Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1022: break the formation (16)


Chapter 14328 break the formation (16)

In the subsequent several days time, Blood Slaughter Sect was still attacking, and Mao Xuanying had been using those docks to fight against Blood Slaughter Sect. although ended up with all docks destroyed, but when they fought against Blood Slaughter Sect, it was getting longer and longer. This makes Shadow Clansman both very happy. They think that this is Mao Xuanying’s increasingly proficient relationship for the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend formation. is possible Only Mao Xuanying and Yang Weiming would not think so. After all, they know how strong Blood Slaughter Sect is. , and Shadow Clan are still a little behind Mao Xuanying and Yang Weiming who faced Blood Slaughter Sect directly. They really don’t know much, and there is nothing they can do about it.

Finally, after another seven days, their Giant Sword Refining was finally completed. This is a very long Giant Sword. For the Refining Giant Sword, they spent a lot of effort and used more materials. The length of the entire Giant Sword reached about a kilometer. Finally, for the Giant Sword of Refining, they even used the large and small Ruyi Scepter of the Heavenly Spirit thirty-six array, and directly transferred the large and small Ruyi Scepter techniques and blessing/additional support to the Giant Sword to make the Giant Sword smaller. Well, this is the success of Refining.

Now that Giant Sword Refining is completed, what they have to do is to fuse Giant Sword and transformation bugs into combined together. This step is also necessary for very heavy, because only by fusing Giant Sword and transformation bugs into combined together can they do it, giving this Giant Sword more changes. At the same time, Let Giant Sword be integrated with Yang Weiming. This step was personally watched by Shadow Sovereign and Shadow Sovereign watched by Giant Sword. In the end, they finally succeeded in fusing transformation bugs and Giant Sword perfectly into together. After completing this step, they also succeeded. Half done.

After the fusion of transformation worm and Giant Sword was completed, everyone finally focused their attention on Yang Weiming. Yang Weiming had already turned into an energy-devouring tree. When he saw that everyone were all look at, he didn’t have much What to say, it was look at people, and then he came directly to the side of Giant Sword, and then he control the roots of the energy-devouring tree, entangled Giant Sword, then he closed his eyes, and soon his face showed He looked very painful, but he didn’t say a word. For a while, the energy-devouring tree that Yang Weiming fused was slowly integrated into Giant Sword. The last energy-devouring tree was completely vanish from sight, and only there was Giant Sword. There were some energy-devouring tree roots at the hilt of the sword, and then the Giant Sword suddenly lit up, and then the radiance disappeared, but the Giant Sword then flew directly, but soon the Giant Sword appeared again It fell down, and then Shadow Sovereign heard Yang Weiming’s voice coming said:Your Majesty, I have completed the fusion, and the fusion was very successful.”

Shadow Sovereign couldn’t help but be overjoyed when he heard Yang Weiming say this. He immediately open the mouth and said: “OK, HaHaHa ha, okay, fantastic, Yang Weiming, you did a good job, what should I do next? “Shadow Sovereign is really happy. He didn’t expect it to go so smoothly. He thought he would sacrifice a few people, but he didn’t expect it to succeed in one go. This is really disappointing. accidental/surprised

At this time, I heard Yang Weiming open the mouth and said: “If you return to Your Majesty, I will join the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend formation at together. Please give permission to Your Majesty.” Yang Weiming said what he wanted to do, and Shadow Sovereign listened. His words were taken aback for a moment, and then he turned to look in the direction of city wall, then Shadow Sovereign open the mouth and said: “Mao beloved minister, is that so?” Shadow Sovereign did not expect that the Giant Sword transformed by Yang Weiming would be connected to the formation in together, This made him feel accidental/surprised even more. He really didn’t expect it to be like this.

Mao Xuan should open the mouth and said: “Yes, Your Majesty, because only in this way can this Giant Sword get formation‘s blessing/additional support, and Might can get even bigger. ”

Shadow Sovereign nodded, and then he look at Yang Weiming said: “OK, Yang beloved minister, then you start. “Yang Weiming responded. He could tell from the fact that Shadow Sovereign wanted to ask Mao Xuanying again. Shadow Sovereign trusted Mao Xuanying even more, but he was not angry. On the contrary, he thought this was normal. After all, Mao Xuanying was the first person to fuse himself with the energy-devouring tree and fuse with formation disk. The risks he took at that time even bigger, Shadow Sovereign of course trusted him more. This is the case with everything. A person who does this will definitely leave a deeper impression on others. This is the case now. Shadow Sovereign has the deepest impression on Mao Xuanying and trusts him more.

Yang Weiming then flew directly up. He was now Giant Sword. Then he flew to a formation core position in the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend array. Then Giant Sword rushed down and slowly fell down. When he was stable After falling to the ground, the roots of the energy-devouring tree on the sword hilt went directly deep into Fa in the formation, and were connected to formation‘s formation rune at together. Just after the roots of the energy-devouring tree were connected to formation rune and together, Giant Sword vibrated violently, discover made a sword sound like Dragon’s Roar, and at the same time, white light appeared on sword for a while, then white light disappeared, Giant Sword also restored calm, and then Yang Weiming’s voice reached Shadow Sovereign. In his ears, Yang Weiming said:Your Majesty, I have completed the connection with formation, and I can attack at any time.” Yang Weiming’s voice was very calm.

