Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1018: break the formation ( twelve )


Mao Xuanying really hasn’t thought about this problem, so when he heard Shadow Sovereign say this, he couldn’t help but be stunned. Then he thought about it and then open the mouth and said: “Returning to Your Majesty, I didn’t think about it that way, don’t know What will happen, but if this thing is really successful, then Giant Sword‘s attack power will definitely be very formidable, but if you want to fuse Giant Sword, then this person’s strength cannot be too weak. If the strength is weak, his spiritual force simply I can’t stand the strong impact of energy. It’s best for this person to know some Technique of Formation. Otherwise, is impossible is very good control flying sword, so I hope Your Majesty will pay attention to the selection issue.”

Shadow Sovereign nodded, then Shadow Sovereign open the mouth and said: “That makes sense. It seems like this candidate should be chosen carefully.”

At this moment, a man suddenly fell to his knees in front of Shadow Sovereign. He kowtowed to Shadow Sovereign said:Your Majesty, I am willing to merge with Giant Sword. I hope Your Majesty can grant my permission.” After that, he said He knocked his head heavily to the ground.

This person is none other than Yang Weiming. In fact, Yang Weiming these days still stays on city wall and accompanies Mao Xuanying, but now he can no longer help Mao Xuanying. He has been distressed that he What can be done, what can be done for Shadow Clansman, and now as soon as he heard the conversation between Shadow Sovereign and Mao Xuanying, he decided to do this.

Shadow Sovereign look at Yang Weiming, he did not expect that Yang Weiming would personally ask to do this. This really surprised him. He look at Yang Weimingsaid: “Yang beloved minister, you are an important minister of Imperial Court, how can you do this?” “Shadow Sovereign is very clear. When fused with Giant Sword, it is more dangerous than when fused with formation. When fused with formation, is possible will not be dangerous until for a long time, but when fused with Giant Sword, is possible will be in danger at any time. is possible is the first Every time he fights against Blood Slaughter Sect, there will be danger, so he said this. After all, Yang Weiming is indeed an important minister. It would be a pity if he really lost it like this.

Yang Weiming open the mouth and said: “Your Majesty, now is the time for our decisive battle with Blood Slaughter Sect. Any battle is very important to us. In this moment, all of us must fight for our entire race. A person like Guanzhu Mao has made such a huge sacrifice for clansman. Why should I cherish this life? Besides, in the whole clan, I am the most suitable candidate. I dare not boast, but my strength can be considered. It’s passable, and I’m also completely understand, Technique of Formation for formation, and I’m also very proficient, so I’m the most suitable candidate, please give me Your Majesty’s approval.” Yang Weiming once saluted Shadow Sovereign and begged.

Shadow Sovereign When he heard what Yang Weiming said, he couldn’t help but fell silent. After a while, he finally look at Yang Weimingsaid: “OK,I agreed. I will inform the whole clan about your deeds and let all clansman know what you have done. If This time, we can really defeat Blood Slaughter Sect. You two should be credited with the first victory. “Shadow Sovereign finally decided to agree, because Yang Weiming was right. He is indeed the most suitable candidate. He is strong enough and understands Technique of Formation, so it is perfect for him to do this.

Yang Weiming was overjoyed and thanked Shadow Sovereign. Then he stood up straight and stepped aside. Shadow Sovereign turned his head in the direction of look at Blood Slaughter Sect and then said solemnly: “Blood Slaughter Sect underestimated killed us. They thought we only have Heavenly Spirit thirty left. The Sixth Formation has such a large a piece territory, they are sure to win, but they are underestimated and our Shadow Clansman are so dedicated to protecting the road. With people like Mao beloved minister and Yang beloved minister who protect the road, it is difficult for us Shadow Clansman to lose even if we want to. ,Great Minister of War, inform the whole clan about Yang beloved minister, let all clansman know about it.” Great Minister of War celebrated, then Shadow Sovereign turn around walked under city wall, but Yang Weiming stayed behind.

After everyone left, only Yang Weiming and Mao Xuanying were left on city wall. Mao Xuanying suddenly open the mouth and said: “You don’t actually have to do this. You should know that if you do this, you will be worse than me. More dangerous.”

Yang Weiming said solemnly: “I just don’t want to live like this now. If I can make some contributions to the clan before I die, my death will not be in vain.” What Yang Weiming said is true. In fact, he was disappointed with Shadow Clansman. He didn’t think Shadow Clansman could win. It was precisely because of this that Yang Weiming made such a decision. In fact, he really didn’t want to live anymore.

Mao Xuanying was silent for a while, then he open the mouth and said: “Do you really think that we don’t have opportunity? Why do you think so?” Mao Xuanying really thought about don’t understand, why did Yang Weiming think that they There is no opportunity, no opportunity at all, otherwise he wouldn’t want to die, he is just don’t understand, they are indeed the is possible that has comeback, why does Yang Weiming think they don’t have opportunity? That’s why he asked this, because until now he still had a glimmer of hope in his heart.

