shadow Clansman there is very different. Yang Weiming has no way to recover yet, but Cai Yifang is not injured. He immediately reported the current situation to Shadow Sovereign and the others. Shadow Sovereign After listening to Cai Yifang’s report , he said let out a long breath said: “You guys, in other words Blood Slaughter Sect, used the special Sword Technique of one type of, making your flying excuses useless?”

Cai Yifang nodded said: “Yes, Your Majesty, their Sword Technique very fierce, and they were still in their Sword Technique, join some Magic, some of these Magic are Heavenly Spirit thirty-six skills, some are Earthly Fiend seventy-six skills, these Magic are all very fierce, we The flying body trace simply is useless. Master Yang fell into Blood Slaughter Sect because he was trapped. ”

Shadow Sovereign nodded, then open the mouth and said: “Then do you have ways to response?” Shadow Sovereign also knew that Blood Slaughter Sect would definitely find a way to deal with their two Giant Sword, but he thought it would take a while for the other party to break their two. Giant Sword, but he didn’t expect that it would break the next day, which really surprised him, so for a while, he really thought that don’t know should be used against Blood Slaughter Sect.

When Cai Yifang heard what Shadow Sovereign said, he immediately open the mouth and said: “I don’t have a good way. Now the way sole can come up with is that when we are fighting against Blood Slaughter Sect, it is best for someone to support us. Once discover When we are trapped, or in other situations, the person responsible for the rescue, immediately make a move, will rescue the people trapped in it. This is what I can think of now, sole.” Cai Yifang also expressed his thoughts. . ()


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