Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1026: break the formation (Twenty)


Shadow Sovereign Hearing what Mao Xuanying said, he couldn’t help but fell into deep thought. After a while Shadow Sovereign then open the mouth and said said: “correct/pretty good, what you said makes sense, but how do we attract Shadow Clansman to attack us with all their strength? This Is it difficult? After knowing our plan, will Zhao Hai attack us with all his strength? I can’t see it, what do you think?”

Hearing what Shadow Sovereign said, Mao Xuanying couldn’t help but nodded, and then open the mouth and said: “Your Majesty is right, but I still think we can give it a try, Your Majesty, we might as well let Yang Weiming fake defeat once, and then Let’s see how it turns out.”

Shadow Sovereign couldn’t help but be startled when he heard what Mao Xuanying said, and then he said solemnly: “What you mean is, let Yang Weiming fake defeat once, and see if Blood Slaughter Sect will attack us with all their strength in this situation. If they attack us with all their strength, then we can launch a full counterattack, and maybe even kill Zhao Hai. If they still don’t attack us with all their strength under this situation, then we will think of another way, yes Is this what you mean?” Shadow Sovereign briefly expressed Mao Xuanying’s thoughts.

Mao Xuan responded said: “Yes, Your Majesty, that’s what I thought. “Mao Xuanying really doesn’t want to let go of opportunity this time. He wants to see what Blood Slaughter Sect will do if Yang Weiming loses.

Shadow Sovereign thought for a while, then he open the mouth and said: “This way correct/pretty good, okay, that’s it, tomorrow Yang Weiming will just fake defeat once, let’s see what Blood Slaughter Sect will do, but I think Yang Weiming just faked defeat, People from Blood Slaughter Sect will attack us only the day after tomorrow, what do you think?” Shadow Sovereign expressed his thoughts. He is a very clear, Blood Slaughter Sect person who is really too patient, so he said this. According to past experience, Blood Slaughter Sect has always done this. When they attack, they always appear methodical and don’t seem to be in a hurry, so they can definitely do such a thing.

Mao Xuanying nodded, then open the mouth and said: “That’s true, Blood Slaughter Sect people are indeed very is possible capable of doing this.”

Shadow Sovereign said solemnly: “Then yesterday Yang Weiming, you will fake defeat. If Blood Slaughter Sect tomorrow does not attack, then we will see what they will do the day after tomorrow. I think they will definitely take action the day after tomorrow. We will make a decision then.” Xuanying and Yang Weiming responded at the same time.

After the two of them finished talking, Mao Xuanying and Yang Weiming resigned, and Shadow Sovereign also cut off communication. Then he sat in the direction of there, look at Blood Slaughter Sect, and then murmured said:Zhao Hai ah Zhao Hai, what will you do?” What?”

Zhao Hai and don’t know, he is also chatting with White Eyes and others now, Zhao Hai versus White Eyes and said:. “I used Divine Machine Finger to blend into Sword Technique to deal with Shadow Clansman. You have also seen the results. Our Divine Machine Finger can fight with Shadow Clansman. It’s a tie, and once I integrate the Heavenly Spirit thirty-six array into Divine Machine Finger, then our fighting strength will exceed Shadow Clansman. What do you think about this matter?” Zhao Hai glanced at White Eyes and the others after speaking. .

White Eyes thought for a while, then open the mouth and said: “This time Young Master used Divine Machine Finger sword to deal with Shadow Clansman. In fact, it did not use all its strength. You just used Sword Technique. If you add some other thing to Divine Machine Finger, then Divine Machine Finger Might will definitely be even bigger, at least you won’t even use Law Idol, and the Law Idol and Might of Divine Machine Finger are also very large, so even if we don’t use Spell blessing/additional support, our Divine Machine Finger can beat Shadow Clansman’s Magic. This means that we The strength is indeed very strong. Our Cultivation Method and very good can definitely defeat Shadow Clansman. We must believe in ourselves and our own strength.”

Everyone nodded, but Gongsun Yulong on the other hand was open the mouth and said: “I think we can find a way to integrate Magic into our Sword Technique, Heavenly Spirit thirty-six techniques, Earthly Fiend seven twelve techniques, and There are many other Magics that can actually be integrated into our Sword Technique, but no one has done this before. I think we can give it a try. What do everyone think? “After that? Gongsun Yulong glanced at everyone.

When everyone heard what Gongsun Yulong said, they were all stunned, but then they were two eyes shined. They immediately thought of their Cultivation Method. Can they also integrate Magic into their Cultivation Method? It’s not is impossible. Don’t talk about others, just say Ding Chunming. Ding Chunming is Body Cultivator. What he is best at is control for power. If he can really combine combined together with control for power and Magic, then his attack power will definitely be There will be many more changes, which is definitely a good thing for him. Once there are more changes in power, his Might will naturally be bigger, so if he can really combine Magic with what they have cultivated, If you practice Cultivation Method and integrate combined together, it will be a good thing for all disciple in Blood Slaughter Sect, because this kind of thing can be promoted in entire sect. If it can be promoted in entire sect, then the overall strength of Blood Slaughter Sect will be Being promoted is a big deal for them. It is precisely because of this that when they heard Gongsun Yulong say this, they two eyes shined.