Yang Weimingsaid solemnly: “I didn’t say that we can’t win, I just don’t want to live like this now.” After saying that, he turn around left, but Mao Xuanying was stunned after hearing Yang Weiming’s words. , then he was a little surprised by the direction of look at Yang Weiming leave, he understand what Yang Weiming meant, Yang Weiming didn’t want to be Shadow Clansman, that’s why he said this, it had nothing to do with whether he believed Shadow Clansman could win relationship, but this way This is even more shocking, because this represents Yang Weiming’s disapproval of his identity.


You must know that they are Shadow Clansman. In the past, all of them were proud of this identity. All of them could die for the God of Shadow Clan, but then among Shadow Clan, there were actually appears traitors, and there were quite a few. Since occur After that incident, the God of Shadow Clan became even more strict with them control. Now they don’t even have the opportunity to betray the God of Shadow Clan. Mao Xuanying thought that no one would want to betray the God of Shadow Clan. But I didn’t expect that no one in although can betray the **** of Shadow Clan, but some people want to end their lives in such a one type of way. This is really surprising. This means that Yang Weiming is completely disappointed with Shadow Clan. At the same time, it also means that he completely does not recognize his identity, and he just wants to die.

As for why he wants Incarnation to become Giant Sword, because very simple, only in this way can he truly die. Those Shadow Clansman killed by Zhao Hai have not been resurrected. They are really dead. If Yang Weiming does not use this method, let himself If he dies, then he is possible will be resurrected again. In Shadow Clan here, it seems that life and death are not up to them. Alright, just like those ordinary clansman, they although are still alive now, but because they died too many times before , they have long lost their consciousness, they have become walking zombies, but their bodies are still alive. It can also be said that they are actually alive, but part of their souls have disappeared. Theyis possible are still alive. They can sense things outside, but they can’t control their own bodies in control. It will be more painful for them to live now than to die, but they just can’t die. This is the most painful thing.

Yang Weiming didn’t want to be like that, so he chose this one type of There is no other way to die, but Mao Xuanying is a little strange. Could it be said that Yang Weiming can die in this way? Not necessarily, even if he really turned into a sword, even if the sword was cut off, he wouldn’t necessarily die, right? But Mao Xuanying had no way to stop Yang Weiming. After all, Yang Weiming didn’t say anything clearly, so Mao Xuanying was silent for a moment. He really don’t know How to deal with this matter? The relationship between him and Yang Weiming relationship yes correct/pretty good Yes, he didn’t want to betray Yang Weiming, so he could only sigh softly in the end, and then fell silent.

After a while, an energy-devouring tree came to Mao Xuanying’s side. Mao Xuanying turned around and saw Yang Weiming’s face appears on the tree trunk of the energy-devouring tree. Mao Xuanying didn’t say anything. , but Yang Weiming was open the mouth and said at this time: “Thank you, viewer.”

Mao Xuanying said solemnly: “You don’t have to thank me. The reason why I didn’t report this matter to Your Majesty is because I believe that you although have a death wish, but you will still try your best to fight against the enemy. This is a matter of your character. It is precisely because I believe this that I did not tell this matter. I am just curious as to why you have such thoughts.”

Yang Weiming glanced at Mao Xuanying, then turned his head and glanced Blood Slaughter Sect direction, then said solemnly : “Do you remember? We should be one of them. Back then, those of us who coveted Everlasting , so we become Shadow Clansman , our strength has indeed become stronger before, and it does seem that we have obtained Everlasting , but when compared to Blood Slaughter Sect Such a fight long time ,you still don’t understand ? We are just other people’s vassal That’s all, our life and death are just a matter of other people’s thoughts, like this Everlasting , can still be regarded as Everlasting ? Everlasting The purpose is to free and unfettered Heaven and Earth time, if we get Everlasting , but life and death depend on other people’s thoughts, like this Everlasting , that is, it is not Everlasting Yeah, the longer you live like this, the more painful it will be, you said correct/pretty good , I am facing Blood Slaughter Sect When the time comes, I will definitely try my best. I am not doing this for anyone. I just want to tell Blood Slaughter Sect people, my strength, I just want everyone to know that I don’t have come in vain this Heaven and Earth One trip in between. “When Yang Weiming said the last thing, there was a hint of excitement in his tone, which made Mao Xuanying fall silent for once. He was really don’t know What should I say?

Yang Weiming turned his head and glanced at Mao Xuanying, then slightly smiled said: “I know what you think, and I agree with you, but I don’t think the same as you, so viewer, I’m sorry about this matter I feel sorry for you. “Yang Weiming knows Mao Xuanying, and Mao Xuanying can be regarded as a die-hard fan of Shadow Sovereign, otherwise he would is impossible merge himself with formation combined together, and he merged himself with formation combined together just to help Shadow Sovereign To deal with Blood Slaughter Sect, he doesn’t want to be like Mao Xuanying.

Mao Xuanying glanced at Yang Weiming, and then open the mouth and said: “Everyone has his own ambitions. I hope you can do what you said. You also know the current situation. If you don’t try your best, we will not be able to do anything. All hope is gone, you try your best, we is possible can still live, I do this, not just for one person, but for everyone. You don’t want to live like this, but has plenty people, they want to live, I must Are you going to do this for them, understand?”()


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