Shadow Sovereign nodded with satisfaction, then he open the mouth and said: “Then tell me, what kind of abilities do you have? Can you use all the restriction in these Giant Sword? Heavenly Spirit thirty-six techniques, and Earthly Fiend seven twelve How many techniques can you use? “Shadow Sovereign is most concerned about this. You must know that there are a lot of restriction in this Giant Sword, plus Heavenly Spirit thirty-six techniques and underground seven twelve techniques. Only these can be used. This Giant Sword Only then can Might be truly brought into play. Otherwise, the Might of Giant Sword may not be ideal.


Yang Weiming’s voice came to said: at once. “If I go back to Your Majesty, I can now use all restriction on the sword, and at the same time, I can use all Magic in the blessing/additional support Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formation and Earthly Fiend seven twelve formation.” Yang Weiming said Regarding his own situation, he now has although without a mouth, but his spiritual force is still there. He communicated with Shadow Sovereign communicate through the roots of the energy-devouring tree. This sound is also directly from appears in Shadow Sovereign’s mind. Of course, other people This voice can also be heard through public platforms.

Shadow Sovereign When Yang Weiming said this, he couldn’t help but shout loudly, said: “OK, fantastic, then you should have a good rest. ”

At this time, Mao Xuan responded to open the mouth and said: “Your Majesty, the Giant Sword formed by Yang Weiming, we can perform nourishing, so I think we should nourishing several days. Now we still have a lot of Wubao, we can still use it Wubao fights Blood Slaughter Sect with several days. In this several days time, we can use the power of formation to nourishing Yang Weiming. When Wubao is exhausted, we will let Yang Weiming join the battle. Please give permission from Your Majesty. “Mao Xuanying although is not in here. , but he heard everything Yang Weiming and Shadow Sovereign said. He also reported Yang Weiming’s situation directly to Shadow Sovereign, because he felt that this could better bring out Yang Weiming’s fighting strength.

Shadow Sovereign After hearing what Mao Xuanying said, he pondered for a moment, and then open the mouth and said: “OK, I’m right. “Mao Xuanying and Yang Weiming open the mouth and said at the same time: “thanks a lot Your Majesty. “They very clear and Shadow Sovereign can agree because they are optimistic about Yang Weiming’s future. They must make some achievements in the future. Otherwise, they will feel sorry for Shadow Sovereign.

Then Shadow Sovereign and they directly returned to into Royal Palace. Now they have really done everything they can. Now they really can’t think of how they can improve the fighting strength of their formation. Now It depends on how they fight Shadow Clansman.

Early the next morning, Blood Slaughter Sect‘s attack came again. Mao Xuanying was still command(er) fighting Blood Slaughter Sect with Wubao, while Yang Weiming was always on the look at battlefield. Blood Slaughter Sect‘s Sword Technique was indeed very fierce. , has been attacking, it can be said that they are suppressing them, but fortunately they are not without any rebel power, so the two sides have been in a stalemate for a while, but in the end Shadow Clansman lost, but this kind of failure is also Understandably, Shadow Sovereign is not even on city wall.

In this way, more than ten days passed again, until the last fort was destroyed. After the last fort was destroyed, Yang Weiming also knew that he was afraid that he was going to appear, and he was mentally prepared. He had already He wants to have a good fight with the people from Blood Slaughter Sect. He has long wanted to die in although, but he still wants to die after a good fight with the people from Blood Slaughter Sect.

At this time, Zhao Hai and the others were also on the look at battlefield. They saw Shadow Clan Imperial City without any movement, and then open the mouth and said said: “Shadow Clansman‘s forts have all been destroyed today. I am very curious, what thing will Shadow Clansman tomorrow get?” Block our attack.”

White Eyes all nodded, White Eyes open the mouth and said: “Yes, Young Master, Shadow Clansman‘s thirty-six forts have all been destroyed, and we are also curious about what methods they will use to resist us. Attack.”

Zhao Hai smiled said:tomorrow will know after fighting with them. I really hope they can come up with some new thing. Otherwise, it will be too boring. How do they make up for my although don’t know? Tian Heavenly Spirit thirty-six formations can also build Earthly Fiend seven twelve formations at the same time, but if they don’t have thing to block us, just by their Imperial City, I’m afraid they can’t stop us several days. If that’s really the case, then But it’s too boring. Let’s do this. If their tomorrow can’t come up with new thing to resist our attack, then I will give them an opportunity and an opportunity to let them have a fair fight with me, so that they can give up the hope of retreating. Then we attacked their Imperial City and destroyed their Imperial City, completely destroying Shadow Clansman.”

When Ding Chunming and others heard what Zhao Hai said, they were all stunned, and then Ding Chunming immediately open the mouth and said said: “Young Master, is this a bit risky? How about we break their Imperial City, and then give them a opportunity like this? Not too late.”

The others also nodded. They just wanted to delay the is possible when Zhao Hai and Shadow Clansman were fighting. The longer the delay, the better. It was best to wait until they could directly completely eliminate Shadow Clansman. Drop it, so Zhao Hai doesn’t have to take risks. After all, Zhao Hai is the backbone of Blood Slaughter Sect. They don’t want Zhao Hai to take a little risk. If there is is possible, they would really rather fight in place of Zhao Hai themselves, even if they die in the battle. They are also willing, but obviously, Zhao Hai will not give them such opportunity, so they can only delay this time as much as is possible, and if they can delay how long, they will delay how long.


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