Zhao Hai look at knew what they were thinking by their looks, and he did not stop him. It can be said that people like Ding Chunming and the others, if they were not in Blood Slaughter Sect, they would have been able to open a sect and establish a school long ago, so they did this, yes It was the most suitable, so of course Zhao Hai would not stop it. Instead, he encouraged said:, “If you have an idea correct/pretty good, then go and give it a try.” Several people agreed, and then Zhao Hai waved his hand and directly returned to him. in the room, and everyone else went back to their rooms.

Early the next morning, Zhao Hai came to Command Hall early, White Eyes and others also arrived, Zhao Hai look at White Eyes and the others, slightly smiled said: “How did you try yesterday? What are your thoughts?” Of course Zhao Hai was talking about integrating Magic into Cultivation Method. things.


White Eyes Smiling bitterly next step : “It’s a little difficult. It’s harder than I thought. I didn’t expect it to be so difficult.” Everyone else nodded. They yesterday It was a good idea, thinking that with their strength, they could completely Magic It was easy to blend into their Cultivation Method , but they didn’t expect that this thing looked easy, but it was really difficult to do, so they didn’t succeed that night, and now they didn’t even get a clue. Zhao Hai When I heard them say this, I couldn’t help but slightly smiled , he felt that their reaction was normal and he did not remind them. They could complete such a thing by themselves. Zhao Hai I won’t say much more, just let them do it by themselves. research The method that came out was much deeper than what he taught me.

Zhao Hai thought about it, Giant Sword formed appears in one time, and then the spiritual silk formed sword, and then turned formation disk into gauze and draped it on his body. These were all things he wanted to do everyday, and then he thought about it, Giant Sword rushed towards Shadow Clansman there.

Yang Weiming came up to him at the same time. He also wanted to see what method Zhao Hai would use to deal with him today, but Zhao Hai was preparing to use a new set of martial arts today, which was the Linglong Seven Slashes. The Seven Exquisite Cuts are also a set of Martial Skill from Might very enormous, but Zhao Hai has not used them many times. Zhao Hai is going to use this Exquisite Seven Cuts today.

Zhao Hai look at Yang Weiming showed a smile on his face, and then he whispered said: “Then take a look at my Exquisite Seven Cuts, see if you can block my Exquisite Seven Cuts, the first cut, grass and trees With his voice, the Giant Sword stood up sharply, and then slashed down with the sword, and with the movement of the Giant Sword, the life force between Heaven and Earth seemed to be sucked in by the sword at once. , Heaven and Earth seemed to suddenly become dead silence, and there was no sound, and all life force seemed to be cut off at once.

Yang Weiming also felt the Might of this sword. He felt that this sword was although unpleasant, but once he was hit by this sword, he would be dead, and his soul would probably be destroyed by this sword. The sword was taken away, which made Yang Weiming nervous. He knew that is possible Zhao Hai was going to do something serious today. If he was not careful, the false defeat of is possible would become a defeat of becoming true.

When thinking of here, Yang Weiming immediately cast an inversion Yin-Yang technique on blessing/additional support on his body. The next moment he waved Giant Sword, and then reversed Yin-Yang. The two swords sword intent hit together. You must know that the inversion is Yin-Yang this move, but Heavenly Spirit three Sixteen in the formation, countless killing strike, only a little worse than mediation. This time Yang Weiming was really anxious.

When I heard with a bang sound, sword intent collided with together, Yang Weiming flew straight back. He was now although into a sword, but this time the attack still made his soul tremble. He I believe that if he were to hit several times like this, he would really die. This surprised Yang Weiming even more, but he still tried his best to stabilize his body shape, but just when his body shape was not stable yet , Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Giant Sword has already attacked once, and this time Zhao Hai used this move, which was the second cut in the exquisite seven cuts, the river broke. With this sword, very fast, in the blink of an eye have already reached Yang Weiming’s side, and with this sword, one type of moves forward with imposing manner, as if here If there really is a river, this sword can also cut down the river. Break, and this moment, Yang Weiming had just stabilized his figure. He simply is impossible could block this sword. The next moment he immediately gave himself a blessing/additional support upright shadowless, and his sword suddenly became illusory. , as if he is already vanish from sight.

The next moment Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Giant Sword directly crossed Yang Weiming’s body. although because he used the upright shadowless‘s relationship, he was not really injured, but when Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Giant Sword crossed his body, His soul still felt waves of stinging pain, because the Might of this sword was still very large, and he felt that his soul was slightly injured.

But this is not over yet. Then comes the third slash. immediately is coming. The third slash is known as. The mountains and rivers are falling. This sword seems to be carrying extremely heavy power. It really seems that the mountains and rivers are falling over it. , and Yang Weiming finally had some time to prepare this time, so he used immediately on himself and blessing/additional support to perform a mountain-carrying technique, and then he fiercely faced the Zhao Hai sword, two Giant Sword sword intent, at once The hit together. ()


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