Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1027: break the formation (twenty-one)


Boom! a loud sound, two Giant Sword sword intents, collided with together. The two Giant Sword‘s sword intent are both very formidable. After this sword, Blood Slaughter Sect‘s flying sword still stopped steadily at there, but Yang Weiming flew out directly, and his soul was shaking violently. For a moment, he couldn’t help it. simply control flying sword.

When he finally control flying sword, Zhao Hai had already killed him one after another. As soon as Yang Weiming saw this situation, he knew that the previous upright shadowless would be useless. In that case, he would definitely It would really hurt him, so he immediately gave himself blessing/additional support a fragmentation technique, and the next moment his sword became suddenly open/operated, turning into countless small swords. These small swords flew around, and it really made him pass Zhao Hai. One sword, and then those small swords gathered together together to form a Great Sword. Seeing this situation, Zhao Hai didn’t care, but attacked with one sword at a time. This time it was He used the fourth cut of the Seven Exquisite Cuts, Heaven and Earth, and when he saw him swinging this sword, Heaven and Earth seemed to change his color. The pressure, like changing the world, made Yang Weiming’s heart ring with alarm bells. He very clear, this time He must deal with it well, otherwise, it will be really dangerous, but now he also has another idea. It seems that he can use this opportunity and retreat directly. As long as he can use this opportunity and retreat returned to Imperial City there, then he duty was considered completed. When he thought of here, Yang Weiming immediately started to move. He saw that Giant Sword moved and directly met Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Giant Sword. Then the two swords hit together hard, and he heard the blocking With a sound, Yang Weiming’s Giant Sword flew directly backwards, and flew very far away. Finally, it flew directly in the direction of Imperial City. When Zhao Hai saw this situation, he couldn’t help but be stunned. Then he couldn’t help but feel the direction of look at Shadow Clansman. When he just fought with Yang Weiming, he clearly felt that Yang Weiming should not be injured by that sword, because Yang Weiming seemed to have used a move to return to the sky and return to the sun just now. , which directly released most of his power. In this case, he was is impossible injured, so why did he retreat without being injured? Zhao Hai I don’t quite understand.

White Eyes saw Shadow Clansman retreating at this time, and he said to Zhao Hai said:, “Young Master, Shadow Clansman retreated? Are they defeated?”

Zhao Hai shook his head said: “No, definitely not. I just felt it. He has released my power, so he is is impossible injured. Now that he is retreating, does he want me to chase him?”

When Zhao Hai said this, White Eyes couldn’t help but be startled, and then they all began to think deeply, while White Eyes open the mouth and said said: “It should be is impossible, they should know that even if we chase after them, they will only let Giant Sword chase after us. If they don’t chase after us, they will just destroy the Giant Sword, and it won’t have much impact on our formation, so they probably won’t do it.”

After hearing what White Eyes said, Zhao Hai also nodded said: “I think so too. Even if we chase them and they ambush us in there, it won’t have much impact on us. It makes no sense for them to retreat now, so what do they want to do? “Zhao Hai really wondered why don’t understand Shadow Clansman would do this.

The direction of Ding Chunming look at Shadow Clansman, then he open the mouth and said: “Young Master, do you think they want to see if they don’t have that Giant Sword, then how will we attack next? They will do this if they have is possible .”Ding Chunming expressed his thoughts.

When Zhao Hai and the others heard what Ding Chunming said, they were all stunned, and then they all looked at each other, and then nodded, and then Zhao Hai open the mouth and said: “Very is possible, maybe they will feel that if their If Giant Sword goes back, we will directly attack their Imperial City with all our strength. When the time comes, they will use our Giant Sword, sneak attack, and we will also have is possible.”

Everyone nodded, Zhao Hai then slightly smiled said: “They want to see how we attack after they don’t have Giant Sword, then we tomorrow let them see how we attack, everyone all go to rest Well, we tomorrow are going to meet Shadow Clansman.” Zhao Hai was not anxious at all. He wanted to see what tomorrow Shadow Clansman would look like.

At this time, Mao Xuanying and the others were actually standing on city wall, in the direction of look at Blood Slaughter Sect. They saw that Blood Slaughter Sect’s Giant Sword made two turns in there, and then returned to directly into Blood Slaughter Sect’s Great Formation. They were relieved. , then Mao Xuan responded open the mouth and said: “OK, Blood Slaughter Sect‘s people have indeed retreated. Let’s see how they tomorrow will attack us. ”

Shadow Sovereign nodded, and then he open the mouth and said: “tomorrow, everyone is ready to fight, and everyone must obey Mao Xuanying’s command(er), Mao beloved minister, you tomorrow don’t be polite, even if you give me any orders, You must use the simplest words and pass your orders directly to me. On the battlefield, at any time, there are is possible who will ask for orders. We must give them directly as soon as we hear the order. React, so tomorrow, you must not miss fighting opportunity, understand because of etiquette.”

Mao Xuanying responded quickly. He knew what Shadow Sovereign meant. He was like this now. If he asked Shadow Sovereign to do something, he would first use the honorific “Your Majesty” and then talk about what he wanted to do. , this will waste a lot of time, and on the battlefield, this will indeed miss things. After all, as Shadow Sovereign said, on the battlefield, very heavy wants any time.

Shadow Sovereign glanced at the others again, then open the mouth and said: “Now we Shadow Clan have reached a critical moment of life and death. Even though all our people are still here, we can only be trapped in Imperial City here. Once Imperial City here is lost, then all of us will Everyone is finished, so I won’t say anything else. Now is the time for all of us to work hard. At this time, those etiquettes are just small details. Don’t worry about it. The important thing is how to defeat Enemy, are you understand?” Everyone responded simultaneously.


When Shadow Sovereign saw that everyone agreed, he nodded, and then directly returned toed Huang in the city. They wanted to see how tomorrow Blood Slaughter Sect would act. If tomorrow Blood Slaughter Sect attacked with all their strength, then they would Be prepared for the final blow.

Shadow Sovereign is also very clear. There is only one time to deal with Zhao Hai‘s opportunity. If they can’t catch opportunity, then they will never have opportunity. It is precisely because of this that Shadow Sovereign attaches so much importance to tomorrow‘s actions, because he very clear, If opportunity couldn’t catch it, it would be gone forever. Moreover, this was a matter of life and death for relationship their clan, so he couldn’t ignore it.

After a silent night, the next morning, Shadow Clansman all came to their city wall of Imperial City early. In order to show more realism, they even moved the influence range of Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend array to shrink, and now their Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend The range of influence of the formation is not twenty miles away from the Emperor outside the city. It cannot be done at a distance, or in other words. Now if Blood Slaughter Sect is willing, their formation can drive all the way to the place twenty miles away from the Emperor outside the city, which is also the equal to. Said, pushing blade point onto Shadow Clansman‘s nose.

Sure enough, under Shadow Clansman‘s gaze, Blood Slaughter Sect‘s formation started moving forward until they were only about 50 li(25km) away from Imperial City, and then stopped, and then Zhao Hai came out directly from in the formation, Ding Chunming and the others, too They all followed Zhao Hai walked out, and when Shadow Clansman saw Zhao Hai and them coming out, they were all stunned, what does don’t understand Zhao Hai mean?

Zhao Hai look at Shadow Clansman‘s Imperial City, then he pointed open the mouth and said in the direction of Imperial City: “Shadow Sovereign, appears , how do you think it was when you first met?”

As soon as Shadow Sovereign heard what Zhao Hai said, he flew up directly. Great Minister of War and the others also flew up quickly. Then all of them came to the edge of the formation range. Shadow Sovereign look at Zhao Hai, said solemnly: “Zhao Hai, I have nothing to do with you. Nothing to say.”

Zhao Hai glanced at Shadow Sovereign, then slightly smiled said: “Originally I had nothing to say to you, but now I decided to meet you, Shadow Sovereign, I know your Giant Sword is fine, yesterday, Giant Sword suddenly will return returned to I bought your emperor in the city just to lure us here. Now that we are here, don’t rush to deny it. I just want to tell you that I will give you a opportunity, a fair one with me. opportunity from the first battle. Now, it depends on whether you want this opportunity. If you want this opportunity, then you can choose to fight me now. I can guarantee that people from my under the hand/subordinate will not interfere between us. In the battle, you can use the projection of the God of Shadow Clan. If you have other ideas, I will accompany you, but you don’t have the opportunity for a fair fight, so you’d better make your own choice.” Zhao Hai said look at Shadow Sovereign.

When Shadow Sovereign heard what Zhao Hai said, his complexion couldn’t help but become very difficult, and he two eyes stared at Zhao Hai, and then he open the mouth and said: “What do you mean? I’m don’t understand.” He still hasn’t given up until now. A plan to assassinate Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai look at Shadow Sovereign, then slightly smiled said: “What I mean is very simple. I have had this plan for a long time. After I clean up all the docks of your emperor outside the city, you will only have one Imperial City left, and there is no attack outside. When I have the ability, I will give you this fair fight opportunity. After a battle with you and defeat your Shadow Clan **** Doppelganger, we will attack your Imperial City. Of course, if you want to use your Doppelganger Giant Sword, when I fight you, sneak attack me, then you are playing the wrong scheme. When the time comes, I won’t even give you the opportunity of a fair fight, I will directly break your Imperial City. I know that your emperor in the city has already arranged the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend formation. This Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend formation is stronger than your previous Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formation, but we already know your formation, so of course we have a way to break you. formation, so I advise you to think carefully, do you want this fair fight opportunity, or do you not want this opportunity? It depends on your own choice. If you don’t choose, then I will treat you as Give up this fair fight opportunity, we will directly attack your Imperial City, so you can choose for yourself. Of course, if you still want to use Giant Sword to fight us at this time, I will still give you this opportunity of.”()


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